AEW Rampage Review: Oct. 29th 2021

Welcome one and welcome all to the AEW Rampage Review for Oct. 29th, 2021. Normally, I’d be praising AEW Rampage from the rooftops, but this week’s episode was a bit of a mixed bag. This wasn’t down to anything that the wrestlers involved did—as you shall see—but instead of giving me the pure wrestling heaven of Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, it fell a tad short. But don’t take my word for it—oh, wait, actually do—just read on and all will be revealed.

AEW Dynamite graphic for Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

This episode of AEW Rampage started with my Fight of the Night between Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston. And what a fight it was. When you have two such opposing styles—Kingston is a brawler at heart, while Danielson is a technical wizard—there’s always a chance that they won’t be able to meld, but there was no need to fear that here as both The Mad King and The American Dragon put on a stunning display.

A vast majority of the match saw Kingston lay a serious beating on Danielson, to the point that his chops had cut up his opponent’s chest pretty badly by the time it was over. Yet you can’t keep a good goat down, and it wasn’t long before the former WWE man had found his way back into the bout.

This had the crowd—and your friendly neighbourhood wrestling writer—in raptures, and as we hit the final stretch, the two traded blows that must’ve loosened a few fillings. The end came after Danielson locked in a triangle choke and Kingston passed out, but not before Eddie managed to flip him off, because he’s a double hard-bastard.

Winner And Advancing To The Final: Bryan Danielson

Promo Of The Week

This led to the ‘Sports Obsessive Promo Of The Week’; even though what followed next wasn’t really a promo. We cut backstage to Tony Schiavone, who was interviewing CM Punk, when all of a sudden you could hear a very irate Eddie Kingston, cursing out the ref for calling his match off. Seeing that Punk was smiling, The Mad King took offence, slapped the microphone out of Schiavone’s hand, and got in Punk’s face.

This led to a heated exchange between the two, with both men having to be separated—Kingston by Ruby Soho for some strange reason—which seems to mean that we’re having a Kingston heel turn and Punk’s now in his sights. Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk? Yeah, I can live with that.

Matt Sydal vs. Dante Martin

I said in my review of AEW Dark this week that I thought Dante Martin’s move-set should be hanging in a museum as it’s a work of art, and he proved that once again here on AEW Rampage as he defied gravity and pulled off maneuvers I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen. It boggles the mind to think that this guy has been wrestling for only five years—at least, according to those on commentary—meaning that he started when he was 15. When I was 15, the only thing I wanted to figure out was how to take off Shelly Walker’s bra before her dad got home, not how to slap on wrist-locks and figure fours.

This was not only a highly entertaining match, but a clever one as well, as Sydal set out to take away Martin’s ariel prowess by working over his legs, proving that he has the wrestling brain to back up his own high-flying exploits, but it was Martin’s outrageous offense that won the day.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this young lad before, then you are missing out on some of the most innovative and creative wrestling around at the moment. Mark my words, Dante Martin is destined for greatness.

Winner: Dante Martin

Trick Or Treat No Disqualification Match: Britt Baker D.M.D vs. Abadon

Now we come to the part of the show that fell short. Before we go any further, I want to point out that this had nothing to do with either Britt Baker D.M.D or Abadon as they gave their all. No, this was down to three simple things.

1: The premise behind the Trick Or Treat No Disqualification Match was that if Abadon won, she’d get a shot at the AEW Women’s Title, but she’d have to do it with the odds stacked against her as it was no DQ, which meant that the good doctor would be accompanied to the ring by her henchwomen, who could get as involved as they chose. The problem here was that you never believed that Abadon would pick up the victory and that this was nothing more than AEW cashing in on Halloween.

2: The audience didn’t give a damn. They were flatter than James Ellsworth’s chin, and it wasn’t until the tables, chairs, and thumbtacks made an appearance that they showed the slightest signs of life.

3: Whoever edited this thing together needs firing out of a cannon. Into the sun. This week’s AEW Rampage was shot straight after this week’s AEW Dynamite, meaning that the match probably got a decent amount of time in front of the—not at all interested—audience, but by the time it had been hacked to pieces in the editing room, it got seven minutes. 90 seconds of which was taken up by commercials. So about five minutes in total. Five minutes. That’s offensive. It’s disrespectful to the term ‘Main Event’. It’s disrespectful to those of us watching at home. But most importantly, it’s disrespectful to the wrestlers involved.

From what I saw, they put on a good outing that amped up when the match went hardcore, with some tables refusing to break, thumbtacks being stuck into both Britt Baker and Abadon, and attempted murder with a chair that the latter shook off. But the way this match was treated, they may as well have just slapped it on AEW Dark Elevation. At least there, it would’ve gotten the headline spot and—maybe—the full-length showing it deserved. For shame, AEW, for shame.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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