Derrick King Cheats his Way To Victory For His Queen

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—March 27th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Memphis, Brett Michaels is here to seek revenge after being attacked by Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson last week. Plus, the Yung Goats and The Crowleys take it to the ring one more time and Derrick King makes his in-ring debut in the main event.

It’s the fastest hour in wrestling, so let’s not waste any more time and get down to the ring!

Brett Michaels vs. Jay Smooth

Brett Michaels is not here to play around. Arriving at the venue in street clothes and armed with a baseball bat, he was told that Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson are not here this week. So he would have to take his frustrations out on Jay Smooth instead. Poor Jay; we barely knew ye…

This was a squash, plain and simple. A kick to the gut, a big Irish whip, a massive spine buster and a Gunshow Lariat were enough to put Smooth out of his misery.

If I were Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson, I’d be watching my back…

Precious Is Shrugged Off and Justin Cole Is Beaten Up

Backstage in the dressing room, Precious is chatting to Cassandra Golden as they do their make up. Precious compliments Cassandra but gets his nose put out of joint as she tells him she looked good when she beat him. Shrugging the insult off, Precious told her he thought they’d make a pretty good team. But Cassandra just looked at him and walked off. The look on Precious’ face said it all.

Meanwhile, Terence Ward was with Justin Cole and, just as Justin was telling us how exciting it was to have Memphis wrestling back on TV, Mike Anthony appeared and knocked Cole down with a fist. Unusually, for just one punch, Cole was flat out on the ground. At which point, Anthony took off the towel around his hand to reveal a knuckle duster.

If you thought Mike Anthony was a bad loser before, I reckon it’s only going to get worse for Justin Cole.

Diana Taylor vs. Amber Rodriguez

Diana Taylor and Amber Rodriguez prepare to square off
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

Before the match, Terence Ward got a few words from CWFH’s Cece Chanel, who was excited to be in Memphis and was looking forward to checking out the women’s division as well as Memphis’ famous Beale Street. Amber Rodriguez decided to interrupt proceedings, telling Terrence that he was interviewing the wrong person and that she would show Cece how it was done. She was flicking Cece’s hair when she said that! You’ve gotta be pretty ballsy to do that; regular viewers of CWFH know Cece is extremely talented in that square circle.

And did she show Cece how it was done? Well, I can appreciate someone who would take a smack and then check their hair in the camera. Joking aside, while it wasn’t really a long enough match to judge, I did enjoy Amber’s finisher; a variation on a Texas cloverleaf with one of Taylor’s arms wrapped around Amber’s leg. A nice move to end the match with. Will she get Cece in it? It remains to be seen.

The Crowleys vs. The Yung Goats

The fact that Jacksyn Crowley has smoke coming out of the eyes of his pig skin mask as he makes his entrance is amazingly cool. No wonder The Yung Goats looked a bit unsure as The Crowleys made entered the ring.

Zay Washington started off the big moves first with a beautiful split leg moonsault before Aaron Roberts picked Zay up and dropped him onto Jacksyn for the assisted senton. A knee to the back from Otis put Jacksyn in control as he dropped Roberts with a sling blade. Otis continued the onslaught with a clothesline in the corner that took him through the ropes and a bulldog that saw him leap back in through the ropes.

The Crowleys displayed their double-team prowess, dropping Roberts with a low dropkick/stunner combo before Otis pushed him into an X-Factor from Jacksyn. Roberts soon came back with a big slap and a release belly to belly suplex. Zay came in and erupted with a big neckbreaker and full nelson German suplex, as well as a springboard cutter as the action broke down and all four men went at it. Roberts got sent into the ring post, allowing Otis to roll up Zay and grab the tights to take the win.

Otis Crowley is belly-to-back suplexed by Zay Washington
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

This brought out Humongous who grabbed Aaron Roberts by the throat and dropped him with a thunderous chokeslam. Well, the devil will make work for idle hands, after all…

Outside of the quick finish (I can handle the grabbing of the tights, but the end was pretty sudden), this was a great match, These two teams have great chemistry and have quickly become one of my favourite things on the show. I just hope for a third match with some longer time given to it and a chance for The Yung Goats to get their own back. Good stuff.

