Any Changes to Raw After Clash of Champions?

Raw Review – September 28th

Hey everybody, it’s Sam, bringing you your Monday Night Raw Review. Let’s get into some raves and rants on the Raw after the Clash of Champions PPV. We need to talk about what happened and, more importantly, what we should be thinking about it. 

Clash of Champions

I felt like it was going to be fairly predictable and that there wasn’t going to be too many title changes. Now, they did have some surprises. However, they weren’t really of WWE’s making. As many of you have read on here, COVID-19 has once again hit WWE, starting on Saturday and obviously continuing on into Sunday. This meant that WWE had to basically throw out two matches on their Clash of Champions card. 

One of these matches was the women’s tag team title match with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. The Riott Squad, a big title match. They then had to change the SmackDown Women’s Championship match. WWE found a replacement for Nikki Cross, and that replacement just happened to be the Raw Women’s Championship holder, Asuka. However, there was a surprise, and it just showed up in the form of Sasha Banks, who beat Bayley with a kendo stick. So, there were different surprises like that thrown in. However, as I said, there were not not many surprises with titles.

Drew McIntyre With His “Help” – Four Legends

One surprise that WWE threw in is what they started off Raw with tonight: by playing Ric Flair’s music. Now, I’m going to be real honest with you. When the music hit, I thought “yeah! It’s Charlotte,” but no, it was Ric Flair. He was coming down to the ring to start the celebration for the four legends that showed up last night to help Drew McIntyre beat Randy Orton. 

So, after we see Ric Flair, we get the Big Show, then Christian and then, finally, Shawn Michaels comes down. Drew McIntyre then comes out to the ring and, of course, he wants to thank everybody. They have some scripted back and forth, then they start talking about how they know Randy Orton is going to beg for another match.

Randy Orton’s Raw Response – Hell in a Cell?

Randy Orton appears on the TitanTron to say “just don’t get it. I don’t have to beg for anything. I’m Randy Orton. I’m a 13-time champion. So, all I have to do is ask”. He then reminds Drew that he is the legend killer. Randy Orton then appears to leave the building.

Of course, you have to know that this is leading to Hell in a Cell. You’ve just had four legends interfere in a match. So, what better structure to put them in where no one can interfere and you can have your way with someone? Well, that will be Hell in a Cell, which just happens to be the October pay-per-view.

Drew’s Open Challenge

Now, Drew McIntyre looks at the legends and says that all this talk about challenging for titles makes him want to do an open challenge. He wants someone to step up who hasn’t had a chance before. It has to be later tonight because he is not dressed in his gear. This was nothing but a rating ploy. It was to get anyone who turned in to see who won at that PPV to hopefully stay and keep watching because the legends came out.

Rematch Already On Tonight’s Raw? Asuka vs Zelina Vega

Kayla Braxton is in the back and she is interviewing Zelina Vega. Kayla asked her about being a poor sport by hitting Asuka while she was bowing to her after the match. Vega says she wants a rematch. Asuka comes out to interrupt and says “well, I hope you’re ready to lose to me one more time.” Vega agrees to the match.

Even though I though Vega did a good job the previous night at Clash of Champions, I still don’t think she deserved the shot at a PPV. I definitely don’t believe she should get a rematch tonight.

The Championship Match

Asuka dominates from the get-go and takes this one over quickly. Vega makes her comeback as WWE goes to commercial, but it wasn’t long a comeback. I think WWE wanted Asuka to look stronger than she did at the PPV. Vega’s standing armbar and backstabber looked good. I just felt Vega wasn’t as smooth and crisp as we are used to on Monday Night Raw. She just needs more work. 

At the very end of the match, Vega goes for a moonsault, but Asuka moves while catching her arm. She puts her down into the Asuka Lock. Vega taps. It wasn’t a bad match, but nothing to keep you excited after a PPV. This was a thrown together match, which I tend to hate. It has no storyline and there was no reason for Zelina to jump line and get another championship match.

Legends’ Lounge Poker Room

Coming back from commercial, we see the legends are backstage in a room playing poker. I found that really unusual. Have you ever seen Big Show, Ric Flair, Christian, and Shawn Michaels playing poker together? Do they seem like they would during a show?

