WrestleMania 37 Night 2: Live Coverage!

Welcome back to Sports Obsessive, for our WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 2 coverage! If you want to check out my thoughts on Night 1, here is the link. Here’s the rundown of tonight’s card:

  • Universal Championship — Roman Reigns (c) vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan
  • Raw Women’s Championship — Asuka (c) vs. Rhea Ripley
  • “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
  • Intercontinental Championship — Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crews (Nigerian Drum Fight)
  • United States Championship — Riddle (c) vs. Sheamus
  • Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (w/ Logan Paul)
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship — Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Natalya & Tamina

Throughout the night, I’ll be updating this after each match. Be sure to follow along on Twitter (@AndrewGrevas and @SportsObsessive) or keep refreshing this page!

No rain here tonight at WrestleMania 37 Night 2! Clear skies and we’re getting right to it. As chaotic as last night felt, major kudos are in order for all of the talents who cut impromptu promos last night. After America the Beautiful and the same cold open from last night, we see an amazing fireworks display and FANS! Really cool to see people in the crowd, I can’t lie. Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neill are back as the hosts and tonight they’re dressed as pirates. Oh geez. We didn’t need this. Where’s Bayley? Please give us Bayley. I know I complained about the way they used her last night but I’m begging for her to save us now, brother. Some really bad pirate jokes and we’re now at ringside with Michael Cole, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton when Orton’s music hit to a huge pop.

Match 1: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

Announcers put over Orton’s mood being bad as he walks to the ring. Do you blame him? I don’t blame him. WrestleMania 37 Night 2 could be starting off with a squash here folks. The Fiend needs to win big here. Orton needs to move past this program. Interesting choice for an opener. I am digging Orton’s white gear though. Great pyro display as he poses on the turnbuckles. Cut to a video package of their feud before The Fiend makes his entrance. He walks down a caged ramp and with the help of “Fiend Magic”, his burning is magically gone! Creepy Alexa on the stage as Orton watches from the ring. She sees a large stripped box near the ring which looks like its part of a Jack in the Box, which I’m sure The Fiend will now magically be in. She begins to turn the handle while “Pop Goes The Weasel” plays and emerges from the box is the no longer burned Fiend! An interesting entrance that some will love and others will hate. To each their own.

The Fiend flies off the box and hits Orton and begins a beatdown of “The Viper”. The crowd is happy to see him back. Orton rolls out of the ring before The Fiend can finish the job. Orton gets in 2 seconds of offense before the mandible claw. Orton back in the ring and hits the DDT off the second rope, but The Fiend no sells again. Orton with some offense so its not a total squash but The Fiend keeps getting up and drops Orton with a clothesline before pounding Orton with fists. Orton hits his DDT off the second rope for the third time and signals that he’s in an RKO kinda mood but The Fiend counters with the claw, when he sets up for Sister Abigail. Just then, fireworks from the large box and Alexa appears to be ooozing some kind of black liquid. Its enough to distract The Fiend long enough for an RKO and Orton gets the pin!

Winner: Randy Orton

Post match, the lights go off and when they come back on, both Alexa and The Fiend were gone. Fans weren’t happy. Not sure if they were signaling that the feud is now Alexa vs The Fiend or what. Awkward ending which didn’t really work for the crowd. Orton escapes the feud but where do Alexa and The Fiend go from here?

Backstage Hogan and Titus are talking to Eric Bischoff when Bayley shows up, way too late. She needed to save us earlier. This segment was brutal, no two ways about it. Shot of Daniel Bryan warming up and now we’re onto the Women’s Tag Team Titles match.

Match 2: Women’s Tag Team Championship — Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Natalya & Tamina

Challengers are out first and its cool to see Nattie get her Mania moment here. Odds are, the champs will retain here but here’s hoping for a good spotlight for the women’s division trailblazer. Match starts off with Natayla and Shayna, who is criminally underused by WWE. Just saying. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter early but no dice. Nia is in and she wants Tamina. and they slug it out big time. Natayla and Tamina start double teaming the champs and Shayna is selling for the challengers, who look good. Solid work here so far. Nattie and Shayna start slugging it out and a knee to the face of Nattie was absolutely brutal looking. Now Nattie is selling a leg lock from Shayna and making animal like sounds, selling. Nattie is great.

