Predictions: Survivor Series 2020

We give our takes on WWE’s next Pay-Per-View

Survivor Series 2020 is upon us and what a year it has been for WWE in terms of pay-per-view productions. From an empty arena edition of WrestleMania to the debut of the WWE Thunderdome, WWE have proved one thing and that is that they are consistent no matter the circumstances.

The lead up to Survivor Series has been really exciting, despite the forced change of atmosphere that WWE television have had to work within in order to adapt to the ongoing events worldwide.

Today, we’re going to run through the matches that will be taking place at Survivor Series, and along with the other wrestling-heads here at Sports Obsessive and give our takes on what may go down. On our panel is Andrew Grevas (Editor in Chief) and staff writers James Corcoran, Samantha Sayre and our newest edition to the team, Jon Shartzer!

Pre Show: Dual Branded Battle Royal

Earlier today, it was announced on that a dual branded Battle Royal will be kicking off the Survivor Series 2020 Pre-Show.

The battle of The Best of the Best will start off with fireworks, as Raw and SmackDown Superstars will clash in a Dual-Brand Battle Royal on the Survivor Series Kickoff.

Who will step up for the red and blue brands to send the night’s first message?

As of right now, no participants have been revealed. I’m sure this is going to be a free-for all.

The New Day (Raw Tag Champs) vs The Street Profits (SmackDown Tag Champs)

Andrew: I hope WWE takes the opportunity to give The Street Profits their biggest win to date. These guys have a ton of potential and a win over an all time great tag team helps build them up considerably.

James: Don’t let this match slip under your radar. New Day and The Profits have been slowly building this match up for quite some time, primarily by utilizing social media as it should be intended to be utilized. Over the past week especially, the two teams had had choice words for the other, back and forth and I do not believe that any two tag-teams possess the natural charisma that these four larger-than-life men do. Since Kofi and Woods were forced to part ways with Big-E as a result on the WWE Draft, E found himself on Smackdown with The Profits and tensions have been high. You’ve got to believe that Kofi/Woods are going to be fighting not just for themselves but also for Big-E. I’m backing The New Day.

Sam: If Big E isn’t in the Battle Royal then I think he comes out to root for The New Day. I can see this irritating The Street Profits and him even possibly getting fined next Friday for it. I think we see a really good match and The New Day wins, but afterwards The Street Profits turn heel by beating up The New Day and Big E.

Jon: Can you say Match of the Night? I have no doubt that these four men will give this match everything that they have. It’s going to be fast and it’s going to be fun. But somebody has to win. Give me the Street Profits.

Andrew’s Pick: The Street Profits

James’ Pick: The New Day

Sam’s Pick: The New Day

Jon’s Pick: The Street Profits

Bobby Lashley (United States Champion) vs Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion)

Andrew: Poor Sami. Lashley needs to win in dominant fashion here.

James: I feel obliged to start off this prediction by stating that I am a fan of Sami Zayn. I’ve been a fan of Zayn since his arrival in NXT. Truthfully, I believe that Bobby Lashley needs this win. Zayn has always been booked quite well, he’s been in many high profile storylines and he’s always delivered. Bobby Lashley on the other hand, had not been booked quite as well, that was until The Hurt Business came along and revived his WWE career, in my opinion. Lashley is a legit badass, he’s now being booked as such. A win for Lashley here will do him more favors than words can say and I truly believe that Sami Zayn has reached such a high level in his career than a loss here wouldn’t be a disadvantage whatsoever.

My call is that Lashley goes over in this one, he’s momentum is strong right now and we need it stay as is for as long as possible if we want to see him in the World Championship picture in the near future, which I’m sure we all do.

Sam: My heart wants to pick Sami Zayn, but he is a likeable guy. However, I think for some reason Vince is in love with Bobby Lashley and The Hurt Business. He will end up pushing Lashley for the 50th time. Sami has been doing a lot of rhetoric about him being the Intercontinental Champion…a global champion and how Lashley only represents America. Well, that’s not what Vince McMahon stands for. He is very patriotic and will use that also.

Jon: Unfortunately for Sami, it seems like WWE sees big things for the Hurt Business(and rightfully, so). This will probably be more one sided than it should be, with Lashley picking up an easy win.

Andrew’s Pick: Bobby Lashley

James’ Pick: Bobby Lashley

Sam’s Pick: Bobby Lashley

Jon’s Pick: Bobby Lashley

Team Raw: Keith Lee, AJ Styles, Sheamus, Braun Strowman & Matt Riddle vs Team SmackDown: Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, King Corbin, Seth Rollins & TBD 

Andrew: I’ll give this one to the Red Team, with Keith Lee and Sheamus leading the charge for their team. If Sheamus is going to be the next challenger to McIntyre, a big showing here will go a long way in helping establish that feud.

