Did Otis Cash In His Money in the Bank Contract in the Main Event of SmackDown?

WWE SmackDown! Review: May 15th

Friday Night SmackDown! came to us this week, off the heels of Money in the Bank 2020.

The show started off with Miz and Morrison in the ring, ready to present Miz TV. Before anything began, Mr. Money in the Bank, Otis, excitably made his way to the ring. Miz started off by congratulating Otis on his recent win. Otis went on to say that winning Money in the Bank, was in-fact, one of the biggest victories in his career, but the biggest win was when he won over the heart of his ‘beautiful peach’ Mandy Rose. Miz then intercepted, telling Otis that he could not believe that Otis won the match, considering the fact that last week, on SmackDown, Otis could not even climb a ladder without inadvertently demolishing it. Miz then began to delve into how exactly Otis came to be a WWE Superstar, completely mocking him in the process. Miz and Morrison went on to try to persuade Otis to relinquish his Money in the Bank briefcase. A slideshow began to play on the TitanTron, of Otis’ childhood and upbringing, Otis spoke about having learning difficulties when growing up.

*We learned all about Otis life this past week, on Lillian Garcia’s podcast, Chasing Glory, I highly recommend listening to that episode if you haven’t already.

Otis was a 'guest' on Miz TV.

Miz then compared Otis to himself, as Miz said that he cannot believe that Otis is the Money in the Bank briefcase holder, and that Otis is using the briefcase as a lunch box (Otis did admit that he has a steak and some sausages stored in there). Whereas, as Miz explained, when he was the winner of the same match, in 2010, he used the briefcase to elevate his career. Miz then proceed to go full on douche-bag called Otis a ‘clumsy, stuttering, sweating, muttering buffoon’ who won the briefcase, and got the girl too. Come on, Miz, Lets not forget your Diva Search Contest days..

Miz then blew his lid. He went red in the face and shouted the fact that Otis didnt even climb the ladder to retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase and that it literally fell into Otis’ hands, which it did. Miz was in a rampage here, delivering insult after insult to Otis, the challenging him to a Tag-Team match. Otis revealed that his tag partner, Tucky, was currently out with an injury. The Challenge was still set. It was schedule to be Miz and Morrison vs Otis and a partner of his choosing. Who would accept Otis’ request and join him in the Main Event of SmackDown?

Breaking News regarding the Intercontinental Championship

It was revealed on SmackDown that Sami Zayn, the Intercontinental Champion, was stripped of the Championship, due to being unable to compete. There was a tournament to take place, which began on SmackDown. The initial brackets showed such participants as, Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Elias, King Corbin, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. The interesting thing that was mentioned was the fact that AJ Styles will be involved in this tournament, as the I.C Championship, is the only Championship that the Phenomenal One is yet to win.

Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Ladies and Gentleman, Elias

Elias was back on SmackDown. It had been too long! Now, instead of Elias’ routine sing-song, Elias was making his way to the ring to take part in the first match for the above mentioned, Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Elias’ opponent was King Corbin. Let’s hope that Corbin would not win this match, because we would never hear the end of it. The only wrestler that truly made me hate them was J.B.L. However, Corbin is a close second. Needless to say, I was rooting for Elias. This match was set to be extremely physical, given the personal nature of the rivalry we have seen of the past two months between Elias and King Corbin.

King Corbin vs Elias

Corbin seemed to not take Elias too seriously during this match. At one point, that backfired on King Corbin, as Elias gained momentum during the back. Elias was taking huge risks during the back, including diving from the top rope onto Corbin on the outside of the ring. Corbin decided to play some mind games with Elias, as he grabbed Elias’ guitar. That enraged, Elias, and Elias started to layeth the smack down on King Corbin’s candy ass. This was a very entertaining match throughout with Elias portrayed as the hero, who scratched and clawed his way throughout this match to defeat the villainous, King Corbin. After multiple attempts, with multiple choke-slams from King Corbin, Corbin smashed Elias’ guitar, and Elias’ entire demeanour changed, Elias ended this match with a statement by delivering a knee to the to chin of Corbin, followed up by a quick roll up pin fall attempt which gave Elias the victory in this match. Elias progressed to the next chapter in the I.C Championship tournament, and will go on to face either Shinsuke Nakamura or AJ Styles in the second tier of this prestigious Championship tournament.

Winner: Elias

Backstage Segment #1

Otis was backstage, looking stressed out because he couldn’t find anyone to partner with him for his match against Miz and Morrison in the Main Event. Otis’ peach, Mandy Rose came up to Otis and suggested the he ask the Universal Champion, Braun Strowman to tag with him. Otis’ response was that it would be a great idea to ask the Champ to have his back, and off he went in his pursuit to find a tag team partner.

