5 Talking Points From Impact Rebellion 2022

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I find it puzzling that so many people are still sleeping on Impact. I’ve been critical of them at points in the past, particularly around the era of ‘Wrestle House’, but certainly since the turn of the new year the promotion has been highly entertaining and, equally importantly, consistently so.

Rebellion 2022 continued this upswing with a super solid show packed with quality action and at least 3-4 great encounters that I’ll be thinking about for a while (the X-Division encounter, Deonna-Taya, the triple threat opener and the main event). There were perhaps two matches that spring to mind that didn’t quite match expectations (Steelz-Rosemary and the tag team gauntlet) but I would be lying if I said there were any bad matches. It’s a strong recommendation from me—let’s just not talk about how many predictions I got wrong for the results…

Here are what I feel are the top 5 talking points coming out of Rebellion 2022.

1. Josh Alexander Wins the Heavyweight Title—and Proves Why He Deserves To Be At The Top!

The main event of Rebellion saw Josh Alexander finally overcome his nemesis, Moose, and claim the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. The build to this match has been legitimately gripping, with Moose catching heat from cashing in and claiming Alexander’s title at Bound For Glory as he was celebrating with his family to spearing Josh’s wife at an indy show, making this a highly personal blood feud. As such, Impact fans have been chomping at the bit for Josh to get revenge on Moose, and at Rebellion, he finally did it.

Not only did Josh Alexander take back his title, but he successfully silenced any doubts to his ability to headline and lead the promotion by giving us a main event that—no hyperbole—has to be in the talk for Match of the Year so far, certainly best for Impact anyway. Moose deserves equal credit, of course, giving an intense, physical performance with methodical pace that proved an effective counterbalance for Josh’s hungry, spirited attack. The chemistry between the pair was legit and tangible, and the physicality of the match suited the payoff of their feud.

Moose had a great run as champion and after this match, I think Josh Alexander is going to take things even further.

2. Mike Bailey Has a Bright Future With Impact

Impact has benefitted from an influx of new talent over the last twelve months or so and Rebellion only served to showcase what a difference said talent could make to the promotion if they were used to the best of their abilities.

Mike Bailey especially impressed me in this match. He’s not unknown by any means, having been a fixture on the independent scene for over ten years, as well as working for a time for the biggest UK promotions, PROGRESS and RevPro. His signing with Impact, however, is perhaps the biggest of his career to date. The triple threat match he wrestled here against Trey Miguel and Ace Austin was nothing short of exceptional. Not only was Bailey seemingly defying gravity throughout the match but he also appeared to be very precise in his execution, a skill that can and often does get lost in high-flying encounters nowadays. In particular, his leap onto the back of Trey only to German suplex Ace Austin was stunning.

Keep your eye on Bailey—he’s something special.

3. Jonah and Steve Maclin Are Also Going to Do Big Things in Impact

Jonah and Steve Maclin are of course known as former NXT talents, yet here, outside the WWE machine, they have been proving their worth as wrestlers as opposed to sports entertainers.

They furthered their cause here; Maclin pinning the ever-great Chris Sabin in a extremely fun three-way also involving Jay White, mixing well with well and displaying a willingness to to take a big bump, missing a charge to the corner and flying dramatically into the guard rail on the outside; and Jonah proving he can live up to his big man status by going toe-to-toe with the legendary Japanese hard-hitter, ‘The Stone Pitbull’ Tomohiro Ishii, even making Ishii look vulnerable in the exciting home stretch of the match as both men threw everything at each other, Ishii getting as good as he gave. Both performances showed that Maclin and Jonah, with the right push, could become big things in Impact’s future.

I’ll be watching all both men closely.

4. Motivated Brothers Really Are Good Brothers

It’s been a strange run in Impact for The Good Brothers. That’s not necessarily on Impact; I’m sure working across both AEW and Impact during their partnership distracted as much as it offered the Brothers the chance to reunite with old friends; and Impact has done nothing but push the Brothers as one of the biggest teams in their tag division since they joined the promotion. But it’s fair to say that The Good Brothers have been inconsistent in the quality of their performances since joining Impact. Not they were ever awful, but when they’ve been unmotivated, they’ve seemed…well…ordinary, when we all know what The Good Brothers are capable of.

At Rebellion, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows brought their work shoes and as a result, they entered an engaging, hard-hitting performance that saw some of their old magic on display and, outside of the early collision between Matt Cardona and Brian Myers and W Morrissey and Jordynne Grace, their run was perhaps the best bit of the Tag Team Gauntlet match. In particular, their encounter with Rich Swann and Willy Mack made me wish that it had just been a match between the two teams; I was that invested.

It seems that motivated brothers really are Good Brothers.

5. Taya Valkyrie and Deonna Purrazzo Show Impact Still Has Some Of The Best Female Talent Around

One of the matches I was looking forward to in the build up to Rebellion was Deonna Purrazzo defending her AAA Reinas De Reinas title against former champion, and returning Knockout, Taya Valkyrie. That the match maybe disappointed slightly was not down to either performer, rather it was a matter of being left wanting more.

Taya and Deonna showed considerable chemistry as they took it to the mat, showing off their technical skills, as well as battering each other with stiff strikes in a heated battle for dominance. Things were building up nicely, this was going to be a classic with an epic ending, when…the match ended. Taya nailed the Road of Valhalla out of nowhere for the three count!

I was very happy for Taya and she looked genuinely emotionally overcome by the moment, but to give these two world-class performers just 9 minutes on a major PPV seemed like an odd decision to me. They were just getting into the meat of the match. Given more time, that home stretch would have been outstanding. Still, I very much enjoyed what we got, and if you needed proof that Impact still has some of the best female talent in the game, you’ll find it here. Props also to Jordynne Grace and Chelsea Green, who both made their part of the Tag Team Gauntlet match exceptionally fun.

What did you think of Impact Rebellion 2022? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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