AEW Revolution 2022: Ongoing Results

Welcome to Sports Obsessive’s coverage of AEW Revolution 2022! I’ll be blogging along with the show all evening, which is streaming on the Bleacher Report app and Fite TV for those not in the States.

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Leyla Hirsch defeated Kris Statlander in the opener. Solid opener. Hirsch goes over with a moonsault.

Hook tapped out QT Marshall with a “Red Rum”. Hook definitely has star potential and Marshall played his role as the cagey veteran well. Hook can be one of their guys long term, no doubt.

House of Black defeated PAC, Penta and Erik Redbeard in an off the charts, amazing train wreck of a Trios match. All 6 men came out of this match looking like bigger stars and this match easily could’ve headlined any indie show across the country. Go out of your way to see this match.

Almost time for AEW Revolution 2022! Running down the card now, which is absolutely stacked. This show should be a really solid night of wrestling. Here we go!

Match 1: Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho

You know it’s going to be a stacked card when Jericho and Eddie are opening the show. Crowd is hot for Jericho. The story is that Eddie can’t win the big one. Will he tonight? He should. Crowd is equally as hot for Eddie and he looks fired up. This one should be good. Eddie hits Jericho with a half and half suplex right as the bell rings and Jericho is dazed. “F’ck him up Eddie, f*ck him up” chant breaks out. Eddie is in form control and Jericho is selling big time.

Jericho switches to full heel mood, beating down Eddie and flips off the crowd. Brutal exchange of chops and Jericho’s chest is bright red. They look like 2 gunslingers in a western. Near fall for Eddie. Both are selling big time. Jericho is in great shape. That needed to be noted. Both men are working hard and Jericho with a huge top rope hurricarana, before exposing the top turnbuckle. Eddie with an exploder. Crowd is again chanting for Eddie. This is really good but Eddie needs to win. Suplex from Jericho off the apron and Eddie is hurting. Really great spot.

Eddie is dazed and Jericho is firmly in control. Still no Santana or Ortiz. Jericho nearly killed Eddie with a German suplex followed by a lionsault for a 2. Dualing chants going now. Eddie’s firing up. Jericho reverses into a Walls of Jericho. No chance he taps but he’s selling. Eddie to the ropes. Eddie fires back, spinning back fist but only gets a 2. This is really good. Eddie really needs to win this. Both men selling. Jericho with a sudden Codebreaker but only 2. Eddie charges off the ropes into another Codebreaker. Sets up for Judas Effect Eddie ducks, 2 spinning back fists and Eddie locks in his stretch and Jericho taps! Eddie demands his handshake Jericho promised if he lost and Jericho refuses.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

This was a great opener. Jericho lost nothing by losing and Eddie finally won the big one. Perfectly booked opener for AEW Revolution 2022!

Match 2: Jurassic Express vs Young Bucks vs redDragon – 3way AEW Tag Team Title Match

This one is going to be impossible to keep up with play by play wise but here we go! Jungle Boy and KOR start things off. Jungle Boy is going to be a breakout singles star one day, no doubt about it. KOR is a machine in the ring. There’s nothing that man can’t do. Fish tags in and slows things down. Tag to Matt Jackson. How long will The Elite work together?

Jungle Boy tags in the big man and he’s clearing house. We almost had a flying dinosaur but fake out, Jungle Boy is the one whose flying! Very much a 4 on 2 at this point, but again for how long? KOT breaks up a pin attempt by the Bucks and now the seeds of discontent are being sowed.

Pace picks up with the Bucks and Jungle Boy with redDragon taking turns playing spoiler. KOR accidentally kicks Nick and Jungle Boy tags in the large dinosaur who is ridiculously athletic for a man his size. Nick Jackson hit an insane Destroyer off the top rope on Luchasaurus but the big man was back up and clearing house in no time.

Tag to Jungle Boy and a Doomsday Device to Matt Jackson nearly ended the match. A well deserved “This is awesome” chant breaks out. It is awesome. Champs are tossed out and Bucks and Dragon finally go at it. Champs back in and all 3 teams are going at it. Jungle Boy, Matt Jackson and KOR with a triple clothesline which made me pop big time. Fish and KOR are double teaming Jungle Boy, working over his knee until Matt Jackson with the save. Everyone is back in the ring and Jungle Boy hit the most amazing shooting star I’ve ever seen on KOR, who had Luchasauras in a choke. Bodies are flying everywhere now and this is seriously good. I can’t type fast enough. Champs retain when Jungle Boy pins Matt Jackson.

