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Thank you for joining us once again at Sports Obsessive. Today we’re here to discuss Impact Wrestling. Turning Point is coming up this Saturday, November 14th, and for lack of a better word, the card is stacked. Impact Wrestling has shown time and time again that they are viable competition for any other wrestling promotion out there and the shows that they have still managed to put out, despite a global pandemic, proves that the company is more than worth its weight in gold.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Here at Sports Obsessive, we enjoy reviewing and gathering our predictions for many wrestling shows.

So, let’s turn our crystal ball towards Turning Point.

Moose vs Willie Mack

James: So, Moose is still the fake TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Will the madness never end? Moose is a great wrestler, maybe he should try to assert himself into the Impact World Championship picture at some point, rather than being the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Moose genuinely believes his own hype: that he is the premier Champion in Impact Wrestling. As for Willie Mack, he is good pals with the current Impact World Champion, who had a bit of a scuffle backstage with Moose recently. Moose is looking to unleash his frustrations on Willie Mack. The question is, will Moose’ reign of terror continues or will Mack put him in his place. For me, I predict that Moose will continue on the rampage that he is currently tearing through until he finds himself squaring off against the Impact World Champion, whomever that may be.

Chris: It seems a big deal for Moose to have beaten EC3 at Bound For Glory considering EC3 has moved on to ROH and could have used a win to have continued his momentum. I believe the company has something big planned eventually for Moose and I think they’ll want to keep him hot for whenever they pull the trigger. For that reason, it’s Moose for the win for me.

James’ Prediction – Moose

Chris’ Prediction – Moose

Brian Myers aka The Most Professional Wrestler vs Swoggle

James: Myers is a bully. He may have an incredible array of vintage actions figures but he is a bully. Swoggle was being interviewed recently and was opening his heart as to how he feels that Impact Wrestling is his safe haven and home. Myers couldn’t help but overhear this and interrupted by saying that Swoggle will never be considered a pro wrestler but will always be remembered a side-act, referring to Swoggle’s WWE Past with Fit Finlay and, on another occasion, being dubbed Vince McMahon’s son. Swoggle will be fighting for his pride and dignity at Turning Point.

Despite Myers standing at 6′ 1″ and Swoggle standing at 4′ 5″, I’m pulling for Swoggle. F*** it, I believe in him.

Chris: I’ve genuinely enjoyed what Myers has been doing with the ‘Most Professional Wrestler’ gimmick. He’s an old-school heat getter, I’m just sorry I have to see him wrestle Swoggle to do so. I cant say I’m overwhelmed by this match, but I’m calling Myers to win here. He’s going to do something to earn the ire of the audience here.

James’ Prediction – Swoggle

Chris’ Prediction – Brian Myers

Eddie Edwards vs Daivari

James: Daivari recently returned to Impact Wrestling at Bound For Glory but I truly believe that he’s making mistake going up against Edwards, despite Edwards being the victim of an assault recently at the hands of Ken Shamrock, Sami Callihan and Chris Bey. This is a newer, grittier iteration of Eddie Edwards and I don’t believe that the former X-Division Champion, Davairi, knows what he has signed up for at Turning Point 2020.

Chris: Eddie Edwards has been a gem for Impact since Callis and Co. took over. I’ve found him consistently entertaining and he was very much deserving of his recent title reign. I can’t see Daivari going over here, unless Sami interferes to further that storyline. If that doesn’t happen, Eddie is going over here.

James’ Prediction: Eddie Edwards

Chris’ Prediction: Eddie Edwards

Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace vs Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

James: Last month, Impact Wrestling announced the return of the Knockouts Tag-Team Championships. The new Champions are set to be crowned at Hard To Kill, which will be taking place on January 16th, 2021. The unlikely team of Dashwood and Grace are going to have to prove to each other that their union will work. In recent weeks, we saw Dashwood’s search for a partner not exactly going to plan, and Dashwood is not a trustworthy partner in the eyes of Grace, so Dashwood needs to build that trust. Rosemary and Tara are ready to claim for the challenge and ready to become Knockout Tag-Team Champions. For some reason, I see Dashwood and Grace working. It’s always the unlikely teams that come out on top, right? Maybe I’m just wishing this into existence. So be it – I’m calling it.

Chris: Are Tenille and Jordynne Impact’s version of Nia and Shayna—the odd couple somehow finding success? We’ll have to wait and see (on a side note: a match between Baszler and Grace, if it were ever to come to pass, would bang so hard!) All four women here are super talented and I can see Grace and Dashwood taking the win for the odd couple thing. I’m looking forward to this one.

