Austin Lane Wins One Battle and Loses Another

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—April 24th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Memphis, Austin Lane has a challenge to make to a certain Derrick King. Plus, Chris Lexx is in action, and can Precious and Ryan Rembrandt co-exist as a tag team?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

Bam Bam Malone vs. Action Jackson

These two wrestled a good match against each other before, and this one was shaping up to be the same. Some mat wrestling led into an exchange of dropkicks before Malone used his strength to throw Jackson from corner to corner.

But as both men recovered from a double clothesline, Johnny Dotson and Alan Steel stormed into the ring, furious at their loss at the hands of Brett Michaels last week. They delivered a beatdown to the two competitors, throwing the match out and bringing out Brett Michaels in the process. Michaels took a kicking from the heels too until King Cobra came out to make the save. He tried to calm Steel and Dotson down but they weren’t having any of it so Cobra took his watch off, opened up his shirt and got ready to fight.

Just as things began to look bleak, Action Jackson and Bam Bam ran back to the ring and surprised the heels from behind, knocking them to the floor. That was great! A real classic Memphis sense of chaos as Steel and Dotson tried to throw their weight around and got their asses handed to them. The return of Jackson and Bam Bam to make the save was a surprise and made sense considering their match had been interrupted.

Afterwards, a furious Dotson and Steel made a challenge backstage to Jackson and Bam Bam, telling everyone that we would soon see what superheroes look like when they can’t fly. These boys ain’t messing…

Paris Kelly vs. Diana Taylor

Diana Taylor finally broke her CWFM losing streak here with a convincing win over Paris Kelly. Admittedly, I hadn’t been too impressed with what I’d seen of Taylor previously but she looked good here, throwing big clotheslines and showing good endurance as Kelly attempted to beat her down. There was a nice sequence where Taylor locked in a camel clutch and Kelly arched back into a pin attempt.

A big DDT was enough for Taylor to take victory in the end, something she was clearly delighted with as she jumped for joy in the ring. I can’t blame her, either.

Austin Lane Makes a Challenge

Backstage with Terrence Ward, Austin Lane was still understandably furious about Derrick King putting his hands on his wife, Nikki. He challenged Derrick to a match tonight, and ended by saying Derrick would soon see why they called Lane the “best of the best”. Nice promo, Lane just sells conviction every time he appears. Will Derrick accept though?

Da Russell Twins vs. Ryan Rembrandt & Precious (w/Cassandra Golden)

Before the match, Terrence Ward tried to get word from both Ryan Rembrandt and Precious, only for the two men to keep trying to stand in front of and outshine the other. Cassandra Golden was one who was not impressed, appearing to tell the two that they would tag tonight to prove to management they can get on the same page.

I wouldn’t hold your breath…

From their entrance to their disrobing in the ring, Rembrandt and Precious continuously pushed and stood in front of each other as Cassandra Golden looked like she was close to slapping some sense into the both of them. On commentary, Maria Starr came out with the line of the night when she claimed Precious looked like he was half-dressed to go to Hawaii, half-dressed to go to a brothel! Hey, if it was a Hawaiin brother, then I guess he’d be winning at life. But I digress.

Bling tags, showing off, distractions: the two just couldn’t get on the same page. Da Russell Twins clearly were on the same page, beating Rembrandt down with some impressive double team manoeuvres. A double clothesline gave Rembrandt the chance to crawl over for the hot tag—and Precious dropped from the apron! He looked ecstatic as he walked to the back as Golden looked frantic. Oh, dear. A big double slam on Rembrandt later and Da Russell Twins were victorious.

What is Cassandra Golden going to do with these two? Meanwhile, Ed McMahon was seen in the back, trying to convince a dubious Super Ed to poke people in the eye during his matches and use a concealed weapon. Talk about being onto a losing thing; maybe Ed and Cassandra should team up…

Justin Cole vs. Norman Meklakov

This was exactly what it said on the tin; two big slabs of beef bullying each other. Cole took an early advantage but it was a Meklakov clothesline that was the difference maker. From there, Big Norm was in charge, rocking Cole with big shots to the head, a side Russian leg sweep and headbutts to those previously hurt ribs. I wouldn’t say it was a one-sided affair, but Meklakov was certainly the one that was large and in charge here.

Cole had a momentary comeback, decking Norman with a big spin kick, but a poke to the eye and a full nelson slam (set up by a hair pull) gave Norman the victory. I was surprised Cole was dominated for so long. When’s Big Swole going to have his big moment?

