Impact Wrestling presents: Slammiversary 2020

New Champs & Returning Faces

Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary 2020 has now come and gone and Sports Obsessive is here to give you the rundown of what was a sensational show. Without further ado, Lets get down to the ring!

Slammiversary: The Rasscalz Issue an open challenge

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin AKA The Motor City Machine Guns returned to Impact Wrestling to surprise the world by answering The Rasscalz open challenge. A lot of us would have guessed that Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows would have been the team to answer the challenge after announcing their return to the brand but once again, The Motor City Machine Guns shocked the world. Shelley and Sabin started of the match showing no signs of ring rust whatsoever. The Rasscalz however, gained the advantage in this match and singled out Chris Sabin during the first half of this match. It was not long until Shelly and Sabin gained the upper hand and took full control of this match. The Motor City Machine Guns were showing The Rasscalz that they were not back in Impact Wrestling to play around; completely overpowering the hot-headed Rasscalz.

Wentz of the Rasscalz who was the legal man at the time, gave it everything that he could to create an opening and successfully made the tag to his partner. Sabin tagged Shelley back into the match but this break in offence gave The Rasscalz the crucial moment in time that they needed position themselves one step ahead of their opponents. Near the end of the match, Shelley hit Wentz with a German-Suplex just before tagging Sabin back in to finish The Rasscalz off with impeccable tandem offence. Sabin picked up the pin fall victory for The Motor City Machine Guns.

Slammiversary Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Moose (Champion) vs Tommy Dreamer

The first thing to note on this was that this match was wrestled ‘under old school rules’. Dreamer started the match off by trying to take Moose down straight away. Moose was not going to let that happen though as he grappled with his opponent in the middle of the ring. The fight soon made its way outside of the ring, where Dreamer clocked Moose in the scull with a trash can lid. Moose just seemed to become more and more enraged and ended up hitting dreamer with a suplex onto the ramp before throwing Dreamer back into the ring, Moose decided to grab a Kendo Stick before joining Dreamer in the ring. Moose laid Dreamer out then introduced a trash car into the ring. Moose planted the trash can atop Dreamers head as he sat helpless in the corner of the ring; Moose followed up with a running dropkick – crushing the ECW Original.

Moose vs Tommy Dreamer

The match got more and more extreme as it went on as Moose introduced a heap of chairs into the ring, Moose then attempted to powerbomb Dreamer onto the many chair but Dreamer reversed just in time. Moose was eventually successful in driving Dreamers body down onto the chair in the middle of the ring. The more pain that was inflicted upon Dreamer, the more Dreamer seemed to fire up. Later on in the match, Dreamer poured out a bag of THUMB TACKS onto the mat. Moose ended up driving Dreamer face first into the TACKS! Talking trash all the while. Moose picked up the pin fall victory and successfully defended the Championship.

Slammiversary Winner: Moose (Champion)

No 1 Contenders Match for the Knockouts Championship

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae started off this match in which the rules stated that a fresh Knockout would enter the match every 2 minutes. After wrestling back and forward, Taya Valkyrie entered the ring but the thing was that John E Bravo was disguised as Taya – what was he thinking? Steelz and Rae teamed up for a moment to throw Bravo over the top rope, thus eliminating Taya Valkyrie. Kimber Lee was the night participant in this match soon followed by Kiera Hogan. The next participant was the creepy, Susie. Susie picked up the pace of this match as she proceeded to take everybody out! In the midst of this, Steelz was eliminated. Katie Forbes was the next participant in match. Forbes wasted no time in laying all participants to the mat up until the point that the next participant, Madison Rayne made her way down to the ring.

Rayna and Hogan bickered for a few moments, then Havok entered the match and complete dominated every participant. Next up, the ‘real’ Taya Valkyrie made her way to the ring despite previously bring eliminated while Bravo had posed as Taya, The match broke loose once Taya was officially on the match. Soon enough, Alisha made her way into the match and was soon followed by Neveah. Neveah and Havok teamed up in order to eliminate all other participants and were somewhat successful up until Rosemary entered the fray, The matches pace rally picked up again as Havok and Rayne were quickly eliminated. Alisha was the next to eliminated followed by Kiera Hogan. The final four were Kylie Rae, Kimber Lee, Taya and Rosemary. Kimber Lee was the next to go. Taya and Rosemary then teamed up on Kylie Rae, looking to eliminate the ‘smiley one’. Taya inadvertently eliminated Rosemary which left Taya and Kylie Rae as the final two. Rae brought the fight to Taya and ended up successfully pinning Taya. Kylie Rae is now the No. 1 Contender for the Impact! Knockouts Championship

