AEW Dark Review: Apr. 7

With the Coronavirus Pandemic currently holding the planet in an Iron Claw that the Von Erich’s would be proud of, it’s safe to say that any wrestling is greeted with the kind of eagerness usually reserved for a major PPV.

This week’s AEW Dark was no exception and even though it may have been shorter than a Napalm Death track it still meant that for 19 glorious minutes, we had some grappling to get lost in.

But was it any good? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Let’s lace up our boots and head to the ring for the AEW Dark Review: Apr. 7 Edition.

Lee Johnson vs. QT Marshall

Lee Johnson vs. QT Marshall

Ever since teaming up with Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall has been on a bit of a tear.

Here was a man who couldn’t buy a win if his life had depended on it, going 0-8 in a run that Brandon Cutler would’ve been envious of, but since he joined forces with The Natural and Brandi he’s won three on the bounce before tonight, where he’d, eventually, make it four after putting away a very spirited Lee Johnson.

This was a Master vs. Student bout, as Lee is a graduate of The Nightmare Factory where Marshall works as a trainer, and it was an entertaining affair.

Johnson didn’t get a lot of offense in, which seems to be the way for anyone making their debut in AEW, but what he managed to pull off hinted at someone with great athletic ability.

QT Marshall, on the other hand, did get the chance here to show off what he can do, which was a refreshing change as he’s usually the one on the end of the squash, and he came off looking like a very accomplished technical wrestler, which I suppose he is.

There was an interesting wrinkle at the end. Somehow Marshall got bust open below his eye and after his victory, looked wobbly on his feet as he made his way to the back. I have no idea how it happened but he was leaking claret, so I’m guessing he needed a few stitches and some aspirin to sort that headache out.

Winner: QT Marshall

Ryan Pyles vs. Wardlow

Ryan Pyles vs. Wardlow

While the man with most unfortunate last name in the whole of wrestling- huh, huh, huh, Pyles -stood waiting in the ring, out came Wardlow accompanied by MJF.

The Mountain of a Man was still dressed in his civvies and after he stepped through the ropes he spent about a minute taking off his jacket, shirt, and tie.

When all this was done he picked up Ryan Pyles and F10’d the life out of him, meaning that it took him longer to undress than it did to kill his opponent.


I think so, but for god’s sake don’t tell him I said that.

Winner: Wardlow

Toni Donati vs. Kip Sabian

Toni Donati vs. Kip Sabian

I genuinely have no idea what AEW‘s plan is with either Kip Sabian or Penelope Ford.

They are both stalwarts of AEW Dark who, usually, get the tick in the win column when they’re on the show, but as soon as they appear on AEW Dynamite you know that they’re just there to eat the pin.

I think this is a huge waste of talent as both Sabian and Ford are good enough to be in and around their respective title scenes, but until the company sorts it out then I’ll just have to accept this is the current status quo.

Having said that, this was a great little match with both Sabian and Donati putting on a surprisingly good performance and Penelope Ford pulling out her usual repertoire to help Superbad pick up the win.

Special mention also has to go out to Jimmy havoc on commentary for;

We play football with our feet. You play football with your hands.”

Which will no doubt irritate my editor Mr. Grevas, but had me laughing my ass off.

Winner: Kip Sabian

AEW Beer

Final Thoughts

Yes, this was ridiculously short and yes, we really didn’t need Wardlow just coming to the ring to murder someone in five seconds flat when a quick promo would’ve done the same for his character, but I enjoyed this week’s AEW Dark.

This time about a month ago, I was struggling to keep up with all the shows I was having to review and was having to cherry-pick the best of the weekend’s Independent PPV’s as I just didn’t have enough hours in the day to fit them all in.

30 days later and we’re having scrambling around for ideas to help fill space on this brand new site.

So I say to any wrestling promotion that is still managing to put out product during this strangest of times, you have my utmost respect. Not just because you’re helping keep me in a job, but because as fans we need entertaining more than ever.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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