But wait, there’s more..

SmackDown's hacker is back.

SmackDown’s resident hacker then re-surfaced, breaking the broadcast’s signal momentarily. Let’s not forget that this is the same hacker who revealed the video footage that broke up Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, and also helped Otis get the girl, in the process. The hooded hacker faced the screen and said the following:

They want to know who I am. I am everywhere. I see everyone. I hear everything. I am the truth, and no one is safe.

The hackers transmission then cut out. This gave me goosebumps. This is great!

Backstage Segment #2

The camera’s panned backstage once again, this time focusing in on Braun Strowman. Otis approached Strowman in the most Otis way possible. Braun congratulated Otis on his recent win, Otis proceeded to respectfully ask Strowman to be his tag partner for the night.

Otis aks Strowman to be his tag partner

Strowman was sceptical at first, asking Otis if this was his way to get the Champion in the ring and attempt to cash in with his Money in the Bank contract. Strowman said that he respects Otis for being a man, and walking up to him to ask him, face to face. Strowman did not give Otis a straight answer, but said that he will think about helping Otis out.

Naomi vs Dana Brooke

It was time for singles action within the women’s division. Naomi was out for retribution against Dana Brooke. The pair had a match a number of weeks ago which was a Money in the Bank qualifying match, which Brooke won. Naomi has said that the loss to Brooke really ate at her.

Naomi vs Dana Brooke

Naomi needed to get back at it with a winning streak on SmackDown. The match started off hopeful with Naomi bringing the offence from the opening bell, followed by a quick diving attack from the top rope. This match was very much like an Ultimate Warrior match in a lot of ways. Dana Brooke caught Naomi and rolled up into a quick pin fall attempt, and got the victory! This match was over before it even began. Naomi was distraught, and needs to get back on top.

Winner: Dana Brooke

Charlotte Flair visits SmackDown

WWE announced a Brand to Brand Invitation, which means that any superstar from any brand can make a surprise visit to any other brand, 4 times per year. Charlotte opened up being listing her credentials and how successful she has been throughout her career in the WWE. Immediately, SmackDown Womens Champion, Bayley made her way to the ring, alongside Sasha Banks. Bayley and Sasha tried to intimidate Charlotte, Banks let Charlotte know that the last time that Bayley and Charlotte were in the same place at the same time, was when Bayley defeated Charlotte to become a two-time Smackdown Womens Champion.  

Charlotte Flair visits SmackDown.

Bayley tried telling Charlotte to either go back to NXT or Monday Night Raw, because SmackDown is only big enough for one Womens Champion. I’ve got to say, that I love Sasha Bank’s ever so subtle digs at Bayley, without being noticed. Sasha could be seen mouthing back handed comments to Bayley throughout this promo. Such great work. Charlotte jumped right into this by saying the Sasha Banks made Bayley relevant when Bayley was the NXT Womens Champion a number of years ago, and that now, Sasha Banks is the only reason that Bayley is currently SmackDown Womens Champion. Charlotte then gave Sasha Banks the credit that she deserved by saying the following:

We Main Evented the first Raw together.We Main Evented the first Pay-Per-Views together. You’re a 6 time Womens Champion, a future Hall of Famer. The Boss, The Blueprint, The Standard. You’re telling me that you’re content standing in Bayley’s corner, and that you’re content being an after-thought?

As to be expected, Bayley tried to stop Charlotte in her tracks, as she knows that there will be a time when Sasha will deliver the Bank-Statement finishing move to the current SmackDown Womens Champion and once again, stand atop the women’s division of the WWE.

Bayley’s frustration led to a challenge to Charlotte for a Champion vs Champion match. Charlotte said that it sounds good, but first, had a question for Sasha Banks.

Sasha, I want you to think long and hard about this. Are you your own women, or are you just going to be Bayley’s lackey and happy being an after-thought..

This was left to simmer, which we can assume that we will get a follow-up next weeks show.

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

The second match of the first round of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament was underway. This was set to be an interesting match as it is known that these two performers train together, so they know each others strengths and weaknesses and are evenly matched. Bryan and Gulak are both very technically gifted Professional Wrestlers. Bryan locked in his Yes! Lock submission move very quickly yet Gulak managed to escape. Not long after, Gulak locked in his own submission move, the Gu-Lock. Once again, due to the familiarity between both involved, the move was reversed. An opportunity to win the Intercontinental Championship clearly meant a lot to both Superstars, as we witnessed, through the physicality displayed in this match. Gulak began to focus on the neck of Bryan, which always makes my shudder, given Bryan’s history with neck injury’s. Gulak one again lock in a submission move, applying the pressure the neck on Bryan. Bryan reversed the move and took advantage of the opportunity he had by locking in one final submission, a figure-four leg-lock, causing Gulak to tap out. Bryan progresses in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

