Action Jackson Sends a Clear Message to Alan Steel

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—June 26th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis sees Alan Steel look to reveal when Action Jackson will get his shot at the Memphis Heritage Championship, as well as take on The Posse in the main event alongside his henchman, Johnny Dotson. Plus, who will be Justin Cole’s tag team partner as he takes on Norman Meklakov and Ken Dang?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

The Big Match:

It would be fair to say Alan Steel’s head wasn’t totally on this match, what with the next challenger to his title, Action Jackson, joining commentary for this bout. The Posse used that to their advantage early on, disorientating both Steel and Dotson with stereo aeroplane spins in a cool moment. A Lil’ Chris crossbody to the outside was caught, though, and he was sent into the ring post for his troubles. Alan Steel took this moment to stare down Action Jackson, who wasn’t phased and told Steel to concentrate on his match. The hate from Steel was palpable, while Jackson just wanted to know why he wasn’t got his shot when he did what he was asked and beat Johnny Dotson. A very reasonable question.

Back in the ring, Steel and Dotson beat down Lil’ Chris but he managed to catch Dotson with a Russian leg sweep to make enough space to make the hot tag. Simon started throwing punches but The Posse quickly found themselves on the back foot as all four men fought in the ring. As Dotson sent Lil’ Chris to the outside, Action Jackson took advantage of the referee being distracted and slipped into the ring, using Simon as the assist for a big Sliced Bread on Alan Steel which knocked the Champ senseless. A cover from Simon and three slaps of the mat later, The Posse had stolen it! Jackson told commentary that Steel had just got a taste of his own medicine. Methinks Alan Steel will be more anxious to get Action Jackson in the ring now so he can get his revenge.

This was a fun match that didn’t overstay its welcome and made both teams look good. Moreover, whilst we know how good The Posse are, I liked Dustin Starr on commentary selling their victory as an upset as Simon had pinned the Memphis Heritage Champion to get the win. It’s a little detail but it makes all the difference to what they’re building. I also enjoyed Jackson resorting to violence so as to force his match with Steel into happening, as Steel will now want revenge.

Great storytelling from Memphis!

Segments & Promos

  • Derrick King was in the middle of telling Dustin Starr at the desk about how much everyone’s missed ‘The King’ when he was interrupted by the music of Danny B Good, who was entering the studio for his match. King would get revenge after the match, taking Danny out with a superkick.
  • Justin Cole called out his former rival Mike Anthony and called him the baddest man in the locker room before asking him to be his partner in his match against Ken Dang and Norman Meklakov. Anthony walked off without a word, but we’d soon see him do the right thing (see results).
  • After their match, Mike Anthony told Justin Cole that he never liked him and never will, but he’ll be slept on no longer. “Loved by few, hated by many, dared by none,” said Anthony, before storming off. Yes! I love Mike Anthony and his barely-contained aggression and I’m glad to see him back in Memphis. If this is the start of a big push for Mike Anthony, I am 100% down for that.
  • Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson told Dustin Starr that they’re sick of having the deck stacked against them and having bad referees or Dustin’s propaganda being used against them. Steel said that he’s the champ and he calls the shots and that Action Jackson will get a title shot when he’s ready to give him a title shot. Johnny Dotson promising to buy a fan a hot dog if they shut their “stinking mouth” was brilliant.


  • Van Viciouss beat Maxx Stone in a really good opener with a torture rack into a powerbomb.
  • The returning Queen Katelynn and Lil Bit beat Nikki Lane and Diana Taylor after Taylor blind tagged her way back into the match and immediately ate a codebreaker from Lil Bit. Nikki Lane was NOT best pleased…
  • Danny B Good beat Precious in a decent enough match with a beautiful-looking blockbuster. Derrick King, who had been on commentary, entered the ring afterwards and took Danny out with a superkick.
  • Justin Cole & Mike Anthony beat Norman Meklakov & Ken Dang after Anthony nailed Dang with a foot-assisted jawbreaker.
  • The Posse beat Alan Steel & Johnny Dotson after Action Jackson snuck in and dropped Steel with Sliced Bread.

Final Thoughts

This was another big-time fun edition of Championship Wrestling from Memphis. Although maybe a little less ‘interview at the desk’-heavy than previous weeks, it didn’t necessarily harm the show this week in that what we got in the ring was for the most part very good. Van Viciouss and Maxx Stone put on a great opener; Justin Cole and Mike Anthony had a solid match with Meklakov and Dang; the main event was fun, and even the women’s tag and Precious/Danny B Good weren’t bad matches for what they were.

Add in the fact that this was Mike Anthony’s return to Memphis, plus Derrick King attacking Danny B Good and Action Jackson sending Alan Steel a very clear message by costing him victory did a great job of forwarding storylines and introducing new ones. I’m super-hyped to Jackson take on Steel now. The great thing about Memphis is that they’ve got guys currently who really could be big stars in a year or so, like Action Jackson and Mike Anthony, and they’re starting the push to get them there now. I really believe it will pay off too.

I’ll see you next week, Memphis fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Memphis!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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