Warrior Wrestling 17 Recap

Warrior Wrestling solidifies themselves as the leaders of Midwest wrestling.

Live from Tinley Park Convention Center in Chicago Illinois, Warrior Wrestling 17 was a showcase for some of the premier wrestling talent anywhere in the world. The capacity crowd, including yours truly, was treated to a fantastic overall show and environment. Warrior, as has become their custom, was able to pair top talent from AEW, NJPW, ROH, IMPACT, AAA, MLW, and some of the hottest free agents in all of professional wrestling to leave their crowd extremely satisfied. From the opening bell to the closing, Warrior delivered a night of memorable moments and matches, as well as the promise of future greatness for the growing promotion.

Aramis (c) vs. Demonic Flamita for the Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship

Aramis and Demonic Flamita and Perch at Warrior Wrestling 17
Aramis and Demonic Flamita face-off as referee Perch watches.

What a way to kick off a show. Aramis and Flamita are two of the best luchador wrestlers in the world, and the pair flew around the ring with incredible speed and panache. Demonic Flamita lived up to his evil name, flipping off the crowd and Aramis on several occasions and attempting to de-mask the champ. Eventually, Aramis was able to hit a gorgeous flurry of moves including a Spanish Fly to pin Flamita and retain his championship.

Aramis and Demonic Flamita and Perch at Warrior Wrestling 17
Aramis retains his Lucha Championship against Demonic Flamita with referee Perch.

Matt Taven vs. Sam Adonis 

Two solid performers put on an extremely solid match together. Just one night after ROH Final Battle, it was encouraging to see Taven get work. Adonis is a Warrior main-stay, so it was exciting to see him get a win.

KC Navarro vs. Rocky Romero

KC Navarro & Rocky Romero at Warrior Wrestling 17

Romero’s sneaky style and Navarro’s high-flying move-set blessed the crowd with one of the best matches of the night. The crowd was hot for Rocky, who showed both his strength as a submission specialist and striker. Navarro, who holds the Warrior Contender’s Medallion which entitles him to future championship opportunity, looked like a massive superstar. Following the match, both wrestlers showed one another a massive sign of well-deserved respect.

Navarro & Romero at Warrior Wrestling 17
Moment of respect between Rocky Romero and KC Navarro.

Fuego Del Sol vs. Carlos Romo

Fuego Del Sol & Carlos Romo at Warrior Wrestling 17

Fuego and Romo gave the fans a fast-paced and hard-hitting match as Romo nailed Fuego with several creative and violent kicks, strikes, and dives. The crowd continued to back Fuego, who eventually was able to rally, including a massive headbutt to kill Room’s buzz and earn an eventual win. The Master of the Tornado DDT then showed a great deal of respect for Romo.

Skye Blue vs. Gringo Loco vs. Billie Starkz vs. Axel Rico Axel Rico and Billie Starkz and Gringo Loco and Perch at Warrior Wrestling 17

Loco, Starkz, and Rico made a very suitable replacement for Chelsea Green, as the four young Midwestern talents showed the world why they are the future of wrestling. Blue, Starkz, and Loco were extremely over with the Chicago crowd, while Axel was his usual heat-magnet self. Skye was able to hit an awesome Code Blue on Rico and pick up a win in front of her hometown crowd.

Skye Blue at Warrior Wrestling 17
Victorious Skye Blue.

Dante Martin vs. Joey Janela 

Dante Martin and Joey Janela
Dante Martin takes flight against Joey Janela.

Two AEW stars showed out in a frenetic contest. Martin is perhaps the hottest rising star in all of wrestling, as his high-flying antics delight and thrill any audience. The Bad Boy Janela dominated the beginning of the match, as the two pros showed their level of skill. Martin hit a number of his crowd-pleasing spots, including his double rope springboard moonsault for the win.

Dante Martin and Joey Janela
AEW’s Dante Martin and Bad Boy Joey Janela.
Frank The Clown
The glorious Frank the Clown.

Before the double main event, Mr. Warrior Wrestling himself Frank the Clown and his fantastic entrance song made a “surprise” appearance. Frank was banned from the event, which all but assured he would show up. Frank threatened to hold the rest of the show hostage unless he was reinstated as a performer and given an anytime and anywhere championship opportunity. Warrior Wrestling’s Steve Tortorello was forced to concede, setting up an interesting future storyline. Tortorello and the rest of the Warrior management team also announced that Warrior will leave Chicago for the first time next year, starting with a show at the Bendix Arena in West Bend Indiana on 1-22-22.

Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez for the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship 

Thunder Rosa
The champion Thunder Rosa prepares for battle.

The energy that the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion brings to any arena is electric, as Thunder Rosa stormed to the ring with her championship belt in a blaze of passion. Rosa won the Warrior Championship off of Kylie Rae, and her first defense was the domineering Mercedes Martinez. The two showcased their submission skills and striking ability in a terrific bout. Rosa was able to retain and the two talented women embraced following their clash.

Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez

Trey Miguel (c) vs. Will Ospreay vs. Blake Christian for the Warrior Wrestling Championship

Trey Miguel and Blake Christian
Warrior Wrestling champion Trey Miguel prepares for battle.

What happens when a spider, an all heart, and the real IWGP championship meet? Answer: wrestling magic. Miguel has been a fantastic champion for Warrior but faced his biggest challenge in a triple threat with Ospreay and Christian. In one of his first matches since being released by WWE, Christian looked to re-establish himself as one of the best players in the indies. With a stand-out performance and insane double-flipping DDT to the outside, he just that. The trio has undeniable chemistry throughout the match, and the crowd ate up every spot, especially anything and everything Will.

Will Ospreay and Trey Miguel and Blake Christian
Belt-collector Will Ospreay stands tall in victory.

Ospreay swaggered his way to the ring with an assortment of belts and proceeded to prove why he deserved another as well as the title of the best wrestler in the world. Christian was able to kick out of an Os-Cutter, but a massive running forearm took Blake out and the belt-collecting Ospreay claimed another title. The new champ got onto the mic and declared he would carry the Warrior belt amongst his illustrious collection of titles into the main event of Wrestle Kingdom against Okada. Ospreay also made a promise to return to a Warrior ring soon, and fans of the rising promotion will wait for that appearance with great anticipation.

Written by Joel Kananen

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