NXT: Stand and Deliver Predictions

Welcome back to Sports Obsessive! It’s WWE WrestleMania week and there’s a lot of wrestling happening and Sports Obsessive is here to cover it all. But here today, we’re here with our staff picks for NXT: Stand and Deliver. Joining me are Jon Shartzer, Joel Kananen and Jeremy Thomas.

NXT Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Bron Breakker

Andrew: Interesting choice to use Ziggler here as the credible veteran to disrupt the upstart’s title run and give him a credible feud for NXT: Stand and Deliver. Me personally, I would have Ziggler keep the title and move Bron up to the main roster. But that’s not going to happen here. Bron picks up a win and regains his title from a talented veteran.

Prediction: Bron Breakker

Jon: To be completely honest, I never expected Ziggler to win the NXT Championship in the first place. With that said, he is one the best performers on any brand. He will be able to lift Breakker to a whole different level on the biggest stage of his career. Breakker will regain his title and have the best match of his life, all thanks to the Show Off.

Prediction: Bron Breakker

Joel: Big week for the Steiner/Breakker family, and Rick and Scott enter the Hall of Fame, and baby Bron gets his gold back guaranteed.

Prediction: Bron Breakker

Jeremy: Ziggler and Bobby Roode have been fantastic coming from the Raw brand as heels and elevating Breakker.  Roode and Breakker had a great match on NXT 2.0 last week. I expect WWE to continue to elevate the second generation Bron Breakker to superstar status to prepare him for his eventual push to the main roster.

Prediction: Bron Breakker

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way: Mandy Rose (c) vs. Cora Jade vs. Io Shirai vs. Kay Lee Ray

Andrew: I think they run with Cora Jade here and see what they’ve got with her. Mandy’s had a good run and I don’t see Io getting her hand raised. Suppose there’s an outside shot they go with Ray but it feels like Jade’s time.

Prediction: Cora Jade 

Jon: A lot of people, myself included, have been expecting Cora Jade to be next in line to carry the NXT Women’s Championship. That may very well be the case, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict a shakeup in the plans. For some reason, I feel like Kay Lee Ray will sneak out a victory and set up a longer story with Jade continuing her title chase.

Prediction: Kay Lee Ray

Joel: Interesting match in which the two best in-ring competitors (Ray and Sharai) don’t really have any chance of winning. Rose has had a fun reign as champ, and Jade is clearly the next in line. I don’t think they pull the trigger quite yet with Cora, but don’t be surprised if there are two new main champions after Stand and Deliver.

Prediction: Mandy Rose

Jeremy: I am not a fan of inserting the women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic Tournament winners Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray into this match. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the winners of a tag team tournament are now inserted into the championship match for any reason other than to not make Cora Jade take a one-on-one loss. Mandy Rose has been fantastic since her return to NXT with her new persona and she will retain the title.

Prediction: Mandy Rose

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NXT North American Championship Ladder Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Santos Escobar vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Grayson Waller vs. Cameron Grimes

Andrew: This one could go a few ways but I would leave the title on Hayes. Partly because I’m already calling for 2 title changes and partly because I think it’s too soon to take the title off the champ. Either way, this match should be insane and a highlight for the whole weekend.

Prediction: Carmelo Hayes retains 

Jon: This should hands down be the match of the night, if not the entire Wrestlemania weekend. (Yeah, I said it.) As for who will be leaving with the title, my money is on Grayson Waller. He’s been a great heel since he’s arrived and adding gold around his waist will take his arrogance to a new level. Make it happen.

Prediction: Grayson Waller

Joel: Carmelo doesn’t miss and neither does NXT ladder matches. This has the potential to be a show-stealer for not just Stand and Deliver, but WrestleMania weekend as a whole. I think Hayes should be next to challenge for the NXT Championship, but will have to drop his title to do so. This ladder match could be the perfect time to do so.

Prediction: Cameron Grimes

Jeremy: Cameron Grimes was the last man to earn a ticket into the ladder match for the North American championship. The story of him telling his father before he passed away that he would make him proud and win a title someday has been mentioned multiple times over the past few weeks. His dream will come to fruition this weekend.

