Hammerstone Gets Hammered By Mil Muertes

MLW Fusion Review—March 10th

This week on MLW Fusion, we get to see Alexander Hammerstone back in action for the first time since the Baklei Brawl as he defends his National Openweight title against LA Park which will surely be a challenge for the big man. Plus, ACH answers Kevin Ku’s challenge and will Salina rub up Alicia Atout the wrong way again?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

Gino Medina vs. Gringo Loco

This rematch comes on the back of Gino taking umbrage with Gringo Loco appropriating Lucha culture when Gino himself has genuine Lucha heritage. Seems a good reason to have a feud.

The match itself, however, was strangely heatless and, considering who was involved, strangely slow-paced. The action never seemed to get out of second gear. Gino has a nice line in derisory facial expressions but considering his family heritage was supposed to have been insulted, there was no real passion behind it at all.

The ending seemed flat too. After nine minutes of plodding action, a kick out of nowhere to the back of the head gave Gino the pinfall victory.

Post-match, Gino cut a promo attacking Richard Holliday for talking s**t and called Holliday a “keyboard warrior”. I don’t think Holliday will lose any sleep over it.

Kevin Ku vs. ACH

ACH was still bearing the results of Team Filthy’s previous attack on him, coming to the ring with his ribs taped up. Taping up is always a double-edged sword for a wrestler; it obviously offers some protection but is also a huge arrow for your opponent saying “hit me here!”

Of course, Ku did exactly that. He worked over ACH’s ribs throughout, trying to soften up and hurt the wounded Texan. A sound strategy, but again, I found the action in the ring to be too slow-paced and methodical. While there was nothing wrong with the match per se, it didn’t really do anything special either.

Towards the end, Ku’s stablemate Dominic Garrini gave ACH a pasting at ringside. This brought out the Von Erichs, who fought Garrini off and then held up him and Ku so that ACH could dive on them at ringside—so much for those taped ribs…

A quick brainbuster later and ACH had the win. The Texans stood tall as Team Filthy left ringside cursing.

This Week on Pulp Fusion…

In a round-up of all the promo action and other incidents:

Tom Lawlor is still fuming at the Von Erichs for ruining Filthy Island and is going to sue them. I’d rather see him get in the ring, to be honest.

Lio Rush had put up an open contract for a match with him with the MLW Middleweight title on the line. The contract is hung on a door for the first person who gets there to sign. By show’s end, the contract is signed but we don’t know who by yet. The match is confirmed for next week. I wonder if Myron Reed is coming back for his gold?

Speaking of Myron Reed, he and Jordan Oliver interrupt a Calvin Tankman promo (now he knows what Fatu has, he’s going to get it) and offer him to come join them for a smoke. New member of InJustice then?

In any case, we get confirmation that Tankman will challenge Fatu at Never Say Never on March 31st. Reed and Oliver also drop a promo on Los Parks, stating how much they respect the champs. What’s this, hoping that flattery will get you a tag team title shot?

TJP has agreed to wrestle Bu Ku Dao next week. Should be a good match.

Alicia Atout interviews Richard Holliday and Hammerstone regarding a promo video aired on Mil Muertes. Hammerstone is not phased by him or LA Park. Salina de la Renta makes an appearance to question if CONTRA is in Hammerstone’s head. Hammerstone denies it, but Salina might just be on to something. Or she might just be stirring the pot. Either way, she was great fun as always.

And lastly, there had been a strange masked man roaming around the arena all night. Wonder if he’ll make an appearance in the main event?

MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. LA Park

I wanted to like this match, I really did. When LA Park started things off by prodding and squeezing Hammer’s muscles before pointing at his ass, it made me laugh. Unfortunately for me, that was the best moment of the match.

Again, it wasn’t that there was anything wrong with what went down in the ring It’s just that, again, it seemed to have been diffused of any energy or urgency, more so when LA Park was in charge than Hammer. To be fair, Park is in the latter end of his career and he’s not in the best of shape, but he also has put in more spirited performances recently than this. It didn’t help that Park’s sons were at ringside from within 30 seconds of the opening bell. A couple of times they took advantage of Hammer at ringside, giving Park the advantage, but Park didn’t really do much with it.

Park was able to counter the Nightmare Pendulum but it didn’t stop Hammer cracking Park in the back of the head with an elbow for the decisive 1-2-3. At which point, the masked man who had been wandering around the building all night turned out to be Mil Muertes, who pounced on Hammer and gave an almighty pounding before cracking Hammer with the Openweight belt, something Salina took possession of. That part was well done, but isn’t Hammer supposed to be feuding with CONTRA?

Final Thoughts

This week’s edition of Fusion seemed to do better on the storyline front than the in-ring parts of the show. The Von Erichs fought off Team Filthy; Bu Ku Dao and TJP set a match for next week; someone has answered Lio Rush’s challenge, and Hammerstone faces another obstacle in Mil Muertes. This was all neatly down and moves things forward with some of the company’s top feuds nicely.

While the action in the ring felt slow-paced and overly methodical, I will say that at least there was some good in the show, and some good is better than all bad anytime. MLW still has work to do, but the last two weeks have a least seen some positive developments.

I’ll see you next week for some more hybrid wrestling action from MLW Fusion!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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