Heather and Lacey Prove The Women Will Not Be Tamed

Championship Wrestling Review – October 10th

Championship Wrestling is on a roll right now and we’ve got another great show now, as Heather Monroe and Lacey Ryan finally get their taped fist match, plus Jordan Clearwater and the Friendship Farm in action.

Let’s head to the ring!

Women’s Wrestling Finally Gets a Title in Hollywood

We start off with Lacey Ryan, Vipress, Heather Monroe, Cece Chanel and Halston Boddy on a podium, whilst Halston’s attorney, Spencer Chegwidden Esq., makes an announcement.

Mr Chegwidden (if that is his real name) makes it clear that not only is Nikko Marquez legally unable to come to the studio until the investigation into the riot he instigated is concluded by the police; he also is not legally able to cancel the women’s division!

Not only that but, in another thing to annoy Nikko, there will be a women’s championship introduced into the promotion. It takes Halston Boddy restraint and effort not to say that the title is for Heather, but that aside, the women’s division is united and the championship is definitely a great step forward.

Now: how will Halston tip the odds into Heather’s favour?

Jordan Clearwater vs. EJ Sparks

I’m a big fan of both guys, so I was looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint!

Clearwater has been showing more intensity and aggression since training with Blake ‘Bulletproof’ Troop and that continued on here, as the two men contested an MMA-infused battle that saw hard strikes be the order of the day.

Clearwater was the more aggressive; EJ brought a little more speed to his game. Jordan was able to bring some high-impact offence to the table with a running neck breaker and a big spinebuster, while EJ relied on big kicks and knees, utilising his kickboxing expertise, and nailed a big cutter for a near-fall.

But as it was said on commentary, “left leg hospital, right leg cemetery”. Jordan nailed EJ with that big Midas Touch kick with the right leg to put Mr Sparks away for the decisive 1-2-3. This was a great little match that continued to build momentum for Jordan Clearwater. Good stuff.

Ray Rosas Fighting the Odds

Ray Rosas was about to be interviewed by Jon Roberts when Andy Brown and Adrian Quest attacked. Rosas was smart enough to duck—and Jon Roberts got blasted in the head instead!

Rosas was able to fight the pair off, and I shouldn’t have laughed, but when I thought Rosas was bending down to check on Roberts, he was just picking up the mic instead. Poor Jon, man! Rosas called out So-Cal Distancing, and there, as if by magic, was the mysterious leader standing the commentary stage. But when Rosas got there, he was alone.

Who the mystery man is, I do not know, but I do know Rosas is going to kick the c**p out of him when he gets his hands on him!

Watts Wants Vengeance

Earlier in the week, a pre-beating Jon Roberts managed to catch up on the phone with Watts. It turns out Miguel is someone Watts knew from the neighbourhood back in the day, someone who would do whatever he could to get attention. He’s got Watts’ attention now and he’s going to end Miguel when he gets his hands on him.

I think Miguel picked a fight with the wrong person…

4 Minutes of Heat vs. Friendship Farm

4 Minutes of Heat came into this one with momentum, having beaten Beef Candy on last week’s Prime Time Live. The Friendship Farm, meanwhile, are looking to prove themselves after a string of recent losses. There was a suggestion that Sweet Robin was struggling on his knee as he made his way into the ring, but it didn’t seem to impact him during the match itself.

The opening moments had me laughing, in a good way, as Jervis proceeded to tickle Ricky Gibson again and again, causing an exasperated Gibson to shout out “TICKLING’S NOT LEGAL!!!” at the ref. The Friendship boys soon kept the pressure on Gibson and Pearl, with Robin Shaw bruising Pearl with a big bodyslam and leg drop combo.

The Heat took over by sneaking a knee into Jervis’ back while Gibson was on the apron. The pair then treated Jervis with disdain, hoisting him up for a double team move, only to poke him in the eye.

But the joke was soon on them when Jervis and Shaw set the pair up and flipped them over so that they hit a Canadian Destroyer on themselves! Sweet Victory followed for the pinfall win.

Yes!! Friendship Farm are back in winning form and they did it with style. Wrestling’s happiest tag team are back in business, and the world is all the better for it!

Match 5 of the Best of 7 Series: Taped Fists—Lacey Ryan vs. Heather Monroe

This was effectively match five part two, as their last match was interrupted by Nikko Marquez and a full-scale riot. The best of seven series has been one of the highlights of Championship Wrestling in the last 12 months, so this was always going to be good.

Both women tried to lock each other up to start to prevent the other from hitting a knockout blow. On the outside, though, Lacey took a swing at Heather, who was leaning against the ring post. Heather moved and Lacey smashed her fist into the post, damaging her hand in the process.

Heather took advantage, stamping on the wounded paw and grinding it into the floor, the mat and the hook connecting the turnbuckle to the post. Lacey was agony, but out out a determination not to lose, she would not give up.

Heather undid the top turnbuckle pad but Lacey managed to avoid being sent into the exposed steel. Heather wasn’t so lucky, missing Lacey with a big swing and cracking her fist on the buckle. The running knee followed for the hard-fought pinfall victory.

This was a great match and goes to show that the focus on women’s wrestling since the restart of Championship Wrestling has not been undeserved. The women’s championship tournament is going to be awesome.

Final Thoughts

This was an awesome show, with progression for Ray Rosas feud with So-Cal Distancing and Watt’s vendetta with Miguel. The women’s championship announcement is exciting and Heather and Lacey knocked it out of the park in the main event. Plus great action from Jordan Clearwater and EJ Sparks, and victory for Friendship Farm.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for another edition of Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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