Brett Michaels Brings Memphis To Hollywood

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review—May 29th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, we get a big main event as Levi Shapiro is set to defend his UWN TV Championship against ‘The Golden Boy’ Jordan Clearwater in what promises to be a great match. Plus, rumour has it that the likes of Brett Michaels, The Yung Goats and Dustin Starr from Championship Wrestling from Memphis might be in the house. What impact will they have on the show?

It’s all going down, so let’s get to the ring and get into it!

Miguel vs. Sketch

You have to hand it to Sketch. After a hard-fought loss with his former partner Adriel Noctis last week, he’s dusted himself off and returned to the ring to face an even bigger opponent—the monstrous Miguel!

Sketch did the sensible thing to start, using his speed to hit and run, but Miguel eventually caught him, and with a choke bomb and a big knee drop, Miguel took the 1-2-3.

There was a bright note for Sketch; Noctis turned up and offered his hand, before helping Sketch to the back.

Have Wasted Youth reunited?

Where’s The Money, Halston?

A jubilant Halston Boddy walked into Jamie Iovine’s office, only to find his benefactor wasn’t in the best of moods. It turns out that, as Coastline Clash was Halston’s responsibility, it was Halston who was required to pay the talent and crew. It turns out people are still waiting for their money. Halston blamed it on still waiting for receipts and bills to come in but Jamie looked less than convinced. He told Halston that Viva Van better be ready for her match tonight, to which Halston, with a flourish of his fan, responded, “I am always ready!”

But are you ready to pay the talent, Halston? Maybe not…

Mike Camden vs. Kevin Martenson

What might you hope for out of a Mike Camden-Kevin Martenson match? Hard hitting? Killer moves that look like they might break your neck? Well, that’s exactly what we got and we’re all the better for it too!

Camden near-destroyed Martenson in the early going with a massive DDT that looked like Martenson was drilled on the top of his head, as well as a big release German suplex. Martenson returned fire with a released German suplex of his own, before draping Camden over the ropes, hitting a leaping knee to the head and knocking Camden out to the floor, quickly following up with a tope to the outside.

Back in the ring, a superplex brought Martenson in from the top, but he soon found himself back on the outside after another release German suplex sent him all the way to the floor. There was no respite for Martenson though, Camden dropping him hard across the ring apron. Hard shots were exchanged in the ring before Martenson countered a full nelson slam attempt into a backdrop where he somehow kept hold of Camden and flipped himself over so he could keep hold of the legs! The Rat Trap sharpshooter followed by the damage done to Martenson’s back forced him to relinquish the hold.

Martenson was able to send Camden to the outside but missed with a springboard double stomp to the floor. Martenson made that right by sending Camden into the ringsteps, seemingly knocking the big man out. Martenson though, as we’ve seen in the recent past, looked conflicted about what he did, rolling Camden in and pinning him for the three count rather than inflict more damage. What is going on inside the mind of Kevin Martenson?

That was an excellent match! If you haven’t seen it, make sure you go out of your way to do so! You won’t regret it.

Bryn Thorne vs. Viva Van (w/Halston Boddy)

Bryn Thorne started this one off nicely, attacking the legs before throwing a big kick to the body of Viva Van. Viva was able to take over and dominate the match, using a combination of big strikes and suplexes to ground Thorne, as well as adding insult to injury with a slap to the face. Even Halston tried to interject himself with his fan but Thorne moved before he got a chance.

Thorne made a comeback, dodging a charge and turning it into a sunset flip. Viva Van grabbed the hair though and sent Thorne into the corner. At which point, a furious Cece Chanel ran out to get her hands on Viva Van, the refs holding Cece back. While the ref was distracted by this, Thorne rolled Van up, clearly holding her down for more than a three count, but then Dom Kubrick appeared out of nowhere and flipped them over so that Van was on top. 1-2-3 and Viva Van was your winner.

