Dan Joseph Makes It Clear His Rage Will Continue

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—April 3rd

Hello, So-Cal Wrestling fans! This week’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood sees a big main event as Hollywood Heritage champion, Richie Slade, puts his title in the line against EJ Sparks. Plus, Dan Joseph is set to explain why he snapped and ran off with the Arizona State title after his match with Ray Rosas last week.

It’s all happening, so let’s get straight into it!

The Burning of the Belt

We start with an exclusive clip of what happened after the show went off-air last week, as Dan Joseph screamed that if he can’t have the Arizona title, no one can, before putting the title belt in a bin and setting it alight!

Ray Rosas freaked and went chasing after Joseph. But I don’t know if you really want to tread the path Dan seems to be taking, Ray…

Cece Chanel vs. Viva Van

After last week, where Jamie Iovine interrupted Dan’s match with Heather Monroe and Cece gave Heather a beat down, it was curious to see Van in a match with Cece here—as if Iovine was trying to send a message to Van that she could be with Iovine or against him.

While it wasn’t clear from this match if Van has made a decision, she certainly wasn’t holding back and nor was Cece. This was a short but physical encounter, with both women throwing bombs at each other, Cece getting the upper hand for the most part. Iovine was at ringside, mostly shouting at and berating Cece, while also grabbing the foot of Van, which Van didn’t seem too pleased about. She was happy with the finish though; from carrying Cece on her back, Van arched back into a pinning situation and got the three count. Nice work.

Afterwards, Heather Monroe and the always-fabulous Halston Boddy came out and told Iovine off for interrupting last week’s match and demanded another match with Van. Iovine said he’d consider it. I do hope it gets booked. Last week’s match started really well; let’s see the end of it!

Gentleman Jervis Wants a Hug Or To Move On

Speaking to Emily Mae, Gentlemen review says he respects his opponent tonight, Keita Murray, and will give him his best. But Jervis’ heart is elsewhere; he believes his former partner, Sweet Robin Shaw, is still a good person. So he’s inviting Robin to join him in the ring next week, where they’ll either hug or Jervis will have to move on.

Jervis gets written off a lot as a comedy character, but there really is pathos underlining what he’s doing, and it’s really come to the fore with this storyline. I’m definitely invested and I think other people should be too. Whether he’ll get the hug he wants from Sweet Robin is another matter entirely…

Slice Boogie vs. Jordan Cruz

The Bodega terrify Jack Farmer

Before the match, Jack Farmer, who only looked slightly less terrified by being surrounded by The Bodega than last time, took comments from the trio and was told off for questioning Slice’s ‘protection’ in the form of Limelight and the King Fat Boy. Meanwhile, Danny Limelight gave a warning to The Hogsmen, threatening that when pigs come to the Bodega, they squeal. Before they get turned into bacon sandwiches, I’m sure.

Early on in the match, Jamie Iovine’s right-hand man, Guy, came out to ringside and slipped Papo Esco some money. What was that about? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the distraction nearly allowed Cruz to roll up Boogie for the shock win—nearly being the operative word there.

This was a really good little encounter, with Slice Boogie in particular looking sharp as hell. One sequence in particular impressed me particularly; Boogie flipped Cruz around so he was sat on the middle rope, chopped him hard on the back, nailed a running kick to take him to the mat then hit a springboard back elbow to finish. Just beautiful. Cruz didn’t get as many moments to shine as Boogie did but he made the most of what he had, nailing a flatliner as Boogie was trying to get up off the mat, as well as landing a lovely jumping neck breaker.

A DDT out of the blue nearly gave Cruz the win, but that ‘protection’ of Boogie’s came into play, as Esco put Slice’s foot on the rope. A big running kick with the shin guard turned around was then enough to put Cruz down for the 1-2-3. Don’t step to The Bodega!

Levi and Howdy Prepare to Set the Steel Trap!

Emily Mae was with Levi Shapiro and Howdy Price, as she questioned them about Levi’s title defence of the UWN TV Title next week against Jack Cartwright. Levi called his pinfall loss an upset but Howdy went as far as to call it a “unicorn moon” as it was that rare! Brilliant. Howdy promised he and Levi would be setting a steel trap in the ring for Cartwright next week. Just watch out for the glove, Jack!

4 Minutes of Heat (w/Guy) vs. Mike Camden & Honest John

4 Minutes of Heat came out with Guy, which Eddie Pearl didn’t look too convinced about. Likewise, the look on Mike Camden’s face as Honest John patted his shoulder during their entrance spoke a whole lot of uncomfortable words.

The Heat boys controlled the early going, rocking both John and Camden with their trademark brilliant fast-paced double team offence. John surprised everyone by taking out both men with a flying crossbody. Camden unleashed some brutal blows as he stormed the ring, Irish whipping Pearl into Gibson and throwing both men with two huge German suplexes.

