Godderz Tries to Sweet Talk Gunn

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Review—February 28th

Welcome to the Sports Obsessive Ohio Valley Wrestling weekly review. On this week’s show, both the Rush champion and the Tag Team Champions will be in action. Plus, Mahabali Shera will be in the ring and Josh Ashcroft is celebrating 10 years in OVW! And how will Jesse Godderz explain himself to Tony Gunn after his actions at the end of the show two weeks ago?

Let’s get to the ring and find out!

Climbing the Ladder Towards Mr. Pectacular

Bryan Kennison on commentary, alongside Steven Johnson and a certain Shannon the Dude, start us off with an exciting announcement—in the coming weeks, there will be a Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match between four competitors picked at random. The winner will then get a title shot against Mr. Pectacular himself, Jesse Godderz, for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship!

Shannon the Dude, Godderz’s manager, seems pretty dismissive, stating that Godderz has gone through plenty of guys in the past; he’ll easily go through some more.

Of course, it depends on who’s climbing the ladder…

OVW Rush Champion William Lutz vs. Star Rider

This was a great match to kick things off with. A fast-paced encounter, the fans were solidly invested from the get-go. Lutz has a reputation for being crazy, but it was Star Rider who demonstrated his own particular brand of madness, nailing a beautiful suicide dive to Lutz on the outside that would put many of AEW’s aerialists to shame. The precision was even more impressive considering the little amount of room between the ring and the entrance ramp, which is narrow in itself.

Lutz, not to be outdone, threw himself off the apron onto Star Rider with a massive cannonball. Back in the ring, Lutz hit a Moonsault into a neck breaker for a near-fall. Rider, also not to be outdone, hit a running senton onto Lutz who was sat in the corner, before hitting a Famouser for what Rider thought would be the coup de grace.

Unfortunately for Rider, he covered Lutz with his back lying on Lutz’s body whilst hooking the leg. Lutz cleverly rolled Rider over and, with the arm hooked, was able to get the three count to retain his Rush title. He might be mad but he’s not stupid.

A really fun opener to kick us off.

It’s My Anniversary and I’ll Cry If I Want To

It’s Reverend Ronnie Roberts—HA! God, I love this guy. I love the fact chant “HA!” after every line he utters. Bizarre but brilliant. But tonight isn’t about him; it’s about celebrating the 10th anniversary of a certain superstar’s time in OVW—‘The East End Villain’ Josh Ashcraft!

Although Ronnie was deadset on not letting Ashcraft speak, his LOB comrades were pretty forthcoming—well, Ashcraft spoke on behalf of Hy-Za, leading to Ronnie hilariously commenting off the cuff how he never knew Hy-Za spoke like that. They even got Ashcraft a cake. Ok, it said ‘Happy Birthday’ on it, but it was still a cake!

As the group proclaimed how they were going to take all the gold in OVW, the Heavyweight champion Omar Amir made an appearance, taking umbrage at being referred to as a “second-rate Ahmed Johnson” and a “dollar store Wesley Snipes wannabe.” Amir’s retort about Ashcraft’s black eyeliner and spiked hair was pretty weak (not a metal fan then, Omar?), but he made up for it by smashing Ashcraft’s face into the cake!

Something tells me the LOB won’t take that insult lying down.

Upgraded Champion, Upgraded Belt

Backstage, Lucious Lawrence has a present for new OVW Women’s champion Hollyhood Haley J—a new, blinged-up title belt. Not blinged up in a tacky way, but certainly brighter and fresher looking. In any case, Hollyhood was not concerned about upsetting anyone who knew and related to the history of the old belt. Oh no. Instead, she did a Medusa and put the old belt right in the trash bin! “You know I’ve always been top dog,” Haley told the camera. “Now I’ve got the gold to back it up! End of one history, start of another!”

Oh my. Talk about getting heat! Very well done.

Adam Swayze (w/Rex) vs. ‘The Indian Lion’ Mahabali Shera

Do you want to know what the definition of futility is? Rex trying to interfere on Swayze’s behalf. Make no mistake: Shera is a physical specimen, and the two times Swayze managed to attack him off of a Rex distraction, the ‘Indian Lion’ looked as if he felt no pain. He quickly dispatched Swayze with a sit-down powerbomb for the pinfall win.

Rex got up on the apron, but after a quick staredown with Shera, he quickly got down again! Shera for the Fatal Four-Way? I’d love to see it. I’m not so sure Jesse Godderz would, though.

Big Money Dimes vs. Big D

Dimes explaining how he got “bigger” was by using the “Dimes All-Natural Weight Gainer 10,000”, which puts on “weight, puts on height, puts on hair, puts on anything you need,” was genius. It was time, of course, for another of Dimes’ Super Heavyweight challenges and his opponent tonight, Big D, is certainly a BIG man. How would Dimes and his imaginary super heavyweight status deal with a real super heavyweight?

Certainly not with shoulder blocks. Big D moved 0.00001% of an inch, but he sent Dimes all the way out of the ring in return. Dimes used this as an opportunity to grab Big D by the legs and pull him out of the ring, but this was only a momentary advantage, and Big D dropped Dimes once again. However, as D hoisted Dimes upon his shoulders, Dimes snuck out and caught D by surprise with a cutter to pick up another lucky victory.

Of course, Dimes would put the onus of his victory right on the shoulders of his weight gain supplement, but that’s another story…

Godderz and Gunn—Tag Team Champions?

Tony Gunn finds Jesse Godderz backstage and asks him what was up with throwing him to the wolves’ last episode? Godderz of course paints a picture of Tony as having entered into the fray voluntarily to save Godderz from a pounding. No one else, including Gunn, believes him. In fact, Gunn finds himself suddenly admiring Godderz’s National Heavyweight title belt.

But how about this, Godderz asks: the two men driving down Sunset Boulevard in Godderz’s convertible, tag team title belts over their shoulders. Gunn says he’ll think about it, but his tone of voice and the look in his eyes suggests he’s thinking more about Godderz’s own title…

OVW Tag Team Champions The Tate Twins vs. Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez

Jackson and Hernandez have had a history in the past but now are tagging up. If they can beat the champs in this non-title match, then it will put them towards earning a title shot in the future.

This was a competitive match, with The Tate Twins using their speed and slimmer size to overwhelm the challengers, including the use of a cool stereo suicide dive to the outside. The challengers, in their turn, used their strength to beat down this opponent, swinging big lariats and running legs and squashing the champs between their bigger bulk.

Near the end, Hernandez went to clothesline Brent Tate but Brent ducked, leading Hernandez to knock Dustin Jackson out of the ring. The distraction allowed Brent to roll up Hernandez.

The champs were victorious but, as Jackson gestured angrily at Hernandez from the mat, the challengers seemed more likely to challenge each other than anybody else…

Final Thoughts

OVW gave us another consistently entertaining card here, from the fast-paced opener to Reverend Ronnie Roberts and Omar Amir celebrating Josh Ashbrook’s 10-year OVW anniversary in their own way, from Hollyhood Haley J trashing the old women’s title to Hernandez and Jackson letting old rivalries come between them. Plus, it looks like the company is building up quite nicely to a Tony Gunn-Jesse Godderz split.

If you’ve never seen OVW before, there are worse things you could be doing than starting now. It might be small-scale for now, but it’s maximum entertainment.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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