Royal Rumble 2022 Predictions

Royal Rumble season is upon us, and that means that it’s time for Sports Obsessive to bring you their predictions for the Royal Rumble, 2022. We’ve gotten together our crack team of writers, to bring you their hot takes on this year’s show. The Royal Rumble 2022 promises to be the biggest and best one yet, but who does our team think will emerge triumphant from the show? Read our predictions to find out.

Royal Rumble Predictions for 2022

Men’s Royal Rumble

James Corcoran: The question on everybody’s mind is who will go on to WrestleMania to challenge for either the WWE, NXT, or the Universal Championship. If I was a betting man, I would have to venture down the Kevin Owens route. My reasoning for this is simply due to the fact that KO has recently signed a multi-year extension with the WWE, which we would want to mean that the company finally has big plans for Owens that we could hope may include a return to Champion status. Here’s hoping.
Prediction: Kevin Owens

Jon Shartzer: Unlike previous years, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious, clear-cut choice to win the men’s Royal Rumble. With the exception of Johnny Knoxville, I’m actually pretty excited about this match. If my prediction on Seth vs Roman is correct, it opens up a whole realm of possibilities. Since I’m going to get this wrong anyway, wouldn’t it be fun if Montez Ford won?
Prediction: Montez Ford

Andrew Grevas: Big E should win this match and go on to face Bobby Lashley at Mania for the title. That’s the no-brainer, set up two high-quality Mania main events and build Big E into your next big babyface scenario. Will they? Probably not. I have this terrible feeling that Roman is going to screw Lesnar out of his title and Lesnar is going to win the Rumble later that night when they could just have Roman screw Lesnar out of his title and Lesnar challenge Reigns to a title match and get Big E over. It’s simple booking that I don’t have the faith in WWE to pull off.
Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Joel Kananen: While Big E, Kevin Owens, and Austin Theory feel like somewhat sensical choices, I think this Rumble could be won by a surprise returning mega-star. A hustler, a peacemaker, and a 16-time champion, the one, and only John Cena would be a fantastic unexpected entrant and an excellent choice for the winner. Will it actually happen? Probably not but it would be more fun than any other option.
Prediction: John Cena

Katrina Blake: This can go a few ways. I can see Damian winning. Or Kevin Owens taking the match to take him on the road to becoming champ again.
Prediction: Damian Priest

Women’s Royal Rumble

JC: Let’s just dive right in. Ronda Rousey. While we haven’t seen the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion inside of a WWE ring for quite some time, it had been heavily reported that the WWE is really trying to secure an appearance from Rousey. If Mr. McMahon and company decide to throw enough money towards Ronda Rousey, we very well might see the return of the former Raw Women’s Champion and possibly a victory that might lead to a match against one of Rousey’s greatest WWE rivals, Becky Lynch.
Prediction: Ronda Rousey

JS: If anybody at WWE has a brain, this is the perfect chance to reset Rhea Ripley. No more tag teams. No more BS. Strap the rocket on this woman’s back and let her carry you into a new generation. She’s a license to print money.
Prediction: Rhea Ripley

AG: Ronda Rousey is going to be at the Rumble. Let’s just acknowledge that as fact first. If I’m booking the Rumble, I have Ronda eliminate Charlotte and then the other women dump Ronda out, so Bianca can win. Then at Mania we get Bianca going after Becky for her SummerSlam revenge and Ronda and Charlotte in another high-profile match.
Prediction: Bianca Belair

JK: An exciting lineup of competitors with room for some extra surprises (Bayley or Asuka please) makes this Rumble something to look forward to. A final four of Bianca Belair, Lita, Mickie James, and either a returning Bayley/Asuka sounds terrific to me. The excitement of the returns of legendary women is fun, but there is only one and best choice for the winner.
Prediction: Bianca Belair

KB: I don’t have one pick for this. However, either Naomi because there needs to be a pay-off for the Sonya nonsense. Asuka maybe will make a return and win to take on Becky properly. I can also see Lita getting one more run or Bianca making her a two-time back to back RR winner.
Prediction: No Pick

JT: WWE surprisingly announced 19 of the combatants in one fell swoop on SmackDown on January 7th. The field will include many semi-retired and hall of Fame participants, as it normally does. There are lots of rumors swirling that Ronda Rousey may return for the Royal Rumble. I believe that this is a distinct possibility as well. I would like to see a final four of WWE SmackDown champion Charlotte Flair, Rousey, Impact Champion Mickie James, and a returning Bayley. Charlotte Flair will get surprised by Bayley to set p their WrestleMania match. However, Rousey will be victorious in the end to attempt to get her revenge at WrestleMania against Becky Lynch.
Winner: Ronda Rousey

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

JC: This is a match that Bobby Lashley had openly requested for years and years. Unfortunately, I do not see him defeating Brock Lesnar nor taking the Championship away from the multi-time Champion. Brock Lesnar has got too much fan support right now and I don’t see his roll coming to an end any time soon.
Prediction: Brock Lesnar

JS: WWE fans are finally getting what they’ve wanted for so long. Time to see if it lives up to the hype after all of these years. The plan is supposedly still Brock vs Roman for Wrestlemania, with the championships perhaps switching brands again. That means Brock will win what should be a banger between two mammoths on Saturday night.
Prediction: Brock Lesnar

AG: There seems to be this speculation that Lesnar will be the one keeping his gold and Reigns dropping his belt at the Rumble but I strongly disagree. Lesnar should be challenging for the title at Mania and Bobby Lashley should be the WWE Champ. Reigns to interfere and cost Brock his title here, so we can have a Lesnar vs Bobby rematch down the road.
Prediction: Bobby Lashley

