Austin Lane Gives The King A Royal Warning

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—April 3rd

After Nikki Lane issued the challenge to Queen Katelynn two weeks ago, she finally gets her chance to get her hands on the Queen on this week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis.

Will Lane be able to take the Queen down a peg or two? Let’s go to the ring and find out!

Alan Steel (w/Johnny Dotson) vs. Max Stone

Before the match, Steel and Dotson cut a nice little promo where they told Brett Michaels it was only business when they attacked him, but they weren’t quite finished with him just yet.

Alan Steel started the match as he meant to go on—he kicked Stone right in the head as the bell rang! He followers that up by stomping a mudhole through Stone, back-suplexing him and throwing Stone face-first into the top buckle. He then smashed Stone with a big clothesline before nailing a cool-looking spinning fallaway slam for the win.

Alan Steel has Max Stone in the Steel Trap, while Johnny takes some body shots
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

Afterwards, Steele locked Stone into the modified full nelson-camel clutch submission he calls the ‘Steel Trap’ while Dotson pounded away at Stone’s body. Brett Michaels ran out to make the save, swinging a baseball bat as Steel and Dotson made their exit.

I don’t think Michaels has finished with you either, boys…

Meklakov Is Here To Destroy and Jackson & Brown Are Here To Excite!

Before the next match, Norman Meklakov told Terence Ward that he is here to destroy all American wrestlers in Memphis, before DJ Brown and Action Jackson announced they are in tag team action next week. Action’s so excited, he’s putting DJ off his game for his match tonight!

Damn, what is in that juice?

Diane Taylor vs. Cece Chanel

Amber Rodriguez joined commentary for this match, and she was more entertaining there than she was in the ring last week, opening up with “oh look, it’s the girl I just beat up”, referring to Taylor. She then proceeded to insult Cece Chanel by saying how Cece doesn’t use conditioner and she can smell Cece from where she was sitting. Brilliant.

Diana Taylor had a nice opening flourish of arm drags, but Cece just shut her down with a forearm to the face. Sometimes the simplest method is the best. A DDT followed before Cece invited Amber to get in the ring. A flourish of fists followed before a modified leg lock got the tap out.

Cece is a great addition to the Memphis roster, but Amber is not rushing to meet her: “They all step up, and they all now down. Cece will do no different! “

Precious vs. Ryan Rembrandt

Precious got the jump on Rembrandt, knocking him down with a clubbing blow from behind. He continued to work on Ryan but very quickly, Cassandra Golden made an appearance. She appeared to be wishing Precious well, but the distraction allowed Rembrandt to roll Precious up for the win.

Is Golden playing mind games with Precious? This is what you get for messing with the women’s division!

Jonny Lyons vs. DJ Brown

Before the match, Lyons told Terence Ward that while he had fallen down at the hands of two larger wrestlers on the show, this time he was going to prove he has the heart of a lion.

DJ Brown and Jonny Lyons tie up
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

And indeed, he showed that he can really go, putting on a fast-paced, athletic contest that showed that both men have the ability to combine speed with power well. Plus, Brown positively stung Lyons with some blistering chops in the corner. Ouch!

Unfortunately for Lyons, Brown caught him with a nice-looking Blockbuster from the top to bring Lyons’ CWFM record to 0-3. After that performance, I’m definitely rooting for him next time!

Da Russell Twins vs. The Skimahorns

The tag team scene is perhaps my favourite thing about Memphis at the moment. Da Russell Twins started off strong, frustrating the Skimahorns with their fast-paced offence. This caused Brad Skimahorn to lose his temper and slap one of the twins right across the face. But it was only when Briar held onto Brad’s back to prevent a monkey flip from happening that the Skimahorn’s were able to take the advantage.

The brothers kept the Twins down with quick tags and double team offence, but soon The Posse appeared to let The Skimahorns know that they weren’t finished with them. As Brad climbed to the top rope, one of The Posse sounded off an air horn, causing Brad to fall. The Twins then nailed an innovative double team slam to take the win.

