Brett Michaels Is Cheated Out of the Heritage Title

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—June 6th

Today’s the day! Will Brett Michaels be able to live up to his promises and take the Memphis Heritage Championship from Alan Steel? Or will the champ and his partner in crime, Johnny Dotson, have something to say about it?

There’s no time to waste, Memphis fans, so let’s jump straight into it!

“Champ vs. Chump”

A positively livid Alan Steel starts things off by bringing out Johnny Dotson and berating Dustin Starr at the desk for giving Brett Michaels a shot at his Memphis Heritage title. “Who has he ever beaten?” asked Alan, conveniently forgetting Michaels won the Cobra Cup.

This brought out Brett Michaels, who didn’t seem to be too put off by the gruesome twosome’s antics. Bringing up the fact that he pinned Alan Steel in last week’s tag title match, Brett announced he would do the very same thing here and take home the Heritage belt. Steel called it a case of “Champ vs. Chump” and Michaels said it was very kind of Steel to call him ‘champ’ already!

1-0, Brett Michaels…

Austin Lane vs. Chris Lexx

Last week, Austin Lane issued a challenge to anyone who wanted to step in the ring with him for competition. I was very happy to see Chris Lexx answer said challenge this week, Lexx proving to be a great talent for CWFM so far.

Austin Lane amazes me. Considering, and I mean this with respect, that he’s not the youngest member of the roster, the speed he moves with is incredible. His pace is near-frantic. He dropped Lexx with a running knee at the bell and followed up with a big brainbuster and a knee in the corner, this whirlwind of manic offence taking Chris Lexx off-guard. ‘The King of Pow’ soon turned the tables though and dropped Lane on the apron with a boot to the face and a belly to back suplex. Lane returned fire by catching a charging Lexx and slamming him in return right on the apron too. It looked brutal too.

A suicide dive from Austin Lane was impressive, knocking Lexx to the ground and eliciting a better “TOPE SUICIDA!!” from Dustin Starr than you get from Excaliber! Back from the break, Chris Lexx dropped Austin Lane with a big superplex and a big DDT/facebuster combo but each move only earned him a two count. Lane was able to counter some mounted fists in the corner into a powerbomb and locked in an STF. Lexx was able to reach the ropes and went for a Go To Sleep by Lane slipped out and reapplied the STF for the tap-out victory.

That was a really good little match. Both men looked great as it was an evenly-fought contest and Lexx loses nothing in defeat. A very good start to the show.

The Skimahorns & Uncle Mikey vs. The Posse & Danny B. Good

Dustin Starr interviewed the Skimahorns before the match, and they insisted that Uncle Mikey is a legitimate professional wrestler. Well, he’d soon be able to prove that as he was about to tag with The Skimahorns against The Posse and…who? The Posse were quite happy, as Dustin Starr was too well dressed to wrestle, to introduce another Memphis legend, DJ Brown’s dad Danny B. Good as their third man! He doesn’t look in bad shape either!

Back from a break, The Skimahorns were double-teaming Danny, with the older man possibly suffering from a little ring rust, causing him to be vulnerable to The Skimahorns tricks. Uncle Mikey did not shy away from the action, dropping big elbows on Danny and allowing the Skimahorns to rain down fists by the ropes.

A mule kick bought Danny some respite though, and a trio of leg drops on Brad brought the pain. The ref got distracted however by The Posse and Uncle Mikey squaring off on the outside, allowing Briar to sneak in and assault Danny by choking him with t-shirt before hammering him with hard blows. Uncle Mikey impressed by nailing a stiff spinning forearm but Danny also impressed by taking out both Skimahorns with a dropkick.

At this point, chaos ensued as all six men ended up in the ring brawling before Big Chris took everyone down with a dive from the top. In the end, only Danny B. Good and Uncle Mikey were left in the ring (were they the legal men? I think the ref was just glad to have two men in by that point!) Danny dodged a Mikey charge into the corner and nailed him with a blockbuster from the top to end a match that was a lot of fun. And The Posse get the better of The Skimahorns again!

But this wasn’t the end of the matter…

The Yung Goats Nominate Themselves For Memphis Tag Team Champions

Before either team had left the ring, The Yung Goats appeared at the desk, telling Dustin Starr that they appreciate the work these teams had just put into their match, but it’s time to have Memphis tag team champions and those titles should go to The Yung Goats! Well, they’re not backwards about coming forwards!