JK: A meaty man matchup that Big E himself would be proud of should provide for a spectacle of a contest. Bobby has been established as a main-event star, but Brock is at a different level, especially with Paul Heyman in his corner.
Prediction: Brock Lesnar

KB: While it would be cool to see Lashley get the belt back, I don’t see Brock losing it. Brock is my pick for this.
Prediction: Brock Lesnar

JT: These two finally had their first interaction at Day One. Although their paths only crossed for a few seconds the crowd seemed to be totally behind it. I believe that Reigns and Lesnar are still on course for a WrestleMania showdown. MVP could get involved in the action to cost Lesnar the match.
Prediction: Bobby Lashley

Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins

JC: Where to begin with it. Talk about homegrown talents. From FCW to NXT and beyond, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns’ paths are so intertwined that their story almost becomes one. Today, Rollins’ and Reigns’ characters have grown so much yet they still bring that slice of familiarity. I would have to bet on Roman Reigns to leave the Royal Rumble victorious only after having one hell of a match with one of his former Shield brethren. Roman had come so far since the re-incarnation of his character and to be honest, Rollins’ can take a loss without it hurting his credibility. These two are just that good.
Prediction: Roman Reigns

JS: I know that everybody has been looking forward to Brock vs Lashley, but this is probably going to be the match of the night. Reigns and Rollins know each other so well and have countless callbacks at their disposal. The story and the action will both be heavy here. If the dirt sheets are to be believed, WWE needs a way to redirect Roman back to Brock. Screwing him out of the Universal Championship after setting the record for longest reign sure would be a good place to start. Seth benefits and gets a shiny new belt for his troubles.
Prediction: Seth Rollins

AG:  I don’t buy the Seth is taking the gold here chatter. I mean it’s WWE so it’s possible but Seth should not be the one to end the streak Roman has going and Roman should be walking into Mania as champion, not challenger.
Prediction: Roman Reigns

JK: An intriguing matchup and possibly the biggest threat to Roman’s championship in quite some time. The Usos are banned from ringside, and Rollins has his own backup from the unpredictable Kevin Owens. The main event between former brothers should be a contender for match of the year, and could provide a path for some major intrigue heading into Wrestlemania.
Prediction: Seth Rollins

KB: Seth was just a replacement for this match-up. I feel Roman should keep the belt at least until Mania before they take it. So, I don’t see him losing. However, I can kind of see if Seth wins they make it so that Roman will be right back in the title picture. With that being said, I’m going with my Tribal Chief.
Prediction: Roman Reigns

JT: I’m excited to see the caliber of match that these two former Shield members will have. It is also a reminder, however, as to how weak the top of the card is on Smackdown outside of Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. As unstoppable as Reigns has been booked, I just can’t see him losing the title before WrestleMania.
Prediction: Roman Reigns

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Doudrop

JC: Becky Lynch all the way. “The Man” is “The Man” for a reason. Plus, Beck’s has to keep the strap on the off chance that I’m right in predicting a Ronda Rousey return to WWE.
Prediction: Becky Lynch

JS: HER NAME IS PIPER NIVEN! OK, now that that’s out of the way. This is probably the most obvious choice of the night. Becky will retain and move on to somebody new, perhaps starting a feud for Wrestlemania. I’d prefer that to be Bailey, but it’s probably going to be Ronda Rousey.
Prediction: Becky Lynch

AG: Becky. Nuff said.
Prediction: Becky Lynch

JK: Doudrop has been one of the better-built championship challengers in a while, especially in the women’s division. Unfortunately for her, no one is beating Big-Time Becks until Wrestlemania.
Prediction: Becky Lynch

KB: I think it will be an entertaining match. I’m going with Doudrop only because I can see a few ways for them to work around this storyline for a bit, considering Becky’s winning methods over the last few months.
Prediction: Doudrop

JT: Doudrop surprisingly overcame Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan in a triple threat match on Raw to get a shot at the WWE Championship. There is simply no way, however, that she has a chance to win this match. I’m hoping that this is allowed to be a competitive match and not just a squash match for Becky Lynch.
Prediction: Becky Lynch

Mixed Tag Match: Miz & Maryse vs. Edge & Beth Phoenix

JC: We have seen power couples come and go throughout the decades in the WWE. Miz and Maryse may be up there as an impressive real-life WWE couple but they are not Edge and Beth Phoenix. My prediction is that the Copeland’s are going to roll right through the Hollywood pairing and pick up the victory in a very quick yet very dominating fashion.
Prediction: Edge and Beth Phoenix

JS: This has been a fun feud between The Miz and Edge. I like bringing in Maryse and Beth for this match. I’m interested to see what kind of story they can all tell in the ring together. I highly doubt that Beth Phoenix came out of retirement for this match just to lose, however. I’m taking the Copelands.
Prediction: Edge and Beth Phoenix

AG: Feel good win for Edge and Beth at the Rumble. Wouldn’t be surprised if both Edge and Beth pull double duty and show up in the Rumble matches.
Prediction: Edge and Beth Phoenix

JK: Two of the most accomplished couples in WWE history will clash in a mix-tag dream match. It is really exciting to see Edge and Beth together, and they should be the pair to go over the smarmy Miz.
Prediction: Edge and Beth Phoenix

KB: I like Edge, but for some reason I see Maryse and The Miz winning this match.
Prediction: The Miz and Maryse

JT: This is a continuation of the Miz vs. Edge feud that began before Day One. Edge got the win over Miz at Day One after Beth Phoenix returned to surprise the “It” couple. I don’t believe that this will be the last match of the feud. I am looking for the Miz and Maryse to win by using nefarious be tactics to have a culmination of their battle at Elimination Chamber in February.
Prediction: The Miz and Maryse

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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