Winner: Kylie Rae

The arrival of Heath Miller

As the announce team were facing the main camera, hyping up the upcoming Championship between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo, when a familiar face had jumped the barricade behind the announcers and went straight to the ring. Formerly known as Heath Slater, Heath Miller was in the Impact Zone! Heath addressed the fact that everything has changed and he is no longer the same man that we know from his WWE days. Heath even flirted with the idea of filling the vacancy in the Impact World Championship Match. Heath addressed the entire Impact locker room and made the statement that he is here to make an impact. One man who was not happy to see Heath was Rohit Raju. Raju made his way to the ring in attempts to shut Heath down.

Raju went on to say the he has been in Impact Wrestling for quite some time and that he’s been putting in the work, week after week and is yet to receive a Championship opportunity. Raju was outraged that Heath just rocked up and decided the his should be inserted into the Championship picture. Raju took a dig at heath saying the last time Heath in a Championship match, the match didn’t last long. Raju then attacked Heath and a brawl ensued. It was not long until Heath Dropped Raju in the middle of the ring and was left standing tall. Heath Miller is here to change to landscape of Impact Wrestling.

Willie Mack (Champion) vs Chris Bey

After weeks of making Mack’s life unnecessarily difficult, Chris Bey had his X-Division Championship Match. Both wrestlers made their way to the ring and the second Championship match of the night was underway. The match started off strong with both Mack and Bey showing off their power and agility early into the match. Mack’s tactic got a little dirty as he rolled outside while Bey was laid upon the apron, Mack hit Bey with a neck breaker from the apron in what looked like a match-ended move. Soon enough, the fight made its way back into the ring and Mack was in complete control! Mack was proving why he deserves to be the X-Division Champion. Due to one wrong footing of Mack, Bey found an opening and hit a swinging neck-breaker to the Champion and had gained some crucial momentum in this match. Bey may be extremely arrogant but his is equally talented.

Chris Bey is victorious at Slammiversary

After controlling the narrative of the match for quite some time, Bey was atop the turnbuckle and was looking to perform a diving leg drop to Mack, however, Mack jumped to his feet and caught Bey with a pop-up powerslam. Mack hit an exploder suplex to Bey, driving Bey neck first into the corner turnbuckle. Mack followed up while Bey was being attended to by the referee, Mack jumped atop the turnbuckle but it appeared that Bey was playing possum. Bey shot to his feet and ran towards Mack, kicking him off the turnbuckle. The match ended with the opportunistic Chris Bey hitting the Champion with a devastating springboard neck-cutter completely knocking Mack out. Bey picked up the pin fall victory and has become the New X-Division Champion.

Winner: Chris Bey (New X-Division Champion)

Heath Miller and Rhyno reunite

The cameras caught up with Heath Miller who was backstage celebrating his arrival to Impact Wrestling. Heath soon came across and old friend backstage, Rhyno. Heath and Rhyno have a great history as friends and Tag-Team partners, holding Tag-Team gold in the WWE.

This was a great reunion to see. However, the reunion was soon interrupted. Impact Wrestling officials confronted Heath and admitted that Heath looks great but he is in fact a free agent and is not contracted to Impact Wrestling. Due to this, and to abide my Social Distancing, Heath was politely asked to leave. Before Heath did leave, he and Rhyno had a discussion. Rhyno told Heath to show up at Impact next Tuesday and to give him a call. Rhyno assured his old partner that he will sort something out with Impact Wrestling officials.

Will we see Heath again next week?

The North (Champions) vs Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan

The next match of the night was the highly anticipated Impact Tag-Team Championship match with the Champions, The North taking on the unlikely alliance of Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. The question going into this match was how long can Shamrock and Callihan endure one another and could they become the new Impact Tag-Team Champions? Lets find out.

