Chaos Abounds at Championship Wrestling!

Championship Wrestling – September 26th Review

This week on Championship Wrestling, Heritage Champion Ray Rosas is set to appear, but will he need to be looking over his shoulder? Plus, Dan Joseph makes an open challenge for his TV title, and Lacey Evans takes on the ‘Killer Bae’ Heather Monroe in match 5 of their ‘Best of 7’ series.

There’s no time to waste, it’s the fastest hour of wrestling, so let’s go straight to the ring!

Ray Rosas, Meet the Ring Steps…

Ray Rosas kicked things off by entering the arena, looking over his shoulder for any signs of So-Cal Distancing. It didn’t do him any good. Adrian Quest and Andy Brown stormed in from behind Rosas and sent him to the ground, giving him a good kicking in the process. The mysterious leader appeared with a crowbar (who is he? He looks so familiar but I can’t place him) and watched calmly as Quest and Brown threw a battered Rosas into the ring steps, taking him out.

If they’re able to take out Ray Rosas so easily, what are So-Cal Distancing going to do to the rest of Championship Wrestling?

Beef Candy? No Thanks, I’ve Just Eaten…

David Marquez is standing by, commenting on the heinous attack we’ve just seen So-Cal Distancing commit, when Richie Slade appears, bringing out Flex Mccallion with him, much to Marquez’s dismay. Denouncing a roster of what they see as flips and cool move spotsters, the pair describe themselves, with their immaculate air and thick builds, as ‘Beef Candy’, and they’re coming to show the company what real men look like.

I can see this pair, based on this promo, becoming a team you’ll love to hate; they’re enjoyably smug, with faces you want to slap. Good heels, then.

And Marquez’s exasperated closing line of “Beef Candy?!? Who came up with that name?!?” was brilliant.

Danny ‘Limelight’ Rivera & Papo Esco vs. The Millenials

It looks like Danny Rivera and the ‘King Fat Boy’ Papo Esco have made good on their connection last week, teaming together to take on The Millennials, who seem more interested in their phones than they do their opponents. Oh, those pesky Millennials!

This was a short match to introduce the Limelight/Esco partnership, but it made its point well. Esco has the power, and Danny Rivera has the speed and the strikes, flipping into the ring on top of a Millennial and hitting his pinpoint accurate kicks.

The Millennials took over for a moment, putting Limelight in the ‘Ricky-Morton-in peril’ spot, before the King Fat Boy made the tag in and decimated the opposition with sheer power, smashing them with a clothesline and elbow before faking a double clothesline and hitting a double DDT instead.

A Rivera kick set up an Esco crossbody, impressive for a man his size, for the win. Afterwards, Rivera told an intimidated Jon Roberts (well, who wouldn’t be) that Esco’s hungry before Esco added “WE’RE HERE. TO. ROB. YOUR. HOUSE. King Papo Esco. Now you know me!”

Puerto Rico’s in the house and I like it! Quest and Brown best watch out, that’s all I can say.

Jordan Clearwater vs. Jose Santiago

Jordan Clearwater makes his entrance on Championship Wrestling

It’s my boy, Jordan Clearwater. Except the old-school babyface vibes have gone; there’s no more smiling at the camera. This is an all-business Clearwater. On commentary, Blake “Bulletproof” Troop, who has been training and working with Clearwater to improve Jordan’s overall game, said Clearwater is starting to show that animal side of himself now. Did we see it in the ring here?

I would say so, certainly. He looks focussed and his striking game is tougher and improved. You can see the MMA influence. One thing I like is that Troop said they’d been working on mixing Clearwater’s attacks up so they were unpredictable, meaning his opponent wouldn’t see the Midas Touch finisher coming. And right from the start, Clearwater went from striking to a single-leg takedown into a foot lock. I really like the psychology behind this. It sets Clearwater up to be a tactician and also suggests that we won’t get the same match twice.

Jose Santiago is no slouch, though, countering a charge with a roll-up and taking control with a running knee and a Falcon Arrow. He was able to get Clearwater off the leg early on by grabbing the arm and transitioning to a head scissors. Clearwater, on the other hand, leant more into a striking game, trapping Santiago in the corner and battering him with a barrage of fists and forearms. Santiago was able to rake the eyes but Clearwater came right back with the Midas Touch out of nowhere for the win!

This was another short but sweet encounter. Both men looked good, and I’m enjoying seeing this aggressive side of Clearwater. Will it lead to a heel turn? Time will tell, but for now, I’m enjoying the ride.

Watts Gets Swatted

Last week, a very suspicious character called Miguel, who claimed to be an old friend of Watts, begged Watts to appear this week on TV. This week, we see Watts approach as Jon Roberts prepares to get a few words. As he gets nearer, though, he comes Miguel with a crowbar and he goes straight for Watts’ knee, taking him down! Miguel lingers for a moment, savouring the moment, before disappearing. Whoever Miguel is, he does not have the best intentions for Watts.