Prediction: Cameron Grimes

NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: Imperium (c) vs. The Creed Brothers vs. MSK

Andrew: I’m calling title change here, with The Creed Brothers getting their day in the sun. Imperium are one helluva team and I would not be upset in the slightest if they retained but WWE is obviously high on The Creed Brothers and what better time than NXT: Stand and Deliver to crown them the new kings of the tag team division?

Prediction: The Creed Brothers

Jon: I love a good triple threat tag match. This should make for a fast paced and action packed affair. I’m expecting a lot of false finishes, some sweet double team moves and yes, a title change. My gut tells me that Julius and Brutus Creed will capture their first NXT tag gold in a really fun match at NXT: Stand and Deliver.

Prediction: The Creed Brothers

Joel: Three fantastic in-ring teams should put on one of the best matches of the night. NXT 2.0 certainly has its issues, but a lot of the in-ring work is enjoyable, especially involving this trio of teams. The champs retaining is a strong possibility, but I’m going with the Diamond Mine getting some new gold.

Prediction: Creed Brothers

Jeremy: This has been a difficult match for me to predict. The Creed Brothers have been on fire and all signs have pointed to them getting a run with the tag team belts sooner rather than later. I do, however, believe that it will make Gunther look even stronger by having Imperium retain the titles with a pin of MSK.

Prediction: Imperium

MSK have their arms raised with the NXT tag title belts at Stand & Deliver

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Tony D’Angelo

Andrew: The trend of long time NXT stars leaving continues here. Ciampa does the honors to the young star on the way out the door. The question is: Where is Ciampa headed after NXT?

Prediction: Tony D’Angelo

Jon: I’m not sure that I’m ready for what this match probably means. If it really is Tomasso Ciampa’s last match in NXT, then we are truly witnessing the end of an era. Not only for Cosmos, but for OG NXT. Assuming that’s the case, the multi-time champion will do the honors for D’Angelo on the way out and I will probably scream and cry myself to sleep.

Prediction: Tomasso Ciampa (hopefully) 

Joel: Not sure if Tony D’Angelo is worthy of being Ciampa’s retirement match, but with a great performance he’s a made man.

Prediction: Tommaso Ciampa

Jeremy: Normally when I believe someone is going to the main roster from NXT I would be predicting a loss, but that is not the case here. D’Angelo has had an underwhelming run in my opinion since he has been on NXT while Ciampa is the last of the stalwarts from the former NXT. Ciampa has been going back and forth between Raw and NXT over the past few months and a win on the way out will boost his profile.

Prediction: Ciampa

LA Knight vs. Gunther

Andrew: If I were LA Knight, I’d be wondering about my future post NXT: Stand and Deliver. It’s pretty obvious that he’s going to be staring at the ceiling here but is he bound for the main roster or is he being wished well in his future endeavors?

Prediction: Gunther 

Jon: I still feel like Gunther is one of the top five worst re-names of all time. But I digress. This one excites me because it still has a little bit of an old school NXT feel to it. I know they don’t call them Takeover’s anymore, but when I think of Takeover, I think of hard hitting matches. That’s exactly what this contest should deliver and nobody does it better than Wal….Gunther.

Prediction: Gunther

Joel: Gunther should not be losing in big spots, no matter how entertaining his opponent is. Sorry LA.

Prediction: Gunther

Jeremy: There hasn’t been a ton of buildup to this match. Gunther has continued to look dominant since he made the switch to NXT 2.0 from NXT UK. LA Knight has been rumored to get called up to the main roster after Wrestlemania so it would make sense that he gets the win here.

Prediction: Gunther

Kickoff Show: WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Andrew: I’ll call this one for the champs, whose run I have been enjoying, in what should be a fun match on the Kickoff Show.

Prediction: Toxic Attraction

Joel: After a blood feud just months ago, putting the team of Kai and Gonzalez back together makes little sense. Having them win the tag titles on the pre-show is even stranger. The winner of this match could inform what will happen during the women’s fatal four way later in the night.

Prediction: Toxic Attraction

Written by Andrew Grevas

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