A good match that furthers the feud between The Skimahorns and The Posse, it’s clear Memphis has a strong tag division. Could we see tag titles after the inaugural Memphis Heritage champion is crowned? I hope so!

Justin Cole vs. Mike Anthony

The third match in the trilogy so far, and Anthony started it off frantically by attacking Cole right off the bat.

Mike Anthony kicks Justin Cole right under the chin
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

It started very well. Cole fought back and nailed some big clotheslines and a power slam. Going up to the top proved to be a mistake, though, as Anthony pulled Cole down and “Big Swole” smashed his head into the mat. Anthony slowed the pace and wore Cole down with heavy strikes and a head butt of his own.

Cole fought back with some fists of his own and whipped Anthony into the ropes when…well, I’m not quite sure what happened if I’m honest. Anthony’s head seemed to connect with the top rope but then slipped and he fell back under the top rope, creating a whiplash effect. Watching the footage, I genuinely don’t know how it happened, but Anthony seemed scarily wobbly after. Cole had to take him down to the mat and try a pin attempt, likely to give Anthony a moment and check he was ok.

Cole continued on with a spin kick but Anthony landed a kind of jawbreaker with his feet to give the match a quick finish. I hope Mike Anthony’s ok. That was a little too close for comfort.

Nikki Lane vs. Queen Katelynn (w/ Derrick King & Van Vicious)

Queen Katelynn has a way of pushing her luck. As Nikki Lane started the match refusing to kiss the Queen’s foot, Katelynn insisted she kiss the Queen’s hand instead. Nikki obliged—sort of. She certainly made contact with the hand, but her teeth did all the work instead as she bit the hand of the Queen!

I must admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this match. There didn’t seem to be much chemistry between the two women, which is a shame. However, I did like the end and the melee that ensured afterwards. As Nikki Lane tried to take Katelynn down to the mat, Derrick King grabbed Lane’s foot, preventing the move from happening. As Lane confronted King, Katelynn rolled her up for the 1-2-3. A stolen victory for the Queen, but a win nonetheless.

Nikki Lane is furious at being robbed
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

Afterwards, Derrick King pretended to kick the dust back off the mat onto Nikki Lane. Nikki, quite rightly, got into Derrick’s face and gave him a hard slap across the face. A furious Derrick grabbed Nikki by the hair. Uh-uh. Wrong move. Nikki’s husband, Austin Lane, who is well known in Memphis as a wrestler, ‘The Best of the Best’, and who is now a producer on CWFM, rushed out and cleared Derrick out of the ring. Van Vicious tried to crack Austin with the briefcase, but Lane moved out of the way and smashed Vicious with a clothesline, a running knee and a running kick to clear the bad guys away.

I don’t know if Austin Lane has any plans on wrestling on CWFM, but if he wants to get in the ring and give Derrick King or even Van Vicious a royal execution, I certainly wouldn’t object to seeing that match.

Final Thoughts

This was a good show that perhaps didn’t quite hit the level of the last three weeks or so. Still, there was a lot to enjoy here. Amber Rodrigeuz was a blast on commentary, and if she’s building to a feud with Cece Chanel, then she’s in good hands because Cece has proven over in Hollywood that she is a great talent.

Jonny Lyons proved that he can go in the ring, as did DJ Brown, their match possibly being the match of the night. The match between The Skimahorns and Da Russell Twins continues to prove that Memphis has an exciting tag-team scene on its hands. The match between Mike Anthony and Justin Cole was good until Anthony seemed to get hurt—I genuinely hope it wasn’t anything serious. And although I didn’t enjoy the main event, I enjoyed Derrick King living his best life as a disdainful heel, and Austin Lane coming out to defend his wife in furious style. If we’re building towards Lane vs. King, I’m down for that.

I’ll see you next week, rasslin’ fans, for more from the fastest hour in wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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