Winners: Jurassic Express retain

Wow, AEW Revolution 2022 has started off with two amazing matches, after a tremendous Buy In show. This PPV is worth every penny so far.

Match 3: Face of the Revolution Ladder Match – Keith Lee vs Christian Cage vs Wardlow vs Ricky Starks vs Powerhouse Hobbs be Orange Cassidy

Following that 3way, we go to the ladder match which will also be impossible to keep up. Winner of this match is in line for a TNT Championship shot in a few weeks. Crowd is hot for Keith Lee. The big guys clear the ring and have a stare down, until Orange Cassidy gets in the mix and tries to use the backs of Lee, Hobbs and Wardlow to climb up for the prize. Classic Orange.

Now he’s sauntering up the ladder! I can’t help but crack up. Cassidy brings a different element to this match. Has anyone been in more ladder matches than Christian? I don’t know the answer to that but he’s gotta be up there. Lee looks like a monster and he’s insanely athletic to boot. Lee uses Cassidy as a battering ram against the other 4 and goes for the ladder until Wardlow stops him and then Hobbs takes out the other 2 big men. Orange Cassidy puts the ladder around his neck and does the slowest Terry Funk spin ever until Lee and Wardlow stop him. Cassidy skins the cat, gets on top of the ladder with the big men holding it and goes for the prize. Another really unique spot. Coming up with new spots in a ladder match isn’t easy and they’re killing it.

Christian spears Hobbs into a ladder, which looked brutal. Starks dives through the ladder to spear Christian and it looked AWESOME. Wardlow climbs the ladder with Starks and Cassidy on his back. That’s a damn strong man. All 6 men on 2 ladders climbing at once now. They start falling. And it’s Wardlow and Hobbs left throwing fists. Both fall and everyone is laid out. Back to the 3 big men. Lee throws Cassidy out of the ring and takes out Starks and Christian. The 3 big men are fighting away from the ring now. Hobbs and Wardlow ripped a ladder in half. You read that right. That was one helluva visual. Wardlow tackles Hobbs and Lee off the stage. They’re out. Crowd yells “Holy s*it” and they aren’t wrong.

Dannhausen in the ring and he’s put a curse on Starks. Wardlow power bombs Starks off the ladder onto another ladder and climbs up for the win!

Winner: Wardlow

AEW Revolution 2022 is off to an amazing start. That ladder match was creative, physical, unique and really upped the stakes for what a ladder match can and should be.

Swerve Strickland is out to sign his AEW contract. Great signing for AEW.

Match 4: Jade Cargill vs Tay Conti for the TBS Title

These ladies have the unfortunate task of being the cool down match after 3 high intensity matches. Cargill is a star in the making. She’s got the look, the charisma, the in ring ability. Conti is the fiery baby face and she’s playing the role well. They are going at it, not wanting to be see as a cool down match and this is starting off really hot. Cargill is so strong it’s not funny. Frog splash from the champ only gets a 2. Conti certainly has the fighters spirit you want to see and hits a huge piledriver. Conti stopped on the top and the champ hits her finish to regain!

Winner and still TBS Champion, Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is a star in the making. She’s got everything you want from a top star.

Match 5: CM Punk vs MJF in a Dog Collar Match

MFJ does the music fake out, playing Punk’s music at first before his hits. Punk comes out to his old ROH theme by AFI and in his old long shorts like he wore in ROH. He’s going back in time, to a time where Punk was the underdog, the upstart fighter, the hungry kid with a chip on his shoulder. He’s the Second City Saint again.

The crowd is electric. This has the big fight feel. This angle has been special and here at AEW Revolution 2022, magic is set to happen. MJF tries to run and Punk chokes him out. MJF is perhaps the best heel in the game today and Punk is in the zone. Punk uses the ring post as a fulcrum and chokes out MJF. Punk wants to hurt him. MJF wants to win quick, as he should. Punk goes for a running bulldog but MJF yanks on the chain and stops him. Punk is busted open after several punches. MJF is choking him out with the chain. MJF demands the mic and is kicking Punk while he demands that Punk tell the people that he’s quitting on them like he quit on him. MJF is standing on the second rope and goes to yell at the crowd when Punk pulls the chain and drags him across the ring.