The champs are in firm control and the crowd is getting hot. Nia is in, working off Nattie who is still selling like Ricky Morton in 1985. Two Rock N Roll Express references in two nights folks! The champs work well together. Shayna is a badass heel. I enjoy this team but I hope she gets another solo run one day. She’s really good. Nia back in and Nattie is heating up but Tamina is out on the outside. Oh wait she’s back just in time to break up after a pin attempt! Nattie tags out and now Tamina and Shayna are slugging it out. I know people will inevitably rip on this match because they don’t like certain performers here, but this match is good and these women are working hard. Tamina to the top but cut off by Shayna. Nia off the top with a cross body to both of the challengers in a cool spot but it looks like she tweaked her knee. Crowd is chanting for Tamina. Nia is talking a lot of trash until Tamina slaps her and then body slams her for the closest of counts!

Ok, this is much better than I expected. All four are working really hard and having a Mania moment. Tamina goes for the Superfly Splash but Nia rolls out of the way. Crowd wants Nattie back in and she gets the tag. Shayna makes the tag but Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter on Nia. Locks it in but Shayna comes in and locks on her choke and Nattie taps. Good finish to a really good match.

Winners and still Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax! 

Video package plays for the Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens feud. Its crazy to think how long these guys have been working together.

Match 3: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (w/ Logan Paul)

JBL joins Corey Graves and Michael Cole at ringside. Zayn is out first and he’s fired up. Everyone seems so happy to be performing in front of a live crowd again. Sami introduces Logan Paul, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Well, maybe more boos than mixed. Here comes KO and he gets a great pop from the crowd. This should be a lot of fun. Owens is hyped to be there and the crowd loves it. Bell rings and Pop Up Powerbomb right away! Sami to the outside. KO brings him back in and he’s beating Sami from pillar to post. KO to the top rope but thinks twice and Sami with a kick to the face. Fighting on the apron and Sami with a brainbuster on the apron. Looked absolutely brutal. KO is selling it like he’s dead. Back in the ring at the count of 8. Sami is in form control and we’re in the heat now.

Sami and KO duking it out of the top rope when Sami drops and KO with the Frog Splash, but only gets a 2 count. Series of reversals and these guys are going all out. I feel like I’m at an ROH show in 2005 right now. Loving this. Blue Thunderbomb from Sami only gets a 2. Exploder into the corner and Sami is on fire. Brainbuster gets a 2. “This is awesome” chant breaks out. It is. Both men start exchanging fists in the corner until KO drops. Sami gets him on the top rope and KO reverses into a top rope fisherman’s suplex, which looked amazing. KO is picking up steam until Sami out of nowhere with his Helluva Kick. Goes for another when KO hits a superkick and then another superkick, before the stunner for the win! Great match!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Man, I loved that match. That’s the kind of match those guys are capable of and it was great to see them go all out. Logan Paul in the ring, checking on Sami. Paul approaches KO, offering him a handshake when Sami stops him. Logan Paul shoves Sami down, which the crowd boos. Logan Paul riases KO’s hand and KO pauses and the crowd is begging for KO to stun Logan Paul….and he does! Great moment for KO at WrestleMania 37 Night 2!

The next backstage segment was Riddle and Great Khali and….well it was a real groaner. Then RVD shows up to translate for Khali, which was hysterical and totally saved the segment. That’s how you do stoner humor Vince.

Match 4: United States Championship — Riddle (c) vs. Sheamus

You can always tell who WWE is behind by who they give pyro to and well, Riddle got a nice display. Sheamus in control first and the announcers are putting over his career highlights. Riddle starts fighting back, bro, but Sheamus battles back quickly. Pretty back and forth battle with lots of slugging it out. Sheamus with his trademark clubs across the chest and then a big suplex and Sheamus to the top rope, when Riddle scales the turnbuckles and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex! That’s one that should be played in the highlight reel for awhile.

Riddle’s on fire, taking his offense to Sheamus, struggles with his first suplex attempt but hits the second, but only for a 2 count. Sheamus catches a Brogue kick out of nowhere which looked vicious but only gets a 2. Riddle is rocked though and Sheamus with an Alabama Slam. Bob Holly is somewhere nodding in approval. Maybe. Riddle takes the fight to the outside and hits a beautiful corkscrew before taking the fight back into the ring and he’s got a submission on Sheamus but Sheamus powers out. Sheamus is beating the crap out of Riddle and this one has been really physical and intense. Bob Holly probably would approve. Sheamus to the top but Riddle catches him. Sheamus went for White Noise on the top, started to slip and hit it inside the ring, then back to the top for a double knee drop. 2 count! This is really good. Lots of good wrestling here so far. Missed the Brogue Kick, Riddle attempts a moonsault off the second rope, Sheamus catches him with a kick to the face and new champ!

Winner and new United States Champion, Sheamus! 