Bam Bam Malone vs. Action Jackson

I’ve seen Bam Bam before on SWE Fury and I enjoyed him there, so I am looking forward to this match. Action Jackson played to the crowd, who were definitely on his side, chanting for him to have a sip of his “action juice”—whatever is in it.

Jackson worked the arm fluidly to start with but Bam Bam took him down with a shoulder tackle before following up with an atomic drop and boot to the face. Jackson was able to kick his way out of the corner but Bam Bam pulled Jackson down from the middle rope so he hit his head on the top turnbuckle (good spot!) before nailing a belly to back suplex for a two count.

Bam Bam took it to the mat with a a side headlock as the crowd chanted for the juice. Bam Bam tried to have a sip, to no avail. Now I really want to know what’s in it! A big standing dropkick earned Malone another two count before he threw Jackson straight into the other corner where he hit hard and bounced to the mat.

Bam Bam Malone is the king as he nails Action Jackson with a big jumping kick
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

Jackson finally came back with a running bulldog but missed a springboard moonsault. A jawbreaker got the advantage back on Jackson’s side though, and a dropkick saw Malone fly into the corner, which Jackson followed up with a big Bombs Away for a two count. Malone got a two count in turn with a big dropkick of his own but it was a Sliced Bread from Jackson to Bam Bam that finally sealed the deal and gave Jackson the win.

This was the match of the night and was a really good, athletic, well-fought encounter. I definitely want to see more of these two on the show and more of this type of action. But, as the crowd chanted Juice as Jackson celebrated, I had to ask once again—what the hell is in that juice?!?

Derrick King (w/ Van Vicious and Queen Katelynn) vs. Chris Lexx

Earlier in the night, Derrick King was shown backstage on a throne with Queen Katelynn and Van Vicious (who didn’t get a throne, fact fans!) as they discussed Nikki Lane’s challenge from last week. Mocking Nikki for being a “peasant”, Katelynn decided she would accept the challenge but when she was ready. But first, she needed to see her King wrestle and show her how it’s done. Good timing, as the match with Nikki Lane has been set for next week.

Derrick King coming out and threatening to backhand slap a fan made me laugh far more than it should have. The fans were on King’s back from the start. King was certainly familiar to them, having been a big part of the Memphis scene for many years now. It’s nice to see him get his time on TV now.

King stalled a little to start, but Lexx overwhelmed him with his speed, dodging strike attempts, throwing King around with big arm drag and ducking out of the corner to drop King with a massive fist to the face. A handshake attempt didn’t get King what he wanted so he got Lexx on the top turnbuckle and slapped him right in the face to drop Lexx right to the mat.

Going to the punch, choke and cheat playbook, King began to punish Lexx, even distracting the ref so Katelynn could throttle Lexx on the ropes. A double underhook neck breaker earned King a two count. Lexx came back and sent King into the corner but King countered with a big boot to the face and went on to ram Lexx’s face into the mat. King went for a charge into the corner but Lexx moved, leaving King straddled around the ring post. Ouch!

A massive spine buster got Lexx two and three quarters and running headbutt (or noggin knocker, as Maria Starr put it) earned him the same. A flying European uppercut to King saw Van Vicious get up on the apron to break the count. A swift fist sent Vicious flying, but Katelynn tied up the ref, allowing Van Vicious to get back up and crack Lexx in the head with his briefcase to knock Lexx out and give King the pinfall victory. King, Queen and Van all stood together in the ring after with their arms raised.

Derrick King, Queen Katelynn and Van Vicious raise their arms in victory
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

A solid match, Chris Lexx really was the star here. He’s over big time with the live crowd and he continues to impress with his fast-paced, athletic performances. A good end to a good show.

Final Thoughts

This was probably the best show so far from an in-ring point of view. Although the first two matches were very quick, the tag match, the Bam Bam-Jackson match and the main event were among some of the best the promotion has put on so far in its five short weeks. Although I would have liked to have seen the tag match go longer, I can’t complain about the action we got. Let’s just hope we get a third match between the two teams—The Yung Goats need justice! But it feels like we’re really starting to see who the best wrestlers are and who’s going to be leading the promotion moving forward. I also appreciated the changes to the aesthetic. The lighting is much brighter, meaning the show doesn’t look so dark anymore, plus the red mat and the mirrors on the back wall break up the greyness of the room—that’s definitely a positive!

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more action from the fastest hour in wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Memphis!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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