The Skimahorns were not impressed, claiming they should be the first champs (even though they just lost). The Posse then got involved, claiming nobody can beat them. Poor Dustin Starr looked lost in a sea of bodies as he sent us to the break! Wait until The Crowleys get involved…

Diana Taylor Speaks

We got a quick video from Diana Taylor, who said that she is not dangerous and did not mean to hurt Paris Kelly. This is pro wrestling, and the risks are real, which is why it doesn’t make sense why she’s being sued. Diana believes Eric McMahon is leeching off of Paris and pleaded with Paris to realise the truth: she did not mean to hurt her.

We believe you, Diana. But does Paris?

Van Viciouss vs. Maxx Stone

Before the match, Van Viciouss insulted the Memphis fans before dismissing Dustin Starr and demanding to speak to Maria instead. Maria, quite understandably, was having none of it, so Viciouss said he’d show her in the ring instead. Ooh boy, Dustin’s not going to like that!

Viciouss methodically beat Maxx Stone down, taking numerous moments out of the match to flex his muscles in Maria’s direction before mouthing at her that she ‘wants’ him. Yeah, wants him to leave her alone, I’m sure! Dustin got more and more annoyed as the match continued, Van Viciouss mouthing off at him in a show of blatant disrespect. A torture rack into a spinning powerbomb was enough to put Stone away in the end. But I think the can of worms Van has opened isn’t going anywhere soon…

‘Big Swole’ Returns The Favour

Last week, Norman Meklakov made a point of sneaking up on ‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole and attacking him from behind. This week, Dustin Starr invited Norman out to explain himself, which I think he did…he was speaking in Russian, but I’m sure he was sorry for his actions…yeah, right!

In any case, Justin Cole appeared from behind and returned the favour, giving Big Norm a good smacking as referees tried to pull him away.

I’m looking forward to this hoss fight.

Memphis Heritage Champion Alan Steel (w/Johnny Dotson) vs. Brett Michaels

This was it: after a run of success including winning the Cobra Cup, could Brett Michaels win the big one?

Brett seemed a little too distracted by Johnny Dotson to start, causing a little delay to begin things—and the champ was in no rush to lock up! Once they finally hooked up, Michaels showed off his strength, shoulder blocking Steel right into the corner. Dotson grabbed Michael’s tights to try and slow him down but Brett nailed Steel with boulder-like fists, dodged a dropkick attempt and slingshotted the champ into the corner, sending him to the outside as we cut for a break.

As we came back, Johnny Dotson was choking Michaels as Alan Steel distracted the ref. Steel was like a predator, picking his moments as he dropped Brett with some big jabs to the head. A sunset flip caught the champ off-guard but he was able to grab the ropes and kick Brett in the head before slingshotting Michaels throat-first into the bottom rope. Steel then moved onto the legs, hoping to take away Michaels’ power base.

Steel made the mistake of going up to the top rope, not something he’s known for, and it cost him as Michaels caught him with a power slam for his troubles. A series of fists and a back body drop followed as the challenger began to get a second wind. A big boot followed, as did a big shot to Dotson on the apron, sending him to the floor. Michaels nailed the spinebuster, usually a set-up for the Gunshow Lariat when…

“Crowleys’ gonna kill you…”

The music over the P.A. was creepy enough but then Jimmy Blaylock led The Crowleys and The Revenant of Walker Hayes out to ringside. The distraction allowed Alan Steel to nail Michaels with the Twisted Steel slam and three slaps of the mat later, Steel retained his title.

Afterwards, The Crowleys and Hayes beat on the carcass of Michaels while Steel and Dotson watched with bemused expressions from ringside, the champ raising that title belt high in the air…

Final Thoughts

Championship Wrestling from Memphis has almost felt like a different show since their move to the Memphis WrestleCenter, and it really has been a change for the better. This week’s show continued the trend of a faster-paced, energetic show where it does feel like a fight is going to break lose any moment. The tag division continues to be the high point of the company and it was great to see the teams argue this week over who the first champions will be.

Meanwhile, Austin Lane and Chris Lexx had a great match, Justin Cole got a moment of revenge, and could we be building to a Van Viciouss-Dustin Starr feud? I’m down for that!

The main event was a little slow in place but was enjoyable. However, the ending, where The Hollywood Horror Show jumped Brett Michaels, was exciting. The Crowleys are fascinating and I’m intrigued to say where this feud is going to go.

I’ll see you next week fans for more from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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