Both teams made their way to rings and the Championship match was made official. Shamrock and Alexander started off the match for their respective teams. The match had only just started and Ken Shamrock already had Alexander in the ankle-lock! Shamrock soon tagged Callihan into the match and the pace of the match ramped up. Ethan page tagged himself in and was soon begging for mercy from Callihan. There were a lot of frequent tags between Shamrock and Callihan, making great use of the tag-team rules. Shamrock and Callihan isolated Page, keeping him away from Alexander which was a great technique, especially against a team like Ethan Page and Josh Alexander. Later in the match, Alexander and Shamrock were going hard at it in the middle of the ring. The North had seemed to gotten out of the clutches of Shamrock and Callihan. The North were showing great offence at this point. This was up until Callihan managed to get back in the match. Callihan comes with an attitude and demeanor that is so destructive that it is questionable whether anybody truly get one over on him. Page had momentarily seemed to be in control of Callihan, but Callihan soon fought his way out of a tricky situation. Callihan and Page were then trading blows in the middle of the ring up until both men fell to the mat simultaneously.

The Norths Championship reign continues

The North soon enough gained the upper hand once again with the use of double team attacks upon Sami Callihan. Towards the end of the match, all four men were in the middle of the ring, Callihan hit Page with a diamond cutter and Shamrock transitioned a strike from Alexander to an ankle-lock and it looked like we were going to have new Champions! Page who was behind Shamrock, hit Callihan with a powerful strike that caused Callihan to fall backwards onto Shamrock, forcing the submission move to be released. This was when Shamrock’s dark-side began to kick in, Shamrock got in Callihans  face, Callihan shoved Shamrock and this looked like it could have been the end of the alliance. There were a lot of accidental strikes from Shamrock and Callihan to one another t=in the following moments. The North took advantage of the emotional Shamrock/Callihan duo. The North rolled Shamrock back inside the ring and hit a double teamed slam to Shamrock which was enough for Page to pick up the pin fall victory and retain the Impact Tag-Team Championships.

Winners: The North (Champions)

After the match, Page and Alexander grabbed the microphones as they has something to say. Page started off by addressing the fact that The North have held the Impact Tag-Team Championships for one calendar year, yet nobody carried out in interview or a segment celebrating the more than impressive milestone. Page continued by saying that no one wanted to hear about how The North have decimated the entire Impact Wrestling Tag-Team division. Alexander chimed in by saying that one year ago he made the statement that The North were going to re-write history but everybody in the back snickered and laughed but that was the fuel that The North used to get to where they are right now. Page jumped back in by passionately declaring that in Impact Wrestling, no other team has the chemistry that they do and no other team can stand toe to toe with them and successfully defeat The North because the are the greatest tag-team in Impact Wrestling history. However, The Motor City Machine Guns had something to say; they addressed The North by simply saying if someone thinks that they are the greatest tag team of all time, that’s all well and good, if you really are the greatest tag team of all time, you wouldn’t have to grab a microphone and constantly tell everyone. The Motor City Machine Guns then announced they that have been given a match next Tuesday on Impact, that being Tag-Team Championship match against The North.

Who will walk out as the Tag-Team Champions?

Jordynne Grace (Champion) vs Deonna Purrazzo

The next match of the night was the highly anticipated Knockouts Championship match with Deonna Purrazzo challenging Jordynne Grace. Since Purrazzo exploded on the scene at Impact Wrestling, she’s had made it clear that is here take the Championship away from Jordynne Grace. This was Purrazzo’s time to back up everything she had said over the past number of weeks. Both wrestlers made their way to the ring and the match was on! Grace was ready to get her hands on Purrazzo and once she did, she showed why she is the Knockouts Champion. Purrazzo retreated a number of times early into the match, evading Grace’s wrath. The third time Purrazzo left the ring, Grace had enough of the cat and mouse game and dove through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking out Deonna Purrazzo. Later in the match, Purrazzo gained the upper hand and she was clearly working the left arm of the Champion, softening Grace up for the inevitable Fujiwara Armbar. Purrazzo continued to bring the attack to Grace and was relentless in her pursuit. In a moments notice, Purrazzo had already locked in the Fujiwara Armbar! Grace slithered out of the move in an impressive fashion, yet Purrazzo transitioned back into the Fujiwara Armbar seconds later.

