Austin Lane Finds Himself In a Horror Show

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—June 12th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis looks to address the fall-out from Brett Michaels’ loss to Memphis Heritage champion Alan Steel last week, as both Alan Steel and the men who cost Michaels the title, The Hollywood Horror Show, will be making an appearance. Plus, Austin Lane will be issuing another ‘Best of the Best’ challenge, and will Dustin Starr be able to keep his Maria safe, what with Van Viciouss on the prowl?

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling, so let’s get straight into it!

The Big Match: Austin Lane Can’t Beat The Numbers Game

Austin Lane had some kind words for his opponent of last week, Chris Lexx, before heading into the ring to issue another of his ‘Best of the Best’ challenges. The Hollywood Horror Show music started up and the gruesome troupe began to surround the ring. Austin Lane went to throw a strike at Otis, only for Jacksyn to attack Lane from behind. The match was on!

Jacksyn dominated early, and his strange, elongated, deliberate movements around the ring really are freaky—in a good way. He kept Lane down with a spinning back suplex and then danced with the ref while Otis and Walker Hayes choked Lane out on the ropes.
Lane answered back by knocking Jacksyn to the outside and then landing a tope suicida on The Hollywood Horror Show. Back in the ring, Lane tried to counter a superplex attempt by pushing Jacksyn down, but Horror Show man flipped and landed on his feet before nailing a Spanish Fly.
Lane managed to come back with a spinning DDT but that provoked the appearance of Otis. This didn’t do Jacksyn any good, as Lane kicked Otis in the knee before hoisting Jacksyn up so that Otis had to catch him. Lane then kicked out Otis’ leg, which forced Otis to drop Jacksyn in a tombstone piledriver. It reads a little too cute on paper, but actually, I really liked it as it happened. Lane then set the gruesome twosome up in position and kicked Jacksyn in the back to set off a Canadian Destroyer from Jacksyn to Otis. Walker Hayes got up on the apron but Austin Lane knocked him off and went for another tope suicida. Unfortunately for Austin, Hayes caught him and choke slammed him into the ring post, forcing the ref to call for the bell and to award Austin Lane the win by DQ.
The Crowleys dropped Lane with a double chokeslam in the ring afterwards, Jimmy Blaylock clapping his clapboard to say CUT! as the Hollywood Horror Show stood drooling and growling around him…
Jacksyn Crowley is such a fascinating performer; the way he moves and his entire presence is completely eerie and really stands out. Not only that, but he can really go in that ring. I think we’ve only seen a fifth of his potential so far. Meanwhile, Austin Lane just continues to impress week after week.
A very good match; thumbs up from me.

The Big Segment: Van Viciouss Attempts To Woo One Starr and Provokes Another

Van Viciouss is not a man who easily takes no for an answer. After getting laughed at by Maria Starr last week, Van was out again, this time with flowers. He called her “MY Maria,” a big mistake when it’s Dustin who’s holding the microphone.
 He even had a poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue, my Maria’s hot, what makes you think she wants you?” Wordsworth, he ain’t. Vicious then threw a flower at Dustin. Big mistake.
Dustin asked the cocky Van if he knew why the fans were chanting his name. “Because they want to see me punch you in the face.” The fans loved it, chanting “knock him out!” Dustin, though, said he would take the higher ground as he has a show to host.
Viciouss walked off with a smirk, but I know Dustin Starr has said on social media that he does punch someone at these tapings so…better luck next time Van!
A very fun segment. Get him, Dustin!

Other Segments & Promos

  • The Hollywood Horror Show told Dustin Starr they’re here to make a statement and will hurt everyone who gets in their way—like Brett Michaels! Jimmy Blaylock got upset when Dustin Starr accused him of kidnapping Walker Hayes and brainwashing him.
  • Norman Meklakov came out with a Russian flag and started shouting at the audience in Russian. Justin Cole then came out with the Stars and Stripes and told Meklakov he was sick of listening to his crap. Unfortunately for Cole, Kim Dang attacked him from behind. Dang and Meklakov stood over Cole’s prone body afterwards.
  • Eric McMahon and Paris Kelly called out Diana Taylor as a liability and told her they’d get what they deserve. Kelly pretended McMahon was holding up 3 fingers instead of two. I don’t think it will hold up in court…
  • Diana Taylor spoke to Dustin Starr, telling him she’s known Paris Kelly all her life. She doesn’t know Eric McMahon but she knows he has something planned. Yeah—they want all your money, Diana!
  • The Yung Goats came out to let everyone know that they deserve to be the first Memphis tag team champions! Dustin Starr told them that Memphis legend Dave Brown would be here next week with a major announcement regarding the tag titles.
  • Alan Steel told everyone that wherever he goes, Johnny Dotson goes, but he beat Brett Michaels fair and square. Steel said because everyone’s complaining about how Michaels was cheated, he’ll give Michaels a rematch right then and there. Of course, he knew Michaels was not in the building, didn’t he? Action Jackson wasn’t having it, coming out to make a challenge to Steel instead. Steel asked him who he’s beaten, who can he beat in fact? Jackson responded with “you,” in a cool moment. Steel said if Jackson can beat Dotson, he can then have a title shot. Jackson agreed, before slapping Dotson in the face and beating him up in the ring. Steel had to pull Dotson out! A really good segment, with Steel trying to stack the odds against Jackson.


  • ‘The Revenant of’ Walker Hayes beat Maxx Stone in a quick squash with a cool-looking sit-down chokeslam. Afterwards, Jimmy Blaylock told Dustin Starr they’d be back later…
  • Diana Taylor beat Lil Bit in a good match with a DDT. Lil Bit looked like a really good addition to the women’s roster.
  • The Yung Goats and The Posse fought to a no-contest when The Skimahorns came out, told Dustin Starr that THEY would be the tag team champions, and then beat down both teams. Danny B Good ran out to make the save. The match was really good before the finish.
  • ‘Austin Lane’s Best of the Best Challenge’: Austin Lane beat Jacksyn Crowley by DQ when ‘The Revenant of’ Walker Hayes choke slammed him into the ring post.

Final Thoughts

This was a solid episode of Championship Wrestling from Memphis this week, with the focus being on Memphis’ new bad boys on the block, the Hollywood Horror Show, and on the Memphis Heritage title. The Hollywood Horror Show made good on their word to destroy everything in their way, beating down fan favourite Austin Lane and standing over the corpse (well, not corpse, but…)

Meanwhile, Action Jackson played on Alan Steel’s arrogance by reminding him that Brett Michaels had told Jackson that when Michaels won, which he didn’t, Jackson could have the first title shot. He also told Steel he thought he could beat him, provoking an angry Steel to throw Dotson in Jackson’s direction first. It made good, logical sense, and I’m going to see Jackson overcome the odds and beat Dotson to get the title.

The tag scene is getting heated over the inaugural tag team champions, as The Yung Goats, The Posse and The Skimahorns all came to heated blows over who is the best and most deserving team in the promotion.

All the pieces are falling into place for some big moments to come in Memphis. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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