WrestleTalk Showcase: No Fans Monday Review

If you’ve come to this review expecting me to stick the knife into WrestleTalk Showcase: No Fans Monday, then you’ve come to the wrong place, my friend.

First off, I’ve been a fan of WrestleTalk since before I was doing this for a living and though they don’t know it, they were partially responsible for me giving writing a shot as I figured “Hey, that looks like fun, maybe I should have a go.”

Secondly, if there are people and companies out there willing to put on these kinds of shows so wrestlers and crews can get paid, I’m not going to be the person that complains about the quality of wrestling on offer.

To quote Seth Gecko;

I may be a bastard, but I’m not a f*cking bastard”

This does leave me with a conundrum though, how do I grade these shows? And I think I’ve come up with a solution.

I don’t.

I leave the 10 Count Rating system in its box, let you all now that every match on every card gets an 8 out of 10 for just being in existence during these troubled times and then spend the review talking nonsense, like usual.

I’ll also be supplying links to any wrestler on the show that has a merch page/store so you can help them out, which you should if you love wrestling, and if they don’t have one I’ll just link their Twitter account as they usually have stuff going on there.

So, with all that in mind, let’s lace up our boots and head to the ring for the WrestleTalk Showcase: No Fans Monday Non-Review, Review.

The O.J.M.O vs. Paul Robinson

The O.J.M.O vs. Paul Robinson

The O.J.M.O Merch

Paul Robinson Merch

I’ll be honest here, going into the opening bout of the night I didn’t really know a great deal about either competitor. After the strength of this performance from The O.J.M.O and Paul Robinson, that’s something that I intend to rectify very quickly.

This was my definition of a damn good match and one that set the tone very nicely for the rest of the evening. It had enough about to satisfy both my inner high flyer as well as my outer brawler, with some very good spots hit by both and a vicious looking Kerb-Stomp from Robinson that allowed him to pick up the win.

In fact, I’m going to give Robinson a shout out here as he came across as a real bastard through-out and if a heel can make you hate him when you’ve only just met him, so to speak, then they’ve done what they set out to do.

Good work fella.

Winner: Paul Robinson

Scramble of Doom: Adam Maxted vs. Carlos Romo vs. Malik vs. Chuck Cyrus vs. Paul Sayers

Scramble of Doom: Adam Maxted vs. Carlos Romo vs. Malik vs. Chuck Cyrus vs. Paul Sayers

Adam Maxted Merch

Carlos Romo Twitter

Malik Twitter

Chuck Cyrus Twitter

Paul Sayers Merch

Do you know what Scramble of Doom match is?


Well, don’t worry about it as neither did the commentary team.

It was pretty funny to hear them admit that and that this was just another name for an all-out brawl, but what’s in a name when what you got was an awesome spectacle from start to finish.

I said yesterday in my GCW review that the more people you have in the ring at the same time, the more chance you have of the entire thing becoming a complete and utter mess with either far too much action going on, or you have people just standing around with nothing to do, but luckily, like that match, the Scramble of Doom didn’t suffer from any of those problems.

It was top entertainment and everyone knew their place in the queue, so to speak, but I was surprised that Adam Maxted didn’t pick up the 1-2-3 here as he was my lock for the night. Instead, Chuck Cyrus would emerge victorious, once again adding proof to the pudding that I know sod all about pro-wrestling.

Winner: Chuck Cyrus

Gisele Shaw vs. Mercedez Blaze

Gisele Shaw vs. Mercedez Blaze

Gisele Shaw Patreon

Mercedez Blaze Twitter

Aleah James Merch

What should’ve been a Triple Threat Match was, sadly, reduced to a one on one after Aleah James couldn’t compete, but what we got was still a damn fine outing.

When I see wrestlers like Shaw and Blaze, and James when she can, working like this I find myself wondering why AEW hasn’t been knocking down doors to get this kind of quality on their books? It’s no secret that I’ve not been kind as to how that whole situation is being booked over there, but if you can get the quality in then the matches will improve and Shaw, Blaze, and James would be a major benefit to the AEW Women’s Division.

But I digress.

This was a good example of good wrestling, with Blaze seemingly in control only for Gisele to mount a comeback that would end with her getting the win with a particularly brutal looking armbar.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

David Starr vs Callum Newman

David Starr vs Callum Newman

David Starr Merch

Callum Newman

This was a battle between a grizzled veteran and a young upstart that needed putting in their place.

It might be a classic wrestling trope and one that can feel very dated at times, but it worked here as Starr and Newman went toe-to-toe in one of the fastest-paced matches I’ve ever seen anywhere in wrestling.

If you know Independent Wrestling then you’ll know just how brilliant David Starr is, but Callum Newman is a brand new face and one that you might not be all that familiar with. Well, trust me on this, it isn’t going to be long before the IWC is screaming his name from rooftops as this guy has it all.

