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Championship Wrestling Review – November 7th

This week on Championship WrestlingLevi Shapiro defends his UWN TV title against Jack Cartwright whilst Ray Rosas defends his Arizona State championship against EJ Sparks in what will be a solid match. Plus Jordon Clearwater, Anthony Idol, Sweet Robin Shaw and Clark Connors in action.

There’s not time to waste so let’s head straight to the ring!

Clark Connors vs. Max Caster

Clark Connors is such a great talent. He just exudes intensity. He used that to great effect here, battering the AEW-bound Max Caster with big forearms before Caster dodged a spear, sending Connor into the ring post shoulder-first.

Max wasn’t able to capitalise though as Connors took him down with a big powerslam. A belly to back suplex gave Caster some breathing room and a ‘Mic Drop’ elbow earned him a two count. Connors nailed a spear out of nowhere, though, and the Young Lion Boston Crab finisher saw Caster tap out for the easy submission.

Jordan Cruz vs. Anthony Idol

Jordan Cruz is a big guy but Anthony Idol is bigger. He threw Cruz around easily to begin before Cruz broke up a test of strength with a kick to the gut. A big back drop and powerslam combo quickly knocked the air out of Cruz, though. Big elbows and clubbing blows followed, but a big jumping back elbow from the top by Cruz momentarily took Idol off his feet but for long, as a spine buster followed by the ‘Idol Overdrive’ slam sealed the deal and sent Idol to the pay window.

Short but sweet.

A short promo vid for The Bodega follows. Remember, you can get everything you need there—including a beat down!

VSK vs. ‘Sweet’ Robin Shaw

It’s the second week of going it alone for Sweet Robin, as he went solo against Chris Dickinson last week as well. I love Jervis but it’s definitely interesting to see Sweet Robin on his own. He’s been more aggressive as of least. Will we see that here?

Not at first as VSK succumbed to the inevitable hug. He also bounced off Sweet Robin, as a shoulder block backfired. A big hip toss sent VSK into the corner but he rallied back with a big missile dropkick for a two counts.

A series of knees battered Sweet Robin, but the weight difference came into play as VSK was unable to move Robin for the Irish whip, being sent flying by a massive chop. A DDT from a leap over the second rope from VSK caught Robin by surprise and earned a near fall. As did a beautiful frog splash that really made me think it was all over. But Robin still had a little life in him.

A series of strikes saw VSK sent to the mat again and again. Elbows, punches and a clotheslined kept up the pressure, and an absolutely vicious ‘Sweet Victory’ spinning kick knocked VSK out for the 1-2-3. I honestly thought he’d killed VSK, it was that on point. Seriously.

A really fun match saw Sweet Robin pick up the win and show a little more of that aggressive side that we’re seeing more and more of. I love it. Let’s hope there’s more to come!

‘Let’s Play’

Dan Joesph was interviewed about his rematch for the United TV Title in two weeks. The aggression was striking—the laughing, joking Joseph was gone—as he warned that he’d realised that Levi had only wanted their last match so he could cheat to win. Joseph finished by warning that he now understands there are new rules. ‘Let’s play’.

Something tells me Joseph’s not really playing…

Snypes vs. Jordan Clearwater

Another wrestler showing a more serious side in recent weeks has been Jordan Clearwater, who has transformed into a no-nonsense s**t kicker under the tutelage of Blake ‘Bulletproof’ Troop.

Both guys took it to the mat here to start before Clearwater landed a big bodyslam and rammed his shoulder into Snype’s gut in the corner, punishing him further with a foot ground into Snype’s face.

A back elbow paused Clearwater’s momentum, as did a drop-down punch and a head kick for a one count. A chinlock followed to wear the ‘Golden Boy’ down but Clearwater fought his way out, only for Snypes to knock him back down and stomp on the leg, trying to take the Midas Touch out of Clearwater’s arsenal.

