Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory 2020 Predictions

Can You Beat Us?

Hey everybody, it’s Sam, and I know you have been waiting for our predictions for Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view. The show airs live tonight, Saturday, October 24. It’s on FITE TV and it is supposed to start at 8pm. Chris Flackett is with me as we run down our predictions on the winners and losers of this big show. Let’s get started.

Ken Shamrock (w/Sami Callihan) vs Eddie Edwards

Sam: For those of you who do not know, Ken Shamrock will be going into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame on Saturday night. It is my understanding that The Rock is doing a video package for him, introducing him for this honor. The matches that The Rock and Ken Shamrock had were great in WWF at the time. We also all know of the Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards fight that ended up with Sami taking a baseball bat to Eddie Edwards and putting him in the hospital with a busted eye.

Recently, Ken Shamrock has been Sami Callihan’s enforcer. I cannot see Ken Shamrock losing on the night that he is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. Definitely not with the hacker Sami Callahan in his corner, someone that can control the lights, the big screen, and the sounds. So, I am picking Ken Shamrock in this match. 

Chris: With it being such an important night for Mr. Shamrock, I agree with Sam in that I can’t see him losing here. I think the important detail here will be that Sami will involve himself somehow and cheat Eddie of the win, reestablishing their feud moving feud. So, Ken to win, but Sami might be the real winner here.

Sam’s Pick: Ken Shamrock

Chris’ Pick: Ken Shamrock

Moose vs EC3

Sam: I really have enjoyed this program of EC3 driving moose crazy while trying to get him to learn a lesson. With this being at an undisclosed location, it makes me think that it may be a cinematic match. If so, with the different tricks, images, and appearing and disappearing that EC3 has been doing through this whole program, then it could be a great match. I think EC3 wins this match and destroys the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title. Or he will, at least, do away with it so that there is only one title and it is the Impact World Championship. 

Chris: What makes me sit on the fence a little here on an EC3 win is that he is appearing in ROH currently too. What benefit is there to Moose losing then EC3 spending his time in ROH? However, I can’t see Moose coming out of this one victorious with the build-up it’s had, so I’m also going to go with EC3.

Sam’s Pick: EC3

Chris’ Pick: EC3

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match (20 competitors)

Sam: The first competitor out to compete is going to be Rhino, with number 20, being Hernandez based on the match that they had on Tuesday night. I would love to pick Heath in this match because I want Heath to get a contract. Heath has to win, right? I think he does win with some kind of shenanigans. What are those shenanigans going to be? I don’t know whether it’s going to be Rhino helping him after being eliminated or someone else. If they do not let Heath win this match then I think Brian Myers does. But I’m going with Heath.

Chris: I suspect this match is going to revolve around Heath Slater but I don’t think he’s going to win. Bryan Myers has been a blast with his ‘Most Professional Wrestler’ schtick, acting anything but professional, and I think it is that tendency to cheating that I think will see Myers cheat Slater at the end, leading to a feud between the two where Slater later overcomes Myers and finally earns his spot in Impact.

Sam’s Pick: Heath Slater

Chris’ Pick: Brian Myers

Impact X-Division Championship Match

Sam: My heart wants to pick Jordynne Grace. I feel like she has worked hard this year and deserves it. She has taken a lot of flack and been bullied online about her body and being the Knockouts Champion. Jordynne was put down on social media because she got beat out of the gate by Deonna Purrazzo. So, I would love for Jordynne Grace to win the X-Division Championship. But it’s not in the cards right now. I can’t see her doing it.

Then up to this week, I thought Rohit Raju would be the winner. I thought he would come up with some crazy way to hold onto the title. He would trick somebody or use some kind of weapon or get disqualified. For some reason this week I changed my mind. I think that Impact Wrestling has realized what they have on their hands and they are finally going to put the title on Trey Miguel from the Rascalz. He is going to keep it for a while and stabilize it. We have had a lot of bouncing around with the X-Division Championship. I think Impact Wrestling has made a good decision with him.

