Action Jackson Takes One Step Closer To Gold

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review: June 19th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis sees a big main event as Action Jackson looks to earn his shot at the Memphis Heritage Championship by taking on Johnny Dotson. Meanwhile, Van Viciouss will be in the building. What’s he got in store for Maria Starr this week? Plus, Memphis legend Dave Brown will be on commentary!

There’s no time to waste so let’s head down to the ring and get into it!

The Big Match: Action Jackson Proves He Is a Star In The Making

Alan Steel did the sensible thing last week. Instead of granting Memphis hot prospect Action Jackson a shot at his Memphis Heritage title, he agreed to Jackson wrestling his henchman first, Johnny Dotson, and only if he’s successful against Dotson can he have a shot at the belt. Hey, even if Dotson loses, if Dotson can hurt Jackson enough, that would certainly give Steel an advantage in their match, right? Alan Steel: The Thinking Man’s Heel.

Both men started slowly, working through some hammerlocks before a nice series of reversed roll-ups saw Jackson finish by landing a big facebuster before pulling out some fast arm drags and a dropkick. Alan Steel gave Dotson some encouragement on the floor before blocking Jackson’s path, distracting Action enough for Dotson to crack him in the face with a running knee from the apron.

Back in the ring, Dotson took Jackson down with an impressive leaping neck breaker but Jackson bought himself some time by catching a Dotson leap and turning it into a sit-down powerbomb. Jackson took a sip on THE MIGHTY JUICE OF POWER! before throwing big forearms and a power slam for a two count. Alan Steel prevented Jackson from leaping from the top before positioning himself on the apron for Dotson to send Jackson in for a big fist. Instead, Steel turned around to gloat to the crowd and Jackson used Steel to push off from and dropped Dotson with Sliced Bread for the pin as Steel fell to the floor. That was a cool movie, it has to be said.

It was a cool match too. Dotson and Jackson worked well together. Not only that, but if we’re looking at the new talent that’s been a fixture of CWFM since its launch and picking out future big stars, then Action Jackson has IT. He’s great in the ring and he knows how to work the crowd, getting them to chant his name and celebrating with them after his win.

It might not be next week, but I can definitely see the Memphis Heritage Championship in Action Jackson’s future.

The Big Segment: Dustin Starr Get Dangerous!

Van Viciouss has a face you could slap and a voice to match. Maria Starr knows all about that, confronting Van Viciouss as he came out to the desk and demanding to know why Viciouss has been sending her DM’s and text messages. Viciouss told her that he’d seen the way Maria had been looking at him and that Viciouss knows what she wants. So Maria did the only reasonable thing she could, which was to give Viciouss a good ol’ slap across the face. It was a hard one too. Good for her!

As Viciouss climbed into the ring, Maria showed Dustin the messages on her phone. Bad news for Van Viciouss. Dustin calmly took his headset off, stood up, removed his jacket as the crowd started cheering, and told Dave Brown he would be right back but he had to take care of something. Go on Dustin!

At first, it was Viciouss who took care of Dustin, stomping Starr down as he slid in the ring. But he wasn’t down for long. “Five Starr” soon threw some big fists at Van Viciouss before clotheslining him over the ropes to the floor. As the crowd cheered and Dustin beckoned him in, Viciouss backed off although he had the nerve to blow Maria a kiss as he left. What a scumbag!

A fired-up Dustin Starr proceeded to tell Dave Brown that he always wanted to be interviewed by him at the desk and that Viciouss had made the mistake of poking the bear. So tonight, ‘Memphis Saturday Night,’ it would be Dustin Starr and Van Viciouss, one-on-one in the ring!