James’ Prediction: Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace

Chris’ Prediction: Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace

Chris Sabin and James Storm vs Team XXXL

James: Now, we know how this match is going to go. Recently, Team XXXL violently attacked the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) and went to town on the already-injured, Alex Shelley. Sabin is out to gain retribution for his tag-team partner and has enlisted the help of James Storm in order to do so. Clearly, I want Sabin and Storm to win this match. Historically, when I want a certain team to win, they don’t, which is why I begrudgingly have to predict a victory for Team XXXL.

Chris: With this being James Storm’s first match back for the company, I can’t see him losing here. They’re going to want to put him over as Impact royalty and as strong as they can—unless Storm turns on Sabin and that’s his next feud? I’m going to play it safe here and say Storm and Sabin take the win, with the relationship between Storm and Sabin causing problems with Alex Shelley in the near-future.

James’ Prediction: Team XXL

Chris’ Prediction: Chris Sabin and James Storm

The North vs The Good Brothers for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

James: The North reclaimed the Championship gold at Bound For Glory in a 4-way match in which Ethan Page clobbered Karl Anderson with the Championship belt, thus stealing the victory. But The Good Brother did look as if they were on the cusp of taking the gold beforehand. The Good Brothers have now been in Impact for a decent stretch of time, so it’s time for The Good Brothers to assert their dominance and stand atop the Tag-Team mountain in Impact Wrestling.

Chris: I’ve not been as impressed as I would have liked with The Good Brothers’ Impact run so far. But I do think they will get the title—just not here. The North remind of FTR in a lot of ways but are perhaps even better. This match should be great, to be fair, but I do think The North will cheat the Brothers out of the title here, leading to a rematch on PPV where The Brothers will finally hold the belts aloft.

James’ Prediction – The Good Brothers

Chris’ Prediction – The North

Su Yung vs Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship (No Disqualifications)

James: It’s no secret that since her arrival at Impact Wrestling, Deonna Purrazzo has proved her worth as a top-tier performer. In other words, Purrazzo has redefined and reshaped the Knockouts Division. As we know. Purrazzo held an open challenge at Bound For Glory, which Su Yung answered and shocked us all when she defeated ‘The Virtuosa’ to become the Knockouts Champion. Purrazzo didn’t let the loss slide; in fact, Purrazzo sought legal action to enforce a rematch for what she believes is still her Championship. It’s clear than Purrazzo is destined for greatness within Impact Wrestling but I do have to say that I enjoy the Championship pursuit. I’m going with Su Yung winning at Turning Point by any means necessary.

Chris: The Knockouts Division is perhaps the best thing about Impact at the moment, and this match will show people why. Purrazzo had some excellent matches with Jordynne Grace during their feud and has shown herself to be capable of leading the division. Su Yung, on the other hand, is a solid wrestler, but sometimes the gimmick can get in the way of her wrestling a little bit. Still, that might play nicely into a No DQ match. Yung will retain here.

James’ Prediction – Su Yung

Chris’ Prediction – Su Yung

Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan for the Impact World Championship

James: Let’s have a chin-wag about this one. 2020 may have been a c**p year for most but Rich Swann’s 2020 found him defeating Eric Young at Bound For Glory—it doesn’t get much better than that now does it? When you become a company’s Word Champion, the pressure applies itself. Rich Swann has experienced this first hand in recent weeks as Sami Callihan has had his eyes locked on the gold. Swann has also found himself on the wrong side of a legit badass: Ken Shamrock. You can’t help but wonder if Shamrock will make his presence known at Turning Point to ensure that Swann’s Championship end is brought to a halt?  As much as many people do want to see Swann reign supreme, I feel now is time for Shamrock to hold the World Championship. I’m predicting that Shamrock will interfere and brutalize Swann, giving Callihan the victory, only to go on to the next PPV to topple Callihan for the Championship.

Chris: Rich Swann winning at Bound for Glory was a surprise, but I don’t anticipate any more for now. I think Swann will retain here and will hold the title until into the new year. Perhaps Shamrock will try to interfere here and accidentally cause Sami the loss, kicking off a feud between the two? In any case, Swann is walking out with the gold here.

James’ Prediction – Sami Callihan

Chris’ Prediction – Sami Callihan

So there you have it! These are our views on how Turning Point will play out. Do you think that we will have a new Impact Wrestling World Champion? Will Purrazzo regain her gold from Su Yung? And who will get themselves step closer to the Knockouts Tag Team Championships?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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