Winter Is Coming: AEW Predictions

We give our takes on the upcoming AEW supercard!

Here we are, it’s December 2020 and Winter Is Coming, literally and figuratively. I’m aware that I have just typed the worst segway ever but here’s the thing: it’s time for another AEW supercard in which we will be seeing many great matches, such as Britt Baker taking on Leyla Hirsch, Jericho facing of against Frankie Kazarian and much, much more. So sit back, relax, grab yourself a hot chocolate or a lil’ bit of the bubbly, whatever floats your boat, and check out our predictions/picks for AEW Winter Is Coming. Today, you’ve got James and Sam’s opinions and prediction for tonight’s show.

Britt Baker vs Leyla Hirsch

James: Britt Baker is one of my favourite wrestlers to watch on AEW and I cannot see Baker taking a loss here. I can see this being a brief albeit impressive and entertaining match, setting up the next storyline, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Dr. Britt goes from here.

Sam: Dr. Britt definitely wins this one, but I think we see some interference. I think she goes over to where Shida is standing and slaps her. I think it will set her and Shida’s program up.

James’ Pick: Britt Baker

Sam’s Pick: Britt Baker

Chris Jericho vs Frankie Kazarian

James: We all know that Kazarian is great but this is Chris Jericho’s match. Jericho/Inner Circle have had a decent couple of weeks, and have even lived it up in Vegas. I see Jericho coming into this match with all of the momentum in the world and actually picking up a clean victory one on one.

Sam: I would love to see Kazarian win this one, but I don’t think so. Jericho wins this one with the Inner Circle attacking Frankie bringing out Scorpio as help to get into it with MJF or Jericho.

James’ Pick: Chris Jericho

Sam’s: Pick: Chris Jericho

Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes vs Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs w/ Taz and Brian Cage

James: Winter really is coming for Cody. Taz is going to maintain his composure at ringside while Starks and Hobbs pick up a ‘shock victory’ over Darby and Cody. Then, after the match, Taz will get his hands on Cody once again and choke him out. At least that’s how I’m envisioning it. Starks and Hobbs for the win,

Sam: Darby and Cody have to win this one to keep Taz’s mouth shut. I hope both Cage and Taz get thrown out. I see the new “Powerhouse” making a mistake that Darby capitalizes on.

James’ Pick: Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs

Sam’s Pick: Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes

Battle Royal for the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring

James: Let’s just give Miro a shot. He deserves it. #GiveMiroAChance

Sam: Sammy wins this one by throwing Wardlow out early since MJF says if Wardlow wins then MJF wins again this year. So I think MJF gets eliminated too, but probably by someone else. Winner: Sammy, causing a bigger rift in Inner Circle.

James’ Pick: Miro

Sam’s Pick: Sammy Guevara

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship

James: I, amongst many other wrestling fans, want to see Jon Moxley stay the AEW Champion for as long as Bob Backlund held the WWE Championship back in the day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna happen. I back Moxley 99% of the time and he’s had one hell of a run. However, this might be Kenny Omega’s time to sit atop the mountain as All Elite Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion.

Sam: Going against the grain…Moxley retains. Everyone thinks Mox is dropping the title here so he can make Wrestle Kingdom. Problem is…he’s not leaving the country because Renee’s pregnant. However, Kenny is leaving the country. He is defending his AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania in Mexico on December 12th. This means he will have to miss some shows for quarantining. I doubt Tony Khan wants the belt gone. Plus, I think Kenny needs to chase a while longer.

James’ Pick: Kenny Omega

Sam’s Pick: Jon Moxley

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. James and Sam have given their takes on how they see things playing out tonight at AEW Winter Is Coming. This is promising to be an exceptional special event and only time will tell if we crown a new AEW Champion. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know! Drop us a message in our comments section below and keep the conversation going.

Written by Sports Obsessive

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