The kick to Riddle’s face to finish the match caught Riddle good. His mouth is bleeding pretty good. Really solid, physical match. Good call on putting the title on Sheamus. Let Riddle chase the champ and hopefully be a little less silly and more badass in his quest to regain the gold.

Up next is the video package for the Intercontinental Title Match.

Match 5: Intercontinental Championship — Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crews (Nigerian Drum Fight)

What is a Nigerian Drum Fight? We’re about to find out I suppose. Whatever it is, the crowd is hot for it. Out to perform first is Wale for Big E’s entrance and here, in his hometown, Big E is getting the major star treatment. This guy is a future headliner, maybe as soon as next year’s Mania. He’s money my friends. The match starts with both men with kendo sticks beating the hell out of each other. Big E is getting the best of the exchange and then throws Apollo into the drums on the outside. Apollo bounces back, with a kendo stick across Big E’s back. Apollo on the apron and Big E flies through the ring and spears him to the outside! Huge move that looked amazing.

I got caught up in watching these guys beat the crap out of each other and forgot to type for a few minutes. This is really good. Big E with a uranagi off the apron on the steel steps and it looked sick. Big E rolls a table in the ring and starts to set it up. Apollo with a dropkick and then beats the hell out of Big E with a kendo stick. He rolls Big E on the table, goes to the top and Big E rolls off as Apollo goes for the splash. As Big E goes for the Big Ending, a really large man in dressed as a soldier came in and laid out Big E, enabling Apollo to get the win! I don’t know who this monster is but he’s freaking huge and we have a new champ!

Winner and new IC champion: Apollo Crews

Next up was the Hall of Famers getting to come out and greet the crowd. Tampa was pumped to see the full class but Kane especially got a huge pop from the crowd. I said it last night and its still true tonight – after the pandemic and all we’ve been through, the Hall of Fame is a true feel good moment.

Video packages for the Raw Women’s Title Match start playing next. This should be a war.

Match 6: Raw Women’s Championship — Asuka (c) vs. Rhea Ripley

Rhea gets her ring entrance played live and she is soaking in this hot crowd and huge entrance. This is a big moment for the former NXT star. Here comes the champ and she two is soaking in this big moment. Asuka has been one of WWE’s most dominant performers over the last few years and tonight, she, like Sasha Banks did last night, faces the future of the WWE Women’s division. We’ve got a big fight feel here and the crowd is loud and vocal. Asuka with a louder crowd reaction, interestingly enough. Its go time.

The champ takes it to Ripley quickly and Rhea is trying to hang with the champ. Asuka is fast and furious and Rhea takes a powder to regroup. Asuka with kicks to the spine and Ripley finally breaks free with a kick of her own. Strikes from Rhea as she tries a ground and pound approach. Dueling chants break out and Rhea stays in control, slapping around and taunting the champ. Asuka breaks free but Ripley with a dropkick. Rhea is trying to provoke the champ and then a huge lariat. Asuka locks in a knee bar and Rhea is in trouble in the middle of the ring before powering out. Ripley remains in control before Asuka with an elbow strike and missile dropkick from the top rope. This match really hasn’t gotten out of first gear yet. Feels like it should be picking up soon. Asuka stuns Ripley with strikes and gets a near fall. Asuka to the top and Ripley with a drop kick that knocks her to the floor.

Fight goes to the floor and Ripley drops Asuka face first on the apron before rolling her back up to the apron. Asuka with a DDT off the apron to the floor, which was a really cool spot. 2 count only back in the ring. Asuka with a series of strikes but Ripley blocks the sliding knee and locks in an inverted Texas Cloverleaf. Asuka reverses into an armbar but Ripley powers out. Asuka on the apron, Ripley with an outside in suplex for a 2 count. Asuka escapes the waistlock and rolls into an armbar, Ripley escapes. Big kick to the chest from the champ. Ripley ducks the next kick, RipTide and new champ!

Winner and new Raw Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley!

The crowd loved it but this one never clicked for me. Felt like they never quite got into their groove and meshed. Not sure what the disconnect was but this was nothing more than ok to me and so far, the weakest match of the night.

We’re back with our hosts and before they can say much, Bayley is out wanting to know why she isn’t getting thanked and demands pyro. She should be demanding a match. Maybe she’s getting one? On cue, here’s the Bellas. Bayley tells them they can’t speak and tells Nikki that Cena isn’t here to a huge pop. Bellas start a beatdown on Bayley. Now the Bellas are dancing with Hogan and Titus and Bayley is laid out. After how hard she’s worked over the last year, she deserves a lot better.

Video package for the main event time. Here we go.