Punk is bleeding bad but he’s on fire. His white shorts are spotted and his face is a mess. Ref stops to check the cut and Punk is back to beating MJF with the chain. Punk is trying to break MJF’s hand. This is a fight, everything a blow off match should be. MJF is digging his hand into Punk’s cut and is now trying to choke him out. Punk is a mess. Punk fights to his feet and he’s dazed. The blood loss is getting to him. MJF is selling the hand. GTS blocked into the Salt of the Earth. Blood is pouring out of Punk’s face. Punk counters into the Anaconda Vice but MJF escapes.

This has been every bit the war you hoped it would be. Punk truly feels like he’s back and MJF truly feels like a star. This is great stuff. Punk busts MJF open with punches with the chain wrapped around his hand. Both men are a mess. Punk’s white shorts are now red. Punk wrapped the chain around us knee and went for a shining wizard against the steps but missed. Both men are hurt bad but Punk is going for the kill. Calling for the GTS but collapses when he tries. MJF goes for a tombstone on the apron but Punk reverses! That looked brutal.

The ref had to change gloves because of how much blood there is. Let that sink in for a moment. Punk goes for a top rope elbow but misses. Punk kicks out of the pin. MJF goes under the ring and it looks like tacks. Uh oh. As if this match hasn’t been brutal enough, now the ring is filled with tacks. MJF goes for the running bulldog but Punk bites his hand. Trading shots, both men block suplexes, Punk with a kick to the head and tacks go flying. Punk is going for the Pepsi Plunge and MJF blocks it. Superplex from MJF on the tacks! Punk kicks out at 2. They’re both covered in tacks. MJF is now unhooked from the collar and the ref is trying to rehook him while MJF calls for Wardlow who walks down to the ring. Wardlow doesn’t have the ring for MJF, Punk hits the GTS on the tacks! Then Wardlow reveals the ring in the other pocket and tosses it to Punk and leaves. MJF spits in Punk’s face and Punk with a punch with the ring for win!

Winner: CM Punk

What a match. What a feud. Everything about this was perfect. Now Wardlow has freed himself of MJF. Wow. AEW Revolution 2022 has been an amazing show and we still have a lot more to go.

Match 6: Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s World Title

Had some temporary wifi issues during this match. When it came back on, Baker was hitting a curb stomp and getting the pin. I’ll need to go back and watch this one after the show ends and will update after I do.

Match 7: Jon Moxley vs Bryan Danielson

Awesome to see clips from Heartland Wrestling Association shown before the match. In full disclosure, that’s the company I worked for and was working the night of the Mox vs Danielson match they showed. Anyway, I digress. This one should be really good. Danielson is on his A game and Mox is really competing on a different level right now.

Mox is daring Danielson to hit him. Starting off as true chess match, with both trying to get in the other’s head. Mox isn’t phased by Danielson’s mind games. Chips traded and Mox gets the better of Danielson. Shots being traded and Mox gets the better of Danielson again. Mox starts in with kicks but Danielson with a dragon screw leg lariat. Danielson reruns the kicks and drills Mox in the ribs.

Danielson is focusing on the ribs and his killer instinct is on full display. This one still feels like it’s in first gear but they’re in a tough spot following everything that’s come before here on AEW Revolution 2022. Danielson is just beating the hell out of Mox and Mox finally comes back to life with a series of suplexes. But Danielson is right back in control with a body scissors / front face lock combo. Danielson is right back to firing away on the ribs of Mox and the pace is picking up. The story here is that they’re evenly matched and true counterparts to one another. Traded shots on the outside and Mox is busted open. Oh he’s busted open bad. Danielson appears to be bleeding from the mouth and forehead but Mox is gushing blood. Mox with a Stan Hansen like lariat and the crowd is really into it now. Ok, this is really good. Danielson blocks Mox on the top rope and suplex from the top. The ring is covered in blood. Danielson is laying on with the elbow strikes and into a Dragon Sleeper. Mox is trying to fight out and gets to the rope. Mox with the sleeper and Danielson counters, into a Mox counter and Mox wrenches a cross arm breaker in. There is a ton of blood all over. Danielson counters now and Mox to the rope.

