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NWA Powerrr Review—March 30th

Greetings NWA fans! Powerrr is truly back and plunging us into the fire once again. This week, the TV title is on the line as Elijah Burke defends against Fred Rosser. Plus, Thunder Rosa will be giving us a showcase of great women’s wrestling talent, and what will Trevor Murdoch have to say about Chris Adonis’ cowardly sneak attack at the Back For The Attack big show?

Let’s head to the studio and find out!

“Never Turn Your Back On Your Opponent”

We opened this week with the World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis joining Kyle Davis at the interview podium. Poor Nicholas is suffering from an affliction: he can’t stop winning! It must be awful being Mr Aldis. Kyle probed him on whether Chris Adonis was now a member of Strictly Business after last week’s tag match. Aldis claimed Adonis was an associate of sorts, but that the membership criteria was a lot more complicated than that…

Which, of course, brought out Trevor Murdoch. The two men had a brilliant exchange regarding Chris Adonis, with Murdoch wanting Adonis in the ring asap so he can get his revenge and Aldis alternating between arrogance at having been interrupted and offence at how Murdoch was comporting himself as a champion. Aldis reminded Murdoch that, as they were both students of Harley Race, that Harley always had one particular rule: “never turn your back on your opponent.”

Trevor Murdoch confronts Nick Aldis...just before Chris Adonis attacked!
Credit: Fite TV

it was clearly a pre-arranged cue, as Adonis struck Murdoch immediately from behind and gave him a proper pasting, sending him straight into the ring post and hurting Murdoch’s neck in the process. And for a man who said he didn’t condone cheap attacks, it was curious to see Nick Aldis watching the whole thing from the sidelines.

This was a great way to kick things off. Both Aldis and Murdoch were impassioned and on fire on the mic, and Adonis and Aldis are clearly in collusion so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Great work, NWA!

Sal Rinauro Takes His Opportunity

Backstage, May Valentine spoke to the tag champions, Aron Stevens and JR Kratos, who seemed to be back on the same page after last week’s disagreement. Stevens proclaimed that his career will now be dedicated to Joseph Hudson. Sal Rinauro then appeared to say that he respected what Stevens had to say and would he consider giving Rinauro and a mystery partner a shot at the tag titles. Stevens agreed to a match next week but told Sal he needs to bring his “big boy pants” because this was the NWA. Kratos then shouted at Sal to get out. The look on his face was equally terrifying and hilarious as he did it.

Slice Boogie vs. Jerimiah Plunkett

You know we’re fans of The Bodega here at Sports Obsessive, and it’s been great to see Slice Boogie get some success at the NWA. This was a pleasingly physical encounter, which saw Jerimiah Plunkett get a surprising amount of offence in. Saying that, Plunkett looked really good (and he has the perfect, Ivan Koloff-esque look for the NWA) and in turn, he helped to make Boogie look really good too. Boogie countering a sleeper with a side suplex looked great.

Boogie took the win in the end with his ‘Dead Ass Driver’ finisher to end an enjoyable little match. Boogie really suits the NWA and is proving that the promotion was right to recruit him. But, if the company wanted to give us some more from Mr Plunkett, I would be good with that.

Matthew Mimms vs. Tyrus

Whoever decided Austin Idol should not only be a manager but also do colour commentary needs to have a good, hard word with themselves. Adverts are one thing; annoying everyone on commentary is another.

This was essentially a squash match to make Tyrus look like a monster, and while it was better than his match at Back From The Attack, the big man looked slow and sluggish, which kind of defeats the point of making him look like a monster. Mimms, on the other hand, looked energised and fresh and even had those in attendance chanting “big strong boy!” at him. Now, if the NWA did want to get behind one of the men in this match, they could do worse than pushing Mimms. They could push Tyrus instead.

Tyrus got the pin in the end with a chokeslam. And Idol was still talking…

The Pope IS Ready, Fred

An on-screen graphic let us viewers at home know that this week’s main event, TV Champion Elijah Burke vs. Fred Rosser, had been moved to next week, as Trevor Murdoch and Chris Adonis had been put in its place instead after Adonis’ actions earlier in the show.

Over at the podium, Kyle Davis got word from both Rosser and Pope on their upcoming title bout. Rosser seemed petulant as he put Pope down, telling him that with his sunglasses and fresh look, Pope wasn’t ready for a fight.