Deonna Purrazzo is the new Knockouts Champion

Purrazzo was wrenching the arm of Grace and even after a kick to the face from the Champion, Purrazzo did not release the hold. Grace managed to drag Purrazzo with her as she slid across the ring with the Fujiwara Armbar still locked it. Grace reached the ropes and forced Purrazzo to release the hold. Later in the match, Jordynne Grace managed to compose herself and exploded with retaliation towards Deonna Purrazzo. Grace was favouring her left arm, indicating the Deonna had already cause serious damage to the left arm. Grace locked a viscous headlock into Purrazzo and was narrating the pace of this Championship match. As the match continued, Grace was clearly distressed and this may have been to the disadvantage of the Champion. In a desperation attempt, Grace hit Purrazzo with a spine-buster, leaving both women down on the mat, As the two made their ways to their feet, they were both exchanging hard hitting right hands to one another. Purrazzo was a step ahead however as she hit Grace with a German Suplex followed up with a snap-suplex that she calls  ‘The Pendulum’. The match ended up with Purrazzo locking the Fujiwara Armbar in once again but this time, Deonna locked both arms! This was a double-armed Fujiwara Armbar! Jordynne Grace submitted and we have a New Knockouts Champion.

The Virtuosa has arrived.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards vs Trey vs ????

In was time for the Main Event! Speculation has been running rampant in regards to the mystery participant in this Impact World Championship Match. Austin, Edwards and Trey were all in the ring and it was time for the mystery participant to be revealed.

The former X-Division Champion, Rich Swann was announced as the final participant in this match. I’m not going to lie, it was underwhelming as I was hoping for an more triumphant return to Impact Wrestling, like EC3 or Eric Young, but there you have it.

Just wait a second, the four participants were in the ring but the bell hadn’t rang yet. Then the music played and we had the return of TNA royalty, Eric Young! This was now a 5-way-match for the Impact World Championship. The bell rang and the match was underway. The opening moments of the match was absolute carnage as everyone involved brawled and scrapped for the Gold.This Championship match was well and truly underway as we were gifted with ‘The Word Class Maniac’ Eric Young going up against the former Champion, Eddie Edwards. Ace Austin made he intentions known in this match, hitting every participant that he came across with spinning heel-kicks. Soon enough every participant was down and the returning Eric Young was bleeding from above his eye. Trey and Austin were next to go at it in this match proving the importance of the Impact World Championship with their actions in the ring. Later in the match, Eric Young bounced back and eliminated Trey from the match, courtesy of a devastating pile-driver allowing him to secure to pin fall. Then there were four; Eric Young, Rich Swann, Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards, one of these men would walk out of Slammiversary as the New Impact Word Champion.

Eddie Edwards wins the Impact World Championship

Eric Young continued the onslaught, slaying through each of his opponents. Young continued to appear dominant but Swann reversed an attack from Young and transitioned into a schoolboy roll-up, thus eliminating Eric Young from this Slammiversary Main Event! Young did not react well to this and grabbed a steel chair from the ringside area and wrapped it around Swanns already injured leg and proceeded with the brutal attack! Young exited the arena with a sadistic smile on his face. Swann somehow made his way back to his feet just as Ace Austin rolled back into the ring, Austin took advantage of the seriously injured Swann and eliminated Swann from the match. The final two men were Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards. These two were battered and bruised yet determined to become Impact World Champion. Edwards hit his devastating ‘Boston Knee Party’ but Austin’s passion allowed him to kick out at two! Edwards hit a second ‘Boston Knee Party’ to Austin quickly followed by his signature ‘Die Hard Flowsion’ Edward hooked the leg of Austin and successfully got the three count!

Eddie Edwards is the New Impact World Champion!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the match, Edwards was basking in his victory. Mad Man Fulton who aligns himself with Ace Austin, confronted Edwards and the brought the attack to the New Impact World Champion. Edwards was helpless as this soon became a 2 on 1 attack at the hands of Fulton and Austin. Moments before Slammiversary was scheduled to go off the air, ‘The Good Brothers’ Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows entered to Impact Zone! Anderson and Gallows came to Edwards aid and beat down Mad Man Fulton and Ace Austin. Anderson and Gallows cleared the ring and celebrated with Eddie Edwards.

One Final Surprise

With mere seconds left on the broadcast, the screen darkened and 3 vertical line appeared.

EC3 Makes an appearance at Slammiversary

EC3 was backstage! EC3 as back on Impact television! He did not say a word but I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing from EC3 next Tuesday on Impact Wrestling.

What an incredible show this was. New Champions were crowned and many faces returned to Impact Wrestling. Join us next week as we discuss the fall out and the effects the Slammiversary will have on Impact Wrestling going forward!

Written by James Corcoran

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