Brett Michaels Gets Revenge With a King’s Help

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—April 17th

Hello, Memphis fans! This week on Championship Wrestling from Memphis, Brett Michaels is still looking for revenge against Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson. Meanwhile, Nikki Lane will get her rematch with Queen Katelynn and Cece Chanel will finally get her hands on Amber Rodriguez.

It’s all happening on the fastest hour in wrestling, so let’s go straight to the ring and get into it!

The Next Chapter of Memphis Wrestling

We opened this week with a passionate speech from Dustin Starr as we got the first look on TV at the Memphis Heritage Title. The belt is a beaut, this is for sure. The first holder of this lovely title belt will be decided by an upcoming Grind City Rumble match, similar to the Red Carpet Rumble over in Hollywood. I love that Dustin’s speech had little nods to Memphis history in it, with references to Bill Dundee and Eddie Gilbert.

If that title belt and Dustin’s enthusiasm don’t get you pumped up, then nothing will. Period.

Maria Starr, Terence Ward and Dustin Starr pose with the Memphis Heritage title belt
Credit: Terrence Ward

Who Better Than a King To Watch Your Back?

Backstage, Terence Ward spoke to an angry Brett Michaels, who after their sneak attack last week, demanded Johnny Dotson and Alan Steel in the ring, 2-on-1. The legendary King Cobra appeared and warned Michaels about stepping in where the odds aren’t in his favour. So Michaels made an offer: why don’t you watch my back? The King agreed.

Watch out, boys: everybody knows a Cobra has a vicious bite…

Amber Rodriguez vs. Cece Chanel

After weeks of hostility (mainly on the part of Amber, if we’re honest), Cece and Amber finally met up in the ring to prove who the better woman is. Amber mocking Cece’s pose on the apron as she made her entrance was not going to earn her any mercy from Cece but I liked it.

Amber attacked Cece as she climbed through the ropes, cutting her down with big punches and kicks. A chin lock continued to wear Cece down but the Hollywood favourite escaped with a well-timed jawbreaker. Cece fought back with a lovely barrage of blows in the corner followed by a low clothesline. As Amber kicked out, she managed to rake Cece’s eye, disorientating her and leaving her vulnerable to a big clothesline. The modified Sharpshooter/Hammerlock combo looked to be the final nail in the coffin but Cece was able to turn herself round and lock in a heel hook for the tap out victory.

A short but sweet match. Amber is a little bit limited in offence terms but working with Cece helped to make her look good in there. It’ll be interesting to see if the two meet again or will Memphis have some bigger plans for Cece?

Action Jackson vs. DJ Brown

When I say “ACTION”, you say “JACKSON!” But what the hell is in that juice bottle? That’s not any old H2O, I’m telling you…

A battle between two friends, and two of Memphis’ finest, each man having impressed on previous episodes of the show, this was a quick, athletic encounter which saw both men take to the other with arm drags, fast shoulder blocks and…um…sips of the juice from Jackson. The action was very fluid and always seemed logical, never taking me out of the match with an OTT spot. This was just two men trying to prove who was best and I liked it a lot.

Action Jackson sips the juice as he headlocks DJ Brown
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

A superplex attempt from Jackson saw Brown counter but miss a top rope crossbody in turn. Jackson then squashed Brown with a MASSIVE cannonball in the corner. Brown looked to take the win with another crossbody but Jackson rolled through and hooked the leg to win.

A great little match. Both of these guys are definitely ones to watch in Memphis.

Jonny Lyons vs. Mike Anthony

Jonny Lyons is the Mikey Whipwreck of Memphis—albeit a Whipwreck that isn’t afraid of his own shadow. Lyons is the loveable underdog, plain and simple. You can’t help but root for him.

What does that make Mike Anthony? Well, with the way he carries himself and the attitude, there’s definitely shades of Butch Reed and Bad News Brown/Allen, which is none too shabby at all. He’s got the makings of a top heel for the promotion. I’ll be watching him closely.

