Dan Joseph Snaps Into Sickening Violence!

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—April 17th

It’s a big week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this week as we get two big title matches: EJ Sparks gets his rematch with Richie Slade, while Ray Rosas gets his hands on Dan Joseph once more after Joseph burnt Rosas’ Arizona Title Belt. Meanwhile, Jordan Clearwater and Jack Banning finally get to take it to the ring once more—but will it stay in the ring?

Let’s head to the studio and find out!

“Wouldn’t You Like To Know, Captain Noseyboots?”

Interrupting Todd Keneley and James Kincaid’s opening introduction was an unashamed Halston Boddy, who came out with the brilliant above phrase when pushed by Kenely as to why he turned on Heather Monroe last week. He did have this to say though: that he would do anything to protect Heather and she would not do the same for him. And all Halston has to say about that behaviour…was written on his fan: How Dare You?

I should be furious at Halston, but…

Jack Banning vs. Jordan Clearwater

It was straight in with fists as the bell rang as Clearwater and Banning exchanged a wild series of fists with each other before Banning broke things off with a poke to the eyes. Clearwater soon had Banning backed up in the corner again before the ref, who was trying to separate the two, was knocked down and she immediately called for the bell! Oh my.

The two continued to throttle each other on the mat before dragging each other through the door. While I’m disappointed we didn’t get a full match, I love the heat between the two and it does suggest that it will have to go to exciting extremes to resolve this feud. I mean, what is going to contain the rage of these two? A cage match? Fall Count Anywhere? An Unsanctioned Lights Out encounter?

We’ll have to wait and see…

Mike Camden Wants To Fight Numbers With Numbers

Jack Farmer spoke to Mike Camden about his recent encounters with UWN Tag Champions The Bodega. Camden said that at first, it was all about the tag titles, but then The Bodega had to make it about the numbers game. But Camden has friends too and he might just bring them in. You mean Honest John wasn’t good enough?!? But seriously, if there’s going to be a war with The Bodega, I’m intrigued to see where this is headed.

Arizona State Championship Ray Rosas vs. Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph’s bewildered cries of “what’s wrong?” and arguments that the bell hadn’t rung yet as Ray Rosas tried to attack early were a brilliant touch. A heel never truly believes they are a heel, after all, and it makes sense for Dan Joseph to struggle to understand why Rosas is so mad. You burnt his belt, Dan! You burnt his belt! No wonder that Ray wouldn’t respond to his handshake attempt and raised his eyebrows at Joesph’s remark that he “deserves it”.

Dan Joseph actually started out pretty aggressively, attacking the champion with heated strikes before Rosas mounted him and returned the favour with righteous rage. A big back body drop and a tornado DDT kept the pressure on but Joseph pulled the legs and smashed the champs knees (which had previously been injured) into the ring post. Soon enough, Joseph himself tasted the cold steel too as Rosas used his legs to pull him into the post too.

Back in the ring, Joseph got a near-fall by face planting Rosas into the mat before sending Ray to the outside, where he snatched a mic and angrily mocked the referee’s count. Ray obviously wasn’t too impressed—he shut Dan up with a mandible claw! A pump handle and a gut wrench suplex once more in the ring were followed by a choke with wrist tape, plus a modified leg lock and a barrage of fists as you wondered how long it would be before Dan, already on the edge, would snap again.

Rosas came back with big double knees to the back followed by an elbow drop to the back of the head. A belly to back superplex attempt by Joseph from the top was countered by Rosas with a crossbody. A Macho Man-style earned a very near-fall, but a suicide dive to the outside from Rosas met with nothing but hard stage as his head went straight into the hard wood that makes up the barrier at the side of the ring. Dan Joseph tried to drag Rosas back in the ring but the champ was just dead weight and the ref eventually counted both men out. Uh oh.

At ringside, you could just see the wide range of emotions cross Joseph’s face as he repeatedly cried “no!” at the result. He then proceeded to throw Rosas onto the stage and pulled out one of those big metal equipment cases from behind commentary and rammed Rosas so hard that, in a genuinely jaw-dropping moment, Rosas was sent straight off the stage and smashed his ribs into the ring apron with a sickening bump. Joseph stared down at the carnage like a man possessed before he answered commentary’s question: what’s wrong with you Dan? “Nothing”, he screamed, “I’m better now.”