Renee Young met Bryan in the ring, after the match. Renee asked what would it mean for him to win the Intercontinental Championship, once again. Bryan responded by saying that it was almost 5 years to the day that he had been forced to relinquish the Intercontinental Championship, and retire. Since returning, Bryan had not been given another shot at the title. Bryan reiterated that he always wanted to take the prestigious Intercontinental Championship and raise the importance and reputation of the Intercontinental Championship, and defend it every single week against anyone. Bryan went on to say that he wants the Intercontinental Championship to represent the very best wrestler in the WWE, and he believes that he is the very best.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Otis and his Mystery Partner vs Miz and Morrison

The main event of this weeks SmackDown was underway as Miz and Morrison had made their way to the ring. Otis walked down the ramp with his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, but with no Tag-Team partner. Miz and Morrison were up their usual antic’s, intimidating Otis. The Universal Champion, Braun Strowman’s music hit, and the Champion stomped his way to the ring to help out Mr. Money in the Bank, Otis. Miz and Morrison were clearly not expecting Braun Strowman to accept Otis’ request, but here we are. Morrison and Otis started off the match. Otis showed that he could man handle the agile, John Morrison by throwing him around like a rag doll. Otis then had a bright idea, and thank god he did, because it was pure gold. Otis called Strowman in the ring to perform a double Caterpillar. The Caterpillar is Otis’ rendition of Scotty 2 Hotty’s signature move, the Worm. Otis has been a life-long fan of Scotty 2 Hotty, and was even trained by him in NXT. Otis calls his version of the move, the Caterpillar, because he sees himself as more plump than a worm. Pure gold. Either-ways, Strowman joined in, and attempted to keep up with Otis, and it was awesome.

Strowman and Otis bring the fight to Miz and Morrison

SmackDown returned from commercial and Miz was in the ring, battling it out with Otis. Strowman soon got the tag in. That didn’t seem to bother Miz though as he was taunting the Monster Among Men, That was, up until the point that Strowman started to charge towards Miz, he then tucked his tail in between his legs and scurried out of the ring. The thing is, that actions like that only seem to aggravate and increase the Champion’s intensity. Strowman ran out of the ring after Miz, like a seven foot tall bull in a china shop. Strowman made quick work of this, as he ploughed right through Miz and literally threw him back into the ring. Strowman was on a roll. Miz was thrown into the corner turnbuckle by Strowman. Miz, wisely, tagged in Morrison in what was a split-second decision, and moved out of the way just in time to avoid collision. Strowman, however, went shoulder first into the still turnbuckle, causing possible damage to himself. Strowman, being the monster that he is, just brushed that off, and finished things with a bang by hitting Morrison with a running power-slam to get the One-Two-Three! pin-fall victory! Now, in this time, Otis had seemed to vanish. Maybe he was taking a bite out of that steak that he mentioned he had stored in his briefcase. As they say, anything can happen in the WWE.

Then, Mandy Rose’ music hit. Was Mandy coming out at the end of the show to congratulate Otis, again? It seemed a bit peculiar, but was soon explained. Otis was seen in the corner of the ring, sizing Braun Strowman up while he had his back turned. Otis was going to attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract!

Otis attempts to pull a fast one on Braun Strowman

Go on Otis! Strowman turned around to notice Otis, Otis pulled a huge U-Turn! Otis was apologetic, and claiming that he was just having a laugh, it was a bit of fun. It’s clear that Strowman’s guard is going to be up from here on out. Otis and Strowman hashed it out with a fist-bump in the end, closing off this week’s SmackDown.

Final Thoughts:

Looking back over the show, we had some great highs. We now have a tournament to declare the new Intercontinental Champion. We had a visit from the current NXT Womens Champion, Charlotte Flair, who clearly began to wedge a gap between the current SmackDown Womens Champion and Sasha Banks, I’m looking forward to seeing that relationship unravel. I’m hoping that Naomi comes back next week with a new attitude. As happy as I am for Dana Brooke, Naomi needs get some more wins under her belt! Finally, Otis, This is going to be one hell of an entertaining run as Mr Money in the Bank, I just hope that Tucky does not get lost in all of this, as he deserves just as much credit. It would be great to see Otis cash in on the Tag-Team Championships, I’m not certain if that is a possibility, but how great would that be!

As always, I would love to hear your take on everything going on with SmackDown! at the moment, so feel free to reach out, and we’ll have a discussion!

Thank you for joining us here at Sports Obsessive. Stay safe and we will see you next week.





Written by James Corcoran

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