James: I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. AJ has been overly obnoxious over the past few weeks, thinking that he is the ‘captain’ of Team Raw, Sheamus’ new persona has rubbed me the wrong way, Riddle lost his name and I have nothing negative to saw about Braun Strowman. I have to say that I prefer SmackDown, I always have. Team SmackDown seem to be going into this match as a more solid team than Raw. So far, we have Owens, Jey Uso, Corbin and Rollins. Owens and Uso have been on a roll, especially Uso, who we know has been headlining with real-life cousin, Roman Reigns. King Corbin is a pain in the ass but he’s great and Rollins is on a whole new path of greatness. Its clear that I’m biased. I’m ready for SmackDown to crush Raw on Sunday night.

Sam: I think when you sit down and write down the two teams across from each other then you have to know what team is winning. Raw is winning. However, Kevin Owens is a Vince McMahon favorite and then you have the story they are telling of Jey Uso. He lost to Daniel Bryan, so what does Roman do to him? I just don’t think Smackdown can win this one though. I see Keith Lee and AJ Styles get into it. Keith Lee just doesn’t respect veterans and I think this is going to AJ’s next program. I would love to see Sheamus win it, but I think Vince’s new shiny toy wins this match. I think Matt Riddle for Raw wins it. They have just changed his name, switched him to Raw, made him a middle man on the team and they just asked for Riddle’s court case to be moved to federal court.

Jon: I have to be honest. I really couldn’t care less about the elimination matches this year. There has been zero build, leading to a complete lack of hype and interest. This matchup will probably be used to build up a future star. Hopefully that star is Keith Lee. I guess give me Team Raw in this one?

Andrew’s Pick: Team Raw

James’ Pick: Team SmackDown

Sam’s Pick: Team Raw

Jon’s Pick: Team Raw

Team Raw: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce & Lana vs Team SmackDown: Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & 2 TBD

Andrew: Perhaps this is wishful thinking but this could be Belair’s coming out party on the main roster. We know she can go and running through Team Raw to lead her team to victory would be a great way to make a new star shine.

James: I’m a SmackDown guy. See above for reference. Also, without a shadow of a doubt, its inevitable that Lana will be put through a table again.

If I may borrow a line from the almighty, Paul Heyman – “That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler”.

Sam: I really thought this was going to be the Bianca Belair coming out party. I thought she would be left with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler and find a way to eliminate them. However then we got 9 weeks of Lana going through the announcers table. Everyone feels that this will be used to make Lana a big babyface. I think all that ends up happening is Lana gets put through for the 10th time. Then with Smackdown having two spots open on Friday night, I thought Bayley would definitely get one of them and after her match on Wednesday I thought the other would be Rhea Ripley. So I was thinking she could win, but it wasn’t to be. It is playing over and over in my head that Dana Brooke was pulling for a kayfabe injury to put Lacey Evans or Peyton Royce into this match for a reason. That would definitely be a swerve. Well, I decided that I was overthinking this. I can’t pull the trigger on any of them. Sometimes the obvious is the obvious. I think Nattie somehow gets rid of Bayley and gets her eliminated. I think Shayna causes Nia Jax to be eliminated. The obvious to me is the badass of Raw…Shayna Baszler

Jon: I thought for sure that Rhea Ripley would end up on Team Smackdown following what appeared to be her obvious send off from NXT, this past Wednesday. Alas, I was wrong. Sigh.
If Vince really is putting Lana through all of this weekly punishment in order build her as a baby face, then she should shine in this match. However, I don’t believe that will actually be the case. Bianca Belair seems like a reasonable candidate to come out of this match looking strong. Let’s go with Team Smackdown, even without The Nightmare.

Andrew’s Pick: Team Smackdown

James’ Pick: Team SmackDown

Sam’s Pick: Team Raw

Jon’s Pick: Team SmackDown

Asuka (Raw Women’s Champion) vs Sasha Banks (SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Andrew: This match could and should steal the show. I could watch these two work all night and be happy. Giving the edge to Asuka as WWE continues to build her as the dominant star of the women’s roster.

James: How do we predict this one! This is genuinely difficult. Asuka has been The Empress of the pandemic era, from bringing smiles to millions of faces by literally dancing around in an empty arena to putting on what could arguably be some of the best matches of her WWE career. I’m not going to say that I’ve ever doubted Asuka but I questioned how she was going to be received after the departure of Kairi Sane. Asuka reminded us why she may be one of the greatest stars in WWE right now by going on to win the Money In The Bank ladder match, in which the Raw Women’s Champion at the time later revealed was actually for the Championship – not the contract, as Lynch departed from the WWE in her transition from ‘The Man‘ to ‘The Mom. On the other hand, you have The Legit Boss’ Sasha Banks. Bank’s has been the focal point of SmackDown for a long time as she was interlocked within former Champion, Bayley’s storyline. Bank’s subtly hinted for months that she would eventually turn on Bayley, but didn’t. Bayley and Bank’s have already cemented their legacy’s in WWE but this particular era will long be remembered as the era of ‘The Boss’ and ‘The Role Model’Now, back to Asuka vs Banks before I get too carried away. Based on how great both women have been to date, I cant predict a clean winner but I can predict an interference. I feel that Bayley’s jealously and unwillingness to accept that Bank’s bested her recently will come into play and cause Bank’s the match, setting up a Bayley vs Banks finale at the Royal Rumble.