This storyline has been so much fun and proof that not everything has to be complicated in wrestling to work. It was great to see Dustin get fired up and, not only that but Maria too! That slap had to hurt…

Other Segments & Promos:

  • Jimmy Blaylock, with the Hollywood Horror Show, told Dustin Starr that nobody is safe and they’re going to destroy everybody who gets in their way before giving a warning that they weren’t done this evening.
  • Eric McMahon and Paris Kelly called out Diana Taylor and demanded she that apologize to Paris. Diana did so but then Eric wanted Diana to admit she was negligent and caused Paris head trauma through said negligence! Diana, quite rightly, said that this was wrestling and wouldn’t admit to negligence. So Paris attacked her from behind and tried to drive the heel of her shoe into Diana’s eye. That last touch was unexpected but kinda cool!
  • Nikki Lane told Dustin Starr that she’s ready for the Memphis Women’s Championship to be unveiled (note: the tournament for which was recorded at last weekend’s tapings).
  • Austin Lane said he was a little roughed up after last week’s match with The Crowleys, but he wanted to make a special ‘Best of the Best’ challenge for that night’s inaugural ‘Memphis Saturday Night‘ house show. Derrick King, with Queen Katelynn, made their return to CWFM (and their debut in the new WrestleCenter). Derrick said that if Austin wants the best of the best, he can have Derrick King at ‘Memphis Saturday Night.’
  • The Skimahorns attacked Maxx Stone and Jay Smooth before demanding to know where ‘their’ Memphis Tag Team Championship belts were. Memphis legend Dave Brown revealed one of the belts (similar to the Heritage title but in silver—classy-looking) and announced there would be a match that night at ‘Memphis Saturday Night‘ to decide the first holders of the titles. The Yung Goats and The Posse came out to argue with The Skimahorns.
  • Justin Cole told Dustin Starr that, after Meklakov had just attacked him, he was going to find a partner to help him take on Ken Dang and the big Russian. Not only that, he wanted Meklakov that night in a flag match at ‘Memphis Saturday Night.’
  • Johnny Dotson told Dustin Starr that he was going to remind the audience why he’s one of the best still. Dotson arguing with the fans at ringside was gold.
  • After the main event, the Hollywood Horror Show came out, Jimmy Blaylock telling Dustin Starr that they are going to be at ‘Memphis Saturday Night’ and they are going to destroy Brett Michaels. Dustin then played a message from a baseball bat-wielding Brett Michaels, who revealed he would be at ‘Memphis Saturday Night’ but he would not be alone (he’ll be with his baseball bat) and he wouldn’t be there to wrestle—he would be there to fight! Jimmy Blaylock was not happy…


  • Otis Crowley beat Connor in a quick squash match.
  • Nikki Lane pinned Lil Bit with a fisherman’s superplex in a good match. Lil Bit has been a great addition to the women’s division so far.
  • Maxx Stone and Jay Smooth fought to a no-contest when The Skimahorns attacked both men.
  • ‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole beat Ken Dang by DQ after Norman Meklakov broke up a cover and attacked Cole. Meklakov then drilled him with the full nelson slam before shaking hands with Dang.
  • Action Jackson pinned Johnny Dotson in a solid main event after hitting Sliced Bread on Dotson.

Final Thoughts

This week’s episode of Championship Wrestling from Memphis was big-time fun from bell to bell. It was the action on the desk that perhaps impressed me more than the action in the ring this week, not to take away from the wrestling, but the desk was a hotbed of passion and violence this week! From Paris Kelly trying to prise out Diana Taylor’s eye with the heel of her shoe to Dustin Starr finally unleashing his fury at Van Viciouss to the return of Derrick King, there was a constant feeling that things could break out into violence at any moment and it was all the better for it.

The biggest take away from this week’s show, though, was how much of a potential star Action Jackon appears to be. He can go in the ring, he’s full of charisma and he knows how to work the crowd. While it would be perhaps fair to say there’s still a little more polish to be added to the whole, the question remains: if Action Jackson is this good now, what’s he going to be like in just twelve month’s time if he continues to improve?

I’ll see you next week, Memphis fans, for more from the fastest hour in professional wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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