Match 7: Universal Championship — Roman Reigns (c) vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is out first and the crowd is exploding. 7 years ago, Bryan won a triple threat to become champ. Can he do it again? Edge is out next and the crowd is even louder. A lot louder. Edge is fired up on the ramp. This is the moment he’s dreamed of for a decade now. Huge pyro display and after hearing this crowd, Edge better win or there might be a riot. 10 years ago today, Edge retired and gave up the title. The timing is perfect. This is a huge reaction and moment. Charles Robinson is the ref, which is perfect. Here comes Roman to very loud boos. This man was born to be a badass heel and is the hottest act WWE has. This has the potential to be really good. Bryan is all smiles in the ring. He’s enjoying this moment, back in front of a live crowd in the main event of WrestleMania 37.

Roman is all business and has Jey and Paul Heyman by his side. This has a big fight feel, something this year’s Mania has done a good job of capturing a few times. This feels like a major moment. Awesome pyro display as Roman holds the belt high. Bryan is still smiling. He’s a happy guy.

Major pops for both Edge and Bryan during introductions. Roman looks the part of a killer and is in the zone big time. Main event time and here we go! Edge drops Bryan right away and then goes after Edge. Bryan attacks Roman but Roman tosses him out to Jey, who throws Bryan into the steps. Superkick by Jey to Edge and Roman is going for the announce table. Bryan with a suicide dive to Roman but Jey gets him next, before Edge lays out Jey. Edge after Roman, destroying him on the outside. Edge is in control and the crowd is hot.

Edge goes back after Uso and DDT’s him on the steel steps. Everyone is laid out already. Officials are checking on Jey. Roman’s hip appears to be hurt. Bryan back in the ring. Jey Uso is being taken out. Edge and Bryan in the ring staring each other down and then exchanging fists. Bryan with kicks in the corner and Edge reverses a top rope hurracarana. Roman back in and Bryan bounces him off the apron, then a top rope missile drop kick to Edge. Crowd is chanting “Yes” as Bryan works over Edge. Bryan goes for another dive to the outside but Roman catches him and lays him out. Edge rolls Roman back in the ring but Roman damn near rips his head off with a lariat. Edge blocks the Superman punch and hits a DDT on Roman.

Edge sets up for a spear but Roman connects with his Superman Punch. Roman sets up for a spear, Edge over the top, both go for a spear at the same time and collided mid air. Looked really nasty. “This is awesome” chant breaks out. Bryan off the top with a flying head butt first to Edge, then to Roman and only gets 2 count. Bryan is in control and lands kicks on Edge and Roman both. Running knee to Edge and then lights out kick to Roman but Roman kicks out at 2.

Bryan with stomps to Roman’s face and locks in the Yes Lock. Middle of the ring and Roman is hurting but Edge breaks it up. Bryan gets Edge in the Yes Lock and Roman breaks it up and starts pounding Bryan with fists and elbows. Powerbombs Bryan ontop of Edge and then kicks Bryan out of the ring. “Roman Sucks” chant breaks out as Roman goes for the stairs. Crowd gets loud as Roman stands on the stairs and powerbombs Bryan through the table. Before he could get down, Edge spears him off the steps. This is really good and the crowd is loving every second.

Edge is dragging Roman in the ring and brings 2 chairs with him. Bryan is out cold. Roman steals the chairs and throws them out but Edge with a crossface. Edge grabs a piece of one of the chairs that broke off in the crossface and Roman is in trouble. Bryan puts Roman in the Yes Lock while Edge still has the crossface on, then starts headbutting Edge. Bryan looks ruthless and isn’t smiling anymore. He screams “You have a bad neck?” at Edge while kicing his neck. Crowd starts chanting “Yes” while Bryan is in the corner but spear from Edge. Roman misses the Superman Punch, Edge spears Roman and goes for the pin. Bryan pulls ref out of the ring at 2 and Edge is pissed.

Edge grabs 2 more chairs and takes one to lay Bryan out outside the ring. Edge looks crazed. He starts hitting both Bryan and Roman with a chair and puts a chair under each man’s face, setting both up for conchairtos. Nails Bryan and before he can get Roman, Jey hits him. Spear to Jey and then Roman spears Edge. Bryan is out. Roman sets Edge up for a conchairto, puts Edge ontop of Bryan and pins both win in really dominant fashion. Wow, what a match and did not see that finish coming at all. That was really, really good but felt like it should be Edge’s moment. Maybe Bryan’s moment. But WWE is standing by their man and not going for the feel good moment and you know, you can’t be mad at that. The stack pin was pure dominance though and WWE’s way of saying, “That’s our guy”.

Another really good night of wrestling and thanks as always for your support of!


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