Impact Wrestling Review: 01/05/2021

Forgotten Storylines-January 5th, 2021

Hey everybody it’s Sam and this is the Impact Wrestling review, results and thoughts for January 5, 2020. Now they have advertised that Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and The Good Brothers will be on tonight. They show Kenny Omega’s bus along with telling us we will seeing the semi-final match of the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament match. Well, let’s get going.

Super X-Division Tournament Cup Participants Four-Way Match

This coming Saturday, January 9th, Impact Wrestling is having their monthly mini-PPV. This month’s is called Genesis and it is on Impact+ at 8:00pm. On this show, we will be getting a tournament for the Super X-Division Cup.

Tonight we are getting a match between four of the participants for that Cup. Luckily, one of them is Ace Austin who comes out with Madman Fulton. We haven’t seen him since around November and it is good to see him back. He’ll bring some personality to this match and the tournament. They introduce Blake Christian and KC Navarro. Then we get Crazzy Steve who has been looking a lot better since Wrestle House finished up.

Blake Christian

Blake has been setting the independent scene on fire. He is a 23 year old that has been wrestling for Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). I had read and heard about him. He is supposed to have a lot of athletic talent and have good spots. In this match, he was very good. Since this was a four man match, it is hard to tell how well he puts a match together. Also, you can’t tell how he develops chemistry with an opponent. He did enough though that I would love to see him added to a bigger promotion. I want to watch him grow.

KC Navarro

KC Navarro is a 21 year old that has been wrestling for 5 years. I had watched him on YouTube and an independent show. He is extremely athletic and does a lot of different high spots. He reminds me of The Rascalz because of the bouncing around off the ropes and doing one athletic move after another.

You know how I feel about four man matches. It always seems like you have two wrestlers laying around waiting to get in to show off “their” moves. I didn’t feel like this served any purpose other than an introduction to the two new wrestlers in the tournament. Ace Austin didn’t even bother to get into the ring about three minutes because he was scouting. Anyway, after Austin takes out the young guys, Crazzy Steve sneaks in for the pin setting himself as a wild card pick for the Super X-Division Tournament Cup this weekend.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

Sami Callihan Segment

Impact Wrestling had seemed to forget about how great Sami Callihan can be when turns loose. In this segment, we get to see him back at his Hacker Central with his computers. He proceeds to talk about he is going to take Eddie Edwards out again. Then he does his thumbs up, thumbs down routine. The announcers tell us the Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards is the main event tonight.

I know Sami and Eddie can always be counted on for a great program together, but I was hoping they could leave it alone for just a little while. I would have loved to have seen Sami go back after the Impact Championship that he lost at Hard to Kill PPV last year to Tessa Blanchard. Just feels like they made him not care about it afterwards.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone “Commercial”

I can’t help, but love these and never want to miss them. Both Tony’s are dressed to celebrate New Year’s. Tony Khan talks about how he wants to continue to give to the less fortunate in 2021. Therefore, he wants to continue to give to Impact Wrestling by doing paid ads and mentions at the end that he will be doing another ad next week with the $100 bill his grandmother gave him for Christmas. Khan wanted to come on to tell everyone that Don Callis has been lying about creating AEW. He said Don didn’t buy AEW, negotiate contracts, sign wrestlers or book the shows.

Tony Khan turns it over to Tony Schiavone who runs down tomorrow night’s New Year’s Smash Night One card. When Schiavone gets to how Jon Moxley will be back for the first time since the loss on December 2nd, Khan interrupts to talk about Moxley being named the best wrestler of the year. Then he talks about AEW Champion Kenny Omega is taking on Rey Fenix who may just beat him tomorrow night. Everyone needs to tune in.

Kenny Omega’s Bus

We see Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers talking about Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson both talk about how it is good that all of them are back together again. Kenny talks about how they ran all over the world together, not just in Japan. They hadn’t gotten a chance to work together in years. However, they are family and The Bullet Club for life. Rich Swann and the Machine Guns have never ran together or been a tag team together. They aren’t brothers together, so there’s no way they can beat them.

Cousin Jake and Rhino vs Joe Doering and Cody Deaner with Eric Young

I can honestly say I’m shocked when I see Cody Deaner come out. He is completely different. I have never enjoyed Cody Deaner’s redneck character, but he has totally different character now. Deaner has a shaved head like Eric Young, but also he has his confidence, his swagger, and his clothes. Deaner is walking with his shoulders back more like Eric Young. As he gets into the ring, you can see the new attitude and new movement in there by being more aggressive. Cousin Jake can’t believe it and doesn’t want to hurt him. He has to protect himself and eventually tags Rhino in.