Unfortunately for John and Camden, we soon found out what Guy had paid the Bodega for. Slice Boogie distracted the ref, while King Fat Boy picked up a kicking and squealing Guy and Danny Limelight stole into the ring to put Camden down with a shot to the head with the tag belt. Your winners: 4 Minutes of Heat! Good match.

Rockin' Ricky Gibson puts up the 'devil horns' as he and Eddie Pearl hold up their celebrating manager, Guy

Guy looked ecstatic as he jumped around in celebration. This brought out Jamie Iodine, who admitted he was impressed before announcing Guy would now manage 4 Minutes of Heat full time! Poor Eddie Pearl. He really doesn’t look convinced. I mean, I can’t blame him, but at least Ricky seems happy!

Keita Murray vs. Gentleman Jervis

Jervis had a kind of spring in his step again here, which was lovely to see. Maybe it comes from the relief you feel when you’ve finally made a decision, like inviting Robin Show out to the ring next week.

In any case, for all the jolliness of his entrance, Jervis was all business in the ring, taking it to the very serious Murray with some nice physicality and counters to Murray’s offence.

Murray knew enough, though, to roll out of the way of a Bunny Hop Stomp attempt and sweep the legs. Jervis caught Murray and attempted the rock-a-bye slam, which Murray escaped from too. But he couldn’t escape two back elbows followed by a successful Bunny Hop Stomp for the 1-2-3.

Jervis was successful in the ring this week—but will he have the same result with Sweet Robin next week?

“These Things Happen…and Will Continue To Happen!”

After what Dan Joseph did to the Arizona State title last week, it was clear that Mr Joseph would have some explaining to do. Would Dan Joseph apologise for his increasingly erratic behaviour?

As Emily Mae spoke to him, Joseph seemed edgy as he explained that he had a moment—everyone has a moment now and again, right? Anyway, what’s the worst that happened? A little bit of leather for burned, some metal melted. The company has money, they can fix it. Besides, these things happen—this is where Emily started to back away as the edge became more pronounced—and they will continue to happen! Just a little bit of a threat there, then. Noticing Emily’s discomfort, Dan Jospeh asked if she was alright before saying ‘ok’ over and over as he walked off.

Something is clearly not right in Dan Joseph’s world…and I love it!

What the hell is he going to do next?

Hollywood Heritage Champion Richie Slade (w/Flex) vs. EJ Sparks

I don’t know what it was EJ Sparks mouthed as Beef Candy finished their self-aggrandising introduction but it didn’t look polite. What I do know is that Sparks looked like he had Slade’s number and early too, that is, until about two minutes in when the ref seemed to get word of something in his earpiece and ran out to the back, abandoning the match. Sparks went for the Roundhouse Rhythm kick, but Flex pulled Slade out and led him away, much to Sparks’ frustration.

What was going on?

Jordan Clearwater trying to send Jack Banning to the cemetery, that’s what!

Jordan Clearwater throws a big fist at Jack Banning

The Golden Boy was sending Banning from wall to wall to object backstage, throwing him around with vicious abandon. Guy decided to get involved, excitedly shouting “Fight! Fight! Fight! “ until Jordan threw him out the way! But that gave Banning the opportunity to hit Clearwater in the throat with a mic stand. “Now I get what I want, “ states Banning menacingly. And you thought Dan Joseph was the only crazy man around here. Banning threw Jordan through some double doors, following him through and pounding him with heavy hands as a load of referees swarmed into the scene.

The last ref turned to the cameraman and said, “why don’ you turn that thing off and call the police” So the cameraman put the camera down and, I presume, did just that as the show went off the air. I quite liked that, actually. It’s supposed to be a professional sport—why not call the police if two guys are assaulting each other outside the ring? It’s just a little touch, but it really added to things for me.

Final Thoughts

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is one of the most consistent and underrated weekly wrestling shows on TV right now. Never less than entertaining, the show manages to feel old-school without being old-school, a hard trick to pull off but one they do very, very well.

I like unpredictability and the feeling that anything can happen, and the end sequence gave us that in spades. The ref getting pulled away and the reveal of Banning and Clearwater brawling was very well done and continues to pour gas on the heat of their feud. Meanwhile, EJ Sparks proved he can beat Richie Slade. But will Slade be willing to grant a rematch knowing that he can be beaten?

Meanwhile, Dan Joseph is clearly on the verge of cracking up and is becoming an excitingly unpredictable figure. Viva Van is being pushed towards choosing Jamie Iovine or choosing a beating, and are The Bodega taking steps towards becoming mercenaries for hire?

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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