Chris Adonis Sets Up NWA National Title Clash with JTG

Another week, another hour of NWA programming. It’s Powerrr time. Tonight’s main event is an intriguing triple threat that sees the odds heavily stacked against Parrow. The powerhouse faces Strictly Business’s Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer.

JTG earned his spot last week. Who will be joining him in the final of the NWA National championship tournament?

The Big Match: Chris Adonis Earns Shot at Title He Never Lost

Former NWA National champions Trevor Murdoch and Aaron Stevens joined Joe Galli on commentary for the triple threat main event. The pair added a little championship pedigree throughout.

Parrow brought tag team partner Odinson with him to the ring to even the numbers a little, but it didn’t help in the early going. Latimer and Adonis soon started double-teaming the big man and controlling the match.

The Strictly Business partners did get an opportunity to wrestle each other with Parrow outside of the ring. Those interactions started out as a friendly exhibition, but soon became more competitive.

With Joe Galli reminding us that the winner of this match would be facing JTG for the vacant NWA National championship, Latimer snuck in a pinfall attempt on Parrow when Adonis’ back was turned. The building tension finally gave Parrow an opportunity to dish out his hard-hitting offence, dropping Adonis with the Parrow driver, before Latimer made the save.

It was a brutal double superplex from the Strictly Business duo that led to the finish, but not before Adonis tricked Latimer into turning his back so that he could make the cover.

Squabbling stablemates, and a JTG vs. Chris Adonis National championship match upcoming.

The Big Segment: Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa Brawl for Spotlight

Kamille is the mightily impressive NWA Women’s champion, but an argument could be made that Mexican standout Thunder Rosa is the division’s poster girl.

Kyle Davis was joined by the two champions that preceded Kamille. Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb discussed the current status of the women’s division. Deeb won the title from Thunder Rosa in October 2020, before losing it to Kamille at the recent When Our Shadows Fall pay per view.

Deeb made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere and would look to invoke her rematch clause for the title in future. Thunder Rosa had other ideas on who should be the number one contender for Kamille’s championship, namely herself.

Rosa pointed out that she was the one who brought the NWA women’s championship to AEW, and the first lady to defend the title on that show. Her loyalty to the NWA was not in question, but the same could not be said for Deeb who had not appeared on NWA programming at all last season due to injury.

Davis got things back on track, asking both women to hype some of the upcoming NWA talent that had impressed them. Deeb bought out Kylie Rae, but Thunder Rosa’s pick was less clear, at least in the eyes of Melina.

The five- time WWE champion came out by Thunder Rosa’s side, but it was actually Skye Blue that Rosa was attempting to put over. Cue a Melina diatribe, suggesting that Kylie Rae and Blue Skye were not ready yet, and Serena Deeb was an outsider who didn’t deserve a title shot over Thunder Rosa.

After Rosa stepped up, accusing Deeb of taking her shine, things got super physical between the two. One of the things that makes Deeb and Rosa so good is their believability, and that was evident once again here as they started battering each other with a purpose.

If we are building to another Deeb vs. Rosa match then that’s something we should all be in favour of, but Melina’s delivery here was confused and unnecessary. Sometimes less is more, especially when less Melina means more Deeb and Rosa.

Other Segments and Promos

  • Kyle Davis had the unenviable task of holding the microphone for Strictly Business, who hurled insults in his direction. Chris Adonis reminded Davis that he was the rightful NWA National Champion. The odds were firmly in his favour in tonight’s triple threat main event. A fired up Kamille made her feelings known, denouncing the booking of both men as opponents in the same match. NWA World Champion Nick Aldis made it clear where the blame lay. At the feet of NWA Owner Billy “Conspiracy” Corgan.
  • Crimson told May Valentine that he was going to clean up the mess Slice Boogie had made in recent weeks. Crimson’s War Kings partner Jax Dane would be there to support him in the no disqualification grudge match.
  • Taryn Terrell joined May Valentine backstage to address the comments from Thunder Rosa, Serena Deeb and Melina. Terrell put Jennacide over as the incredible force that they were all overlooking. “Don’t sleep on Jennacide ladies, because she’s like a hard pillow and when you wake up you’re gonna realise you didn’t sleep a wink.”. Terrell is fantastic in this role and anyone telling you otherwise is lying.


  • The Mystery Man made his in-ring debut with a pinfall win against Mims. The competitive showcase saw the masked man display a physical in-ring style before putting Mims away with a rolling Death Valley Driver.
  • BLK Jeez assured Jordan Clearwater that he had a plan for their handicap match against Tyrus, but I don’t think anyone expected that plan to involve laying down for the Great American Smash. After a little persuasion from his partner, Clearwater hit the mat, allowing Tyrus to pin both men without resistance.
  • Crimson and Slice Boogie went hard and heavy, starting hot and rarely slowing down in their grudge match. Crimson won with a pair of death valley drivers, but there was dissension in the ranks as Jax Dane stopped his War Kings partner using a chair to put Boogie away for good.

Final Thoughts

This was another strong offering from the National Wrestling Alliance, a promotion that understands their identity and the fanbase they are trying to attract and entertain.

The Slice Boogie vs. Crimson match was a real highlight. A fantastic made-for-tv contest that had great action throughout, and still served to further storylines involving the participants.

We were also reminded of the strength of the NWA’s growing women’s division, and with all women’s pay-per-view ‘NWA Empowerrr’ upcoming that was important. In Kamille, Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa, the NWA has instantly legitimate main event level talent. The supporting cast is also continuing to improve. Kylie Rae, Jennacide and Taryn Terrell in particular all have plenty to offer.

Yet this was far from the perfect weekly show. If Tyrus’ handicap match with BLK Jeez and Jordan Clearwater was the pay off to their interactions over the past couple of weeks then it was a bad one. The NWA’s television time comes at a premium. They invested a lot of that time into this storyline across the past three shows. Conversely, if that wasn’t the pay off then that means we’ve probably got more to come, which might actually be worse.

That sort of low point is a rarity for the NWA at this point though, and we came out of this week’s episode with lots to look forward to. With JTG vs. Chris Adonis now made for the NWA National Heavyweight championship, and a Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa rematch teased, the NWA’s current product continues to hit most of the right spots.

Written by Stephen Rivers

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