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Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—April 18th (YouTube Edition)

This week’s OVW TV will feature a unique main event: a Pillar to Post match where the object is to wrap your opponent around the ring post for ten seconds to win. William Lutz and D’Mone Solavino will look to hurt one another in this match to finally end the feud. Plus, will Jesse Godderz and Luscious Lawrence make an appearance ahead of their OVW National Heavyweight title match at Retribution?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

Captain Caribbean Will Not Be Unmasked

It’s Good Word time, and there’s something that’s been playing on Reverend Ronnie’s mind. He brings out Captain Caribbean, who he claims looks awfully familiar in that leather jacket…

The Captain, bless him, states that he needs the jacket because it’s so cold in Ohio compared to the Caribbean, where apparently he swam from through some big waves to get here! The Reverend wasn’t best pleased, especially when the Captain referred to Omar Amir eliminating him from the Nightmare Rumble. He tells the Captain to take off the mask, which the good Captain advises he can’t do as it goes against the code of luchadores.

This brought out Jake Ashcraft and Cash Flo, who are obviously not fooled. Cash lo giving Reverend Ronnie a bundle of notes towards “the building fund” made me laugh. The only condition? Give Flo a mic. Funnily enough, the good Reverend was only too happy to oblige. Rather than get angry, Flo asks if Amir needs money; is that why he’s doing this? Does his mom need money? Because she can sweep Flo’s floor, do his dishes…you get the picture. Captain Caribbean laughed it off but Flo began making threats about taking the OVW Heavyweight title.

Jake Ashcraft began to run his mouth but Captain Caribbean was more interested in having a dance than listening. So Ashcraft pushed Caribbean, Caribbean pushed him back and Flo pounced, putting a beat down on Caribbean. He went to remove the mask but the Captain dropped down into a stunner before he could do so before sending Flo and Ashcraft out of the ring.

On paper (well, screen), this might read in a ridiculous fashion. But it was a very entertaining segment. Ronnie was his usual charismatic self, Omar Amir actually suits the Captain Caribbean silliness, and Flo was great as the sneering heel. Roll on Retribution!

The Tate Twins vs. JC Adams & Jared Kripke

Fresh off the loss of their tag team titles last week, The Tate Twins were not here to mess around. They roared out of the corner swinging, hitting some fast-paced double team manoeuvres with an extra bit of aggression for good measure, like when Brandon Tate hit JC Adams with a stiff forearm and just burned holes into his opponent with his eyes.

Kripke tagged and unloaded on the Twins with big aerial kicks, but a backstabber/codebreaker combo by the Twins was only denied victory by JC Adams breaking up the pin. He took a drop toe hold and an elbow drop combo for his trouble, and one joint face plant on Kripke later and the Tates were victorious.

Wow, that was a more aggressive Tates than we’re used to. Looks like losing the tag team titles does not agree with the brothers, Could we see a rematch soon?

Blake Wright vs. Mahabali Shera

Earlier in the night, we saw a clip of Tom Coffey attacking Shera in the parking lot. Whether Coffey is trying to get Shera’s attention or just simply trying to take Shera out is unclear. Meanwhile, the attack did Blake Wright no favours as Shera stormed the ring upon his entrance and took Wright out with a massive clothesline. Don’t poke the beast…

A big boot and a huuuuuuuuuggggggge sit-down powerbomb later, Shera was your winner. But it wasn’t the end of the matter.

Tom Coffey interrupted on the ramp and told Shera that the ending of his streak wasn’t a matter of if, but when and how. Shera’s not the only animal in OVW and he’s coming after Shera and never stopping. Shera ran after him through the curtain, while poor Blake Wright crawled up the ramp.

Two beefy boys looking to kill each other? Sign me up!

An Al Snow Announcement…and Luscious Lawrence and Jesse Godderz???

The legendary Al Snow came out and announced some very good news: OVW has just signed a very big TV deal that will make OVW the largest promotion in the entire state. They will be on Lexington TV, Hazard TV and Bowling Green. This means their tapings will take place on Thursdays instead of Tuesday, but it lets OVW show the entire world that the best wrestling fans are there in Louisville, Kentucky.

At which point, Luscious Lawrence and Hollyhood Haley J made an appearance. Claiming to be out to join the celebration (they had spraypainted Al Snow’s briefcase with the phrase “Mr Juicy in The Bank”), they really just came out to brag about how Lawrence is going to be the next OVW National Champ. Which brought out the champ himself, accompanied by Tony Gunn. Jesse Godderz, calling himself “Two-Belt Jesse”, he told Lawrence that there was only one face of OVW and that’s Mr Pectacular. Lawrence retorts that he’s ready to cash in his title opportunity now. Jesse asked if Lawrence is really ready for the champ? Well then, he can face…Tony Gunn, one half of the tag champions!

