IMPACT: Moose’s Time?

This past Saturday night, Live on Pay-Per-View Impact Wrestling presented a sold out Bound For Glory live from Las Vegas and broadcast around the world. It what was presented as their biggest show of the year, and the crowning moment in the career of Josh Alexander as his fight for the Impact world championship ended in controversy, as Moose would see his opportunity and capitalise and call his shot resulting in two new world champions in one night, In this article we are going to take an in-depth look at what went down at Bound For Glory.

After relinquishing the X Division championship in exchange for an opportunity at the world championship, Josh Alexander became one step closer to his dream of becoming a world champion and the face of the company. The main event was set and Josh Alexander was ready to show the world that he has earned his spot in the best in the world conversation. Which he undoubtedly did in what was one the best matches and storylines to come out of Impact in some time, with his family at ringside and the majority of the capacity crowd firmly behind him. The Walking Weapon became the Walking World Champion.

Moose and Josh Alexander World Champion at BFG 2021

However earlier in the night Impact held their annual call your shot gauntlet match, in which 20 wrestlers fight in a battle royal style match to win the call your shot trophy guaranteeing the winner a championship match of their choosing, any time, anywhere. Entering at number seventeen Moose came out on top after eliminating his associate W. Morrissey , it came down to Moose and “Alwayz Ready” Matt Cardona. The lights out spear would deal with the former Broski and Moose had possession of the trophy and a championship match whenever he wanted it. It would seem however that Mr. Impact Wrestling had no intention of waiting till after Bound For Glory, whilst Josh Alexander was soaking in the moment of finally realising his dream, Moose was there ready and called his shot. After Josh had gotten his wife and child out of the ring he would turn around to be met with a spear and just like that Moose was the Impact World champion.

Moose standing tall as champion over Josh Alexander and family

However as is the case with most things today the Internet wrestling community made their feelings on this moment very clear, although there were quite a few positive comments it was sadly mostly negative. Claims that this was the worst decision Impact have made in quite some time. As an Impact Wrestling fan most have learned that Impact are somewhat masters of a swerve, since the Anthem regime began they have made several bold booking decisions. But it feels as though to many of the impact faithful that this may be the boldest of all, looking at it from the outside however, it seems to be a genius move. In one fell swoop Impact has made Josh Alexander the biggest face in the company and Moose the biggest heel in the company respectively, this opens the door for what has the potential to be one of the biggest feuds between two home grown Impact talent for quite some time.

Moose and Don Callis in conversation

Also, a recent picture has surfaced of The “Invisible Hand” Don Callis and the new Impact world champion Moose outside of a hotel, so adding that rumour to the story could make it that much more interesting. As well as the long term story telling from Bound for Glory 2020 to Bound For Glory 2021 as last years Bound for Glory was when Moose began to control his narrative ,with the help of former world champion EC3. We can not forget that several of the Impact faithful have been telling Impact that Moose is long overdue his world championship run, it is unfortunate that it came at the expense of a heart warming moment with Josh Alexander and his family but that arguably made Moose even more of a villain in the eyes of Impact fans.

To sum up, Wrestling is all subjective and as fans we want to suspend the disbelief and buy in to what the promotion is putting to us. Impact wrestling do have an unfortunate past of questionable decisions , but for many they have redeemed themselves so perhaps let’s not judge the direction of this storyline but it has even really begun.

Let’s Enjoy Wrestling.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Craig Ferriman

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