Mike Anthony came out with the brass knucks again but he didn’t need to use them. Instead, he threw his towel over Lyons’ head and assaulted him from the bell, hitting hard strikes and a headbutt. Justin Cole came out to protest Anthony’s cheating ways but was led away by referees. This allowed Lyons to hit a stirring trio of hurricaranas. Anthony blocked a forth though, smashing Lyons with a big sit-down powerbomb and a released Northern Lights suplex.

A series of kicks from Lyons rocked Anthony but as Lyon ascended the ropes, Anthony knocked the ref into the ropes, crotching Lyons at the top. A big double boots from the buckles down earned Anthony the win as he stared down all our souls at home through the camera before shoving the ref away and raising his own hand.

Mike Anthony has lots of potential, in Memphis as well as SWE where he also wrestles. Keep your eyes on him.

Queen Katelynn (w/Derrick King & Van Vicious) vs. Nikki Lane (w/Austin Lane)

After the shenanigans of previous weeks, Nikki Lane was straight onto Queen Katelynn, mounting her and raining down a barrage of fists. Derrick King couldn’t help but get involved, tripping Nikki Lane up, so Austin Lane returned the favour and tripped Queen Katelynn. As Nikki Lane followed u with further fists, Derrick King entered the ring and pushed Nikki away, protecting Katelynn. This brought in Austin Lane, who got Van Vicious instead, Van having pulled Derrick out of the ring. Derrick was able to pull Katelynn out of the ring in turn and teased getting back in to face Austin Lane before turning away and walking to the back.

When Austin Lane finally gets his hands on Derrick King, revenge is going to be swift and brutal…

Yung Goats vs. The Skimahorns

The Memphis tag team scene is hot! We got another example of it here as The Skimahorns clashed with the Yung Goats.

Aaron Roberts started off with Brad Skimahorn, taking him down with a big suplex and letting Zay Washington flatten Brad with a moonsault. Brad took Zay down, smashing his face into the middle buckle. At which point, Big Ace and Big Jack came out to ringside to check out the action? Were they there to watch the backs of the Skimahorns?

In any case, the Skimahorns were focused on Zay, cutting the ring off and beating him down with double team moves. A nice spinning back elbow and an enziguri gave Zay enough space to make the hot tag to Aaron Roberts, who came in with a vengeance, beating down both Skimahorns. Then a Zay Washington caught the ref by mistake. Uh-oh. Big Ace and Big Jack were still watching…

The Skimahorns needn’t have got excited—Big Jack and Big Ace took them down with two massive slams before staring the Goats down and leaving the ring. A second ref came out and made the count and the Goats were the winners of this enjoyable encounter.

Looks like Big Ace and Big Jack are still waiting on payment…

Brett Michaels vs. Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson

Brett asked for it and he got it. It didn’t work out well for him at first, as a Dotson push from behind put Michaels into a position when Alan Steel punch, kicked and choked him to grind him down. Johnny Dotson took some shots at Micheals while Steel distracted the ref. Dotson himself came in and nailed Brett with some big fists.

Johnny Dotson chokes Brett Michaels on the ropes
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

It looked like Michaels was going to regret his hubris but King Cobra came out and cheered Brett on, encouraging him to get up. A massive spinebuster on Steel forced Dotson to panic and get Michaels’ baseball bat but King Cobra snatched it away from him. One Gunshow Lariat on Dotson later and Brett Michaels was not only your winner but he had gotten revenge on Steel and Dotson, thanks to the help of a certain Memphis legend.

Michaels posed in the ring afterwards, giving the crowd a taste of the Gun Show. Could we see the Memphis Heritage title in his future?

Final Thoughts

After a little dip last week, this was a strong show from the Memphis guys and gals this week. We had a real feel-good moment with Brett Michaels getting revenge on Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson; The Yung Goats once again showed why they’re one of the most exciting tag teams in the promotion; Cece Chanel showed Amber Rodriguez why you don’t mess with her, and Austin Lane made his position very clear to Derrick King.

Throw in two solid encounters between DJ Brown and Action Jackson, and Mike Anthony and Jonny Lyons, and you had an action-packed, entertaining show on your hands. Not forgetting that beautiful Memphis Heritage title belt too! Slowly but surely, things are falling into place in Memphis.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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