Sam’s Thinking On Impact Wrestling Turning Point

Hint: Not Good

Hey everybody, it’s Sam with a few raves and as lot of rants for Impact Wrestling’s Turning Point. It was on Impact+ on Saturday Night November 14th. I am going to be completely honest with you. I wasn’t 100% sure what exactly Impact Wrestling was doing. Why do they feel the need to have this right now? They just had Bound for Glory. Is this something like a mini PPV since you have to pay for Impact+? I would have liked another two to three weeks build. Have this maybe the first week of December.

We have Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne calling tonight, so at least I have that.

Davari vs Eddie Edwards

This was a very basic match and when I say basic, I mean basic moves and transitions in this match. I immediately thought, “Aren’t you veterans? What are we doing with this match? I didn’t realize that these two had any issues or problems.” Then you bring in the announcers it was a mess. They were talking about Heath and Rhino and when were they going to get to come back to challenge for the tag team championships.

I don’t know why, but I just found it really hard to get into this match. Yes, I guess it was a decent opening match, but this is how you are using Eddie Edwards. Wasn’t he just the Impact World Champion? Didn’t he just have a program with Sami Callihan? Now, he is an opener? I’m not going to lie to you because my next thought was turn this off. Is this something I want to waste my time on? But I thought usually Impact Wrestling gives me something I like. Stay with it. About this time, Eddie Edwards gets the Boston Knee Party with the three count to win it. 

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Jordynne Grace and Tennille Dashwood with Kaleb with K vs Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

First of all, we have to talk about Rosemary’s entrance. Can you imagine her entrance in the WWE ThunderDome? Think about how it goes dark for The Fiend and The Undertaker then the music starts. Her graphic, lights and smoke done up by WWE designers in the ThunderDome. It would be unbelievable.

Well, let’s talk about the match because fans on the internet, Reddit and Twitter have me excited. They are saying if Jordynne Grace and Tennille Dashwood would get on the same page then they would run the tag division. Some fans were even comparing it to the Sasha Banks and Bayley pairing. Well yeah they could guys, but they aren’t going to get along. You know that and I know that. Problem is… didn’t they just try this a couple weeks ago? Why am I seeing this again? Especially against what is probably the best tag team in division.

I think part of the problem I have is with Tennille Dashwood starts back in WWE probably the last 18-24 months. I don’t know that I have ever seen her actually wrestle a whole match in that time. Yes, I know her gimmick is of a model taking pics for Instagram. Think about it and write to me the last time you saw her go all out full time for a whole match. I start thinking, “Can she do it?” I mean she had to at some point in order to get signed, right?

Think about Jordynne Grace. We see her go all out all the time. I see her putting it on the line every match. I know some of you will try to say this about Taya Valkyrie, but that is mostly in skits. Sometimes she allows Rosemary to do the work, but Valkyrie knows how to wrestle when she wants to. She can look great and kick butt when she needs to. In this match, we get Grace carrying the load and when she wants to tag Dashwood is stretching which stops Grace in her tracks. Valkyrie takes advantage of it. This continues to show off the tag team work of Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie who eventually win the match. 

Winner: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Brian Myers vs Swoggle

I don’t want to see this match at all. It has nothing to do with Swoggle. He has been in wrestling forever and is very professional. It is because I don’t respect Brian Myers. I know he is supposed to be the most professional wrestler in the world, but uses heel tactics to win. Yes, I know they used to be friends and now Swoggle can’t be friends with him. But honestly I don’t really know that the announcers told me that because I don’t remember seeing it. It just wasn’t built up enough and they threw it on this show. Just not buying it. Brian Myers just dominated this match. Swoggle got two moves. It was not a good match. Myers hit a clothesline and won. 

