Warrior Wrestling Greatest Matches Episode 9 Review

It’s been a big week for Warrior Wrestling. On March 2nd, the company posted details to their social media for their return to live wrestling action. The Stadium Series is set to take place on June 5th, July 17th and a date in August to be confirmed, with Thunder Rosa being the first name announced to be taking place. Wow! Warrior Wrestling has had the ability in the past to promote matches featuring some of the biggest names on the independent scene and Thunder Rosa continues that tradition, while also being a great signing in herself.

This week’s edition of Warrior Wrestling’s Greatest Matches demonstrates this point perfectly, featuring two stars of AEW and one from NJPW, whilst spotlighting two lesser-known but no less talented grapplers in the opening match.

All of this week’s matches are from last year’s Friday Night Lights show. Let’s get to the ring and get into it!

Isias Velazquez vs. Tre’ Lamar

I wasn’t familiar with either man before I saw this match, and I’m glad that’s changed. This was a fast-paced evenly contested contest where each man was focussed on trying to outdo the other so as to be seen as the better man. As such, the momentum flowed back and forth between the two men. While both men were confident in the air, each landing a suicide dive to the outside early on, Velazquez was able to mix things up by taking Lamar down to the mat and stretching him while Lamar proved to be more of a striker, throwing a big Pele kick twice, the second one landing nicely.

Lamar nailed a lovely sequence of a double stomp, kick to the head and a top rope frog splash-elbow for a near fall. Velazquez rallied back and earned a couple of near-falls with a spinning reverse cutter and a top-rope double stomp. Lamar couldn’t kick out of a double-hook piledriver though to end a thoroughly enjoyable match up.

Lance Archer vs. Sam Adonis

“Everybody dies!” But will Adonis? Not if he has his way.

This was a good, solid big man match, with Adonis only giving up a tiny bit of height to The Murderhawk. Adonis proved to be as agile as he is physical, landing a tightrope walk into a jumping neck breaker, as well as rolling into a single-arm chancery with a bridge to add pressure.

Archer was as physical as you’d want and expect. That was the first time I can recall ever seeing a chokeslam suplex and man, that looks like it hurts! But just as the match was getting really going, Adonis rolled out of an Archer hoist and hit a low blow for the DQ.

A shame about the ending, because I was really getting into the match at that point.

Jeff Cobb vs. Brian Cage

Two extremely talented beefy boys here; this should be great. Commentary notes that Cage had just been made Taz’s FTW champion in AEW. Now he’s facing Sting on PPV in a street fight. The guy’s come a long way.

It’s interesting to see Cage start by working Cobb smoothly on the mat, considering Cobb is an Olympic wrestler. Cobb adopted the opposite strategy, pounding on Cage and dropping him with a big suplex. Cage responded with a suplex in return before sending Cobb to the outside with an awkward bump.

After dumping Cobb with a powerbomb on the apron, Cage impressed us all back in the ring by nailing a 619! Commentary jokes how, considering Cage’s size, we should double the name of the 619. That made me chuckle, but a ‘1238’ doesn’t have the same ring.

Cobb returned with a vicious series of chops and forearms in the corner and another big suplex, followed by a standing suplex. Cage was able to escape another suplex attempt though, kicking Cage to the ring apron and then superplexing him back in from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Cobb earned a near fall of his own with an Angle Slam.

An exchange of German suplexes and a double clothesline took their toll as both men lay on the mat, exhausted. As Cage and Cobb struggled to their feet and began to exchange blows, Sam Adonis ran in out of nowhere and attacked both men, bringing Lance Archer out to get revenge on Adonis.

The match was quickly made into a four-way match, and Cobb, Cage and Archer quickly ganged up on Adonis. The unity didn’t last long though as each man had a moment to beat down on his opponents. Cobb particularly impressed here, nailing both Archer and Cage with Tour of the Islands, while Archer crushed Adonis with a big crucifix powerbomb. In the end, though, Cage was left alone with Adonis and one Drill Claw later, Cage was victorious.

A brilliant match that nicely paid off the abrupt finish to the Adonis-Archer match, the right man won as Cage had looked like an absolute warrior throughout. I get that he’s out of the AEW title picture for the foreseeable future, but here is proof if any was needed that The Machine is more than deserving of some Florida gold…

Final Thoughts

Once again, Warrior Wrestling has put together an entertaining, super-enjoyable hour of wrestling that showcases why the promotion has become the toast of the indies in such a short period of time. With their Stadium Series due for three big shows across the summer, you need to check these shows out to get yourself hyped for what is surely going to be a most magnificent return to live action for Warrior Wrestling.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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