Drew Hernandez Picks Tony Bizo Over Dustin Jackson

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—March 28th

This week on Ohio Valley Wrestling TV, the fourth and final place in the ladder match to determine the challenger for Jesse Godderz’s National Heavyweight title would take place, as Tony Bizo was scheduled to take on Dustin Jackson. Plus, what will Al Snow have to say as he returns to the Davis Arena?

Let’s head to the ring and find out.

Snow, Suspension & The Reverend

The Good Reverend Ronnie Roberts started us off with The Good word and, while he was in a good mood thanks to his new line in Reverend Ronnie Roberts hand fans, he was confused as to why OVW management would let Omar Amir go into another man’s place of work last week and beat that man up without consequence.

Unluckily for Ronnie, the legend Al Snow was in the house and he was quite prepared to tell Ronnie to shut up and speak on behalf of OVW management. He tells Ronnie that he knows Al was going to address the matter tonight and Ronnie is just stirring the pot over something he has no investment in. Ronnie says he didn’t see the announcement on social media, he was probably “reading scripture”. Al calls him a blessed soul and it’s probably only a coincidence that ‘blessed soul’ shares the same initials as ‘bull s**t’…

Snow calls out Omar Amir and tells him why he understands and agrees with his reasons, he can’t agree with what he did as he represents OVW as the champion. Omar agrees with that but says he was pushed and lost his temper. He came out to apologise to OVW and to the fans. Al Snow tells Amir that he has to do something; such matters, as a professional, need to be dealt with in the ring and not elsewhere. So Al is suspending Omar for 30 days!

This brought out LOB but Snow was having none of it, shutting them and the Reverend down like a weary Kindergarten teacher putting some troublesome children in their place. To prevent Cash Flow from registering charges against Amir, Snow has had to guarantee that Cash gets a title shot against Omar at the Saturday Night Special. Because Cash Flow is such a law-abiding citizen, right? Omar agrees to the suspension—a little too easily, to be fair—and the big match is made: Omar Amir vs. Cash Flow at Saturday Night Special! It’s what everything’s been building to, now it’s signed and sealed.

Meanwhile, Al Snow reminds Reverend Ronnie that the Good Reverend still has a wrestling licence and that Snow can book him in a match if he doesn’t keep his nose out—HA!

The look on Ronnie’s face was priceless.

Mahabali Shera vs. Abraham Haddox

Shera was his usual well-built man-beast self tonight. Maddox was a man in denim overalls—who do you think would win?

To be fair, Shera struggled to get Maddox off his feet at first, failing to do with some big clotheslines. Maddox actually took Shera down first, nailing him with a Samoan drop. Fine, except Shera got straight up and dropped Maddox with the sit-down powerbomb for the immediate victory.

I like Shera rolling Maddox straight out of the ring after. This is HIS ring. But when will he get a title?

Big Money Dimes vs. Gustav

It’s super-heavyweight challenge time! And as Dimes is sick of all the criticism from the fans, he’ll bring out a catalogue of super-heavyweights to pick from.

The entranceway was soon full of wrestlers but Dimes demanded Arie Alexander come to the ring and wrestle him. Arie Alexander is not a super-heavyweight but she is super-tough, and she gave Dimes a kick in the little dimes for demanding a kiss on the cheek from her. He soon regretted that so he sent her away and called out Rex until he realised Rex’s full size and changed his mind. He also disqualified Luscious Lawrence for being oily and Haley J for being a hood rat. Reverend Ronnie has God on his side so it would be two-on-one (HA!) So it continued until Gustavo, who was easily the smallest one of them there, met Dimes’ satisfaction and was called into the ring.

What Dimes hadn’t taken into account was that, while Gustavo may be smaller, he’s also a very good wrestler. So when Gustav started tying Dimes up in pin attempts, you could see the penny drop on Dimes’ face and it was brilliant. A chokeslam attempt saw Dimes lift Gustavo mere…millimetres from the mat. Could this be Dimes’ first super-heavyweight loss?

