Dan Joseph Snaps and Steals the Arizona Title!

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review – March 27th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, we get a big main event as Ray Rosas puts his Arizona State title on the line against Dan Joseph. Will Dan be able to keep his temper under control?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

Honest John vs. EJ Sparks

Beef Candy joined Todd and James on commentary, Richie Slade demanding he be referred to as the ‘succulent Hollywood Heritage Champion’ as he and Flex showed off the tans they had been working on during the break away. EJ Sparks, for one, wasn’t impressed, staring the champion out as he made his way to the ring.

Sparks was also not in the mood to shake hands with John, kicking his hand away. At least EJ was honest about his disdain for John. Which cannot be said for Honest John himself, who fell to the mat clutching his knee after a leapfrog, bringing over the ref to check him over. It also brought over EJ, who caught an eye rake for his troubles! Dishonest John! He’d soon regret it, finding himself in the Spark Out submission for the quick victory.

Afterwards, EJ Sparks called out Richie Slade and told him he wants his title. He’s sick of Beef Candy running their mouths. Slade says that Sparks is good…but he’s not Richie Slade good. Which EJ Sparks took as meaning Slade accepted his challenge, which the Beef Candy boys strenuously deny. Protesting too much, boys? Maybe EJ is good enough…

Sweet Robin Shaw vs. Darwin Finch

The battle of the Friendship Farm is upon us! Sweet Robin, the man who recently called me a ‘goober’ on Twitter (I’ve been called worse, I’m sure!) really does suit his recent heel turn, glaring into the camera with an evil smile. It’s kind of sinister, actually. Jervis, on the other hand, is crestfallen and can’t even face coming to ringside, having to return backstage to avoid his heart breaking more. Poor Jervis!

Sweet Robin used his power early on, dropping Finch with a big brainbuster, before using chops, shoulder blocks and big clubbing forearms to the face to put the hurt on ‘The Punk Poindexter’. This only seemed to fire Finch up though, as he exploded with chops, a big splash in the corner and a sling blade. Unfortunately for Finch, he missed the Electron Orbit from up top, allowing Robin to nail Sweet Victory instead. Instead of going straight for the pin though, Shaw sat back on the ropes and laughed, admiring his handiwork, before nailing Finch with a big Sweet Embrace piledriver for the 1-2-3.

Afterwards, Emily Mae asked Robin if the friendship with the Farm could be reduced. With brilliant coldness, Shaw told her that he’d just gone “scorched earth” on the Friendship Farm; the Friendship Farm is dead and Robin Shaw is irreplaceable.

It’s not dead until you beat Jervis, Robin…

Viva Van vs. Heather Monroe (w/Halston Boddy)

This match was set up after a confrontation last week where Heather asked Viva not to sign Nikko Marquez’s contract, but Viva was more upset that it had taken Heather two years to apologise for being awful to Viva when Heather was her mentor.

Viva hit the ground running early, nailing Moroe with a springboard arm drag and a big neck breaker. Heather managed to come back with a knee, a lovely cartwheel backsplash and a running backsplash in the corner. It was shaping up to be a really good little match.

Then Jamie Iovine made an appearance.

Telling the competitors that the match was over, he sent the ref away and told Halston Boddy to stay back as he has Guy, “who has done worse for less”. Somehow, I don’t believe that. Turning his attention back to the ring, Iovine asked Heather why she was complaining after everything he and Nikko have done for her. What makes her think she deserves this spot? Heather got right into Iovine’s face, at which point he set a clearly unhappy Cece Chanel on Heather. Cece gave the ‘Killer Bae’ a stomping before screaming with frustration in Iovine’s face.

Jamie then gave Viva a choice: she either ends up like Heather or she goes with Iovine. “Now you can leave,” he tells her. Cold, man. Cold.

Ok, it was a great angle. But I do hope we get the Monroe-Van match someday soon. That was shaping up to be quite the contest.

4 Minutes of Heat Get a New Manager…Of Sorts

Waiting for Iovine in his office are 4 Minutes of Heat, who want to know what they’ve got to do to get another tag title shot. Seeing a way to kill two birds with one stone, Iovine tells them they’ll have a tag match next week and if they win, it will open a lot of doors for them. The only condition is, Guy is going to be their manager from now on.

