Cece & Ruby Take On Hell-Bent Vixens And Win

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review: June 26th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood sees the unlikely pair of Cece Chanel and Ruby Raze work together to take on Halston Boddy and Jamie Iovine’s ladies of evil, Viva Van and Bryn Thorn. Will they be able to gel as a team or will they tear at each other’s throats before the match is over?

There’s only one way to find out…

The Big Match: The First Battle Won In a Long War

Sometimes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That seems to be the case with Cece Chanel and Ruby Raze, strange bedfellows uniting against Halston Boddy and Jamie Iovine’s stable of venomous women. Yet, they worked really well in the early going, with Cece using her martial arts background to batter Bryn Thorn down before Ruby blasted Bryn with her power then bodyslamming Cece on top of Thorn, Viva Van rushing in to break up the count.

Cece unloaded with a barrage of strikes in the corner, overwhelming Thorn, but she made the mistake of going up top, Viva Van knocking her back to the mat. Thorn landed a dropkick into the corner before tagging in the ‘Hell-Bent Vixen.’ The pair exchanged quick tags as they worked over Cece but Chanel countered a German suplex attempt and pushed Van into the ropes, allowing Ruby Raze to snap Van’s neck against the ropes and Cece to hit a sweet codebreaker.

Ruby eventually made the hot tag in and floored both opponents before power bombing Cece onto Bryn Thorn. But as Raze went for a choke on VIva Van, Thorn clawed Ruby’s eyes from behind and sent her to the floor. A spinning heel kick caught a reeling Cece, who was still wobbling thanks to the effects of that powerbomb. Ruby came back in though and shrugged off a double punch, flooring both Van and Bryn with big shots of her own. A Cece crossbody took Viva Van out of the picture, leaving Bryn Thorn alone to be hit with the reverse tombstone by Raze for the 1-2-3.

A good match with Cece and Ruby looking pretty good as a team as it happens and Bryn and Viva less so. The match was a little scrappy at times but was enjoyable nonetheless. More interestingly, Cece and Ruby look to make a strong team—where do they go from here?

Segments & Promos

  • Adriel Noctis went to present Sketch with his skateboard as a peace offering…then smacked him in the head with it! Noctus told Sketch that no one loves him (Sketch), they just love what he can do for them. “And boy, did I love what you did for me!” Intriguing development.
  • The Yung Goats answered Emily Mae’s question of what they bring to the tag division by saying, “new champions.” They then went on to challenge the UWN Tag Team champions The Bodega to a match next week!
  • The Bodega responded by telling Jack Farmer that they never back down from a fight before doing rock, paper, scissors to see who would face the Goats next week. Looks like it’s Boogie and Papo!
  • Levi Shapiro and Howdy Price cut a great promo, telling Jack Farmer that Brett Michaels is a water pistol compared to the hand cannon and a fistful of dynamite of Shapiro and Price. We’ll soon find out when Shapiro and Michaels square off next week.


  • Midnight Heat (w/Guy Tweakacetti) beat Lazarus & Dan Joseph in a match where Dan Joseph didn’t even get to tag in. Bit of a waste of Dan Joseph but Midnight Heat looked as good as ever.
  • Kevin Martenson beat Darwin Finch in a fun bout by knockout. Martenson had Finch’s legs hooked into the rat trap but instead of turning him over, he rained fists down on the helpless Finch instead. Martenson looked shocked at his actions afterward.
  • Danny Limelight destroyed Honest John (w/Howdy Price this week) in a quick match that saw Honest John at least display some balls of steel by squaring up to Limelight. The Bodega and Honest John is still the feud that I never knew I needed…
  • Cece Chanel & Ruby Raze beat Viva Van & Bryn Thorn (w/Howdy Price) after Ruby drilled Bryn with the reverse tombstone piledriver.

Final Thoughts

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood seems to be in a bit of a lull at the moment. The talent is there, but outside of Brett Michaels and Levi Shapiro, and Cece and Ruby vs. Iovine and Boddy’s hell-bent vixens, there doesn’t appear to be any big storylines or feuds at the moment. Saying that, there are hints that the blocks are being put in place for some bigger stories. Take Jack Banning, for example, as he keeps lecturing people on their illusions, or Keita Murray last week and his buying new gear for Ray Rosas.

This week, we saw Kevin Martenson seem to meltdown again as he lost his temper, only to seemingly regret it. Not only that but Ruby Raze and Cece Chanel seem to be leading the fightback against Halston Boddy and Jamie Iovine, beating their leading ladies here in the first big victory in what, no doubt, is going to be a long war.

One area Hollywood is excelling at the moment, though, is showcasing new talent and letting them shine. Both Honest John and Darwin Finch have really shone in recent weeks, and although Jack Cartwright didn’t get too much offence in this week, what he did do was very impressive. These are people that are going do great things in Hollywood if they continue to build them up.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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