AEW Dynamite Review: Nov. 17th 2021

Welcome one and welcome all to the AEW Dynamite review for Nov. 17th, 2021. After AEW: Full Gear – which I still feel that Main Event aside was nothing more than a glorified AEW Dynamite – I was hoping for a show that would kick out my wrestling cobwebs. Having already been subjected to NXT 2.0 on Tuesday Night/ Wednesday Morning, I was feeling a little jaded and I was hoping that AEW Dynamite would deliver the caffeine-fueled adrenaline rush that I was in desperate need of.

And it did. This was an exceptionally good episode of AEW Dynamite that had highly competitive matches while advancing storylines and feuds without too much silliness. Except…well, let’s get into it and see what the exception to that rule was, shall we?

AEW Dynamite graphic for Sammy Guevara vs. Jay Lethal

National Cowboy Sh*t Day Celebration With Hangman Page

After we had a promo with The Bucks, Adam Cole (Bay Bay!), and Kenny Omega, confirming that The Cleaner would indeed be MIA for some time, it was time to head to the ring for National Cowboy S*it Day. And I really, really wish we hadn’t bothered.

First off, why? Just…why? And secondly, I called it. Kind of. If you’ve read my article on the Five Feuds For Hangman Page, you’ll see that I questioned how they’d approach the face vs. face booking situation they found themselves in. Basically, I felt that unless they turned one of them heel, then we’d have to just put up with a good guy battle. So, they did. But for the love of God, it was awful

While Hangman Page was celebrating his hard-earned victory over Kenny Omega and being the new AEW World Champion, Bryan Danielson came out and just turned bad guy on him. For no f*cking reason. There was no slow burn, no patient build, AEW just said “To hell with it, he can just behave like a dick” and that’s what he did.

He insulted Page, punked-out the crowd, and said that he knew that Hangman had a litany of excuses for failing so he didn’t want him to have any when he beat him for the belt and it was f*cking painful to watch. They could’ve built this so, so much better, but instead they just decided that we’d be happy to see a heel turn that made zero sense just because we want to see Page vs. Danielson. Considering how long it actually took and how well they did with getting Page to this point, this was the polar opposite and an utter cop-out.

Bryan Danielson vs. Evil Uno

The match that followed this rubbish was actually very good. But that’s because you could put Danielson in there with me and he’d still be able to pull out a half-decent match, and I’m of the belief that Evil Uno is a very underrated wrestler. There was never a chance that Uno was going to pick up the win, but it did allow Danielson to show a much more ruthless side to his character, as he took great pleasure in slapping his opponent in the face. Then when Uno did it back to him he started yelling about disrespect and laid a hurting on him.

This was a good bout with Uno not just being there as a punching bag, but after Danielson had spent some time stomping on his head – which looks like it hurts like hell, by the way – he got him in the Triangle Choke and the evil one passed out straight away.

Afterward, Danielson refused to release the hold and when he finally did, he ended up warning Hangman page that he was going to kick every member of The Dark Order in the head until he got his title match, continuing in Chicago next week with Colt Cabana.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Tag Team Match: The Butcher and The Blade vs. Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

After some more backstage stuff  – including Eddie Kingston making Tony Schiavone laugh by begging for one promo that didn’t get interrupted, before stating he was off to catering – it was time for the AEW debut of Tomohiro Ishii. I’m guessing that most of you who are reading this know who Ishii is, but for those of you that don’t, Tomohiro Ishii is the six-time and current NJPW NEVER Champion. He is also – how best to put this – tougher than an attack dog on steroids and harder than a bed of nails coated in quick-drying cement. He is not the kind of person you want to get on the wrong side. The Butcher and The Blade found this out to their cost during this Tag Team Match, as whenever Ishii hit either man, he was stiffer than a morgue.

Even with Big Money Matt and The Bunny trying their best to run interference and Orange Cassidy spending most of the match getting beaten like a red-headed step-child – which appears to be his M.O at the moment – Ishii would pick up the win for his team after hitting a sweet Brainbuster on The Butcher for the 1-2-3. If this is just the start of AEW and NJPW’s working relationship, I can’t wait to see even more.