Gustavo punished Dimes further with a series of sweet suplexes before landing a nice top rope dropkick. Dimes went to desperation methods, scooping a handful of his protein powder but Gustavo kicked it into Dimes’ own face, temporarily disabling his vision. Out of nowhere though, Dimes nailed a cutter and stole the win! Amazing.

It’s going to take a real super-heavyweight—or at least someone who can avoid a cutter—to finally defeat Big Money Dimes…

Kal Herro vs. Tony Gunn

It’s the Battle of the Fanny Pack! But it would not be fought fairly…

Tony Gunn appeared from behind as Herro made his entrance and sent Herro straight into the ring post. Herro was out for the count, so Gunn dragged him in the ring and took his fanny pack off before arguing with the ref over ringing the bell.

The bell was indeed officially rung and Gunn covered Herro very loosely, expecting victory, So imagine his annoyance when Herro kicked out. He kicked out again, and again. And once more. A Herro small package nearly stole victory, so Gunn kicked him in the head as punishment and dropped Herro like a sack of potatoes with a standing suplex.

A reverse suplex dropped Herro again, but Kal was able to spin out of another one and drop Gunn with a reverse DDT for a near-fall. In a way, that was Herro’s big mistake—it provoked Gunn into dropping Herro with the Killshot for the pinfall victory.

Afterwards, Gunn demanded the ref put the fanny pack on him like a championship belt before putting his finger in Kal’s face and shouting in his face.

I don’t think you’re going to get Tony’s respect anytime soon, Kal…

Tony Bizo vs. Dustin Jackson

This is the fourth and final qualifying match for the ladder match to determine Jesse Godderz’s challenger for his National Heavyweight title. Either Bizo or Dustin Jackson would join AJZ, Ryan Howe and Lucious Lawrence in the four-way match on the ladder, but which one would it be?

Before that, Bizo had annoyed Adam Swayze and Rex backstage so Bizo annoyed Drew Hernandez until he agreed to tag with him against the pair. Bizo reminded Hernandez that he had helped Drew finally beat Dustin Jackson, and when Jackson told Hernandez he’s better than Bizo, Hernandez reminded Jackson that Drew is better than him now after finally beating him. Never mind all the victories Dustin had first, Drew…

Bizo started off by rolling out of the ring as Jackson took it to him with a dropkick and high knees in the corner as Bizo lay across the ropes. Jackson obviously had enough of Bizo rolling out as he leapt over the ropes with a big crossbody. Bizo managed to counter a bulldog by pulling Jackson’s hair, at which point Swayze and Rex came out to take a closer look at the action.

Bizo kept up the pressure with a spine buster and a Rock Bottom, but a double noggin knocker put both men on the mat. Bizo got split open and as the ref tried to stop the match, Swayze jumped up on the apron, meaning the ref had to deal with him first. At ringside, Rex looked ready to pounce but Drew Hernandez appeared and sent Rex into the barrier. Dustin Jackson got in Hernandez’s face but Drew moved out of a Rex charge, leaving Dustin to take the brunt of the blow. Hernandez stared Rex down before heading backstage. The ref called the match a no-contest, much to the chagrin of a bloody and clearly infuriated Bizo.

So does this mean that the ladder match will now be a triple threat? And what does this mean for the friendship between Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez now?

Final Thoughts

This was another solid episode from Ohio Valley Wrestling as they start to build towards Saturday Night Special. Omar Amir and Cash Flow are signed to fight for the OVW Heavyweight Championship and the three potential contenders for Jesse Godderz’s title are decided and set to fight soon. Big Money Dimes is never less than entertaining, Shera is a beast of a man to watch and Al Snow put Reverend Ronnie in his place in hilarious fashion. Plus, the feud between Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez has taken a bitter turn. Where will this go next? I can’t wait to find out.

I’ll see you next time fans for more exciting action from Ohio Valley Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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