Hollyhood Haley J Reclaims The Gold

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review: July 1st

Credit: Fite TV

The latest edition of OVW TV featured all the fallout from last weekend’s Chained Carnage PPV, with ‘Hollyhood’ Haley J getting a rematch and a chance to regain her OVW Women’s title from new champ Dani Mo. Would she be successful?

Let’s head to ringside and find out!

The Big Match: ‘Hollyhood’ Haley J ‘Socks’ It To Dani Mo

Chained Carnage was not a good night for Haley J, as she lost the OVW Women’s Championship to Dani Mo after Luscious Lawrence caused the distraction. Haley seemed full of swag here, though, strutting to the ring and going after Dani Mo with a slap to start things off.

Dani Mo was having none of it though and caught Haley’s hands before working an armbar, twisting the former champ to the mat, and kicking her right in the back, Haley took a breather on the outside, forcing Dani Mo to chase her around ringside, Haley J landing a kick as Dani Mo slipped back under the ropes.

Blocking a punch, Dani Mo turned things around with a couple of bodyslams. Haley J tried to leave the match; a tug of war between Dani Mo and Tony Bizo ensued, using Haley J as the rope. Dani won that one and threw Haley back in the ring, plowing her down with clotheslines. Haley slipped out to the apron and, as Dani Mo reached through the ropes, snapped the champ’s neck against the ropes. A duo of ‘Heels From The Hood’ followed but Dani Mo was not down for long, throwing strikes and landing a sunset flip from the turnbuckles. A bulldog seemed to take out all the wind from Haley J, and it looked like victory was in the champion’s sights.

Never discount the influence of Tony Bizo, though.

Dani Mo dropped Haley J with the Michinoku Driver and it was clear Haley had her shoulders down for more than three seconds. The ref, however, was distracted by Bizo on the apron. This gave Haley J the time to grab her trusty sock of rocks and crack Dani Mo in the head with it, earning the three count and the honor of becoming a two-time champion!

Haley J is a brilliant character and I’m glad she won here. There’s still a lot of mileage in a Haley J title reign. I do think we’ll see Dani Mo on the chase, however, and I think Mo will be the one to eventually unseat her. The journey to getting thee should be fun!

The Big Segment: Omar Amir Gives Reverend Ronnie The Good Word

It’s The Good Word-HA! The Nation’s favorite Reverend, Ronnie Roberts, was out again and he was in good spirits, having gotten through another match in the Kentucky Title Tournament (with a little help from the collection plate, of course). He’s on such a roll, Ronnie wondered if Nike would want to sponsor him, or we ourselves can have the pleasure if we just get on the hotline…

Ronnie brought out the new (two-time) OVW Heavyweight Champion, Omar Amir. Ronnie asked Omar to tell us his story, which he began to do, but Ronnie wasn’t having it. Ronnie demanded excitement. Amir had just become the two-time Heavyweight champ, after all.

Omar got pumped up but Ronnie still wasn’t having it, telling Omar he should be shouting from the mountain tops, amen! Both men were almost bouncing around the ring now as Omar laid it down how he beat the individual members of the Legacy of Brutality, with Ronnie whooping and hollering “Amen! and “Hallelujah!” Omar demonstrating how he dragged Cash Flo from corner to corner with Ronnie pointing and yelling “HA!” after each one was brilliant. But Ronnie wanted to know: what happens next?

Amir told Ronnie that he will defend his title any time, anywhere against anyone. He was so pumped up, he even stole the good Reverend’s line: “can I get an amen?”

You can certainly get an amen from us, Omar. This second reign s going to be wild!

Other Segments & Promos

  • Kal Herro and Dustin Jackson put each over backstage before putting over interviewer Linda Kay. A definite party mood!
  • A frustrated Facade told Miss Stephanie that AJ Daniels denied the fans to the chance to Facade kick his ass and that there’s no hiding from a ninja—he’s everywhere!
  • AJ Daniels told the crowd pre-his match with Ryan Howe that Facade had dropped the ball and that he was moving on.


  • A furious Cash Flo (w/Josh Ashcraft) beat the snot out of “The Soldier” Garrison Creed, pinning him after a massive frog splash to Creed’s back.
  • “Big Money” Dimes and Freddy Hudson went to a no-contest after Cash Flo came out and destroyed both men. Dimes had run down Flo on the mic beforehand after he had lost to Flo at Chained Carnage in a Kentucky Title Tournament match.
  • Dustin Jackson & “The Fanny Pack Kid” Kal Herro beat “The End of the World” Jake Omen & “The Professional” Clayton Cannon in a fun showcase for Herro and Jackson’s new team when the dynamic duo nailed Clayton with a high knee-running boot combo.
  • “Rockstar” Ryan Howe beat “Mr. Zero Gravity” AJ Daniels in a nice battle after Facade ran out and kicked Howe in the head to cost Daniels the win and the winner’s purse. The crowd led a notable “We Want Facade!” chant to start the match and an also-notable cheer when Facade kicked Ryan Howe in the head—poor Ryan Howe!
  • OVW Tag Team Champions The Tate Twins beat Brandon Espinosa & “The Iron Bear” Tom Coffey in a non-title match that saw a fun clash of styles occur.
  • Gustavo beat “The Nephilim” D’mone Solavino by DQ in a good match. Solavino had initially won by ref stoppage but the ref reversed the decision when Solavino wouldn’t release his figure-four leglock.
  • Kentucky Title Tournament: “The Complete Package” Tony Bizo (w/Dr. Ricky Jones & “Hollyhood” Haley J) beat “Superior” Tony Evans (w/Tyler Gooch) after Bizo nailed Evans with the Bizo Bomb. Jones’ opening introduction for Bizo was absolute fire and OVW would be foolish not to keep him on as Bizo’s manager after the Kentucky Title Tournament is finished.
  • ‘Hollyhood’ Haley J beat OVW Women’s Champion Dani Mo in a rematch from Chained Carnage to reclaim the title in a solid bout when Tony Bizo distracted the ref and Haley hit Mo with her trusty sock of rocks.
  • “The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera beat The Wanderer, who was making his OVW debut and looked like a cross between a junkyard and Jason Voorhees, in a quick but fun brawl after hitting the ‘Sky High.’
  • Kentucky Title Tournament: “Mr. Juicy” Luscious Lawrence (w/Kindly Myers) beat “The Star of the Show” Star Rider (w/Ramel Bradley & Lukasz Orbzut) with the One Night Stand after Myers prevented Haley J from interfering.

Final Thoughts

This was a great show coming off the back of the Chained Carnage PPV, making it clear which feuds were being pushed moving forward. Facade proved that his feud with AJ Daniels is far from over; a furious Cash Flo made his presence felt after his title loss; D’more Solavino took his feud with Gustavo to another level; and Hollyhood Haley J took back her women’s title in underhanded fashion, perhaps opening up her feud with Dani Mo into more personal realms now.

If I had one criticism, it was that I wish there had been more of an indication of who would be challenging Omar Amir next, but patience is a virtue and when the segment with Reverend Ronnie Roberts was as good as it was, complaining seems churlish, to be honest.

A very enjoyable episode all-around!

I’ll see you next week for more exciting Ohio action!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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