If there’s or thing you shouldn’t provoke Pope into doing, it’s talking. He will slay you. Case in point: he told Rosser here that he’s known Fred for years and remembers a young, little Fred coming up to Pope, all smiles, asking for advice. Well, if there’s any advice Pope can give now, it’s ‘be ready to jive’ because when you step in the ring with Pope, he’s bringing the work.

That match is going to be fire. And I don’t mind it moving to next week because we’re getting a big title match this week still and this one has got major heat behind it. Win-win.

Thunder Rosa & Alex Gracia vs. Skye Blue and Jennacide

Kamille stares down Jennacide
Credit: Fite TV

This was a showcase of women’s wrestling presented by Thunder Rosa using talent from her very own Mission Pro Wrestling, and I think that was a very smart idea. With the loss of Allysin Kaye, Marti Belle and Tasha Steelz, the company needs to replenish its women’s division and it just so happens to have a major star who runs their own women’s promotion. I don’t know if this is a short-term deal or whether any Mission Pro ladies will sign long-term deals with the NWA, but this is definitely smart. It helps to replenish NWA women’s division and it helps to give more exposure to Mission Pro and their women.

Melina joined in on commentary and continued to put over Thunder Rosa. Is she genuinely sorry or is it all a ruse to lull Rosa into a false sense of security? Time will tell.

This was a really good match, with Skye Blue being noted on commentary for showing a bit of attitude and not holding back when striking her mentor, Rosa. Of course, Rosa didn’t hold back in return, leading to some beautifully stiff exchanges between the two women. Jennacide was put over as a machine, as a woman her size should. We perhaps didn’t see as much of Gracia as we could have during all this, but that doesn’t take away from what was a very enjoyable match.

In the end, Kamille came out and speared Rosa to give her team the DQ victory. I guess the Kamille-Rosa situation is still ongoing. It’s certainly not a bag idea, as they are perhaps the two biggest stars the NWA has in its women’s division at present. I don’t know that Rosa gets anything out of it, mind you. She’s already lost title contendership to Kamille, after all. Melina tried to revive Rosa at ringside as Jennacide stood behind Kamille and stared down. It’s a shame they cut very quickly after Kamille turned around and stared back at Jennacide. It was a cool moment, and I do hope they build on that. I’m down for a Kamille-Jennacide rumble.

No DQ: NWA National Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch vs. Chris Adonis

Nick Aldis was on commentary, furthering the assumption that Aldis and Adonis are in collusion. Strictly Business love the gold, and with Latimer failing to unseat Pope, maybe the stable has set their eyes on Murdoch’s belt instead?

Tim Storm on commentary acknowledging Aldis as the real world champion whilst stating that it doesn’t matter if he likes what Aldis says or does was great babyfacing. Aldis witheringly thanking Storm for his seal of approval while stating that Storm has learnt from last time not to insult Aldis was nice little touch too.

Murdoch came out in a neck brace, which did not bode well for his title defence. Adonis went after the injury with a fury, pounding the neck and upper body with big clubbing blows, as well as bodyslamming Murdoch on the floor and ripping off the neck brace. Murdoch was defenceless as Adonis crunched him with a full nelson slam before applying the Master Lock for the win by referee stoppage.

Chris Adonis poses with his newly-won NWA National Heavyweight title
Credit: Fite TV

We have a new National champion, ladies and gentlemen! I think it’s a great move. Murdoch has been insulted, attacked from behind and now has had his title taken from him. When Murdoch gets his rematch, possibly at the next PPV, it’ll make it all the sweeter when he wins the title back. I don’t think Murdoch is done with the National title just yet.

Meanwhile, Strictly Business celebrated with Adonis at ringside. How much more obvious do you want to make it, Nick?

Final Thoughts

This was a great episode of Powerrr and a fine riposte to all who thought the NWA was done after their hiatus last year. The Chris Adonis-Strictly Business-Trevor Murdoch story is completely compelling and was added to here remarkably well. When Murdoch finally wins his title back from Adonis, that is going to be a completely satisfying moment.

Meanwhile, Slice Boogie continues to impress, the women’s division put on a wonderful showcase, and Pope and Rosser hyped their TV title match next well nicely with a smooth exchange at the podium.

Never count out the NWA; it’s survived this long, after all…

I’ll see you next week fans as we go once more…into the fire!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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