ROH: Supercard of Honor 2022 Recap

Samoa Joe returns! Classic matches!

In Ring of Honor’s first major show under the guidance of Tony Khan, the historic brand entered an exciting new chapter. The event was full of terrific action, new champions, and surprises that will have a huge impact on both ROH and AEW. 

Swerve Strickland vs. Alex Zayne

Two incredible high-flyers opened Supercard of Honor with an absolute banger. The quickness displayed by the two athletes was next-level. Both competitors gave the other their best shots as the match momentum swung back and forth early on. Zayne was able to hit an amazing poisonrana onto the outside from the ring apron, and followed it up with a 450 knee splash to Swerve’s back. 

Swerve was able to respond with his own double stomp from the top rope, but it was only able to gain a two-count. The two began a frenzied set of moves and counters, until Swerve hit a JML Driver to conclude a terrific matchup. 

Winner: Swerve Strickland 

Ninja Mack vs. Brian Cage with Tully Blanchard 

After his best Matthew McConaughey impression, Tully Blanchard introduced his newest client: Brian Cage. Ninja Mack tried to get the jump The Machine with a Sasuke Special, but Cage caught and dumped him with ease. The big man was able to toss Mack around the ring with ease, and picked up an easy win with a devastating Drill Claw. After the match, fellow Tully Blanchard Enterprise members Toa Liona and Kaun entered the ring to complete the intimidating faction. 

Winner: Brian Cage 

Lee Moriarty w/ Matt Sydal vs. Jay Lethal

A big opportunity for young Lee Moriarty, as the master of Taiga style looked to prove himself against the ROH legend and former champion. Lethal and Moriarty traded technical holds and counters to begin the match, including a nice counter by Lee when Jay attempted his Lethal Injection finisher. Lethal targeted Moriarty’s left leg and knee, grounding the young competitor. After a duo of tope suicidas by Lethal, Moriarty was able to turn the tables by hitting a dive of his own. Despite the injury to his knee, Lee showed tremendous heart by withstanding Jay’s offensive maneuvers.  Moriarty showcased his technical ability, gathering numerous two counts by simply countering Lethal’s shots. Lethal was forced to use a low blow to defeat the younger competitor, which left a mask of pain on the veteran’s face. Matt Sydal entered the ring on crutches, which Jay kicked out from under his friend in an apparent heel turn. 

Winner: Jay Lethal 

Mercedes Martinez vs. Willow Nightingale

Interim ROH Women’s World Championship Match 

The Babe with the Power Willow Nightingale entered this match as the underdog, but she certainly wrestled like a champion. The opposite personalities of the two competitors made for an exciting clash, and the in-ring work certainly delivered. Martinez punished Nightingale early, locking in a series of nasty submissions. Willow was able to use her power game to separate herself, but Mercedes was relentless in her attack. Vying for the interim championship, both fighters gave everything they had. Willow was able to connect with her signature pounce, and followed it up with a cannonball splash and a two count. Martinez responded with a OG Drop, which also got just a two count. 

Big move after big followed, and finally Martinez was able to put Nightingale out with a Brass City Sleeper submission. With the victory, Martinez earned the opportunity to face Deonna Purrazzo for the ROH Women’s Championship in the near future. 

Winner: Mercedes Martinez 

The Briscoe Brothers (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) ROH World Tag Team Championship Match 

The match everyone wanted to see, and it sure did deliver. Dem Boyz against Top Guys. Two of the absolute best teams in tag team history, for the first time ever. From moment one, the crowd was absolutely explosive. The match started with Mark Briscoe and Cash Wheeler trading holds as the fans chanted “tag team wrestling.” The mood changed when Dax and Jay tagged in, but the strong technical wrestling exchange continued until Dax spit directly in Jay’s face. Jay was able to keep his cool, and was able to send Harwood over the top with a big clothesline. Dax tossed a chair into the ring (which was smoothly caught by referee Paul Turner), as FTR attempted to mess with their opponents heads. 

Despite the mind games, the champs continued to stay calm, and began to punish Wheeler in their corner. Dax and Mark began to trade hard shots, and the brothers from Sandy Fork were once again able to trap Wheeler on their side of the ring. A cannonball dive by Jay took out FTR, and Mark gave Dax an elbow drop for good measure. The two teams began to brawl on the outside of the ring, and things got violent. Jay was the first to get bloodied, which just served to fire up both teams. Harwood was able to deliver a picture-perfect superplex to Jay from the top, leading to the Top Guys controlling the match in their corner. Mark received the hot tag, chopping both members of FTR and sending Cash out of the ring. The Briscoes were able to hit Redneck Boogie, but it only returned a two for the champs. FTR responded with a springboard powerbomb and splash combination of their own, but it wasn’t enough. A Briscoes Big Rig, as the champs looked to embarrass the challengers by winning with their own move. Mark was able to dump Cash over the barricade, and Jay superplexed Dax to the outside from the apron. This tremendous and dangerous flurry brought out medical personal to check on all four combatants. 

With the chant of “fight forever” ringing out, all four men stood in the center of the ring, trading forearm shots. Mark hit a corkscrew to Wheeler on the outside, leaving Dax and Jay in the ring to slug it out. Jay hit a neck-breaker and Mark followed with a Froggy elbow, but again got just a two count. After a misstep by the champs, FTR was able to connect with a Big Rig of their own, and claim the ROH Tag Team Championship for their first time in their illustrious career. After an all-timer, both teams proved honor is real with a tremendous show of respect. This beautiful moment was interrupted by the Young Bucks, who delivered a Superkick Party and BTE Trigger to their old rival. The new champs jumped in for the save, and then challenged the Jackson brothers to a match on the spot, which Matt accepted, but for Wednesday on Dynamite. Hopefully this will lead to an epic three way feud between three of the best teams of all-time. 