Sam: I think a lot of different things can happen and WWE Creative has the opportunity to start two completely different Storylines that could be fire. I think Carmella gets involved, but she’s not who makes the fans go wild. Either during the match, Carmella’s music hits or comes out before to stand on the ramp, stand near the ring or goes down to the announcers table. I think with Asuka not helping Sasha Banks on Smackdown then Carmella knows she won’t interfere with her plans. So the two possibilities in my mind. If this match is after the Women’s Survivor Series Match then I think we see Bayley and Carmella team up again like they did in NXT and on and off in their first years of the main roster. They are also real life friends. I can see Sasha being totally shocked when both come out together against her. They cost her and Asuka wins. If this match is before the Women’s Survivor Series Match then we get the shock for the fans. We don’t see Bayley and Carmella work together. We still see Asuka win and Carmella attacks Sasha Banks. However, Bayley comes out to save Sasha. She pulls Carmella off and beats her down. Then Bayley turns to Sasha to say she’s not going to be the one to beat you for my championship. I am.

Either way…Asuka wins.

Jon: This is another match that could easily steal the show. Asuka feels like she’s been in a holding pattern for some time now. Sasha is red hot. This contest will be amazing and one that I am definitely looking forward to. With that said, Sasha winning seems like a given, unless there’s some sort of foul play involved.

Andrew’s Pick: Asuka

James’ Pick: Asuka

Sam’s Pick: Asuka

Jon’s Pick: Sasha Banks

Drew McIntyre (WWE Champion) vs Roman Reigns (Universal Champion

Andrew: This is a tough one because you don’t want to book either guy as looking anything less than dominant. Conventional wrestling wisdom says Roman squeaks out a win so you can have an eventual rematch but Drew needs the win here.

James: I don’t know how this is going to go. I don’t know how to predict this one. Each man is the top-dog in their respective brands. I can’t see McIntyre losing as much as I can’t see Reigns losing. I hate to say it but I see an interference from ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton. We all know Orton is not a team player and he’s a sore loser. What I see happening is us having an incredible match that goes for a good 15 minutes or more and ends with an ‘RKO’ to McIntyre, setting up one more McIntyre vs Orton match for the Championship. I also see Reigns spearing both McIntyre and Orton and left standing tall at the end of the show and taking his place rightful place at the head of the table.

Sam: If you have noticed Raw has won all the matches on my card. I think they need to win this PPV to gain new viewers. Raw needs better ratings. They have to be seen as powerful or have interesting storylines to draw them in. I think Drew deserves this especially after winning his first championship at WM36 with no fans and his second one on Monday with virtual fans. Of course right now, Roman is the perfect heel and he has his cousin, Jey Uso to do his bidding. I can see Jey attacking Drew backstage, on the ramp, ringside or do something during the match. He may even get thrown out. Everyone seems to think that Randy Orton will get involved in this match. You can definitely see him coming from nowhere backstage or in gorilla to RKO Drew then punt him in the head before the match. So again Drew has a head injury, but want to take on Roman Reigns. I truly think something happens to Drew before the match. Drew comes out first so WWE can do his new entrance with the sword causing the fire and lighting up the ThunderDome. Due to Drew not feeling great and being all the way there. I think November 22nd at Amway Centre in Orlando, Florida plays a HUGE factor in this match. See, ten years ago in 2010 in this place on this day, The Miz cashed in his first Money in the Bank briefcase. I think this is what will happen again. Drew isn’t going to be able to fight him off and The Miz will be the Raw World Heavyweight Champion that will end up taking on Roman Reigns and Roman will beat him. That way they can save Drew vs Roman for WM37 if Roman vs The Rock doesn’t work out.

Jon: As much as I hate that Randy Orton didn’t get a longer title reign, I do like Drew a lot. He deserves to be champion, even if it is just to keep fans from cheering for Roman. McIntyre is a worthy champion, but let’s not kid ourselves. The story with Reigns is the hottest thing going in the company right now. There’s no way that he takes an L here. The Tribal Chief will leave Survivor Series victorious.

Andrew’s Pick: Drew McIntyre

James’ Pick: Roman Reigns

Sam’s Pick: Roman Reigns

Jon’s Pick: Roman Reigns

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it. Andrew, James, Sam and Jon have given their takes on how they see things playing out tomorrow night. One thing for sure is that Survivor Series 2020 will be a night that have massive implications going forward. Who will be the superior brand? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know! Drop us a message in our comments section below and keep the conversation going.

Written by James Corcoran

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