Tony was not pleased and shouted Jesse down as not being able to book matches. But there’s one man who can…Al Snow reminded Tony that he was not pleased with what he did to Kal Herro and so Tony will wrestle Luscious Lawrence right now. Looks like Jesse through Tony Gunn under the bus…again.

Luscious Lawrence vs. Tony Gunn

After the break, Lawrence appeared to have the advantage until Tony Gunn caught him with a neck breaker. He continued to wear down the Luscious one with a chin lock before glancing some clubbing blows off his chest. A stiff set of chops in the corner made the crowd wince but Lawrence seemed to hulk up after each blow, grabbing Gunn by the nipples and throwing him in the corner. Gunn moved out of the way of a charge though and nailed some hard knees to Lawrence’s head.

Tony Gunn took to the top turnbuckle but Haley J caused a distraction, allowing Lawrence to move out of the way and crunch Gunn with a big power slam. Two atomic drops made the eyes water, but when Gunn was sent into the ropes, Godderz grabbed his foot, sending him into the waiting arms of Lawrence who nailed him with a power slam. 1…2…and Godderz jumped in and broke up the pin, giving Lawrence the DQ victory.

Godderz took his opportunity, chocking Lawrence with a belt and stomping a mudhole through him. Haley J jumped onto Mr Pectacular’s back but Tony Gunn threw her to the mat. Lawrence, furious at seeing this, threw Gunn to the floor before bullying Godderz with a side suplex, a Juice to the face and a running power slam before military pressing Godderz onto Gunn and hitting a Juice to the face on Gunn, sending him on top of Godderz on the floor.

You know what? If I’m being honest, I wasn’t that invested in Luscious Lawrence vs. Jesse Godderz before. I am now. With simple booking, they made Lawrence look like a beast and a virtuous one too, looking to protect Haley, while they emphasised Godderz’s more manipulative, scheming tendencies. By allowing Lawrence that flurry of offence at the end, it genuinely made him look powerful and dangerous.

Great booking. I’m impressed. Can’t Retribution come any sooner?

Pillar to Post Match: D’Mone Solavino vs. William Lutz

This is a unique idea for a match. No DQ, no count-outs. You win by holding your opponent in a submission move around any one of the ring posts. After D’Mone had previously hurt Lutz by doing just this very act on more than one occasion, it seemed a very fitting stipulation.

Lutz was a ball of fury from the off, attacking D’Mone from behind during his entrance and smashing him with a flurry of fists as well as a beautiful springboard back elbow. A first attempt at wrapping D’Mone around a ring post found Lutz shoved into the guard rail. Both men tried to hurt the other; D’Mone with a suplex to the outside; Lutz with a piledriver on the apron. Both men managed to block the other but Lutz was sent hard into the ring post in the process.

Lutz managed to turn this to his advantage, locking D’Mone in a choke against the ring post, but D’Mone was able to hit a low blow at 6 to stop the count. D’Mone brought a chair in but Lutz was able to prevent D’Mone swinging it. D’Mone kicked out Lutz’s leg, getting an assist from the ring ropes, before stomping Lutz’s limb and smashing it into the ring post for further injury. D’Mone tried to lock in a leg lock around a ring post but Lutz pulled D’Mone in, posting him hard.

Back in the ring, D’Mone switched over to working on the arm and wrapped the limb around the ring post for a twisted variation on a crossface. Lutz bit the hands of D’Mone to break the hold and then ducked out of the way of a chair shot, the steel cracking D’Mone right in the face. Lutz then cracked D’Mone with two hard shots to the back with the steel before locking a screaming D’Mone in a bow and arrow around a ring post to finally get the victory. Revenge is a man named Lutz.

What a great match! Not only was the stipulation unique, but it made sense as a resolution to the feud here and the right man won. Both men tried to really hurt the other to weaken them enough to hold them around the ring post. In the end, it was the intervention of some hard chair shots that gave Lutz the opportunity to take the win, proving that Lutz was willing to go to that next level to get revenge.

Great work all around. I loved this match.

Final Thoughts

This was a great show, plain and simple. From the disguised Omar Amir getting shots at his Retribution opponent to Shera finding himself a real challenge, and from Luscious Lawrence proving himself to be someone to fear in the ring to William Lutz getting satisfaction in a hard-hitting Pillar to Post match, the show was satisfying on many levels. It progressed feuds, made title challengers look like serious contenders and ended on a great hard-hitting feud-ender.

If they can keep on hitting this standard, OVW may be hitting a real hot streak. That really is something for fans to celebrate.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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