Chris: I’m going to disagree with Sam here; I think Jordynne Grace is going to pick up the win here. Why? Well, I think Impact are still smarting from the Tessa Blanchard world title experiment. I think Impact want to prove they weren’t wrong to put a title traditionally associated with men around a woman’s waist (ultimately, COVID and behind the scenes disagreements ruined Tessa’s reign, not her wrestling). If Impact does want to go this route, giving Jordynne the win is a great way to do it. She’s very professional and is an all-round great talent in the ring. So yeah, it’s Jordynne for me.

Sam’s Pick: Trey Miguel

Chris’ Pick: Jordynne Grace

Impact World Tag Team Championships

Sam: For me, this is probably the hardest match to decide the winner for. For those who listen to my podcast, you know I love The North. I love Page and Alexander, but I think they’re out of their element with these veterans. I think this match comes down to the Motor City Machine Guns and The Good Brothers. It stays with the Motor City Machine Guns. I think Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are too good as teammates and champions to be relieved of the titles here. Impact Wrestling paid The Good Brothers an awful lot of money and they don’t want them to go to Japan. They want them to have the belts, but I don’t think they get them at this pay-per-view. I think the Motor City Machine Guns with their athletic talent, how long they have been together, and the teamwork that they have, will end up keeping those championships.

Chris: There was a hell of a lot of hype around The Good Brothers when they signed with impact, and their appearance at Slammiversary was built up to be a big deal. Somehow, I don’t think they’ve made completely good on that hype and their potential, but if we are to believe the strength of the hype betrays the strength of Impact’s belief in the pair, then perhaps we’ll see The Good Brothers take the titles at Bound for Glory.

Sam’s Pick: The Motor City Machine Guns

Chris’ Pick: The Good Brothers

Impact Knockouts Championship

Sam: I am truly enjoying this program and I hope it continues after this match. Hopefully, they don’t just drop it and the reason why I say that is because they have brought other people in that affects this match. I think those other people will also show up for this match. I think Kimber Lee will come out with Deonna Purrazzo and try to interfere at some point. She may get thrown out of the match after interjecting herself.

I believe we’ll see Susie come down to the ring for Kylie Rae. I don’t know what kind of effect Susie will have though. We have seen Kylie Rae get angry and lose control. However, I think in this match Susie turns into Su Yung. I don’t know if it is forever or if it is just for a certain point in the match, but I think there is a disqualification because of it. Donna Purrazzo keeps the belt. If Su Yung does not show up, then I think Kylie Rae loses her cool and gets disqualified. I think this championship match ends in disqualification which leads to the next round.

Chris: I do believe Impact  has a lot of stock in Kylie Rae, as they should, and will look to put the title and build the Knockouts division around her in the future. But I don’t think it will happen here. I could see Kylie about to grab victory when some sort of shenanigans wrenches the title out of her grasp and keeps it with Purrazzo. The chase will then be even more meaningful, as will the title win when Kylie eventually takes the title from Donna (which she will). But for that to work, Donna needs to go over here first.

Sam’s Pick: Deonna Purrazzo

Chris’ Pick: Deonna Purrazzo

Impact World Championship: Eric Young vs. Rich Swann

Sam: The main event of the night is Eric Young vs Rich Swann. I’m going to make everybody mad here and I know that. I have never been a Rich Swann fan. He has had one match in ten months due to injuries and I think that will come into play in this match. Eric Young came to Impact Wrestling to be a champion. He wants to prove to WWE that they didn’t use him correctly and that they did him wrong. I think Eric Young shows how much of a psychopath he really is and he puts a legitimate hurting on Rich Swann. He keeps the Impact World Championship title. I know many of you are making the predictions of Rich Swann. Maybe you’ll be right, but I don’t think so. 

Chris: Now, I do like Rich Swann, and I think they’ve told a great story with Swann getting injured and looking to retire, only for Young to attack once more and motivate Swann to hasten his recovery so he can get vengeance. But I wonder, if Swann wins, who’s his first challenger? EY as the heel champion punching down and infuriating everyone is more exciting than seeing him on the chase. So, for that reason, I think Young will win here and continue his campaign of chaos. But I also think the Young/Swann feud will continue afterwards…

Sam’s Pick: Eric Young

Chris’ Pick: Eric Young

So there you have the Sports Obsessive picks. We dare you to try to pick against us—leave your picks in the comments section below. Let’s see if you can beat us.

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