Clearwater & Michaels Make an Awesome Pair

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—June 12th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood sees a big match between Jordan Clearwater & Brett Michaels and The Hot Commodities take place, as well as Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Cruz in action against Richie Slade in a rematch from Coastline Clash.

It should be a great show so let’s go down to the ring and get into it!

The Big Match: Honest John Gets Abandoned and Clearwater & Michaels Make a Great Team!

The Hot Commodities were perhaps a little fed up with Jordan Clearwater and Brett Michaels sticking their noses incongruity business as of late—or you could say, Clearwater and Michaels had stopped Howdy Price’s boys from causing too much trouble. In any case, it looked to come to a head with this big tag team match, Dustin Starr from CWFM sitting on commentary to big up his boy, ‘The Gun Show’ Brett Michaels.

The fact that Levi Shapiro was at ringside with Howdy Price suggested that the Hot Commodities were not going to take any chances. ‘The Golden Boy’ started off with Honest John, who stole a handshake from a confused Clearwater, so Jordan ground him down with a headlock. Michaels tagged in and hit a leapfrog onto John’s arm. He continued to work the arm but Idol tagged in and we had a boss fight on our hands!
A series of tie-ups saw neither man be able to get a clear advantage. Michaels hit a series of shoulder blocks, eventually taking Idol off his feet! Honest John tagged in but Michaels played him at his own game, offering a handshake and pulling John into a massive backdrop, before holding him in a feat of strength and dropping him with a vertical suplex.
Clearwater and Michaels worked well as a team, doubling teaming John as ‘The Golden Boy’ tagged in. A sudden jawbreaker and suplex took Jordan down though, and a big splash from the buckles from Idol had Clearwater in trouble. A Samoan drop followed before John ran in and pushed at Michaels on the apron. He likes living dangerously, does John.
John locked in a chin lock but Jordan escaped with a back suplex. An enziguri stopped Clearwater tagging out and got John a two count. Clearwater eventually made the tag but the ref was distracted by Idol and Levi Shapiro so the ref didn’t see it and sent Michaels back to the apron. Idol tagged in but Clearwater was able to hit a flying forearm and this time the ref saw the hot tag.
Michaels burst in and knocked Idol to the floor before dropping John with that big spinebuster. At which point, Idol decided to quit and stormed off to the back. As Shapiro and Howdy watched on in horror, Clearwater hit the Midas Touch, sending Honest John into the Gun Show lariat from Michaels in a nice double-team move time in the match!
This was great fun and played well to the strengths of all competitors. Michaels and Clearwater actually looked really good together as a team and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them partner up again.
What’s going on between Anthony Idol and Honest John though? Are they splitting up so soon? Time will tell…

Segments & Promos

  • Beef Candy informed Jack Farmer that they would be invoking their ‘Candy Clause,’ meaning that when Richie Slade has his rematch tonight with Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Cruz, the champ is going to have Flex McCallion too! I was quite amused by Slade saying his bed wouldn’t be cold anymore because baby’s (the title) coming home!
  • Kevin Martensen spoke to Jon Roberts and issues an apology to EJ Sparks for ramming his legs into the steps at Coastline Clash. Apparently, Kevin’s been under a lot of pressure lately…from the space precinct?!? Dan Joseph interrupted angrily to remind Martenson that he’s from Earth. Martyrdom seemed confused, and so was I, quite frankly…
  • Dom Kubrick told Emily Mae that he’s seen the light and he was going centre stage with Halston Boddy. Halston got so excited talking about Kubrick’s look, body and talent, he popped his fan! It happens to us all.on occasion, I’m sure…


  • The Yung Goats beat Wasted Youth in a great opener. The Goats looked so good here. Afterwards, Guy Tweakacetti came out and interrupted the celebration, announcing the reveal of the ‘Heat Street’ music video in two weeks. Midnight Heat carried him away in embarrassment.
  • Dom Kubrick pinned Vinny Wasco in a fun match after a double underhook neckbreaker.
  • Jordan Clearwater and Brett Michaels beat Hot Commodities in a very entertaining encounter after Anthony Idol abandoned the match and John took both of his opponent’s finishers.
  • Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Cruz beat Richie Slade and Flex McCallion in a great, if rough in spots, ‘Candy-cap’ (handicap) match that really out Cruz over as champion.

Final Thoughts

This was a very entertaining episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Although perhaps a little bit of a holding episode, focussing more on the in-ring action than pushing storylines forward, the action was never less than fun all the way through.

The Yung Goats made their Hollywood debut and looked great in the process; Dom Kubrick looked good in action; Jordan Clearwater and Brett Michaels made an excellent team as they defeated the Hot Commodities; and Jordan Cruz got the championship rub, really coming across as a main eventer by beating not one but two men in the main event.

I’m also intrigued by Anthony Idol and co. abandoning Honest John—is the Honest one turning face so soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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