Godderz Sacrifices Gunn to Save His Skin

Chris Reviews Ohio Valley Wrestling TV

Greetings grapple fans. Welcome to the first review of Ohio Valley Wrestling TV on Sports Obsessive! Admittedly, I have never seen the show before but with the buzz on the net around it and with new ownership also, I figured it was time to check it out for myself.

Tonight’s show is the first after the promotion’s Tough Love super card. On that show, as per the recap here, OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jesse Godderz and Tony Gunn attacked KTD in secret and blamed LOB for the attack, forcing KTD’s friend Omar Amir to tag with Godderz and Gunn against LOB in the main event. Godderz and Gunn then abandoned Amir so he would take a kicking from LOB. The swine! The show opens with Gunn worrying that everyone knows it was them that attacked KTD, and Godderz being more interested in talking about bitcoin. Something tells me they’re not quite on the same page.

OVW Women’s Champion Mazzerati vs. Hollyhood Haley J (w/Luscious Lawrence)

We start with the women’s title on the line and a whole lot of attitude: as champion Mazzerati poses beneath her title belt as it was being held up by the ref, Hollyhood Haley slipped in front of her to strike a pose of her own, only to be shooed off by the champ. A handshake led to Mazzerati pulling the challenger close and it was clear that this wouldn’t be a friendly contest.

The champ seemed quite dismissive of her opponent and certainly set out to embarrass her. She was able to reverse Hollyhood’s maneuvers quite easily and repeatedly took the challenger to the mat. Haley J was able to respond with a rally of strikes and a double stomp, showing that same vicious streak that we saw last week on the Tough Love supershow. Mazzerati was quick to return fire though with a flurry of fists of her own and a big double knee to the head.

Things moved into a more high-impact area, a neck breaker from Haley J a back suplex from Mazzerati. At this point, Haley J slipped out to ringside, where Luscious Lawrence (check that hairstyle out!) handed her an object. Lawrence proceeded to distract the ref, and one stiff shot between the eyes later, we had a new champion!

What a shocker to kick off the evening with! The only problem is, the new champ might just have a p****d off Mazzerati to contend with very soon…

‘The Golden Boy’ AJZ vs. Chico Adams

This match is Chico’s OVW debut, and the fact that he was announced as ‘The Future of Sports Entertainment’ suggests he might be eager to make a big impression. Either that or he’s in love with himself. Whatever makes him happy.

There’s something slightly World of Sport Brit-Wres about Chico Adams. He dominated early on with a series of hammerlocks and armdrags, executed at a pace that reminded me of someone like Chic Cullen. It took a neck snap on the ropes and a jumping knee to the head for AJZ to take advantage. He kept Chico in the corner and roughed him up before nailing a stalled release duplex that saw Chico dropped on his face.

Chico Adams bounced back with a variety of different follow before AJZ cut him off with a massive dropkick. A rally of Chico clotheslines seemed to assault AJZ in return but the AJZ victory finally came with the 262 (fisherman’s carry into a cutter).

A fun little match.

LOB Are Taking No Prisoners

Reverend Ronnie Roberts was out next to interview Jesse but Tony Gunn came out to the ring instead. This is the first time I’ve seen Roberts and the man is a laugh riot. If nothing else, the fact that ends every sentence with a ‘HA’!, something the crowd joined in with, has made me join his fan club, as well as him telling Tony Gunn, who had nothing for his collection plate, “I guess when you lose (a title), you just go broke! “ Brilliant. Even Tony Gunn laughed.

The Reverend took Gun to task for beating down KTD and framing LOB for it. He demanded Tony confess. Before he could though, Jesse Godderz appeared and tried to play it down, stating nothing happened. Tony tried to convince Jesse that everyone knows the truth but before he could get through, KTD and Omar ran to the ring and chased Gunn and Godderz out through the side door as LOB blocked off the ring entrance.

I think everybody knows now, Jesse.

Big Money Dimes vs. Dapper Dan

It was time once again for the diminutive Dimes to lay down his super-heavyweight challenge, and this week Dapper Dan answered the call. Of course, Dimes did give Dan a wad of notes to lie down for him. So Dan did the only sensible thing—pocketed the cash and battered Dimes all around the ring.

It was fortunate then that the ref had to pull Dapper Dan away from mauling Dimes in the corner. It allowed Dimes to surprise the big man with a cutter for the 1-2-3. The lucky little…

Extra points to Dimes for going back in the ring after and taking his money back out of Dapper Dan’s pocket before leaving. Very well played.

Jesse Godderz & Tony Gunn vs. Omar Amir and KTD

KTD and Omar Amir rushed the ring to get at their opponents and double-teamed Gunn with a flurry of fists whilst Godderz pretended to be talking to his manager on the outside. Godderz soon got a taste of knuckle as Amir and KTD went at the heels with a fury. KTD’s injured arm soon gave Godderz and Gunn an opening though and beat him down as he tried and failed to make the hot tag to Amir.

A suplex-cum-DDT from KTD on Godderz soon gave him enough room to breathe and as all four men went at it in the ring, LOB surrounded the apron like a pack of hungry wolves. We were treated to the odd sight of Godderz and Gunn working with Amir and KTD to fight off the intruders and, as the ref packed LOB off to the back, Amir was left in the ring alone with Godderz and Gunn. Omar beckoned them both to come to get some when Godderz pushed Gunn straight into the arms of Amir, who slammed Gunn down hard for the 1-2-3.

Now I know Godderz and Gunn aren’t on the same page!

Final Thoughts

For my first time watching OVW, I very much enjoyed what I saw. Storylines were clear throughout and I was quickly able to connect to wrestlers and their characters. That’s a big plus in the current climate. Godderz is a great smarmy heel, a little bit like Richard Holliday, and I enjoyed seeing him through Tony Gunn under a bus in the way that he did. Plus, Reverend Ronnie Roberts! HA!

I’ll certainly be back next week for more!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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