It doesn’t matter at all. Cody Deaner goes after Rhino too as Eric Young laughs. I love the psychopath Eric Young. Do I like this new Cody Deaner character? I don’t know, but I am intrigued with him. I don’t know that I’ve seen enough of this character to make a decision. Of course, Cody Deaner and Joe Doering win this tag team match. After the match, the three beat down Rhino and Cousin Jake until Tommy Dreamer and his kendo stick come out to stop them. Dreamer gets on the mic and challenges Joe Doering, Cody Deaner and Eric Young at the next Impact Wrestling PPV Hard to Kill on January 16th. He wants it to be an Old School Rules match which means you can use anything in it.

Winner: Cody Deaner and Joe Doering with Eric Young

Matthew Palmer Segment

Matthew Palmer is being interviewed about his three minute match later tonight against Moose. Remember he was a security guard a couple weeks ago and he accidentally rips Moose’s shirt. Moose immediately comes out to say that none of those want-to-be wrestlers could last for three minutes in the ring with him. Well, Matthew Palmer says he isn’t a security guard. He is an independent professional wrestler and has been for the last 14 years. Palmer says he traveled 10 hours to get there for a shot that Impact Wrestling might see something.

Acey Romero and Johnny Swinger Segment

Acey Romero, one half of the XXXL with Larry D who is in jail wanting Acey to help him. He starts with Johnny Swinger. This segment is horrible and shouldn’t have even been filmed. Basically, Swinger tells Acey that it wasn’t him and that he should go talk to the Knockouts especially those who have been hanging out a lot. Of course, us fans know he means Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz, but not Acey.

Deonna Purrazzo with Kimber Lee and Taya Valkyrie with Rosemary in the Ring Segment

It is a standoff talk between Deonna Purrazzo and Taya Valkyrie. This is also horrible. Both of them were NOT great on the mic during this promo. I hate to say that because they are usually pretty decent. Taya talks about how she has been the longest reigning Knockouts Champion. Then we get Deonna saying how everything changing for Taya since then like her husband leaving Impact, John E. Bravo leaving and then eventually Rosemary will leave her. So Taya comes back with you’ve never faced me, so you don’t know what it is like. Deonna points out that she beat Jordynne Grace for the title who beat Taya Valkyrie her title.

I’ve always said that Impact Wrestling’s Women’s Division were a third, but a close third to NXT. I think WWE has clearly the top Women’s Division. However, after watching this segment may be Impact isn’t as close to NXT as I thought. These are two of Impact’s women stars and their promos were awful. No passion and no chemistry was in them at all. They are great in the ring, but their division needs some training on talking.

Rohit Ragu and Chris Bey Segment

Rohit Ragu comes up to Chris Bey talking about everyone knows that Manik is TJP. Then they talk about how they should challenge TJP and Manik to a tag team match. Actually, I look for this to happen soon. Probably in the next month or so, Impact Wrestling will have to shoot a cinematic match of this. It’s too good to pass up.

Knockout Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Jazz and Jordynne Grace vs Havok and Nevaeh

Just to be upfront and honest, I had forgotten about this tournament. I just figured Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan won them at Final Resolution. Yes, I actually watched Final Resolution. This tournament was just drawn too long. Impact Wrestling took two weeks to show Best Of…shows. Then with Christmas, being with my family and New Year’s, there was nothing to get me excited and into this. I forgot. I’m sorry. It should have had some drama and ended at Final Resolution.

This match was total garbage. It was boring. Jazz did look good for someone that was going to retire, but she didn’t have a lot of chemistry with Jordynne Grace. I felt that Grace didn’t look good in this match at all. Maybe that was the point, but I wish she would have been the one to look great. I felt like everyone was working slow in this match. Havok does usually work at a deliberate pace, but it became boring quickly. At the end, Havok choke-slammed Jordynne Grace and tombstoned Jazz for the win. So Havok and Nevaeh will face Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz at Hard to Kill PPV.

Winner: Havok and Nevaeh

Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Guns Segment

We see Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Guns running their mouths about how they can’t believe Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers think they can beat them. I think The Motor City Machine Guns have been great on Impact Wrestling until Alex Shelley got hurt. I can’t stand Rich Swann no matter where he goes because I have never like his gimmicks. He doesn’t compare to the other five guys in this match. The theme of the show carries on here. The promo is awful. It just wasn’t good and it needs a style. They are babyfaces in this match, but they start talking about going out to Omega’s bus to attack them. I wanted a promo that makes me actually believe that they can maybe beat The Good Brothers and Omega. Right now, I don’t think they should make it five minutes.

