Anthony Idol Shakes Hands With The Enemy

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—April 24th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Jack Cartwright and Anthony Idol are set to do battle with Levi Shapiro and Honest John in the main event. Plus, we get an update on Jordan Clearwater and Jack Banning and everybody’s favourite tag team (no, not The Young Bucks), Midnight Heat, will be in action.

Let’s get to the ring and get into it!

Sometimes It’s Hard Letting Go

We kicked things off with…well, Honest John trying to sell James Kincaid his own phone back. Hey, he’s only trying to make an honest living! Also, it’s great to see Blake “Bulletproof” Troop back at commentary too.

After the credits, though, Jamie Iovine kicked things off properly by leading Viva Van, Halston Boddy and Cece Chanel to the ring (amusingly holding the ropes open for Van but ignoring and forgetting Cece). Jamie was in a good mood. Well, the pain of his that was Heather Monroe has finally gone, so he had some gifts for everyone in celebration.

For Halston, the upcoming Coastline Clash event will be called Halston Boddy’s Coastline Clash. For Viva, who Jamie claimed is the nucleus of his family, Iovine promised he would make every day so she knows how important she is. And for Cece (and here Iovine put his arm around Cece, who responded with some priceless facial expressions and body language), he knew that being in Jamie’s employ was hard, so he’s going to let her go. She’ll still be on the roster but will be no longer obligated to work for Jamie.

Cece was as so happy that I thought she’d burst. But Jamie wasn’t done. Like he said, it wasn’t going to be that easy. He has a hard time letting go. With that, Van cracked Cece from behind and knocked her down, and then all three…stood and stared and laughed. It was a little bit odd; why didn’t Van and perhaps Boddy carry on the beatdown? Why stand and stare while we wait?

In any case, turning on Cece makes sense if Heather is going to be gone for a while, and Cece vs. Van should certainly make for a fun feud.

Hollywood Heritage Champion Richie Slade (w/Flex Mccallion) vs. Piranacanrana

Flex’s ‘Hulkamania’-pastiching Beef Candy t-shirt is pretty cool, as much as it pains me to say it. Another week, another long Beef Candy introduction. For some reason, the concept of someone being described as ‘succulent’ gives me a lot of amusement. No, I don’t know why either.

Piranacanrana, he of the magical union of marine life and Lucha Libre, offered a handshake to start but Slade decided to smooth his hair instead. So Piranacanrana did the only reasonable thing; he took Slade down from behind. He followed up with several clotheslines in the corner before Flex made his presence felt and tripped Piranacanrana over.

Slade landed a nice dropkick but the Lucha Fish was not down for long as he nailed Slade with a lovely looking Fisherman’s suplex (get it? Because he’s a…oh, never mind). Flex again got involved, distracting the ref, giving Slade the opportunity to pull Piranacanrana’s t-shirt over his head and drop him with the Candy Drop for the 1-2-3.

After the bell, Slade gave the Lucha Fish a good stomping before he and Flex spraypainted a big BC on his back, Flex telling us all this will continue as they show us all why ‘they’ (not just Richie) are champions.

Howdy Price and Honest John Settle Some Business

Earlier in the day, Jack Farmer had the pleasure of speaking to the UWN TV Champion, Timeless Levi Shapiro, and Howdy Price. It turns out Levi has been booked for a tag match but it’s not known who Levi’s partner will be. Howdy tried his best to convincingly tell Shapiro he had everything sorted, looking like he was sweating a little, when Honest John appeared, trying to sell Howdy a pair of sunglasses for $20 and Levi a hairbrush to sort out his hair with. But before Levi had time to get annoyed, a plan had formed in Howdy’s head as he invited Honest John to talk.

You’re not going to make an honest living talking to Howdy, John…

Action Braxton & Watson (w/Fresco) vs. Midnight Heat (w/Guy Tweakacetti)

No Cornette-style introduction from Guy this week, but we got some dancing in the ring—man, Ricky Gibson genuinely looked like he was living his best life! I wanna be that guy. Plus, Guy got introduced as the only guy who can out-party Vince Neil! It’s when he can out-party prime Ozzy Osborne that we need to worry.

Action Braxton and Watson have appeared in Hollywood before but never as a tag team. This should be a good match, especially with the Heat involved.

Braxton started off hot and heavy, using his speed to dodge around the heat as he cracked both Gibson and Pearl with some big, impressive-looking strikes. Watson tagged in and smashed both Heat members with spinning power slams before Braxton nailed a double crossbody and stereo atomic drops sent the Heat banding into each other.

Eddie Pearl finally gained control with an inverted atomic drop. A double flapjack kept on the pressure before Pearl nailed a picture-perfect dropkick. As befits a classic era-style tag team, they cut the ring off beautifully, Gibson nailing Braxton so that the two could double team Watson in the corner while the ref tried to get Action back to his corner. So simple but so effective. As was Watson sending Pearl and Gibson into each other and hitting Gibson with an enziguri.