Andrade Open Challenge?

Andrade is already in the ring. He gets no intro, and of course, Vega is not with him. It’s just weird to see him alone with a mic. As many of you already know, Angel Garza got a hip injury at Clash of Champions and is supposed to find out today after an MRI exactly how bad it is. Andrade wants to know who wants to face him. Seriously? I’m going to be real honest with you. If I’m in the back…NO ONE.

Why would anyone? He’s not a champion. He’s not a legend. I guess maybe someone who would want TV time might choose to face him, but really what’s the point? You have nothing to gain.

Keith Lee vs Andrade

Keith Lee is someone who wants to answer that challenge. His music hits and he comes out. This wasn’t that long of a match. I’m not 100% sure why we had this match. Andrade tried to do a lot of power moves against Keith Lee, which was stupid. Keith Lee is bigger than him. Keith Lee ended up knocking him down. Lee used wrist control to maneuver him around the ring. Andrade had a small comeback, starting with a kick, but he ended up getting a crossbody from Lee, who followed up with the Spirit Bomb.

This just signifies the downhill slide that we’re going to see Andrade go on. I’ve been saying that Andrade is not doing well in Vince McMahon’s eyes. He didn’t see what Paul Heyman saw in him. And therefore, you know, we’re gonna see a drop-off in his push and I think we’re gonna see it faster than what we normally would because Angel Garza is hurt.

King’s Court with Jerry Lawler

I have to start off with a rant of how disappointed I am with WWE before getting on with the segment. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Jerry “The King” Lawler on Saturday night, September 26 in Memphis, Tennessee, celebrated his 50th year in wrestling. Of course, he did it by wrestling a match. But did WWE say that? No. Is it mentioned that he had the celebration by showing any clips from it? Do they show a video from Vince McMahon congratulating him? No, of course not. Bad WWE, very bad.

Raw’s King’s Court With The Mysterios

The King Court’s segment stars the Mysterio family talking about their family problems from last week. Lawler seems to be playing the role of Dr. Phil. Do you really want Jerry Lawler to solve your problems, though? He keeps upsetting Dominik and Rey about hurting Aliyah. As he talks to Aliyah, she says that she knows that Seth is a fraud and a bad person. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with Seth. Then she says she doesn’t know about Murphy. 

At that time, Seth decides to show up on the Titantron. He makes fun of that statement and tells Rey and Angie Mysterio that Aliyah isn’t telling them the whole truth. He holds up Murphy’s phone and shows them the DM’s back and forth from Aliyah and Murphy. There is even one wishing Murphy a Happy Birthday. Rey and Dominik immediately take off for the back. Murphy comes to confront Seth and asks what are you doing? Seth responds that they need to know the truth. Dominic shows up and takes both of them out. The referees break them up.

Confusion…Why Does WWE Make This So Hard?

I don’t know that this storyline needs to be this hard and complicated. I mean, we understand why Dominik is fighting Seth. Seth put out his father’s eye. Sometimes, yes, he fought Murphy because he is Seth’s disciple. But is that enough? 

Make it easy. The internet, Reddit, and Twitter sure have by using reality. Dominic and Rey need to be upset that Murphy just had a birthday—his 32nd birthday—while Aliyah is 19 years old on TV and in real life. Wouldn’t most dads and older brothers be upset? Don’t make it harder than it is.

Mandy Rose? Really?!?!?

Are you telling me that Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, who were a strong tag team that was getting better, were worth splitting up for an Otis storyline? That was worth it? Then you decided to make Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville fight in singles matches for 3-4 months, letting them gain singles experience, hopefully for a singles run. But somewhere along the line, Vince decided Mandy should be away from Otis and moved to Raw. Only to put her back in a tag team with DANA BROOKE?!?!?! For real? I hope she leaves at the first opportunity as soon as her contract is up.

The Hurt Business vs Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Apollo Crews

Is anyone else ready for this to be over? I read somewhere that Apollo Crews has had 14 straight matches against someone from The Hurt Business. It is TIME to move on. I’m glad this week The Hurt Business found wherever WWE had been hiding Mustafa Ali all these weeks, but it isn’t enough for me to watch another singles, tag team, or six-man match with any combination of these two groups. They have ok matches, but never great matches. MVP is really the only one that comes with a consistently great promo. It just isn’t worth valuable Raw time anymore. There are too many other great storylines to develop.