Crowd is split here, with chants for both men. They continue to counter each other’s moves and Mox starts in with Danielson’s head stomps. Mox with a choke and Danielson is fading but does reverse. Danielson with a running knee but only 2. This is damn good. They have taken this up A LOT of gears. Danielson again going for the kill but Mox refuses to die. Danielson with strikes from a body scissors but Mox rolls him up for the 3! After the bell they start beating the hell out of each other when security hits the ring and then William Regal hits the ring! Holy shit! The crowd is losing it. Regal splits them up hoods Mox back before hitting him to stop him. Now Regal slaps Danielson! He brings them together and forces them to shake hands.

Winner: Jon Moxley

This was perfectly executed. The match was off the charts good and Regal bringing them together was a totally unexpected surprise. There’s going to be some really good things coming out of this storyline.

Match 8: AHFO vs Sting, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara in a Tornado Trios Match

Fast paced action here. These guys are all over the place and keeping up with the play by play isn’t going to happen. Andrade is so damn good. He needs to be in the main event scene, soon. Sting and Hardy is fun to watch. Sammy is a human pin ball. It shouldn’t be both Private Party guys but hey, why not? Action is all over the arena and this definitely isn’t a cool down match before the main event. Sting is definitely going to be sore tomorrow. Butcher and The Blade jump Sting and Darby. Sammy is fighting Private Party and they’re about to fly off the stage design. Spanish Fly off the design through a table! Sting is fighting back until the whole faction takes him out. Sting and Hardy fighting through the crowd. Darby gets Andrade on a table and Sting dives off the balcony through the table! This brawl is wild. Darby with a Coffin Drop on Hardy for the win!

Winners: Darby, Sting and Sammy

Holy hell, that was way bette than I expected. A really wild, fun brawl that went all over and pulled no punches.

Match 9: Adam Page vs Adam Cole for the AEW World Championship

Its main event time! Is it time to begin the era of Adam Cole? Or is it still Cowboy time? Hard to say. Page is coming into his own as Champion lately but Cole is certainly a future AEW champ. Is his time now? We’ll find out.

The crowd is hot for this one, which says a lot after the night of wrestling they’ve already had. Page is in control early and Cole is reeling. It’s interesting to see Page not being booked as the underdog, like he was with Omega, Danielson and Archer. Cole takes control but the match is very much still in first gear.

Cole is staring to really take it to the champ but Page with a boot to the face when Cole when for the Panama Sunrise. Page fires back and is getting some momentum going. Powerbombs Cole on the side of the ring and then hits a huge moonsault! Setting up for the Buckshot but Cole rolls out of the Ring. Cole with a backstabber but Hangman counters into a Ligerbomb.

Jim Ross calls them both out on striking over and over and not focusing on any one body part. Cole with a super kick with Hangman in mid air but only 2. Cole misses another kick and Page hits a Dead Eye for a 2. Exhaustion is setting in for both. Slugfest from their knees and they keep trading shots from their feet. This has been a very even, 50/50 match so far. Page with a tombstone but only gets 2.

Back to trading shots and moves and they are committed to 50/50 booking here. Fallaway slam by Page from the top only gets a 2! KOR and Bobby Fish come running out to the ring. Panama Sunrise on the floor!

Page blocks another Sunrise and redDragon distracts the ref. Cole hits the Sunrise and the Boom but only 2! Kicks to the head and it’s getting intense. Lots of big moves and counters. redDragon sets up a table outside the Ring and Page reverses and hits a Dead Eye through the table! Dark Order hits the ring. Huge brawl outside the ring and they all leave. Buckshot! Cole gets the rope. Hangman ties Cole to the ropes and unleashes on him but Cole with the super kick. This has gotten really good. Page with knees to the head and Buckshot for the 3!

Winner: Adam Page

That was a damn good main event. Cole loses no momentum and Page’s run as champ is getting really good.

AEW Revolution 2022 has been one helluva show. Thanks for your support of Sports Obsessive!

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the owner & CEO of 25YL Media, the parent company of Sports Obsessive, Lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan, obsessed with dynasty football leagues and former pro wrestling commentator who finally got his one more match from CM Punk.

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  1. Was Kassidy bleeding on the ramp at the end ? I noticed Marq and Aubrey holding him up and he was holding his head. Camera never went back to them after the big spot.

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