Action Braxton took the hot tag and went into a frenzy, battering the Heat boys and dropkicking Pearl right into Gibson in the corner. A superkick took Pearl out and a Watson spear knocked the wind out of Gibson’s sails as victory looked to be on the horizon for the Braxton/Watson pairing. At this point, Guy tried to distract the ref but was laid out by Fresco. This gave the Heat the chance to take out Watson with the Heat Magnet (a double team where Gibson holds their opponent in a backbreaker position and Pearl comes off the top with a spinning leg drop) for the victory.

This was a great match! While I always enjoyed 4 Minutes of Heat, since switching to the Midnight Heat name, they’ve really gotten a whole new lease of life and are just exhilarating to watch. Meanwhile, the Braxton and Watson pairing showed real fire and chemistry. I hope they’ll be a regular team because they looked GOOD in there. Great stuff.

Mylo Matters vs. Sandra Moone

There was some nice grappling to start here, as Mylo took the advantage with a headlock, Moone answering with hard strikes to the ribs. A couple of Mylo arm drags took Moone to the mat but she returned fire with a big back suplex. A vertical suplex got a two count so Moone ground her forearms into Mylo’s face in the corner before landing some hard strikes. This was a harder, more aggressive Moone than we’re usually used to.

A sunset flip got Mylo a near-fall, as did a big slam for Moone. A jawbreaker, a pair of clotheslines and a leaping kick got Mylo back in the game and, after having her dragon sleeper turned into a backslide for a near-fall, Mylo caught Moone in a roll-up for the pinfall victory.

This was a good match that nicely showcased a new aggressive side to Moone. Mylo, meanwhile, looked gutsy with her never-say-die attitude. A nice showcase for the women’s division.

Afterwards, Jack Farmer spoke to Darwin Finch, who said Jervis’ intercostal muscles are damaged, but he’s on the mend and he’ll be back when he can be. Meanwhile, Darwin will uphold the spirit of the Friendship Farm.

Todd Keneley then made the announcement that Jordan Clearwater and Jack Banning have been suspended from CWFH but at Halston Boddy’s Coastline Clash, they will go to war in a Last Man Standing Match to settle their conflict once and for all! Yes! That’s exactly the kind of match I was hoping to see. Let them get as brutal as they like; it only ends when one man can’t get up anymore…

Jack Cartwright & Anthony Idol vs. Levi Shapiro and Honest John (w/Howdy Price)

Honest John had been pulling items to sell all night from out of his hat (literally). So it was only fitting that he pulled out Levi’s black glove as they made their entrance. One good turn deserves another; John finally got his handshake that he has been craving for weeks (the smirk Levi gave to the camera as he shook John’s hand was brilliant). It was a superb entrance and made me think that maybe Levi and Honest John as a partnership under Howdy might just work nicely.

Pushing his luck, John went to shake Anthony Idol’s hand. No dice. Idol slapped his hand away before shoulder blocking and press slamming him into the mat. Cartwright then blasted John with a dropkick and a rolling fireman’s carry in an impressive display of athleticism.

Levi tagged in and Cartwright took him down with a flurry of fists before the two grappled for supremacy on the mat, Cartwright looking for a chokehold. A low dropkick and a headlock followed. Cartwright looked for more aerial offence but Levi cut him off with a sharp spinning kick. John then distracted the ref as Levi choked Jack on the bottom rope. A body shot with that suspicious glove and suplex followed. Levi was looking good here, his offence crisp and well-executed. He ramped up the aggression, cutting off a Cartwright comeback with a genuinely hard shot that sent Cartwright reeling, before landing some hard chops in the corner.

Honest John followed up with a crisp-looking suplex. Don’t be deceived; John’s got skill. Levi then tried to back Cartwright into the corner but Jack was too quick for him and flipped over Levi to make the hot tag.

And then it happened.

Idol flipped Cartwright over the top rope and sending him into the apron with a hard smack. Idol followed up by laying a beat down on his partner on the floor as Honest John joined in, landing a flurry of punches before Idol bodyslammed Jack hard on the ramp. Levi Shapiro then applied the claw, his face twisted in derangement as he stared into the camera. Idol then did the unthinkable and shook Howdy’s hand before the posse threw up a bull horns sign to the camera. Now I did not see that coming…

Final Thoughts

This was a good episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood that had perhaps a few issues that stopped it from being a great episode.

The Slade-Piranhacanrana match was a bit throwaway, to be honest. Also, the fact that Iovine and co just stood around awkwardly after knocking Cece took me out of the moment a little bit. On the plus side, the turn on Cece did make sense and does set up a nice feud moving forward.

Also on the plus side, Midnight Heat and Action Braxton and Watson had a great match together. Mylo Matters and Sandra Moone had a good contest also. We also got the announcement of a Clearwater-Banning Last Man Standing match, which has me very excited.

As for the Anthony Idol turn, I’m all for Idol turning heel. I don’t know where else he could go as a face, to be honest. The turn itself was unexpected and well-executed and the four looked good as a unit as they posed on the ramp. My problem here is that I can’t see Idol wanting to team up with Howdy. A lone wolf heel—I could see that. But teaming with Howdy?!? It does seem an odd pairing. I’ll wait and hear Idol’s promo on why he turned before casting further judgement.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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