Chris Lexx vs. Carter Matthews

Something strange is going on with the ‘King of Pow’. See, since the last time we saw him, Chris Lexx seems to have taken to wearing a mask over the bottom of his face that is is half-Mankind, half-Abyss, and he seems to have found a new edge of aggression to go with it.

Case in point: Carter Matthews backed Lexx into the corner early on but instead of breaking cleanly, he chopped Lexx across the chest. Lexx wasn’t having any of that, walking right up behind Matthews before slapping his hand away to reject a handshake and smacking him in the face. No more Mr Nice Lexx.

This was definitely more of a brawl than a technical masterpiece but damn, it was a good little scrap. Matthews got as good as he gave but Lexx was the more impressive, nailing Matthews with a nice snap mere/low dropkick combo, a modified hammerlock into a lariat, a massive spinning power slam and, after a count down from five, a crunching face buster to get the 1-2-3. An enjoyable match for sure.

Afterwards, Lexx stood over Matthews while chanting ‘pow!’ as the ref told him to leave.

Like I said, something strange is going on with the ‘King of Pow’.

Austin Lane (w/Nikki Lane) vs. Van Vicious (w/Derrick King & Queen Katelynn)

You didn’t really think Derrick King would answer the challenge, did you? Of course he came out suited and booted as he sent Van Vicious to do his dirty work for him. Austin Lane was less than impressed, shouting at King as he sat at commentary, claiming he didn’t ‘have to’ answer Lane’s challenge and telling Lane to take his haircut back to 1999! Man, he’s asking for a bruising now. Not to mention claiming Nikki is Austin’s mom!

Van Vicious got the jump on Austin, stomping him from the off, but Lane made a quick comeback. Now, remember, I’ve never seen Austin Lane wrestle before, and it’s not that I doubted him, but—AUSTIN LANE CAN GO! The guy looked crisp and fluid as he turned a hip toss into a back breaker, before landing another back breaker and a Russian leg sweep. He then went for a crucifix pin before chopping Vicious’ chest like he was chopping through butter. A charge went wrong, though, when Vicious leapt out of the way over the ropes and, as Austin hit the buckles, Vicious catapulted back in and smashed Lane with a beautiful full nelson suplex in one fluid movement. Wow. I did not expect that.

Vicious kept the pressure on with a kerb stomp, a back suplex, a high knee and a clothesline in the corner. But Lane caught Vicious as he leapt up on a second charge and drilled him with a power bomb, holding on to the legs for the pin attempt and rolling Vicious into an STF when he got the shoulder up. Nice! He even switched from the leg to the arm to turn it into a crossface. Vicious reached the ropes though, prompting Queen Katelynn to jump on the apron to buy the ‘Royal Enforcer’ some time. Nikki wasn’t having any of that, shouting at Katelynn and forcing the ref to send both women to the back.

While that was happening, Katelynn’s crown had made itself into the ring, but Austin Lane dodged a Vicious swing with it and instead broke the crown over Vicious’ head. A big boot later and Austin Lane was your winner! What a great match. I really enjoyed that. That was possibly the best match we’ve had on Championship Wrestling from Memphis yet.

Afterwards, Derrick King snuck into the ring and, like a true snake, superkicked Austin Lane out cold. Then, in a brilliant heel d**k move, he covered Lane and ordered the referee to count to three before ordering the ref to raise his hand. Haha! I love it, but I’m going to love seeing Austin Lane kick his ass even more.

Final Thoughts

This was a really enjoyable hour this week, with a lot to like bookended by two really great moments.

The wild confrontation between Johnny Dotson, Alan Steel, and Brett Michaels, King Cobra, Action Jackson and Bam Bam Malone was brilliant, adding a touch of the unexpected and a little bit of that old Memphis chaos to proceedings. Plus, Jackson and Malone should make a great tag team when they take on Dotson and Steel, possibly next week.

Meanwhile, the main event was brilliant, with Austin Lane and Van Vicious putting on a thoroughly entertaining encounter, only for Derrick King to cap it off with an excellently slimy heel move. While I was unsure at the start of this feud how invested I was in it, I’m all in on it now. Go on Austin!

The Ryan Rembrandt-Precious scenario was pretty funny this week; Diana Taylor gave her best Memphis performance to date; and Chris Lexx dropped some subtle hints that all is not right in his world. Good stuff! A thumbs up from me.

I’ll see you next week, ‘rasslin fans, for more from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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