Clearwater was able to shove Snypes down from the corner where he was throwing punches, but a bulldog attempt was slipped out of, to be countered with a uranagi. An old-school elbow from the top found nothing but mat and the Midas Touch finally caught knocked Snypes down for the pinfall victory.

Afterwards, Clearwater gave an interview and called out Beef Candy for their cowardice, telling Richie Slade and Flex that they can run, they can hide, but Clearwater will be following them and there will only be two outcomes—say it with me—left leg hospital, right leg cemetery!

That might be the best catchphrase in the business right now, seriously.

Arizona State Champion Ray Rosas vs. EJ Sparks

Now this should be a good match! Ray Rosas is also the UWN Heritage Champion, of course, but he holds the Arizona State title, the main title of Championship Wrestling from Arizona, a belt that as a former holder, EJ Sparks knows only too well.

Rosas came out aggressively to start, throwing fists and sending Sparks to the corner. Sparks returned the favour with a backdrop, some big jumping kicks and even a Stinger Splash that made 6 year old me very happy. Rosas was able to sidestep a spinning forearm into the corner though and landed a big belly to back suplex for a two count.

Sparks came back with a springboard forearm and some nice kicks which Rosas neatly countered into a fisherman’s suplex. Rosas took a moment to look around for So-Cal Distancing, his paranoia understandably getting the better of him, allowing Sparks to assault Rosas with a fast, lethal series of strikes and kicks for a near fall.

Rosas was not down for long, using the tights to roll Sparks over and hit a lovely low superkick to take Sparks down. A springboard moonsault missed its mark though, and a Roundhouse Rhythm kick and a suicide dive to the outside had the champ in trouble.

Back in the ring, Sparks went for the Spark Out but Rosas was able to counter into a slingshot into the corner. ‘Smash and Dash’ followed, but as Rosas went up top, Andy Brown and Adrian WQuest ran down to push Rosas down, giving the ref no choice but to throw the match. Brown and Quest made to move into the ring but EJ Sparks faced off against the two, causing them to walk away. Intriguing.

It was a shame there wasn’t a clean finish to this great little match, but from a storytelling point of view, it was more than justified. Great work.

‘You Owe Me One. You Started This Fire’

The team of Todd Kenely, Alyssa Marino and Blake Troop were talking to camera when Miguel appeared. People have been asking him why he did it. Well, for Miguel it’s all Watts’ fault. He started the fire. He demanded Watts to show up next week and “handle the smoke.”

I don’t know what Watts did to start all this, but I’m desperate to see how he finishes it!

UWN TV Champion Levi Shapiro vs. Jack Cartwright

As Jack Cartwright made his way to the ring, Howdy Price grabbed his arm and led him backstage, whereupon the cameras saw Howdy make an offer that involved an envelope full of an unspecified amount of dollars. Cartwright took the cash but he didn’t look overly impressed…hmm…

Levi looked the picture of carefree as he stood in the ring…and Cartwright actually lay down for him! Levi applied the claw, to which Cartwright immediately tapped out! Wow. It wasn’t over though. Howdy Price and Levi laid the boots in before taking the envelope of money back from Cartwright! The dirt, lowdown scum!

As wrestling, this wasn’t a match. But as entertainment, it worked very well, and I want to see Dan Joseph kick Levi’s ass more than ever now.

Afterwards, an interruption from So-Cal Distancing revealed that they are spreading the vaccine to the virus, and that vaccine is even in…then UWN boardroom? Say What?!?

Final Thoughts

This was a super fun edition of Championship Wrestling. Levi Shapiro proved how weasly he is; Sweet Robin benefitted from his new-found aggression; Ray Rosas and EJ Sparks had a great match, and Miguel and So-Cal Distancing furthered two of the biggest storylines with some intriguing statements.

Plus, we had the always entertaining Anthony Idol, the furious Clark Connors and Jordan Clearwater in action—what’s not to like?

An easy thumbs up from me.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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