Eddie Pearl is less than pleased, to say the least, but Ricky Gibson takes the bait. As does Gus, who doesn’t even blink when Iovine tells him “don’t call me; I’ll call you.” Not that I think Guy will be calling anyone after walking into the office door again…

Jack Cartwright & Anthony Idol vs. Levi Shapiro and Howdy Price

Seeing Howdy dressed up in a singlet that is obviously too small for him so that it looks like German lederhosen is brilliant. Boy, he did not look happy to be in that ring. I also like how he had his normal belt with the gold buckle over his shoulder so he looked like he was carrying his own title belt to the ring. Whatever gives you confidence, Howdy.

Idol and Cartwright isolated Shapiro to start, mixing in big power moves with athletic assists, such as Cartwright leaping off Idol’s back to deck Shapiro in the corner with a running dropkick. Shapiro took over on Cartwright with a stiff shot before tagging in Howdy! Price actually had a little bit of offence, stomping on Cartwright’s face and locking in a camel clutch, as well as slapping Cartwright’s ass, which was a bit odd. But it only took one Cartwright chop to the chest for Howdy to scurry right back to his corner to tag in Levi.

Levi cut Cartwright off with a suplex, but Cartwright quickly bounced up to the top and bowled over Levi with a moonsault press for the shock 1-2-3. That was over quicker than I expected! Levi and Howdy were furious, with Howdy pushing Adnan at ringside as he left. Idol and Cartwright looked like a genuine team together as they celebrated. Hmm…power and speed vs. power and speed…could we see The Bodega vs. Idol and Cartwright in the near future?

Afterwards, Emily Mae caught up with Beef Candy, who confirmed Richie Slade accepts EJ Sparks’ challenge. Come on EJ! I’m behind you, sir.

Arizona State Champion Ray Rosas vs. Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph has had some anger issues lately. They were clearly on his mind here as he came into the ring and apologised to Adnan Kureishy for last time where he put his hands on the announcer.

I like the fact that with Championship Wrestling from Arizona on temporary hiatus, the promotion’s main title is being defended in Hollywood. Could we see more Arizona talent make an appearance to set stories up for CWFAZ’s return? Possibly not, but it’s a nice idea.

There was a handshake to start, followed by some lovely mat wrestling exchanges between the two as they pushed to take that early advantage over the other. Rosas then countered a wristlock by sending Joseph through the ropes to the outside. Dan kept his cool but he DID NOT look happy about it.

When we came back from the break, Joseph had Rosas in a front face lock, which he used to pull Rosas up to nail him with a beautiful snap suplex for a two count. He repeated the move but Rosas kicked out straight away this time. A gut wrench suplex sent Rosas half way across the ring, but Rosas came back with a suplex of his own before locking in an armbar to ground the challenger before dropping him with an armbreaker. This is like a main event from a 1992 edition of WCW Saturday Night and that’s absolutely a compliment in my head!

A ‘Smash and Dash’ in the corner set up at Rosas’ top-rope elbow but Joseph moved out of the way. A running dropkick sent Rosas into the corner, and the following Instant Reply and Backstabber combo earned him a very close two count. At which point, in the heat of the moment, Dan Joseph sent Rosas over the top rope, earning him a instant disqualification (again, like a WCW Saturday Night main event from 1992!)

Did Dan Joseph take this in his stride? Not at all. He kicked Rosas in the face before snatching the Arizona State belt from the ref and shouting “I won it!” over and over, then stomping off to the back while still carrying the title belt in his hands.

Dan Joseph has snapped…and I like it!

Final Thoughts

This was a solid edition of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. While Heather-Van and Idol & Cartwright-Shapiro & Price were both noticeably short, in the case of Heather and Van, it at least made sense in the context of the angle being played out. And a shock win will hopefully do Cartwright’s standing some good too. I do want to see a full-length match between Monroe and Van in the future, though.

Otherwise, they set up next week’s title match between EJ Sparks and Richie Slade nicely and I’m gunning for my boy EJ here 100%. And we got a brilliant main event between Dan Joseph and Ray Rosas that further developed Joseph’s transformation into bitter entited heel and added the nice touch of Joseph walking off with another man’s title. It’s such a compelling story that I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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