We see Rich Swann knock on the bus door and The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega come around the bus to beat them down. It wasn’t even close. Did they even get one punch in? It was bad. The heels leave Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Guns laying in the grass. They decide just to get back on the bus to go do something else.

Jordynne Grace and Jazz Segment

This segment is CRAZY. These two just lost a match clean. Not because anyone messed up. However, Jordynne Grace decides to apologize to Jazz for bringing her out of retirement and wasting her time. Grace rambles a little. Jazz says it is ok. Grace then all of a sudden says they’ve never taken on each other and maybe they should do that now. So she challenges Jazz for this Saturday’s Genesis mini-PPV. Jazz accepts. Am I missing something? Why? Who is the heel? Who do I root for or against? Is this a match to have fun in that they are asking people to pay for with no storyline? Is this to add to a card that shouldn’t be happening?

Susan? Segment

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee are shown waiting outside a door when Father James Mitchell comes out. They ask if it is done. Then ask if Su Yung is gone. Well…I forgot about this storyline too. Probably because that Purrazzo/Su Yung program was so bad due to Kylie Rae leaving early. This is where I realized that Impact Wrestling took two weeks off and I forgot half their storylines. If you can forget storylines they have worked on for months, are they good storylines? Anyway, Father James Mitchell says you know I can’t quite transform her back into Suzie. Kimber Lee looks scared and Purrazzo looks nervous, but Father Mitchell says she’s not quite Su Yung either. He opens the door and out comes a lady who is wearing a business suit. She introduces herself as Susan. Really?!?!?! This is what they came up with? Did they hire WWE Creative for this solution?

Moose vs Matthew Palmer (3 Minute Match)

This match had to go one of two ways. Moose destroys him in about 30 seconds and stays powerful from his time with EC3. Or Moose messes around and then is distracted, so Matthew Palmer can win. Well, they chose the second option. The distraction was Willie Mack with 30 seconds left on the clock. Moose stares him down as the clock winds down. Matthew Palmer wins the match. Moose becomes irritated. The announcers talk about how Moose vs Willie Mack is the main event of Saturday night’s Genesis in an “I Quit” match. Sorry that is NOT a main event match especially an I Quit match. I don’t care or want to see this at all.

Ethan Page Segment

Ethan Page is laying on the couch and expressing his different thoughts like how no one seems to care about him or has any respect for him. Then we see he is talking to his alter ego, The Karate Man. The point of this segment that they eventually get to is that Ethan Page challenges The Karate Man to a match at the Hard to Kill PPV. It will be a cinematic match that was already filmed before Ethan Page’s contract ran out.

Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan

Main event time. Both come out already brawling. They can’t get the match started because they won’t get in the ring. Sami Callihan brought out his bat then he gets under the ring to get a chair. He hits Eddie with the chair and both roll into the ring. Referee starts the match. Soon after they are back out of the ring brawling and hitting each other with everything they can find. Referee ends up calling a double disqualification and he leaves. He doesn’t even try to stop them. It then becomes an all out brawl. Eddie Edwards gets a hold of Sami’s bat. So I’m thinking here comes his payback. Sami takes off running and trips going up the ramp. He reaches into his pocket, gets his phone and turns off the lights.

The video screen shows Alicia Edwards, Eddie’s wife, in what appears to be an equipment cage in the back. Eddie quickly hits Sami and takes off to find his wife. He runs throughout the Impact building and eventually finds her. She yells too late that it is a trap. Ken Shamrock comes out of nowhere to waylay him. Sami catches up to him and he has brought his bat. Both Ken and Sami are beating Eddie in front of his wife. She watches as Sami wraps barbed wire around Eddie’s arm and face. Sami takes the bat and hits Eddie in the same eye he did before. They don’t show Eddie’s face before going off the air.

Result: Double Disqualification

For this to get us ready for Impact: Genesis, it didn’t do that. I don’t know that I will watch it. I think it is going to be bad. Garbage bad. This episode was below average and I felt sorry for everyone involved in it. I think that Impact Wrestling: Hard to Kill will probably be pretty good though. I still don’t get why they are having a special show this weekend. Here’s this weekend’s line-up:

Impact Wrestling: Genesis

Super X-Division Tournament Cup

Ace Austin vs Suicide

Davari vs Cousin Jake

Crazzy Steve vs Trey Lamar

Blake Christian vs KC Navarro

Then you have two other matches.

Jordynne Grace vs Jazz

TNA Championship: “I Quit” Match

Moose vs Willie Mack

Final Thoughts

So tell me, did you like this episode of Impact Wrestling? Are you watching Genesis this weekend? What are your predictions for it? Let me know in the comments section below. I will talk to you guys soon. See you down the road.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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