He calls himself the Prince of Pace and it isn’t hard to see why as he moves around the ring like a jack-rabbit hopped up on meth and the sheer guts and determination that he showed here, getting into Starr’s face after a series of brutal locking chops, is sure to see fans worldwide take him to their hearts.

Add in a burgeoning, and very interesting, move-set and I think he’s a superstar in waiting.

He may not have won the match, falling to Starr’s wicked Lariat, but he did win me over and I doubt very much that I was the only one.

Winner: David Starr

Nathan Cruz and Lucas Steel vs. Robbie X and Scotty Davis

Tag-Team Match: Nathan Cruz and Lucas Steel vs. Robbie X and Scotty Davis

Nathan Cruz Merch

Lucas Steel Twitter

Robbie X Merch

Scotty Davies Merch

Kid Lykos II Merch

Another match, another replacement as Scotty Davies stepped in for Kid Lykos II and did a bang-up job.

This was always going to be about power versus speed and all four men gelled seamlessly as they went about trying to beat each other’s brains in.

Steel and Cruz are quite the forces of nature to watch in the ring, but Robbie X and Scotty Davies gave as good as they got and managed to put over the very real possibility that they’d walk away with the win.

They didn’t, as power won over high flying in the end, but it was a brilliantly told story from the first bell to last that had me hooked as I tried to figure out which team was going to get their hands raised.

And at the end of the day, that’s all I want from my wrestling.

Winners: Nathan Cruz And Lucas Steel

Kyle Fletcher vs. Connor Mills

Kyle Fletcher vs. Connor Mills

Kyle Fletcher Merch

Connor Mills Twitter

Well, these two tried to kill each other.

This was one of those matches where I didn’t want to look away for fear of missing something jaw-dropping, but I didn’t want to look as I was sure someone was going to lose a tooth or three at any moment.

Both Kyle Fletcher and Connor Mills beat the hell out of each other in a true slobber-knocker that left both men bloody by the end of it.

There was enough flippy stuff to drive Jim Cornette to distraction, but it was the ferocity with which they landed each move that had me wincing for them. And I loved it.

Winner: Kyle Fletcher

Will Ospreay vs. Bea Priestly

Will Ospreay vs. Bea Priestley

Will Ospreay Merch

Bea Priestley Merch

If you don’t follow either of these on social media, you’d be forgiven for thinking this match was personal, and even if you do follow them and know their history, you’d be forgiven for thinking someone had forgotten to walk the dog that morning.

This was f*cking awesome.

High-flying, hard-hitting, strong-style, the cliches just mount up when trying to describe the action in the ring, so instead I’ll focus on the two participants involved.

I’m a complete fanboy when it comes to Will Ospreay. In fact, I’ve never seen a bad match that he’s been involved in because “Shut up! That’s Why!”. Now I’ll admit that that could be seen as a little narrow-minded, but when you put on stellar matches, night after night for as long as he has, then you’ll forgive me if I think the man is a Wrestling God.

As for Bea Priestly, the world is her oyster.

She is on the verge of greatness and it’s only a matter of time before the Top Gaijan becomes a global mega-star, all it’s going to take is the right call from the right company and she’ll blow up quicker than Becky Lynch’s “The Man” did.

Will might have won this match, but it was damn close, and I think Ospreay/Priestly II should be on the cards somewhere down the road.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Final Thoughts

Even if I was reviewing this the way I normally review PPVs, I wouldn’t have changed anything that I just wrote.

The fact that everyone involved went out there and put on such a brilliant show in such difficult circumstances is a testament to the top-notch quality that stepped inside the ring.

I’ve always thought that it must be really difficult to perform in an empty venue as a wrestler as I assume that you use the crowd to vibe off of and to get yourself into the groove of the match, but even with empty stalls these folks never once let the quality of the card dip.

And for that, they should be praised to the heavens.

Just remember why they were doing all of this and don’t forget that you can play your part as well. If you love Independent Wrestling then support those whose livelihoods are going to be affected by this pandemic. Head over Twitter and say hello, buy their Merch, donate to the companies with Go Fund Me pages who are trying to raise the cash to put on no audience shows to keep their people in work and all of us entertained.

Hell, borrowing an idea from New Texas Pro Wrestling just this morning, pick a wrestler/company with an official YouTube account and just let their playlist run in the background on your computer. It’ll help those that receive add revenue bring in a bit more moolah during these hard times and it could be the hours another needs to push them into that bracket.

And when you’ve done it for one, pick another and do it all over again because now is the time we need to stick together.

Look out for each other, spare a brother or sister a dime and stay safe, Wrestling Community.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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