Winners: Orange Cassidy and Tomohiro Ishii

Women’s Championship Tournament Quarter Final: Nyla Rose w/Vicky Guerrero vs. Hikaru Shida

I really enjoyed this match. I enjoyed how Nyla Rose focused her attack on Hikaru Shida’s bum knee. I enjoyed how Shida sold it as if her leg was about to fall off every time it was attacked. I enjoyed watching Vicky Guerrero fall on her face and get smacked around with a kendo stick. I even enjoyed the interference from Serena Deeb as it made storyline sense.

There was nothing about this match that anyone can complain about – though I have no doubt that there are keyboard warriors doing just that as I write this review – and even though Rose isn’t my choice to become the inaugural TBS Women’s Champion – that belt has Jade Cargill’s name written all over it – I’m looking forward to her Semi-Final bout against Ruby Soho.

Oh come on, there’s no way that Statlander’s winning that match.

Winner: Nyla Rose

MJF Starts A Feud With CM Punk

But not in the traditional sense of laying a beatdown on The Best in The World. What happened was that MJF came to the ring and ran his mouth about how he was more deserving of a title shot than anybody else in the locker room and how there wasn’t a single wrestler backstage that could beat him. This led to CM Punk coming out to the ring. When he entered, Maxwell introduced himself and offered his hand. Punk just laughed in his face and left, carrying on laughing all the way to the back. It was brilliant.

We’ve had feuds start over way stupider things than this and this could – and really should – be the one that makes it impossible for MJF not to be the next AEW World Champion. If they have any sense then MJF is the one to end CM Punk’s triumphant return. I don’t care if he has to cheat to win or pins him clean, MJF beating CM Punk will be the final step to global stardom that he needs.

I’m a huge mark for MJF and I’m convinced that he’s big enough as it is, but it doesn’t seem that all of the IWC agrees with me. But if he gets the victory over their returning hero then the wrestling world will have no choice but to acknowledge that MJF is the real deal and that he truly is as good as he claims.

Tag Team Match: Lio Rush and Dante Martin vs. The Acclaimed

AEW has decided to strap a rocket to Dante Martin and light that sucker with a fuse made of Lio Rush, and I’m all for it. This combination might eventually end with Rush stabbing his partner/protege in the back, but while they’re putting in performances like this and moving their way into the Tag Team Title picture, that future seems a long way off.

On the other hand, The Acclaimed seem to be on a bit of a losing streak of late. Whether that’s in single matches or with the two sharing a ring together. Now, I don’t think they’re planning on splitting them up anytime soon – the AEW Tag Team division is pretty threadbare when it comes to legitimate threats – but as the sudden heel turn of Bryan Danielson showed, anything is possible.

Winners: Dante Martin and Lio Rush

TNT Championship Match: Jay Lethal vs. Sammy Guevara (C)

When Jay Lethal showed up Saturday on AEW: Full Gear, it wasn’t the ‘All Elite’ announcement that some AEW fans wanted to hear. In droves, they took to the internet to complain that it wasn’t Okada or the former Bray Wyatt that had graced the stage to announce they were joining the company, while I sat at home, reading these Tweets and laughing my ass off. Why? Well, here’s wh…wait, can’t use that, that’s a copyright infringement and even though Simon Miller seems like a genuinely nice fella, he is also a big ass dude.

The reason I found myself amused by a section of idiots is that – like a fair few of you out there – I knew just how good Jay Lethal is, and howdy, did he prove it in his debut match against Sammy Guevara. Both men put on a clinic in wrestling. With fast, high-impact moves and the often overlooked art of selling. Seriously, The Spanish God – like Shida earlier – sold his injury as if he felt his ribs break every time that Lethal got hold of him. And not only then, whenever he tried to pull off one of his trademarks, he would collapse under the pressure and pain being exerted on his body.

The Ring Side Doctor wanted to stop the match, but Guevara blew him off and this was clever booking. It gave them an out and had you believing that Lethal would become the new TNT Champion, even more so when Guevara launched himself off the ring-post but missed Lethal who rolled out of the way, sending Sammy crashing through a table.

In the end, it was not to be, as he hit his opponent with his version of the GTS to retain his belt, but for those uneducated idiots upset that Jay Lethal wasn’t a big enough star to join AEW, now you know his name and you better put some respect on it the next time it’s in your mouth.

Winner And Still TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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