Winner: FTR 

Rhett Titus vs. Minoru Suzuki ROH World Television Championship Match 

The Foundation member Rhett Titus was the first of the faction to defend his belt against the legendary Minoru Suzuki. Honor was not real for Suzuki, who immediately slapped Titus to the ground. Few wrestlers are as accomplished or revered as Minoru, but the New Japan legend sought his first United States championship in this contest. Suzuki was able to secure a somewhat quick victory with a Gotch-style pile driver. Well deserved Murder Grandpa, well deserved. 

Winner: Minoru Suzuki 

Josh Woods vs Wheeler Yuta ROH Pure Championship Match 

Two of the best technicians in the world meshed perfectly in this hard-hitting and fast-paced contest. Woods was relentless in his pursuit of locking in whatever submission possible, putting young Wheeler on the defensive. Yuta was also able to slap on his own holds, as he looked to prove himself as someone that could be worthy of the tutelage of someone like Bryan Danielson and William Regal. Wheeler was forced to use two of his rope breaks somewhat early, but the up-and-comer was undeterred in his pursuit of gold. A beautiful bridge leg lock by Yuta forced Woods to use his first rope break. Both men exchanged blows while holding the others wrist, an exchange eventually won by Woods. Wheeler changed momentum with a nice DDT, and was able to connect with a tope suicida.  Yuta looked to finish the match with a move off the top, but Woods caught the challenger with a vicious knee. 

The champion continued his onslaught with a spiral suplex into the turnbuckle, and Yuta was forced to use his final rope break. Yuta responded with determined elbow strikes, and was able to twist Woods into a unique pin and capture the ROH Pure Rules Championship. 

Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido with Chavo Guerrero Undisputed ROH World Championship Match 

After seeing his Foundation teammates lose their belts, Jonathan Gresham looked to salvage the group’s night by becoming the undisputed ROH champion. Bandido started the contest with a series of thrilling moves, while Gresham focused on preserving himself and looking for submission opportunities. The Octopus’ grappling game is second to none, and he used it to terrific effect against Bandido. The black-masked Bandido was throughly stretched by Gresham, but was able to use his quickness to get his own impressive offense in, including a 1080 twisting corkscrew off the top ropes. 

Bandido was also able to showcase his strength by holding Gresham in a vertical suplex for an impressive full 60 seconds. Both wrestlers possess other-worldly motors, and were forced to use it in this grueling contest. Gresham was able to lock-in his dreaded Octopus Lock, but Bandido was fortunate enough to collapse into the ropes for a break. Bandido mounted a late flurry with a devastating Shining Wizard, but Gresham was able to withstand. Deep into the match, both wrestlers were able to answer with counters to counter to counters. After an exchange of forearms, Chavo nailed Gresham with Bandido’s belt. The honorable Bandido demanded Chavo be sent to the back, which allowed Gresham time to recover. The two wrestling machines continued on, including a wild pop-up cutter by Bandido. After a lightning quick exchange of fantastic moves, Gresham was somehow able to kick out of Bandido’s 21 Plex. 

A spring board moonsault, tope suicida, arm drag transitioned into a trap pin by Gresham proved that he is both the champion and one of the absolute top tier wrestlers in the world. 

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

After the match, Gresham was interrupted by Jay Lethal, who demanded to be Gresham’s first challenger. Lethal and Sonjay Dutt beat down the new champ, and Lee Moriarty attempted the save. While Lethal held both belts in hand, out came the monster return of Samoa freaking Joe. It was announced that Joe will appear on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. Tony Khan you mad man, you beautiful man. Samoa Joe is All Elite and back in Ring of Honor! 

Zero Hour Pre-Show Results 

Blake Christian vs. Colt Cabana 

One of the brightest and fastest rising stars in all of wrestling, Blake Christian once again showed out against ROH legend Colt Cabana. The crowd had a fun time chanting All Heart and Boom Boom for the two popular talents, who soaked up the chants and delivered an enjoyable opening contest. The vet Cabana was able to withstand Blake’s high-flying antics for a solid victory. 

Winner: Colt Cabana 

Miranda Alize vs. A.Q.A

After a strong start with a technical focus, this match turned physical as A.Q.A began to showcase her high-impact skills. Alize responded with a series of rough kicks, and the Lucha Baddie showed her mean streak by biting her opponent’s hand. A.Q.A was able to secure a victory with a beautiful shooting star press, which should put her in line for a future title opportunity. 

Winner: A.Q.A 

Cheeseburger & Eli Isom vs. Kaun & Toa Liona with Tully Blanchard 

Tully Blanchard E first two clients were revealed to be the monstrous duo of Kaun and Toa Liona as Gates of Agony. The TBE pair were dominant in their first showing, a dangerous thought for the rest of the ROH tag team scene. 

Winners: Gates of Agony 

Dalton Castle vs. Joe Hendry 

The majestic Dalton Castle was a welcome sight for the ROH faithful. The former ROH champion had his hands full with the powerful Joe Hendry, but was able to use his wrestling acumen to secure a victory. 

Winner: Dalton Castle 

What did you think of everything that went down at ROH: Supercard of Honor 2022? Comment below with your reactions! 

Written by Joel Kananen

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