Winner: Brian Myers

XXXL vs Chris Sabin and Cowboy James Storm

I thought Storm and Saban look good together probably because they are veteran tag team wrestlers. I miss Alex Shelley. Eventually, the big boys of XXXL end up taking over and making Chris Sabin pay by beating them down. You can tell James Storm hasn’t been performing without a crowd in a while because he starts trying to get the crowd into it and of course, there’s not a crowd. Finally Sabin gives him a hot tag and starts going off. Then Sabin and Storm hit double drop kicks and they win. 

Winner: James Storm and Chris Sabin   

Again, I have to stop because I’m thinking I bet this is halfway through this card. It is garbage. I have seen maybe a decent match and half. If I’m being nice then it might be 1 1/2 to 2 stars of a PPV. I can’t believe I’m watching this. Why am I sitting through this for Impact Wrestling? None of these matches have been built up at all. Not one was I looking forward to. I have no clue why are they having this show. I’m giving it one more match. Give me something decent.

X-Division Championship: Rohit Raju vs Cousin Jake

So they give me the Defeat Rohit Challenge. Who’s coming out to take him on? Cousin Jake…Cousin Jake…I’m throwing pillows at my TV…Cousin Jake??? Are you serious? If you listen to my podcast then you know I HATE The Deaners. I live around enough Hilljacks. I don’t need to see them on TV. Is Cousin Jake a X-Division guy? Let’s think TJP, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel and Rohit. Yeah, Cousin Jake fits that profile, right? What?!??!? I can’t believe for one second that he might beat Rohit Raju, not even in the wrestle bubble can I believe it. He just doesn’t fit the X-Division mold.

Winner: Rohit Raju

Eric Young shows up and the announcers start going crazy because Joe Doering shows up. Who is this? I have no clue. None. Finally the announcers tell me that he has been the All Japan Triple Crown and Tag Team Champion and I was like I know to some of you that this is a huge deal. Well guess what? Not to me. I don’t watch All Japan. This guy is brand new to me and not a big deal to me.

TNA Heavyweight Champion: Moose vs Willie Mack

All right, one more match because I want see if Moose can “control his narrative” like EC3 told him. I loved EC3 on Impact Wrestling that I followed him over to Ring of Honor just to see what he can do over there. I want this to be a 2 minute squash match to show how powerful Moose is and how confident he is now in himself. Yes! That’s what they are giving me. Moose is absolutely destroying Willie Mack. Buuuuuttttt…Impact Wrestling won’t let Mack get squashed completely. Whhhhyyyy????? Willie Mack gets a comeback. I wish I had went to pick up my pillows, so I could throw them at TV again. Moose goes to ground and pound which kills Willie Mack. The referee stops it and gives it to Moose. Then Moose won’t quit, so the referee changes his mind. He disqualifies Moose and gives the win to Willie Mack. Can you do that? I want them to explain this one on Tuesday.

Winner: Willie Mack

Impact World Tag Team Championships: The North vs The Good Brothers

This match has to be good, right? This is two of the best teams in division. Karl Anderson and Josh Alexander are the two that start it off. Well, they were awesome together. Both of their styles complement each other and the chemistry is off the charts. I want to see these two wrestle one on one. Now I’m not saying Ethan Page and Doc Gallows weren’t good, but Anderson and Alexander were very good.

Both teams showed some great tag team wrestling. They cut off the ring really well, used quick tags and did different double team maneuvers. It was everything I wanted. The Good Brothers even did a 3-D and a Magic Killer that was interrupted. They each get one of The North then hit the Magic Killer for the win. This has been the best match of the night, but that’s not saying much. On some other PPVs, it would have been a three or three and half star match. I hope we get a rematch quickly.

Winner: The Good Brothers

Impact Women’s Championship (No Disqualification): Su Yung vs Deonna Purrazzo

I know so many of you thought Su Yung is automatic, but I see something in Deonna Purrazzo. I don’t think we have see her truly develop her character. Right now she is playing a snobby everything is beneath her character. However, I think eventually we see her slowly get into a calculating, evil, manipulating character that plays everyone. I think Deonna has an “it” factor to play a character plus wrestle.

