Championship Wrestling Returns in Grand Style!

Hello, fellow United Wrestling Network fans! Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve brought you United We Stand, but I’ve got a very good reason today. As you will already be well aware, UWN head honcho David Marquez and his team have decided to consolidate their regional promotions and TV (Arizona, Hollywood and Atlanta—Memphis will still remain as its own entity) and focus all their energy, resources and talent into one single show: Championship Wrestling.

While I will miss the idea of a territory system being run under the auspices of Mr Marquez, it makes a lot of sense to channel everything into one show. Arizona never really recovered from the COVID pandemic and Atlanta never really took off in the way everyone was hoping for it to do. Now, there’s a wider talent pool to pick from without worrying about the costs and intricacies of putting on three different shows. Memphis takes care of itself pretty damn well; now the UWN can focus on Championship Wrestling and make three solid shows into one great show.

So, after much anticipation, Championship Wrestling finally returned, airing its first episode on April 24th. How was it?

Really damn good, I’m happy to say!

The set, with a big video screen and a ramp, washed with a lovely combination of red and blue lights, really popped on TV and captured the eye. The lights were dark over the crowd but the ring was well-lit, creating an intimate atmosphere. The audience sounded like they were there to have a good time, and that only added to the good vibes. Meanwhile, the familiar voices of Todd Keneley, and James Kincaid were joined by UWN Heavyweight Champion ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson, who acquitted himself very well on commentary, as well as dropping a surprisingly spot-on Dusty Rhodes impression into the mix.

The hour flew by, with a focus on in-ring competition. Angles and stories will come in time, but we did get a Midnight Heat interview where Guy Tweakacetti was almost climbing the walls, he was that hyped up, while the charismatic Prince Nana proved himself to be brave by interrupting Chris Dickinson, only to insult the audience…oh, and just drop a little name like ‘Invictus Kash’ into the mix…

In the ring, meanwhile, the show really shone. Johnnie Robbie and Mylo had a solid opener. I’ve never seen Robbie before but she really impressed me with her hard-hitting offence and punk-as-f**k style. In the middle encounter, two classic teams from UWN history made their return as Reno Scum took on the Wolf Zaddies in what turned out to be a bruising, brutal encounter Just four men beating the snot out of each other and enjoying themselves doing so. What more do you want?

Well, how about Danny Limelight (with UWN TV Champion ‘King Fat Boy’ Papo Esco) and Karl Fredericks in the main event? Following on from their rivalry in New Japan Strong, the pair put on an absolute clinic, showing any doubters just what the UWN can do. Fredericks really is an exceptional talent, all intensity and barely restrained violence, while Danny plays the cocky Papi brilliantly, constantly provoking the former Young Lion and showing that anything Fredericks can do, he can do better. Unfortunately for Limelight, though, he couldn’t put Fredericks away, and it was Karl Fredericks who eventually had his arm raised in victory. Fredericks made a point of staring the champ, Chris Dickinson, down before he left. I’m down for that match!

Championship Wrestling, we’ve missed you! And if this return episode is anything to go by, the future is going to be a real treat to watch.

Check out Championship Wrestling on YouTube.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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