 Dominic Mysterio vs. Murphy

This is really a back and forth match. If you can find it without watching the whole match, check out the highlight somewhere on the WWE Facebook page or their YouTube page. Dominic at one point hits a jawbreaker on Murphy and then he hits a big tornado DDT. It was absolutely beautiful.

It is still hard for me to believe that this is a 23-year-old kid who has never been part of a major wrestling promotion. Yes, he went to Lance Storm’s Wrestling School. But he didn’t come from another promotion or he didn’t come out of NXT. And he is hitting some of these outrageous moves. I just find it amazing.

We see Dominik getting madder and madder throughout this match. He basically ends up in a fit of rage. At one point, the referee has to give him a warning for going over the five count. He throws Murphy back into the ring, then reaches under the ring for a kendo stick. Aliyah comes out to say, “don’t use that, please don’t use that.” Dominik should know that if he uses it then he’s going to get disqualified. As he is distracted, Murphy rolls him up for the win.

The Brother and Sister Fight

So then we get to see the brother/sister fight. Dominik uses his dad’s words to tell Aliyah again that she is naïve. All this does is get her even more pissed off, so she finally snaps. Aliyah slaps Dominik. I was excited about this because it’s about time that she stood up for herself.

Dolph Ziggler’s Surprise

As we come back from commercial, we see Dolph Ziggler talking to Adam Pearce and he says he wants to talk about Drew McIntyre’s open challenge. Drew McIntyre had already said, “I want somebody that hasn’t challenged for the championship yet”, so we know Dolph isn’t who it is going to be. 

Drew’s Raw Open Challenge Opponent

Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring, and then we hear Dolph Ziggler’s music hit. Dolph says “I’m not the one that’s going to face you. It’s going to be my old tag team partner.” Of course, we get the “Glorious” music and then we see Bobby Roode.

Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Roode

Now I understand why WWE made this an open challenge. However, I really wish that this wasn’t Bobby Roode’s comeback debut. Why would you bring back a superstar of Bobby Roode’s caliber, someone who has been a champion everywhere he has been to, basically just suffer a loss. He looked good in the beginning, when he was kicking and targeting Drew McIntyre’s right leg. This was the leg that Randy Orton was targeting last night at Clash of Champions. However, Drew McIntyre is the champion for a reason. He ends up landing a reverse Alabama slam on the apron. 

At a point, you know, Dolph Ziggler has to start interfering, but it ends up that Drew gets a hold of Ziggler on the apron. Bobby Roode ends up hitting the Glorious DDT. However, Drew McIntyre kicks out at two. So Roode tries to go for another Glorious DDT, but McIntyre reverses it. He goes off the rope and hits Roode with the Claymore. He pins Roode easily afterward. Drew McIntyre is still champion.

Night Goggles

We see a janitor pushing a bucket. He is outside the Legends’ Lounge. We see that it is Randy Orton and he has a pair of night-vision goggles on top of his head. As he opens the door of the Legends’ Lounge, the legends are still playing poker. Randy turns off the lights and proceeds to put his night vision goggles on. He takes out all four legends with a chair. We see the legends all laid out. Then we see Randy Orton put the night vision goggles back on top of his head and go back to being the night janitor. Then the show ends.


So, I guess that’s kind of where we stand with Monday Night Raw. Do I like where we stand? No way. I thought maybe WWE was going to turn the corner. They have the pieces, as in the wrestlers, but Monday Night Raw is a mess and they are still struggling with cleaning it up. I’m at a loss at what they can do. Here’s hoping that Friday Night Smackdown is better. It’s bound to be. At Clash of Champions, Vince couldn’t wait any longer—just like a little boy at Christmas with presents. He pulled the trigger on the Bayley vs. Sasha Banks War that WWE has been teasing us with for 3-5 years now.

I think this war could go down in wrestling history. Both are ready and experienced enough to finally tell the story correctly. They will get you to feel it. Starting with Hell in a Cell.

So, looking forward to you, SmackDown! Bring it!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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