One quick note: the mystery So-Cal Distancing leader had a crowbar at the start of the show. Now Miguel’s swinging a crowbar. Coincidence? Possibly, but it’s a curious one none the less…

United TV Champion Dan Joseph vs. Slice Boogie

The TV champion, Dan Joseph, is a guy who can definitely say he’s got the gift of the gab. His enthusiasm is contagious. He throws out an open challenge because he’s missed wrestling during the pandemic so much and wants to rebuild the momentum he has. Any challenger, step on up. Be careful what you wish for, Dan…

Slice Boogie answers the challenge, and here’s a guy who really impressed me last week on Prime Time Live. Yes, it was a losing effort against Karl Fredericks, but it was a hard-hitting, mean, strong-style affair and both men came out looking like absolutes hosses. Slice Boogie is a mean, no-nonsense bruiser and he is not impressed by Dan Joseph, telling him “that don’t count” when Joseph says he’s from New York too. So, a New York turf war it is—sounds good to me!

Boogie proves to be the stronger man at first, as Joseph is unable to shoulder tackle him down. A flying tackle does the job, though, thanks to the momentum. It’s this added momentum from his speed that sees a back elbow and a dropkick continue the advantage. A scissor kick and a leg drop use physicality to get Slice an advantage, and moments later a lovely Barry Windham-esque floatover suplex seems to consolidate that advantage. Dan Joseph is never less than resilient, though, fighting back with fists, feet and a flying clothesline.

Dan Joseph hits a flying clothesline on Slice Boogie

An exchange of fists and chops sees Joseph on the losing end when Slice interrupts their standoff with a knee to the gut. Joseph comes back with a nice backstabber but comes a cropper to a beautiful springboard over the top rope by slice into a snap German suplex—all in one very fluid movement. Such a sweet looking move. A  chin breaker gives Joseph a moment of respite, but Slice comes back with a standing ‘Rock Bottom’-type move. The springboard moonsault misses, though, and the ‘Instant Reply’ running DDT from Dan Joseph gets a near fall.

Slice Boogie takes some clotheslines before destroying Joseph with the Dead Driver. Joseph was lucky to kick out of that one. Slice was not as lucky when he was nailed with the ‘Long Way Down’, getting Dan Joseph that 1-2-3 pinfall victory.

This was a great encounter. Slice Boogie really continues to impress. He’s more athletic than you imagine but still has major power. Dan Joseph, meanwhile, delivered his usual quality performance, using his resilience and his quicker pace to overturn Boogie. Match of the night for me.

Match 5 of the ‘Best of 7’ Series: Heather Monroe (w/Halston Boddy) vs. Lacey Ryan

Halston Boddy has a desire to see Heather Monroe rain down fists on Lacey Ryan’s head. So much so, he made the stipulation for this match be a taped fist match, something you don’t see much of anymore, especially in women’s matches. I’m looking forward to this one. Their falls count anywhere match was great.

A shoving exchange leads to a series of counters and misses, where Lacey rolls out of Heather’s way, they block each other’s strikes and move out of the way of each other’s kicks. The speed is impressive. Heather lands a couple of kicks and knees on Lacey but a high knee finally takes Heather down so that Lacey can stomp a mudhole into her in the corner. A running knee, running elbow and a big kick to the back pile the pressure onto Heather.

Halston Boddy gives Heather the advantage by pushing Lacey off the top rope—the swine! Heather chokes Lacey on the ropes but hurts her own hand on a chop. Heather lands a few of those taped fist shots on to the skull of Lacey but can’t prevent a sunset flip. A camel clutch soon has Lacey in trouble, but she’s able to stand up and back Heather into the corner. Heather is able to pull Lacey down by the hair though and lands some hard fists on her downed opponent. Lacey has some fists of her own and a DDT takes Heather down. Heather comes back with a big kick, and this is when Niko Marquez makes his presence known.

According to Nikko, he has not authorised any women to be wrestling, so he rings the bell and tells them to get out of the ring. Halston, quite rightly, takes offence to this and has words with Nikko. Nikko gives him some words right back so Heather cracks him with her taped fist. A wild brawl ensues, with Nikko sending Halston into the ring post, Heather and Lacey brawling, and Lacey knocking Nikko down with a fist of her own and mounting him for further strikes! The locker room spills out into the arena to pull it apart…

And then it gets crazier!

Like an old CWA/USWA Memphis wild, studio-wide brawl, the locker room turns on itself and fists are flying! Nikko Marquez somehow manages to crawl away to safety, leaving fists and bodies flying everywhere, even up in the commentary booth, where Todd Keneley is quite understandably hiding behind Blake “Bulletproof” Troop. The show ends there, in wildness, with fists flying and everything out of control…

Final Thoughts

Dustin and Maria Starr on the set of Memphis' edition of Championship Wrestling

This was another excellent edition of Championship Wrestling, one that saw feuds progress and delivered great in-ring action. Watts was attacked by Miguel; Ray Rosas fell at the hands of So-Cal Distancing; we got the first appearance of Beef Candy, as well as the debut tag match for Papo Esco and Danny Rivera; and Nikko Marquez caused absolute chaos in the process of pursuing his war against the women’s division. Throw in the development of the new aggressive side of Jordan Clearwater and a great physical contest between Dan Joseph and Slice Boogie, and Championship Wrestling is cooking!

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for another edition of Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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