ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 Predictions

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 is finally upon us, and here at Sports Obsessive, we’re hyped about what is looking like it will be a damn good show. Chris, Griffin, and Joel are here to bring you our ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 predictions. Will Gresham retain the ROH World Title against the threat of Claudio Castagnoli? Will FTR prove they are the superior team to The Briscoes?

This is what we think…

The Righteous vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

Chris: Shoutout to The Tate Twins, the great team who were Dalton Castle’s original Boys. I’m hoping it will be them with Dalton for this match but we’ll see. This should be a lot of fun, with The Righteous using their size and meanness to win.

Prediction: The Righteous

Griffin: Dalton Castle, the charismatic character, could be an ROH star AEW could capitalize on to a bigger market, not too dissimilar to Orange Cassidy. For that simple reason, I see Castle’s team getting the win in this match.

Prediction: Dalton Castle & The Boys

Joel: This is the only match that hasn’t been built on AEW television. The monstrous team of The Righteous probably goes over strong here.

Prediction: The Righteous

Allysin Kay vs. Willow Nightingale

Chris: I’m an Allysin Kay fan, but I don’t know if this is just a one-off performance or the start of something more regular. As such, I’m calling a Willow Nightengale victory here.

Prediction: Willow Nightingale

Griffin: Willow has been getting a large-scale push in AEW, getting involved with Jade Cargill, and teaming with Athena. Despite this, the NWA’s Kay seems more likely to get the victory ahead of the announcement of the NWA Women’s Television title, being booked strong to get the win.

Prediction: Allysin Kay

Joel: Push Willow Nightingale to the freakin’ moon. Allysin Kay is very talented, and this should be a fine match but it’s Willow’s world here.

Prediction: Willow Nightingale

ROH Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Serena Deeb

Chris: Serena Deeb is tailor-made for the ROH style, and it’s clear Tony Khan sees a lot in her, just not as AEW Women’s Champion. I think Serena is a better choice for ROH Women’s champion than Mercedes and I think we’ll get a new champion here.

Prediction: Serena Deeb

Griffin: Since stepping into AEW, Deeb has been one of the top workers in the female division. Having not won an AEW title, I predict “The Professor” will be gifted the ROH title as a reward, beating champion Martinez, forcing a submission, and capitalizing on her new vicious streak.

Prediction: Serena Deeb

Joel: As talented as she is, I don’t see Deeb winning the AEW Women’s Championship. However, Deeb winning the ROH Championship makes a lot of sense.

Prediction: Serena Deeb

ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia

Chris: This match might be slightly overshadowed by some bigger matches on the card, but don’t let this one pass you by, this will be a great, hard-hitting, technical cracker. Garcia is tailor-made for ROH and would be a great call for Pure Champion in the future, maybe once ROH is up and running with TV. However, Yuta’s in the BCC and getting the rub. He won’t be dropping the title just yet.

Prediction: Wheeler Yuta

Griffin: A continuation of the feud between the Blackpool Combat Club and the Jericho Appreciation Society, this should be a hard-hitting technical bout between two strong, underappreciated workers. Garcia has been adapting to the Pure style on AEW TV but that will not stop Wheeler Yuta’s reign, who will end the match with his hand raised.

Prediction: Wheeler Yuta

Joel: Oh boy, this is a tough one because I love both these guys. Two future best-in-the-world contenders with a pretty-well-built story in between the JAS and BCC feud. I’ll go with Wheeler, but pushing Garcia could be in the cards, especially considering how over Yuta is.

Prediction: Wheeler Yuta

Two out of Three Falls: ROH World Tag Team Champions FTR vs. The Briscoes

Chris: FTR are the best team in the world at the moment: believe the hype. And their previous match with The Briscoes was an instant classic. But with the announcement of The Briscoes signing a full-time contract with ROH suggests to me that we’re going to see new champions. Perhaps that’ll free FTR up to go after the AEW tag belts instead?

Prediction: The Briscoes

Griffin: FTR currently has all the gold but little to do with it. With this iconic match and with the news of The Briscoes signing ROH-exclusive contracts, perhaps the ROH team will again walk out with the new belts. As with the ROH World title match, Khan’s vision may see him keen to push FTR, yet I feel we may see new-crowned champions.

Prediction: The Briscoes

Joel: Their first match was a classic, and the sequel should be just as good. FTR are on a world-class hot streak right now, and I think it continues against The Briscoes.

Prediction: FTR

ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal

Chris: I honestly could see this going either way, and there are pluses to both decisions. But ultimately, I think Joe is going to retain here for a feel-good moment, with Joe taking out Dutt and Singh en route to beating Lethal and ending this feud.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Griffin: Samoa Joe likely retains his belt, which he has not fully capitalized upon since winning over three months ago. Perhaps interference from Singh and Dutt backfires, allowing for a title retention.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Joel: While I would like to see Samoa Joe win, his lengthy absence from television feels like a reason that he will lose. Lethal likely picks up a victory with the help of his cronies Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh.

Prediction: Jay Lethal

Jonathan Gresham vs Claudio Castagnoli

Chris: It’s been beautiful to see Claudio get a new lease of life since he joined AEW, but he, of course, has a history with ROH and is perhaps a perfect dictionary definition of what I would define as the ROH style. I can see Claudio winning heavyweight gold, and the ROH title would be perfect for him, but this match feels like it came about too last minute for it to mean all that it should. So I think Gresham, who is one of my favorites admittedly, will retain after assistance from Tully’s boys, leading to a longer story where Claudio will win the gold in a rematch.

Winner: Jonathon Gresham

Griffin: I do feel this could go either way, with Tony Khan likely keen to push Claudio and revamp his idea of Ring Of Honor. However, Tony is smart enough to appease current fans while keeping the belt on a recognized constant presence. Gresham wins, likely with the involvement of his running mates, who are also aligned with Tully Blanchard.

Winner: Jonathon Gresham

Joel: This match could become a MOTY contender, and it’s not the only one on this card. Claudio has been a house of fire since coming into AEW, and could easily ride that wave of momentum to become the new ROH champion. Gresham does have the support of Tully Blanchard and his crew, which could provide the slight edge he needs to retain.

Prediction: Johnathan Gresham

What do you think of our ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 predictions? What did we get right and where did we go wrong? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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