Su Yung immediately takes control and gets out her glove which she never does this early. I’m thinking, “Oh no, are they going to squash Purrazzo this early? Did she do something at Impact Wrestling that made them mad?” I just couldn’t see it happening this quick. Deonna finally throws Su Yung outside and starts working on her arm which is what Purrazzo is known for. The announcers start talking about if you can’t use your arms then you can’t do the Mandible Claw. Su Yung gets a kendo stick, but that didn’t last long. She gets out some rope for Purrazzo. It looked like to me that Deonna did a Sister Abigail to me and then she picked up the kendo stick. She ended up wrapping a chair around Su Young’s head which allows her to get the Venus de Milo locked in. Su Yung wasn’t responding, so Deonna Purrazzo released the hold. We see Su Yung end up raising her hand before the three count. Why? What is going on now in wrestling right now?

Last Friday, this happened on Smackdown too. Nattie got the Sharpshooter on and when they didn’t tap out immediately she released the hold. This allowed Ruby Riott to join the Survivor Series Team Smackdown. Why are we steal stupid setups from each other? Deonna Purrazzo should have fought this and said my character wouldn’t do that. She’s too cocky to give up like that without hearing the bell or having the referee tell her to stop. So Su Yung immediately turns and gets her into the Mandible Claw until she sees the rope. Yung takes the rope and tries to hang Deonna. However, we get to see the Costra Nostra pile driver and she gets the win. I had seen her do this before, but I saw on the internet how many thought the Venus de Milo was her only finisher.

This wasn’t a great match. They need to get these two away from each other as fast as possible. I know Impact Wrestling had to think quickly when the Kylie Rae situation happened. The issue is these two wrestlers have no chemistry together and they don’t move well together. I wonder sometimes if they just show up and go instead of going over it beforehand. Su Young’s style is not like many others, so I think you have to go over it. I know Impact Wrestling likes to make Su Yung into some big bad monster, but they also have Havoc and Rosemary. Both are better than her. I just think right now Deonna Purrazzo is one person that can’t make Su Yung look good right now.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan 

Personally, I say this upfront every time I don’t like Rich Swann so you will rarely see me pick him in a match. I think for the last 18-24 months Sami Callihan has given Impact Wrestling everything. He has been a company man. He did everything from carrying their title and bringing it prestige to agreeing to work intergender matches with Tessa Blanchard to even dropping the title to her. Then when she got caught in Mexico by the travel ban. Sami Callihan stepped up with Michael Elgin, Ken Shamrock and Eddie Edwards. They didn’t give him the title back and you never heard him say a word. If anyone deserves it then it is him. Just my opinion. 

Impact Wrestling for some reason are high on Rich Swann and don’t want him to lose. Even if he supposedly has an unbelievable career ending injury. I have no clue why they are protecting him. I think this would have been the perfect time to have a change in your top belt even if Ken Shamrock needed to get involved. Other than the Masters golf tournament, there were no big sports games going on. For some reason, Impact Wrestling didn’t want to do it. If I’m Sami Callihan then I’m leaving when my contract runs out at the end of December. There are too many other promotions that will allow him freedom and creativity which he has out the butt. He doesn’t have to be the hacker. Sami definitely can come up with a brand new character with a new slate.

Winner: Rich Swann

Final Analysis

Impact Wrestling Turning Point on Impact+ was pretty much garbage. There were basically two good matches and they may have been good only because what I had to compare them to. The North vs The Good Brothers was a good though. This PPV would be about a two to three stars and it wasn’t worth my time at all. There wasn’t anything else on TV.  I guess I could have been writing another article for Sports Obsessive. Probably 80% of the card shouldn’t have happened. There was no point for the matches especially on a special show. Do not go find this on YouTube, Daily Motion or buy Impact+ to watch this. If any of you watched this and disagree with me then let’s hear it. Write me below. Try to convince me. I’m open to hear your points.


Written by Samantha Sayre

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