Where did Dom Kubrick come from? What’s his angle? I don’t know, but by the way he celebrated with Viva Van and Halston Boddy after the match, it looks like he’s part of the Iovine crew…

Jack Farmer Is Still Cool With The Bodega

Jack Farmer had The Bodega with him over at the interview section and hey, Danny Limelight’s back! Good to see the gang all back together. Danny felt the show needed a little “seasoning” so he decided he was going to switch things around and interview Jack Farmer instead. Jack looked very pleased with this development as he got to wear a Puerto Rican headband like Danny, while Danny’s impression of Todd Kennely was eerily spot on!

Jack nailed two out of three questions out of the park, confirming that The Bodega are indeed the best team in the UWN and that they beat the Hogsmen two weeks ago. Unfortunately for Jack, he started his third answer with “Mi Gente” and earned himself the scorn of The Bodega (don’t worry Jack, you would have earned that anyway; these boys don’t play). Papo Esoc then made Danny Limelight laugh by offering Farmer the chance to finish the catchphrase with “including a beatdown” before pulling the mic away and saying “psych!” Ha!

Is Jack Farmer vs. The Bodega the feud I never knew I needed? Quite possibly!

UWN TV Champion Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Price) vs. ‘Golden Boy’ Jordan Clearwater

Hey, a little bit of pyro when both men made their entrance! I like it.

This is a big title match to close off the show this week, with both men possibly not 100% either; Clearwater after his vicious Last Man Standing match with Jack Banning three weeks ago and Shapiro getting nailed by Anthony Idol last week during a tough match against Jack Cartwright. It’ll be interesting to see how this one unfolds.

There was a feel-out process to start, with both men taking it to the mat before Jordan Clearwater took control, methodically working over the champ to great effect. A vertical suplex made an impact and Clearwater showed off his ring smarts by avoiding a Shapiro legdrop attempt, landing a big legdrop on the back of Levi’s head to put the exclamation point on it. A sleeper, big chops and a back suplex followed. ‘The Golden Boy’ motioned for the Midas Touch but Howdy grabbed his leg, allowing the champ to take Clearwater down with a spinning kick and a snapmere.

Levi sent Clearwater to the outside, where Howdy Price snuck a cheeky eyerake in, before Shapiro dropped a double axe-handle off the apron. Back in the ring, Clearwater nailed Levi with some big shots and a legdrop but Levi moved out of the way of a Mida Touch attempt, Clearwater crashing into the corner, where Howdy extracted more damage on the challenger by grabbing the leg. Levi stretched Clearwater’s leg over his shoulders but Jordan kicked his way out. It was too little too late though, as Levi grabbed the challenger’s leg on another Midas Touch attempt and applied the claw on the knee, forcing Clearwater to tap out.

Good match, and it’s not like me to usually moan about a clean finish, but I wish Jordan had lost by nefarious means as I do think Clearwater has the potential to be CWFH’s next big babyface star and I think eventually taking the TV title from Levi and having a good run with it would be a great start. Still, let’s see how it plays out. Nothing to say that won’t happen anyway.

Afterwards, Levi beat Clearwater down and reapplied the claw, bringing out a surprise saviour…CWFM’s Brett Michaels!! He ran straight in and cleared Levi and Howdy out of the ring before making sure Clearwater was ok.

‘The Gunshow’ has arrived in Hollywood! Brett Michaels seems to be riding the wave of a big push at the moment; the first winner of the Cobra Cup, the first challenger to Alan Steel’s Memphis Heritage title and now making himself known to the UWN TV Champion in Hollywood! Will Levi look to get revenge though? All I can say is Brett Michaels better watch his back, because behind Levi’s back is a big man named Anthony Idol…

Final Thoughts

This was a solid show, with an absolute banger of a match between Mike Camden and Kevin Martenson, Dom Kubrick joining Halston Boddy’s squad, an hilarious segment with The Bodega, a big title match between two big Hollywood stars in Levi Shapiro and Jordan Clearwater and, last of all, the surprise appearance of Memphis’ Brett Michaels as he took umbrage with the shenanigans of the TV Champ.

I’m intrigued as to whether we’ll get a Brett Michaels-Levi Shapiro match or whether this was to just get Michaels known outside of the Memphis audience. Either way, it’s exciting to see the UWN begin to work inter-promotional angles again now that Memphis up and running. I can’t wait to see where we’re going next with this.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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