Dan Joseph aims at a crate at Ray Rosas

This storyline and the change in Dan Joseph has been incredible. Completely captivating stuff. A well done to all involved; I love this storyline 100 per cent!

Honest John vs. Miguel

Having not learnt his lesson from the last time he faced Miguel, Honest John proceeded to insist on a handshake. Miguel, clearly not impressed, shook his head. This time, John lost his temper and slapped Miguel across the face. Big mistake. A nice enziguiri and a flurry of punches kept the wolf from the door at first, but Miguel changed all that with a massive discus punch. John tried to use his speed again with another flurry of fists but Miguel just threw him up in the air and knocked him down with a gigantic fist of his own. The choke bomb followed and a big knee drop sealed the deal.

Afterwards, Keita Murray came out, smirk on face. Miguel stared him down but Murray casually strolled off, hands behind his back. What was that about??

Midnight Heat Make a Convert Out Of Emily Mae

Earlier in the day, Emily Mae spoke with Midnight Heat and their manager Guy. The enthusiasm was clearly contagious as they bubbled with energy and excitement. Hell, they got Emily to chant the name ‘Midnight Heat’ several times by the end of it (I don’t blame her either)! I can’t begin to type some of Guy’s wild, off the wall but brilliant statements here but just know there’s a party coming to a wrestling ring soon—and the hosts are Midnight Heat!

Hollywood Heritage Champion Richie Slade (w/Flex Mccallion) vs. EJ Sparks

After the interruption to this very match two weeks ago, when the ref had to go and help separate Jordan Clearwater and Jack Banning backstage during their fierce brawl there, we get the rematch EJ Sparks deserves. For he does indeed deserve a proper shot at the Hollywood Heritage Championship.

Richie Slade seemed to disagree, pushing Sparks away by the face at the opening bell So Sparks returned the disrespect: he twisted Slade’s ear until he pulled out the champ’s earing! Some hard strikes followed before Sparks countered what looked to be a hurricarana attempt with a sit-down powerbomb for a near fall.

Flex Mccallion took a Sparks fist for daring to get on the apron and took another smack when he tried to drag Slade away to the back and abandon the match. Bad move. Sparks was not here to be denied. A big dropkick and a corkscrew forearm followed, but Flex grabbed Sparks’ foot, allowing Slade to get a superkick in. Sparks still was able to try a sunset flip but Slade was able to turn it into a lovely Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

Sparks avoided a Candy Drop but Slade was able to avoid the Roundhouse Rhythm in return, sending Sparks to the outside. As Slade distracted the ref, Flex kicked out Sparks’ leg, sending him tumbling to the ground. Slade followed this up by posting Sparks’ leg twice into the corner before smashing said limb against the apron. Sparks struggled to get to his feet but was able to avoid a Slade splash into the corner, nailing the champ with a cutter on the rebound. An enziguri further rocked the champ but Sparks still struggled to get to his feet.

Finally pulling himself up, Sparks went for the Roundhouse Rhythm but his leg wouldn’t hold up and he fell back to the mat. Slade then took advantage of the weakened limb by locking in a deathlock to earn the submission victory.

This was a solid main event that offered much entertainment. EJ made a valiant effort and he looked good in defeat, but when it came down to it, he couldn’t overcome the numbers game. I still want to see EJ with UWN gold though. He proved here he really does deserve a title run once more.

Final Thoughts

This was another very entertaining edition of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. While I did expect more from the fallout of Halston Boddy’s turn on Heather Monroe, the show is clearly pacing the feud out, and we did at least hear from Halston.

Miguel battering Honest John was a fun squash and led to an intriguing start of a story with Keita Murray making an appearance. We got a fun promo from Midnight Heat, a solid title match in the main event and a tease of Mike Camden bringing in fresh blood to deal with The Bodega. While I was disappointed that we didn’t get a full match between Jack Banning and Jordan Clearwater, I understand that they used this as a springboard to a future match where the stake will have to be raised to meet the fury of the two men—and that’s something I can certainly get behind.

The real stars of the show, though, were Dan Joseph and Ray Rosas. Not only did they have an excellent, heated brawl, but we saw Dan Joseph take his rage even further, taking out Rosas with a sickening act of violence. How far can Dan Joseph take his rage and how far will Ray Rosas let him?

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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